Real Madrid Girlfriends: Aida Yespica (23)

Aida Maria Yespica Jaime was born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, July 15, 1982. She is 28 year old model and a Venezuela TV personality. She is known primarily in Italy, Spain and Venezuela and was the girlfriend of football player Matteo Ferrari, with whom she has a son, Aron.

She became famous since 2002, when she participated in the Miss Venezuela contest representing the state of Amazonas. Although she was not the winner, she drew attention for her spectacular body, his measures (90-61-91) and height (1,76 cm), what positioned her among the favorites. Those who have been close to her, say that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Amazing body of Özil's girlfriend
Mesut Özil's Girlfriend: Aida Yespica

In 2003 she moved to Milan, in Italy, to work as model. She acquired a growing reputation in the Italian entertainment world, going out in the covers of GQ, Maxim and Max. She was the star of the 2004 calendar of the Italian magazine Fox Uomo and slso starred in the 2005 calendar for the Italian version of GQ magazine. Aida Yespica also appeared in gossip programs and in the Italian television network RAI, doing photoshoots, advertisements or as presenter.

Continuing her growing popularity, she participated in the second edition of the Italian reality show "L'Isola dei Famosi" in 2004. She then participated in the Spanish version of this contest, called "Survivors" where captured the attention of the Spanish people. Once she was recognized in Spain, Aida was the cover of several magazines for men, and released the calendar for the year 2007 with the Interviu magazine, where she retained the evocative and sensual style.

Mesut Özil, the Real Madrid player, and the model seems to have become very good friends lately, so much that the rumors have already jumped: they are starting a romance. The local press in Milan has suggested that both went to dinner at a restaurant where they were photographed in a very loving attitude. Apparently, the couple met through a mutual friend.

Özil is shy, spoke little Spanish and has a very quiet life in Madrid and away from the media. People said that Mesut Özil, the German who plays for Real Madrid, could not adapt to Spanish culture and said, moreover, that the break with his former girlfriend was going to turn him into a complicated man. But now, they think otherwise.

 Özil and Aida in loving attitude
Mesut Özil and Aida Yespica

Preview: Valencia vs Real Madrid

Valencia vs Real Madrid shields
Valencia vs Real Madrid

José Mourinho decided to end the euphoria of winning the title of the Spanish Cup, pulled the Champions League tie against Barcelona, which "I do not want to know anything" and asked to focus on the game this Saturday (6:00 pm) against Valencia, where the team comes "with limitations"

"I do not want to know anything about the game next Wednesday. We have to play at the Mestalla Stadium and keep always serious in the League against a very difficult and serious rival. We have to think of this game because we come with limitations, injuries and fatigue. On Sunday morning we will recover and in the afternoon we will spend the Easter with the family. On Monday we will think about Wednesday", said Real Madrid coach.

José Mourinho has called up 20 players for the match. Canales, Granero, Lass, Pedro Leon and the Castilla's players Juanfran and Nacho Fernandez are the news in the list from the last league match played at the Bernabeu Stadium. Gago, Khedira, Di Maria, Adebayor (injury) Arbeloa, (suspension) and Sergio Ramos (technical decision) stay out .

In this way, Juanfran could be a starter in the right side as Jose Mourinho will be without Arbeloa, who received his fifth yellow card, in the League match against Barcelona, and has decided to rest Sergio Ramos. The other problem is in the middle of the field after the Sami Khedira's injury. If Mourinho keeps the three players system, that would make sense after seeing the excellent results it has offered in the two games against Barcelona, Lass Diarra and Esteban Granero will battle for the third place. The Frenchman has always enjoyed the patronage of the coach, but his physical condition is not the best after the problems he has had in the left hip. The Spanish, meanwhile, has a good presence on the team and has played at a high level both in San Mames as White Hart Lane.

Valencia are currently third in the table and want to lock up a berth in next season's Champions League as quickly as possible. Unai Emery's men are riding a three-game winning streak with twelve goals scored and only two conceded. Eighteen players will suit up for Valencia team, who are without the injured Bruno Saltor and Tino Costa.

Real Madrid is always welcomed with hate on the Mediterranean city, increased exponentially since the signing of Mijatovic in 1996. It remains far from that, seems more typical of the black and white television era when winning the 'rich' meant a successful season for Valencia.

