Goodbye again, Maicon

At the second attempt, Maicon will not play either for Real Madrid. As in 2010, the Brazilian back will be left with the desire to play for Real Madrid. And as two years ago, Mourinho will be without his favorite right-back. Real Madrid won the pulse. At no time the white team was heavily intrested in the transfer.

Maicon will not play for Real Madrid
Maicon will not play for Real Madrid

The white team has already ruled out completely the arrival of the Brazilian player, who will end up playing for Chelsea because Real Madrid did not work for the transfer as much as Mourinho wanted to. The footballer already had an agreement with the English club and will sign it in the coming days, except big surprise, that in any case seems not to be led by Real Madrid.

Mourinho has tried every means to convince the club to sign Maicon, but in this case has prevailed the opinion of the club that prefers to incorporate a young player with more future and with a salary lower than the Brazilian's. Therefore, Real Madrid is going to look for a right-back at the market, who could alternate with Arbeloa in the defensive line.

Real Madrid will not sign Maicon because of the doubts that the Brazilian player has generated since he ceased to be under the orders of Mourinho. His reputation as problematic player, his age (he turns 31 on July 26) and high salary (earns 5 million euros per year) have been decisive in giving the "no" to Mourinho, who had also given a number of good reasons to sign the Inter Milan defender.

Mourinho saw Maicon as a guarantee for the next two years, a player who would have no trouble adapting to his system and play the highest level since the first day. The Portuguese also saw the operation as a bargain, 8 million euros. But this time, the opinion of the members at the offices of the Bernabeu stadium has stayed.

Maicon was willing to do anything to play for Real Madrid. For example, to reduce his salary around one million euros. The player wanted to play in the white team and reach again his best along with Mourinho on the bench. But it will never be.

Squad: Jesus Fernandez (35)

Jesus Fernandez

A goalkeeper with good balance he is strong in one-on-one situations. Quick reflexes, agile, his positioning and dominance in the air are his main weapons in goal. He is an effective, dynamic goalkeeper and has ball distribution worthy of admiration.

His time with teams that have fought in the Second Division has helped him to gain the experience to play in goal for the subsidiary. He has already made his first team debut (Real Madrid, 8; Almeria 1) and has participated in two pre-season tours whilst José Mourinho has been in charge, in the US and in China.

  • Place of Birth: Madrid, Spain
  • Date of Birth: 11/06/1988
  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Weight: 83 kg.
  • Height: 190 cm.
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Spanish Super Cup: 2012

Modric is upset and wants to sign before July 17

Luka Modric is very close to Real Madrid. In fact, the Croatian press assured yesterday that the signing was around 35 million euros. In addition, some media, collected statements of a person close to the player who wanted to remain anonymous. "Everything has been resolved satisfactorily. Luka and Real Madrid agree on everything. Has emerged a little more difficulty with the position of Tottenham, but everything will be solved. And besides, will be resolved quickly" said this source.

Luka Modric upset
Luka Modric

The Croatian, 26, has already announced he will leave Tottenham this summer. He assured it in Herzegovina.info, but did not specify where he will play the 2012-13 season. Also was published by Spanish media that Real Madrid had an agreement with the player. The Spurs called for 50 million euros in initial negotiations and asked about the possibility of signing Nuri Sahin in exchange, but the Turkish player refused.

But Luka Modric aims to close his move to Real Madrid before July 17 or he will begin to think about other options, as was published yesterday by Daily Mail. Modric begins to weary of the lengthy negotiations between the clubs. In fact, he expected to have closed his move to Real Madrid immediately after the Euro 2012 and now is upset. Not be ruled out he can start the season at Tottenham. Real Madrid is trying to sell some of the players that Mourinho does not want in the squad (Lass, mainly) before making signings.

Villas-Boas, new Tottenham coach, intends to retain the Croatian midfielder, but the truth is that he has started looking for alternatives. Sigurdsson or even Lass Diarra are interesting players for him. And is that for the Portuguese coach will be difficult to convince the player, given that Tottenham will not play the next edition of the Champions League.


Dani Carvajal to play for Bayer Leverkusen

Dani Carvajal is very close to becoming a new player of Bayer Leverkusen. So much so that just need official confirmation. The right-back of Real Madrid Castilla, 20 years old, will play in the Bundesliga because Jose Mourinho is not interested in him. Negotiations are well advanced between clubs and the transfer, with a repurchase option, will be around 5 million euros. The player and Bayer have already agreed.

