Cristiano Ronaldo faces his "Nemesis"

Cristiano faces the Classics serial, which begins tomorrow, with a personal challenge: to mark his first goal against Barcelona. The Portuguese forward has faced the Catalan side on six occasions, with Manchester United and Real Madrid, but still does not know what is to beat the Barcelona goalkeeper. Cristiano comes to the four Classics in good streak, having scored in the last three games.

Cristiano Ronaldo has not score a goal against Barcelona
Cristiano Ronaldo

However, the Portuguese recognized not to be obsessed with it: "I do not think 'I have to score in every game'. If you think that way, you will not score. The goals come naturally, come from the hand of your talent , your quality, so I'm not worried", he said on the presentation of the boots "Mercurial Vapor Superfly III", which will debut tomorrow on his feet.

But that may not be entirely true. His teammates know that Cristiano is obsessively devoted to a long list of issues. His abdominals, his eyebrows, his hair, the fight against snuff smoke, his titles, his goals, and above all, the reconquest of the Ballon d'Or, cause him a kind of spiritual impatience. And the Ballon d'Or since 2009, is owned by Messi, his opponent tomorrow in the first of four classic between Madrid and Barcelona in the next three weeks.

"He is very anxious", witnesses said yesterday, astonished at the intensity with which he trains lately. No doubt that, despite his idea of the world of soccer, Cristiano is a fabulous player. None dispute that is the most destabilizing player of the team. And that, in practices like yesterday, when approaching the first of four games with Barcelona, he works with feverish devotion. "He feels as the best in the world and believes that in the coming days the world will be watching him" says a colleague. "It's on fire. He believes that time to reclaim his position as the best player in the world has come".

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