Ricardo Kaka: Birthday on the bench

This Friday was the birthday of Ricardo Izecson, Kaká. He was born in Brasilia on April 22, 1982. The Brazilian footballer celebrated his birthday in a difficult situation for him individually, but happy at the collective level, after winning the Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey).

On Wednesday, Kaka held on the Mestalla's grass the twelfth title of his career, ninth at club level. Two came to him while he was player in the Sao Paulo and the other six in Milan, the club where he was crowned as world star, for which Real Madrid paid 65 million euros almost two years ago.

In those two years, Kaka has changed from a pillar of the second draft of Florentino Perez to play a residual role in the white team. Injuries have been the particular cross of former Golden Ball (2007), who suffered a groin injury last season and in summer, after playing the World Cup with Brazil, underwent knee surgery that kept him out for six months. He reappeared against Getafe on January 3, but still had to stop again in order to regain the pace barely hinted at Real Madrid's League visit to San Mames.

Hard moments for Kaka without playing
Kaká on the bech

However, when the important part of the season has begun (the four games against Barcelona that the League leaves this weekend on 'standby') Kaka has returned to the bench. Mesut Özil's great season has also contributed to this relegation. German player has owned ​​the playmaker position in the scheme of Jose Mourinho.

Is always expected something more from Kaka. To begin, he will play as starter this Saturday at the Mestalla Stadium, a very diffiult date for Real Madrid. And who knows, maybe Mourinho is cooking a plan with the Brazilian as secret ingredient for the Champions League duels against Barca. Stranger things have been seen.


Sami Khedira out for the rest of the season

Sami Khedira will miss the rest of the season. In lack of official confirmation by Real Madrid, the German midfielder's injury in his hamstring is more serious than it seems. So much that Jose Mourinho will be deprived of the midfield player in the remainder of the season. "The season is finished for me", confirmed the player.

Khedira finished injured the final of the "Copa del Rey" disputed between Real Madrid and Barcelona on Wednesday. In fact, Germany player had to be replaced by Esteban Granero just moments after the goal of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Yesterday, Khedira traveled to Munich to be examined by Dr. Müller Wohlfart, a doctor of his choice. And while still lacking the official confirmation of Real Madrid, his hamstring injury is more severe than expected. Undoubtedly a setback for Mourinho, who is in the German midfielder a man of his confidence.

The player himself, after leaving the clinic where he was examined, expressed his pessimism. "I am very frustrated. It is a very hard time for me", he said in comments reported by German media. Khedira will miss the two matches against Barcelona, corresponding to the semifinals of the Champions League, and the six matches remaining in the League. Khedira forced to play the Spanish Cup Final after leaving the training the day before when he had only been ten minutes into the session.

Khedira injured for all the season
Khedira will miss the rest of the season

Casillas: Next challenge, the tenth Champions League

The hands of Casillas are envied. He has saved impossible balls in special days like Wednesday and has lifted all possible trophies for an elite player. His best habitats are the finals, more specifically those that are played at a match. Between club and national team, he has played 13 and won 10. Except the titles that are played over two legs (Spanish Super Cup) the statistics remains in eight disputed and only one defeat (the Intercontinental Cup against Boca Juniors, 2000).

Iker Casillas with the Spanish Cup trophy
Iker Casillas with the Spanish Cup trophy

In them, Casillas conceded just three goals; two of Martin Palermo in that final lost and one of Van Hooijdonk in the European Super Cup against Feyenoord, 2002. He has not received any goal at the World Cup final, nor at the European Championship, nor at the Intercontinental, nor at those of Champions League (Cesar received the goal against Leverkusen), nor at the Spanish Cup against Barcelona.

With a track record that includes the World Championship, the European Championship, Champions League (2), Intercontinental (2), European Super Cup, Spanish League (4), Spanish Cup and Spanish Super Cup (3), apart from other sub-titles such as Under-20 FIFA World Cup or best goalkeeper in the world by IFFHS, Iker Casillas, beyond UEFA Europe League that he has never played and a Golden Ball, "forbidden" for goalkeepers, now sets the challenge of a third Champions League.

"We have shown we can beat anyone, now we go for the Champions League", said Wednesday with the Spanish Cup trophy resting in his hand. Exceeded the Cup wall and Barcelona ( he had not won against Guardiola), he sets Wembley, a stadium that he has never stepped on, as the next line on his curriculum to match the biggest players in European football.