Carvajal, who was born in Madrid, has been instrumental in the rise of R.M. Castilla to Second Division. But with the club's decision to sign a right-back to fight for a position with Arbeloa, the player, with his representative, has decided a change of scene and continue to grow in a more demanding competition. Carvajal is leaving after 10 years in the white youth teams without debut in a competitive match with the first team.

So Real Madrid needs a right-back and is going to look for one in the summer market. Arbeloa is currently the only right defender one hundred percent reliable, because Sergio Ramos is immovable as a center defender after his spectacular season. Lass and Altintop, who have also been used in that position, are not specialists (and Real Madrid wants to sell them), nor Albiol, who has also played on occasion on the right side.

Mourinho's favorite player for the position is Maicon. The coach coincided with the Brazilian player at Inter Milan and although he is about to turn 31, is a player with a proven quality, the best right-back in recent years with Dani Alves. Of course, a problem has arisen to sign Maicon, and it is not minor: Chelsea. The English club seems to have advanced negotiations for Maicon and would pay between 8 and 10 million euros. Mourinho, despite everything, does not waive the signing.

Other names that have been linked with Real Madrid are Piszczek (Polish), Ivanovic (Serbian) or Mario Fernandes (Brazilian). Others have sounded, though with less force; Iraola, Walter, Isla or Bosingwa. Fernandes option would be perhaps the most expensive, but he is the player with more future. Ivanovic, who is starter in the European champions (Chelsea) would bring more experience and versatility (can play as center defender). And Mourinho already knows Bosingwa from his stage at Porto.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Three years at Real Madrid

Today marks three years since Cristiano Ronaldo set foot for the first time at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in front of 85,000 spectators (3,000 more were left outside the stadium), in what is considered the most massive presentation of a footballer in history. Around 9:15 pm on July 6, 2009, the Portuguese star, wearing the number 9 on his back, jumped at the Bernabeu grass under tremendous ovation. Florentino Perez, Alfredo Di Stefano and Eusebio witnessed honor of this historic event.

Cristiano Ronaldo: First day as Real Madrid player at Bernabeu  Stadium
Cristiano Ronaldo: First day as Real Madrid player at Bernabeu Stadium

"Hala Madrid!" said the player in his first meeting with the Real Madrid fans. Gestures like this and memorable performances have allowed him to becoome a true fan favourite from the start. He made his official debut on 29 August 2009 against Deportivo de la Coruña, scoring his first goal in the 3-2 victory.

Cristiano won the Golden Boot award in 2011 thanks to netting a record 40 strikes in La Liga (Spanish League). His impressive goal scoring skills have also allowed him to net 100 goals in the fewest games in the championship (92), to become the only player to tally strikes against every opponent in a 20-team championship, to score in more games in one season (27), to be the player with most victories in one campaign (32), as well as the top scoring player in the first leg of the competition (23 strikes).

Cristiano nets 1.01 goals on average per match with Real Madrid, more than legends such as Di Stefano, Puskas and Pahiño. In only three years, he has become one of the top ten scorers in the team's history with 146 strikes, scoring in seven straight games twice, something Puskas, Olmedo, Van Nistelrooy, Hugo Sanchez and Olsen only managed once.
In the 2010/11 season, he netted four goals against Racing and Sevilla. He scored the victory goal in the 2011 Copa del Rey final against Barcelona and the strike at the Camp Nou that proved decisive for Real Madrid to end up winning the 2011/12 league title. Madridistas constantly rememeber the iconic images he left us after the Mestalla header and the goal at Barça's stadium.

More impressively, Ronaldo improves on his own numbers every season. He netted 33 goals in his first year on the team, 53 the following season, and 60 in the 2011/12 campaign. This shows he is constantly evolving and growing as a player, and he's clearly on the path to becoming one of the best footballers in history. His assist numbers also improve each season (five, 12 and 15, respectively), which enhances his role on the team. He was also one of the leaders of Real Madrid's record-breaking league title in the 2011/12 campaign.

His excellent performances as a Madridista have helped him become Portugal's leader, performing at a great level in the recent Euro 2012, in which he became the only player to score in the last five international competitions (Euros and World Cups).


Cancelled the Real Madrid's friendly match in Tangier

Real Madrid's preseason begins to suffer changes of schedule. The friendly match against Atletico Tetuan that was going to play next July 24 in Tangier has had to be suspended by logistical problems.

