Valdano: "Real Madrid is in progression"

The general manager of Real Madrid, Jorge Valdano, analyzed the Rally of "Classics" of football that is awaiting in the coming days and said that the difference between whites and Barcelona is not as big as a priori is thought: "The perception is that Barcelona are beating its rivals, but has won many Ligas and Champions League, in this century, as those won by Real Madrid", noted the former Real Madrid player.

Valdano said that each match has its own history and that the result of one does not influence the rest: "Every game is going to require a different response. The Spanish Cup Final is a life or death match. In Champions League, is the same with two games. But the coaches in each of the competitions will decide depending on many circumstances. A match does not need to look like the previous one".

Jorge Valdano

In the same way, Valdano gave his opinion on the much-touted comparison between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, the two biggest stars in the Classic: "They are two exceptional players, unusual and have a huge role. They are essential to games of this magnitude. Perhaps Real Madrid has more collective responses without Cristiano than Barccelona without Messi".

The "madridista" manager said the team is clearly on progression and there is no rush to please: "All those teams have not been the best club of the twentieth century have to hurry, not Real Madrid. Now we feel comfortable. If we had a hurry, we would have signed veteran players", he said.

In addition, responding to recent statements by Silvio Berlusconi, President of Milan, where he spoke about the possibility of seeing Cristiano Ronaldo as 'Rossoneri', Valdano was resounding: "Berlusconi is heating up the possibility of purchase. Should be said that Cristiano Ronaldo is our player and we are very happy with him. He is not transferable".

He was less satisfied with the performance of Mourinho and demonstrated a notable distancing: "We are educated people. No need to fix anything, nothing is broken. This topic is exhausted. Mourinho has realized where he is and has made ​​an effort to contain himself in his statements". In this line of moderation, Valdano wished to recall that during the fighting against Barcelona: "The world will be watching and there will be a "great opportunity" to give an example.

Valdano also analyzed the fitness of Kaka and ruled out a sale of the Brazilian player, at least for now: "Kaka at the moment is not transferable. He has a physical problem. He is a star and we have to accompany him on his recovery. The player is in a very uncomfortable situation. He plays limited by physical problems and did not show his full potential". The executive also ruled out the arrival of Cesc Fabregas next season: "Cesc is a great player but we talk about impossible amounts of money".

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