Won everything, there is always something more to win, the goalkeeper should consider, as contradictory as it may seem. And broken the barrier of the Cup, looking for the Champions League, nine years after the last, the tenth of Real Madrid. To do this, another challenge, a two-legged tie against the best Barcelona of all time.

Mourinho revives the goddess Cibeles

Cibeles is a goddess of life, death and resurrection. For a whole century "She" enjoyed with white titles on offer, then lived three years in the underworld. Florentino Perez recruited Jose Mourinho to return to winning titles and argue with the rivals Barcelona, its hegemony. At the first opportunity he has had, 'The Special One' has brought the Spanish Cup to Cibeles.

Iker Casillas kisses Cibeles
Iker Casillas kisses the Goddess Cibeles

It seemed an impossible mission. The Pep Guardiola's Barcelona was a team of warriors known for their great victories in Rome, Vienna and South Africa. Under a global football, was believed to be a set invincible. Canaletas fountain fed the Barcelona's thirst for win again and again.

Eight consecutive titles for Catalan side and Real Madrid did not bring a championship to Cibeles. But no more. Mourinho, who had broken with Inter Milan, the Barcelona's hegemony in Europe, was signed by Real Madrid to end its dominance in Spain. And so did the April 20, 2011. 'The Special One', set to work on the complicated project. He received grievances from all sides, even from other gods of the white team and was severely beaten by Barcelona in his first game. But the Portuguese continued cooking the plan.

And in the first final that has joined arch-rivals, the first title of 2011, the 'Mou Team' ended the reign of 'Pep Team. He has been signed for that and although there are League and European Cup, where anything can happen with the deadly Barca, Mourinho has shown that this signing will lead to Real Madrid at the top.

The last time the Real Madrid had given a title to Cibeles, Raúl, the captain and football hero, offered it. Yesterday a new generation led by Jose Mourinho began a new white era. It is not known if as glorious as those of past time, but able to win titles and end the hegemony of Barcelona.


Spanish Cup Final: Mourinho reactions


Jose Mourinho appeared calm during his turn to speak following Real Madrid's Copa del Rey title win and the manager revealed his immediate reaction when the referee blew the final whistle. "I went to the dressing room to call my family and rest a little. I wanted the players to enjoy it. I am tired, but happy", he commented.

Mourinho during Spanish Cup Final
Mourinho: Spanish Cup Final

"It was an evenly-fought match. We were better in the first half and they were better in the second. Casillas responded very well. We made very few mistakes in what was a very serious match. The players were very focused and knew what to do. We played our lines tight in extra time and I think Barcelona were a little tired psychologically. Whoever scores first in extra time tends to win. It was a great football match".

"It is always good to win titles. Someone called me a 'Title Coach' a few days ago. I like the name. That is my job. I am proud of my team, the fans and my people. This is my fourth Cup win and I am very proud".

"This match has nothing to do with that we will see in the Champions League. Each will be different. We will see what happens between two great teams over the course of two matches. Anything is possible".

"My job at Real Madrid this season goes beyond winning titles. I am changing other important things. I am very relaxed and very happy right now. It is good to start off by winning titles and it lifts a big weight of the players' shoulders, but I have a lot of experience in this and according to the newspapers I should have played with six forwards. We played like we played, and did so against a great team, which makes what we did that much better".

Real Madrid: Spanish Cup Champion


It is very probable that last night we were watching the final of the future, a game ahead of its time, an extreme representation of physical and tactical prowess, faced symbolically, against the sublime version of the combination play. Real Madrid won, the body and faith, the strenuous sacrifice , solidarity and desire, probably because there was no other way to defeat an opponent as formidable as Barcelona. There have been few champions such great as this Real Madrid because so few losers have played such a great final. A match that was in the hands of each team and was decided in extra time by the head of Cristiano.