Thus, the Real Madrid 2012-13 will begin its pre-season matches in the tournament Eusebio, which will be played in Benfica at Da Luz Stadium (July 27). The friendly against the Moroccan team, champions of its country, was the first scheduled after the first trainings at Valdebebas Sports City. However, following the suspension of the match, Real Madrid will begin his road at Lisbon.

Real Madrid pre-season 2012-2013

Squad: Alvaro Morata (29)

Alvaro Morata

Alvaro Morata is a very complete striker. Fast in attack, skilled, able to go past players and he has a good character. A killer in the area and always amongst the top scorers in all of the teams he has played in. His quality, goal-scorer’s instinct and opportunism have helped him to keep his spot through the lower ages groups for Spain.

He arrived at Real Madrid in 2008 from Getafe to play in the under-18 teams. He has since become one of the Factory’s most valuable products and had his debut with the first team in Zaragoza, 1, Real Madrid, 3, at the hands of José Mourinho. In his first season with Castilla he was the top scorer of the Second Division Group B. He led Spain to victory in the u-19 European Championships. This season he travelled to the United States with the first team.

  • Place of Birth: Madrid, Spain
  • Date of Birth: 10/23/1992
  • Position: Forward
  • Weight: 82 kg.
  • Height: 190 cm.
  • Nationality: Spanish
Honours (Clubs / National team)
  • La Liga (Spanish League): 2011/12
  • Copa del Rey (Spanish Cup): 2010/11
  • Spanish Super Cup: 2012
  • Under-19 European Championship: 2011


Alvaro Morata to play for Real Madrid next season

Alvaro Morata is the first signing of Real Madrid 2012-13. Jose Mourinho has decided that the youth squad player is going to be one of the 25 players of the first team for the next season. The player, therefore, will not play for R.M. Castilla.

Alvaro Morata at the Bernabeu Stadium with Real Madrid jersey
Alvaro Morata at the Bernabeu Stadium

In the absence of official confirmation, the decision has been made. Morata, who turns 20 next month of October, will be for all purposes a first team player. After his second year in R.M. Castilla, from the offices and the sports management, led by Mourinho, it is considered that he deserved to be one of the 25 players of the squad.

A key to the rise of Morata is his versatility. This season he has played as left midfielder (left-winger). He struggled to adapt but eventually had a great season. His 17 goals are evidence of this. It is known that Mourinho looks for versatile players and Morata has proven he can be. He can play as forward, what he really is, also as midfielder or second forward.

With Alvaro in the first team, the Portuguese coach has two players per position across the front of attack. On the right, Di Maria and Callejon. As playmaker, Özil and Kaka. On the left, Cristiano Ronaldo and Morata (Although Morata plays better as forward) And in the center forward position, Benzema and Higuain.

Mourinho always showed a special predilection for Alvaro Morata. Two summers ago, with just 17, took him to Los Angeles where he began to see a future first team player. Months later, Morata debuted with the first team. Mourinho never lost sight of him. And after this season, will reward him with what 250 kids are dreaming in the Real Madrid factory.

But Alvaro Morata will have to work hard. A curse haunts the forwards coming out of the youth teams since Raul debuted in La Romareda stadium in 1994. Since then, no other forward formed in the R.M.Castilla has triumphed in Real Madrid's first team. Morata is the next brave to face this jinx that has lasted 18 years.

Mourinho does not give up Maicon

Jose Mourinho does not 'switch off' on holiday. Despite being in Miami with his family, the Portuguese coach follows minute to minute all negotiations for the players he is interested in to strengthen the Real Madrid squad. In addition Mourinho speaks almost daily with Jose Angel Sanchez and Florentino Perez to finish setting up the team. And for the team he wants a new right-back; Maicon.

Maicon training with Inter

With less than two weeks to start the preseason, Mourihno continues to believe that the Brazilian back is the best option on the market and so he has returned to ask Real Madrid managers the signing of the player, because Mourinho thinks that they have not negotiated in good way for the Inter player.

But time is short for Real Madrid. Maicon has almost closed a deal with Chelsea, so the white team does not have much room to sign the Brazilian. Although there are still options. Maicon knows that Mourinho will make a last attempt by his signing and he will take all the time before making the definitive "yes" to Chelsea. The Brazilian's desire is to play in Madrid and return to be under the command of Portuguese, the coach with who he has got the best performance along his career.

Maicon will wait for Real Madrid and Mourinho will push the white club as much as possible to bring the transfer to a successful conclusion. Real Madrid must move quickly and show a real interest at the institutional level because so far, the talks between Madrid and Inter have been unproductive.