Real Madrid is the Champion of Spain Cup 2011
Real Madrid: Spanish Cup Champion 2011

Tense, beautiful, stressful, crazy and sane. This was the final, full of alternatives. The first half was dominated by Real Madrid, almost completely. The difference from last Saturday is that the pressure came forward several meters, so that the white team went from refugee on home area, as in the first Classic, to attack on enemy territory. This development, with Khedira and Pepe in the rival area, had a valuable effect on the image and content. Barcelona was not breathing, as in the first assault, but that Catalan side felt threatened. Every Barcelona attempt to play the ball became a daunting task, usually unfinished. When Barcelona players overcome the first line with Pepe, Khedira, Cristiano and Di Maria, then there was Xabi and his rump defense, all rabid. This difficulty was noted soon with the sinking of Messi in a sea of legs and his resistance to exile in a side of the midfield.

Real Madrid, meanwhile, enjoyed the plans which go well, the examinations about lessons well learned. Inspired by Özil, the team stole the ball high up and shot quickly, looking for Cristiano or Di Maria rides, just like Saturday, but this time at an advantage. With this scenario, the first opportunity had to be for Real. Özil controlled in the area and his excellent pass to Cristiano Ronaldo, left the Portuguese in front of goal. It was when fans warned the Cristiano anxiety, hurried and inaccurate in that ball control.

By this time ot the Spanish Cup Final, we had discovered a parallel battle, which raged both teams and benches to intimidate the referee, for leaning on its case. Each fault brought an uproar of complaints and theatrical accusations. The referee was like an old teacher, nearing retirement, in a class with troubled adolescents.

Madrid enjoyed this minefield as this was full of flowers. Özil grazed the crossbar with a ball jointed with the right leg and, immediately afterwards, launched a lengthy pass that Cristiano does not reached by sheer lack of faith. The German was not satisfied with that. He continued to attend Cristiano although gave his best pass to Pepe, an exquisite ball that flew with a smile. Pepe caught up it, and the header was superb, but hit the post.

After the break, the question was how Guardiola's team would react, how would afloat, how would return to the road to the championship. On returning from the locker room had an answer. Madrid looked tired and Guardiola's speech should have been brilliant, because Barcelona began to make the game that has made it famous. At a stroke had taken the meters Madrid's lungs could not cover.

Barcelona opportunities occurred as the tapping of a woodpecker. Pedro implemented the first shot, near a square. After a while, he scored a goal, disallowed for an offside that was. Then Messi, with a very hard shot that Casillas repelled; the first miracle. Pedro came back with a high shot that Iker deflected to complete the second miracle, just before adding the third. An incredible save to abort a fantastic shot, that was born goal, from Iniesta.

However, the last moments of the second half, belonged to Real Madrid. In minute 90, Di María shot with his right leg as the left-handed, with purity and poison. Pinto, the goalkeeper of Barcelona, secondary actor until then, became principal actor. The save was extraordinary.

Ronaldo scored the only goal of the final
Cristiao Ronaldo celebrates his goal

After this siege, the extension left ​​Real Madrid in the best position and Barcelona more fearful. Cristiano, before slightly tired, seemed to be powered by new air. And he confirmed it very soon. Xabi Alonso drew a pass that was a hare and the Portuguese sprinter had time to catch it. The ball licked the stick.

He was not going to fail in the second opportunity. That distinguishes carnivores geniuses. Marcelo and Di María produced the play at left side. The ball left the left foot of the Argentinian, but it flew high. Just Cristiano had forces to jump. Only he could rise the ball, imperial, magnificent, with time to enjoy it, the goal, a photo.

At the end there was not harassment of Barcelona, only glory contained by Real Madrid, after years of absence. Because Real Madrid is back, finally, to the place that white team frequented recently. From the hand of Mourinho, with his style and his faith.


Stadium: Mestalla
Attendance: 50,000
Goal: 0-1, m.103: Cristiano Ronaldo


Preview: Real Madrid vs Barcelona (Spanish Cup Final)

More than a game and more than a Cup. Tonight is at stake, in the frame of a splendid final, the prevalence of a system and style, also a philosophy. Whoever wins today, will be right. Will be right tonight, at least and will be a very long tonight, may last many days.

Duel of the Spanish Cup Final 2011
Real Madrid vs Barcelona

The first Classic of the series did not resolve the doubts. The draw left both armies with its right. On the one hand, Mourinho and supporters. For them winning is not a game, but a survival exercise. No matter the swimming style, brand butterfly or kindergarten puppy: the only goal is to stay afloat, ashore. On the other hand, Guardiola and supporters. The journey to the target as enjoyable as the goal. Football understood as ballet and fencing.

On paper, the sides will continue as distinct as in the Bernabeu. Is expected Real Madrid repeats with Pepe as the mainmast, key piece on the midfield that will complete Xabi and Khedira. No other speculation because Lass, still recovering, does not enter on the list. In the defense, Ramos will repalce Albiol, with Carvalho, Marcelo and Arbeloa on the right side The attack is not so clear, but Mourinho made clear a doubt: there will be 9. Özil has more options to play than Di Maria and Adebayor could be the striker. He was very active on Saturday and a good option for the air balls that Barcelona defends so bad.

In Barcelona, the first question is who will be the partner of Piqué: It looks like Puyol, although Busquets and Mascherano are at attention. More certain is the presence of Keita in midfield, probably as compensation for the heavy machinery that opposes Real Madrid.

Messi is the big question. He did not walked comfortable pursued by Pepe in the last match. To avoid marking he could move to the wings, probably to Marcelo's, where he will find a power enemy but with fewer teeth. With this movement also will help Alves. Another possibility to contain Marcelo, is Alves playing as midfielder, somethig that he did last season in the Classic at the Bernabeu.

If the improvement of Madrid is located in the Özil's creative input in connection with Cristiano and his ability to advance the midfield line, Barcelona focuses on Messi and Iniesta. The first was far of his level in the first assault and the second just came to life during the game. And we talk about a key player, an escapist, the perfect player to remove the opponent's pressure. This time Iniesta will be ahead in the place of Pedrito.

It's the second Clasicc in less than a week and the first opportunity to win a title. Mestalla may just be where Real Madrid win their first "Copa del Rey" in 18 years. By standing as one, fans and players have the Spanish Cup within grasp.

Copa del Rey: Real Madrid's last curse

If there is a title that remains elusive to Real Madrid, it is the "Copa del Rey". It's been almost 18 years since June 26, 1993, also at the Mestalla Stadium, Manolo Sanchis lifted the last Spanish Cup that Real Madrid has won. Players like Raul and Guti, who have marked an era, have left the club with after winning all the titles less it. It is a thorn that has the Real Madrid.

Last Real Madrid title in the Spanish Cup
Sanchis and Butragueño: Spanish Cup 1993

Casillas, captain of Real Madrid, has for many years the title between the eyes. Iker knows what is to lift the European Championship and World Cup, the greatest national team competitions, but has not lifted a trophy with Real Madrid captain's armband.

"It's a very important trophy that Real Madrid can not afford to be 18 years without getting" Casillas said this week, orphan of Spanish Cup titles despite nearly 12 years since first wearing of the Real jersey. This sentence speaks clearly about the feeling of the veterans in the Madrid dressing room.

Only the curse of the European Cup between 1966 and 1998 exceeds the prolonged drought in the Spanish Cup. If white team celebrated in a big way that title in the Amsterdam Arena with a goal from Mijatovic, it was because more than one generation of Real Madrid fans did not know what was winning the continental top competition. After 32 years without tasting a European Cup, the first colored tasted like heaven.

Tonight the Real Madrid has the opportunity to win a title that the Spain's King does not deliver to the white captain for 18 years. It was precisely at the Mestalla Stadium where Madrid won its last Cup title. After 18 years, team can achieve the 18th Spanish Cup title. If not, the curse will endure.


Casillas: "We must fight as a team"

The captain of Real Madrid, Iker Casillas, was hopeful about the chances of his team in the final of the "Copa del Rey", where white team will face Barcelona on Wednesday and underlined the importance of the event: "It's a very important trophy that Real Madrid can not afford to be 17 years without getting", said Madrid goalkeeper.

Casillas vs Villa
Iker Casillas

In addition, Casillas said thet the Cup "Will be even more important if Real Madrid gets it". "For us it is something important, something vital that I have not win in the eleven years I've been here", Casillas said in an interview to the website of Real Madrid.

The goalkeeper said that it is "A final, the prettier match so far this season in Spanish football". "We know that behind us is going to be many people who love Real Madrid and they will endeavor to come to Valencia despite the high price of the tickets", said the Spaniard.

Also, Casillas admitted that in the Real Madrid dressing room are convinced that "it is time to lift many cups, but we know it is not easy". The first opportunity will come this Wednesday with "a vibrant and exciting game between the two best teams in Spain in which anything can happen".

About, how Real Madrid must play the game against Barcelona, he said the most important thing is concentration: "On Wednesday we should be kept at a high level, stay focused from beginning to end. We must play a serious game and be focused on each action. We must fight as a team. Nobody is going to give away the trophy", said.

Also showed his intention that, despite the rivalry between both clubs, should have fair play in the final: "I hope that there will be no problems and just talk about football". Thus, claimed "a fair play match where no one causes the other to get out of the game". "On behalf of Real Madrid and Real Madrid fans will not be any problem. In the field we have demonstrated that we are gentlemen and we respect our opponent. At no time we make fuss and try to expel a partner to take advantage", said the Spanish international.

Finally, he wanted to emphasize the figure of Jose Mourinho: "A winning person who from the first time, gave importance to the Cup. The coach has instilled in us that every game is important". "He has put us this on the head and we learned to play in difficult days against Murcia, Levante, Atletico and Sevilla. He has instilled us his desire to reach this final and to win", concluded .

Spanish Cup Final. "We want a stadium full of white jerseys"

The slogan came out yesterday from Valdebebas where Mourinho and his players were training at the time in which many Spanish citizens were enjoying lunch. Casillas, as first captain, Sergio Ramos, Cristiano, Arbeloa, Xabi Alonso, Pepe and Marcelo led an initiative that the media notes 24 hours after the Spanish Cup Final in Valencia. "We want a stadium full of white jerseys. That all the fans of Real Madrid at the Mestalla Stadium, try wearing the white jersey of Madrid and all white symbols as possible. So we will see them clearly during the game and will serve as added motivation".

Real Madrid Stadium full of white jerseys
Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

The request for help from the fans comes from the Champions League match against Lyon. Mourinho took the lead: "The Bernabeu can be even hotter". Against Tottenham, Real Madrid fans answered and was lived an amazing atmosphere, with 70,000 white flags that featured a special match. Mourinho will insist and will ask for a special support for the white fans in his appearance tonight at the Mestalla press conference.

For the captain, Iker Casillas, there must be greater complicity with the 20,618 fans that will support their team. Casillas has won everything; World Cup, European Cup, Champions League, Intercontinental, Leagues, Super Cups of Spain and Europe ... but never the Spanish Cup. "We hope that the 20,000 Real Madrid fans go to the field with something white to be visible and differentiate them from others. We have to win this Cup for the people that love Real Madrid".

The desire of the players will be fulfilled in large part because sales of Real Madrid jerseys corroborate it. According to data provided by the club, in 2010 were sold worldwide over three million jerseys. In this spectacular figure, one million were sold in Spain. The club also hopes that today or tomorrow, many "madridistas" traveling to the final will answer to the request of the players and will buy the jersey to be seen in the stands with the white that will contrast clearly with the darker sector of Barcelona fans.

Spanish Cup Final: Guardiola vs Mourinho

Reached the end of the line, Pep Guardiola never failed as coach. In his record he includes six victories in as many finals, but in the next, in the Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey) for the first time is faced with Jose Mourinho who has a great record; seventeen finals, twelve victories.

Mourinho will face Guardiola for the first time in a final match
Guardiola vs Mourinho

Spanish Cup shows the first Guardiola vs Mourinho final, two of the best strategists in European football. Guardiola won every final he contested in two years always as Barcelona coach. The Spanish Cup and the Champions League in two weeks, in May 2009, opened the spotless record of the current coach of the Catalan side.

Mourinho's curriculum is more extensive than Guardiola's. The Portuguese coach lost his last final in August 2009 in the Italian Super Cup in Beijing between his team, Inter Milan, and Lazio. The Portuguese lived seventeen finals with three different teams (Porto, Chelsea and Inter Milan). In Oporto, lost two, against Benfica (Portuguese Cup) and Milan (European Super Cup). With Chelsea suffered two defeats; Liverpool and Manchester United (both in English Super Cup). And a final lost with Inter Milan against Lazio (Italian Super Cup).

With Real Madrid he will play his eighteenth final eight years since he conquered his first final on the bench as coach. On May 21, 2003, Porto beat Celtic Glasgow in the UEFA Cup final (3-2).


Mourinho already plans Real Madrid's next season

Although the season is still in play, Jose Mourinho is already planning the next season of Real Madrid. In Italy and England want him, but it is clear that he wants to stay in Madrid and has said "No" to those proposals. From Italy are looking forward to seeing the coach at Inter and more when "neroazurri" team has no chances of winning the Italian League. Until now he had always stated that it would be what would happen in June, but at press conference after the Tottenham game, he made ​​it clear: "My futureis at Real Madrid because I have a contract. I have three years signed and the club is happy with me".

Mourinho is working in the Real Madrid season 2011-2012
Jose Mourinho

Proof of this is that he, together with the director general Jose Angel Sanchez and the sports management of the Real Madrid, is designing the entire preseason in the United States where they will do physical work and the two matches in China (August 3 against Guangzhou and day 6 against Tianjin Teda).

He is studying other options to complete the summer games. He wants the team get physically fit for the Super Cup that Real Madrid will play against Barcelona in the first official games of the next season (August 10-17). His idea is to leave everything set before the end of this season because he likes working with foresight.

In addition, on a personal level, Mourinho is already renewing the American college tuition to his children, Matilde and José. This is further evidence that the Portuguese coach is happy in Madrid and that his family has adapted perfectly to the Spanish capital. His son, in principle, will continue in "Canillas" where this season has played as goalkeeper and has won the League title.

Spanish Cup Final: Özil will play in the starting lineup

The letters were on the table with a view to the Copa del Rey Final. Mourinho will insist on his idea of three defensive players in the midfiled with Pepe, but will make a small change: Özil will start instead of Benzema, but the design is the same that contained Barcelona at the Bernabeu : the 4-3-3.

Özil will be in the starting lineup against Barcelona
Mesut Özil against Barcelona

On Saturday, Xavi, Messi and Iniesta, with Pepe in the middle of the field, combined with more passes than in the first Classic of the season (5-0) or above the average they have in the League. But most of the combinations were unsuccessful, harassed by several white players without the possibility of creating danger. They made 109 passes, for 73 of the Camp Nou match, where Casillas made ​​two stops and conceded five goals. At the Bernabeu Stadium, Iker made ​​five stops and conceded just one goal from the penalty spot.

The presence of Pepe (paired with Messi, as Khedira with Iniesta) prevented what happened in the 5-0; Messi (without player assigned, free to play between the Real Madrid lines) gave four deadly passes to the back of white defense (two goals -both of Villa- and two almost -Xavi and Bojan-). That Barcelona's poor verticality on Saturday, was motivated by another difference; the Madrid defensive line was in a backward position (with the team together) at the Bernabeu than in the Camp Nou.

But Mourinho is a specialist in moving the tab during the game. His idea is to reach the last minutes of the Cup final with the possibility of winning. But if the team does not score a goal on the counter-attack and the script is twisted by a Barcelona goal, the Portuguese coach could place his team on the usual 4-2-3-1 with just one change; one of the central defenders (Ramos or Carvalho) would be replaced by Higuain or Benzema. Pepe would move back to his normal defense position and Özil would leave the right side to lead the team supported by Xabi and Khedira, with Cristiano Ronaldo and Di Maria in the wings.


League (Day 32): Mourinho reactions


"All my men did a good job. We moved our lines further back tonight in order to play a more straightforward game. Adebayor provided the speed and depth in counterattack we needed. We managed to draw and nearly won the match thanks to hard work and the support of a fantastic crowd. We must accept the draw given the circumstances that arose in the game".

"It was an even game when we had eleven men on the pitch. The first half showed two sides that respect each other and that are aware of each other's strength. There were hardly any chances on goal in the first half. But, as usual on many occasions, it is practically impossible to win when you're down to ten men. Especially against one of the best touch football teams in the world. Barcelona experienced difficulties when we had all our players, but they felt more comfortable when we were one man down".

Mourinho furious against Barcelona
Jose Mourinho

"This game will affect Wednesday's match in that we played with ten men for 45 minutes and that my players are tired. Barcelona, with one extra man, kept possession, forcing us to work harder. We've seen we can compete with them when we have a full lineup, but we'll have to prepare for the eventuality of playing with ten men once again. Albiol will not be able to play the final".

"The match on Wednesday is unique: winning or losing means you take the cup home with you or you don't. It will be more tense than our games against Barcelona in La Liga and the Champions League. We will try to win. We don't need to study our opponent in depth because we know them already. We have hopes of defeating a very good rival".

"The essence of football is for fans to support their team, and we were acknowledged by ours tonight. The Bernabeu crowd saw a team with ten players showcase courage and hard work to draw a game, and even have chances to score a second strike, in a situation in which Barcelona could have netted three or four more goals. A team doesn't need to win to be respected. People just need to feel the players give their all, just like Real Madrid did tonight".

"Once again, we were down to ten men for a long time. And once again, there was an incredible difference in refereeing criteria. I don't understand why Dani Alves wasn't booked a second time when he provoked a penalty. Things would have been different in the final ten minutes he had been sent off. We played very well with ten men because we prepared for it. We knew what we had to do. We now wish conditions to be the same for both teams on Wednesday".

And finished talking about Cristiano Ronaldo: "For me it is not important he scored his firstgoal against Barcelona. He has cold blood and courage to face a decisive penalty in the final minutes. With one less he had to play differently and has done well. All we leave the game with positive feelings, we tried make things right and have the recognition of our people".

Spanish League: Day 32


The words were silenced and football talked. It was time to put the cards face up, to discover who was bluffing and who had good hand. The rhetoric ran out to Real Madrid when the ball started rolling. That was the time of Barcelona, which left the League almost sentence, if it was not already before. If Barcelona did not win the Classic was because it lacked ambition, determination and also some football to finish Real Madrid when white team was lying on the canvas. It all worked out with two penalties, converted by Messi, who had never scored against Mourinho's teams and Cristiano, who had never scored against Barcelona. Medicine to soothe egos

Poor duel between Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi despite they scored a goal
Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi

Also had influence the disastrous referee's performance. Muñiz Fernández, tangled all and left no one satisfied. He noted a clear pernalty Alves made on Marcelo and forgave the expulsion of the Barcelona side defender. If he whistled penalty, he should show the second yellow card. Another example of the inconsistency of the referee.

Real Madrid only reacted when team was defeated, with all lost. Then made a face wash that ended up leaving a pleasant memory in its fans. It was when whites played with ten, by the expulsion of Albiol (here the referee had no hesitation), but above all with Özil in the field. The German's presence seems essential in this team.

Madrid proposed a padlock match, deforest the Barcelona's geometric soccer, disrupt its passing lanes. To do this, no one watered the high grass of the field to curb the ball. As second mission, to play counter-attack, complex adventure even for the titans as Cristiano Ronaldo, because the Real Madrid placed the trench far away from Victor Valdes.

Madrid threatened especially in the corners. Near the end of the first half, after a corner, Ramos headed toward Cristiano who also with the head, came close to score goal. Adriano avoided it under the crossbar. At the brake, Madrid had achieved its first target, disable the vertebral body of Barcelona. In the jungle, Iniesta, Xavi and Alves had little weight in the game.

The second half began with a kick from Cristiano Ronaldo to the post to which Barcelona replied with the first goal of the night. A long ball to Villa who ended down by Albiol. Penalty and red card for the central defender. Messi scored from the penalty spot and then Real Madrid began to recover itself and Barcelona to lose control.

The goal had a perverse effect for Barcelona. In advantage and superiority, Guardiola's team distorted. Lacked the nerve, which so often has been characterized the team, to seal the scoring. Puyol's injury, who reappeared by surprise, was indigestible to the Catalans. His coach changed two lines to repair one. Busquets was placed as central defender and Keita came into the midfield. Barcelona lost the thread.

Madrid's response was very commendable. Throughout its history, has always been a very brave team, even more when situations require epic. If Barcelona was cramped with Puyol's pain, Real Madrid revitalized with a football which had denied itself previously. And everything from Özil, the troubadour convicted at the beginning. The reward for this Madrid's boot pride, another one and not the last, was found ten minutes remaining when the referee said the penalty kick from Alves. Cristiano scored his goal to end the first chapter of a series that will continue on Wednesday with the Final of the Copa del Rey. But that is another story.


Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu
Attendance: 79,500
 Goals: 0-1, m.53: Messi (Penalty) 1-1, m.82: Cristiano Ronaldo (Penalty) 

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