Inter Milan requested 10 million euros for the Brazilian at the start of summer, but the Italians are willing to sell him for 8 millions, a bargain in the opinion of Mourinho, who knows that Maicon can again be at Real Madrid the best right-back in the world .


Luka Modric: The child of the wooden shinpads

Luka Modric is now a recognized player in the spotlight of Real Madrid. But his history and his childhood are not based on the typical discourse of effort and 'it was not easy', but there was a war and that is too much important for a child.

Luka Modric 10 years old (Zadar)
Luka Modric (Zadar)

Luka was born in 1985 and the Balkan War broke out in 1991. He was six years, a crucial age for his future. His father, Stipe, enlisted in the conflict as a soldier in the Croatian Army. His grandfather was killed by Serbs near his home in Obrovac. So his mother took all their belongings and fled with him to Zadar. There, in the Kolovare Hotel, he spent some months in which he only had the company of the ball: "He played all day and broke more windows with his ball than the bombs of the war", says one of the receptionists of the hotel.

Football was his dream and so he was close to sign for Hajduk Split, one of the legendary Croatian clubs when was eight years old. He spent two weeks playing for Hadjuk and, after a tournament in Italy, was discarded. He returned to Zadar with his mother and that's when his true discoverer turns up, Tomislav Basic, head of the Zadar youth teams. Luka was 10 years old. Modric's family survived as they could. Basic says: "They were very poor. They had no money for shirts or shinpads for Luka. So I did some of wood". These shinpads still exist. Basic have it: "I kept it because I knew Modric would become a great player".

Curiously, Tomislav Basic says that Modric does not like remembering these moments of his life: "It is true that sometimes Luka has bothered to remember this. But I think it's part of his life and has to be proud of where he comes from". The player does not talk much about it, indeed. The last time he did, emphasized that: "The war made ​​me stronger. Were very hard times for me and my family. I do not want to drag this issue forever, but I do not want to forget about it. Now I have the feeling I am ready for anything"

In Zadar, after going through several schools, Modric was signed in 2003, 16 years old, by Dinamo Zagreb, the club sent him to stardom. But first, the war would make him suffer again. Luka had to spend a year doing the military service. He went to Mostar, where interestingly the Spanish army helped to rebuild the area. He played that season in the Bosnian League (Zrinjski). He was the best player of the tournament, obviously. His subsequent history is known. The Spanish coach Juande Ramos signed him for 22 million euros for Tottenham team from where he wants to move to the Spanish league.

Real Madrid is probably his next stop, although all major European teams are fighting for him. Now Modric is waiting for news while relaxing on the Adriatic coast, where every day dreams of winning the Champions League, as well as Real Madrid.

Real Madrid Girlfriends: Lena Gercke (6)

Lena Johanna Gercke, better known as Lena Gercke was born on February 29, 1988 in Marburg, Germany). She is a German fashion model and television host. She was winner of the first cycle of Germany's Next Top Model.

Lena Gercke. Sami Khedira's girlfriend
Lena Gercke. Sami Khedira's girlfriend

Gercke was born in Marburg and grew up in Cloppenburg where she attended the Liebfrauenschule Cloppenburg (ULF), a Roman Catholic gymnasium, completing her abitur in 2007. She has a sister and two sisters-in-law, who are her father's daughters.

On August 14, 2004, Gercke won a casting call for fast food chain Burger King. She was represented by Langer-Pueschel who booked her for photoshoots, catwalk shows, and dance performances. At the beginning of 2006, she attended a casting call for Germany's Next Topmodel hosted by Heidi Klum. Upon winning the competition, she received an advertising contract with the fashion label OuiSet, a modeling contract with IMG Models in Paris, the cover shoot for the June 2006 issue of German Cosmopolitan and an advertising contract with Microsoft for Windows Live. She also appeared in magazines such as the American issues of Cosmopolitan, Sports Week, Glamour and on the cover of French Votre Beauté. She was featured in print campaigns of H&M, Mexx and Geox. In 2010 she walked on New York Fashion Week for the Spring season of Custo Barcelona.

After her win, Gercke was always closely associated to Germany's Next Topmodel with making a guest appearance on Cycle 2 and being a backstage host on the live final of Cycle 3 and 6. In 2009 she became the host of Austria's Next Topmodel on which she equaled the role of her former mentor Heidi Klum. The shows fourth season has just been announced with Gercke returning in her role. In June 2011 she was also hosting a special of GNTM called "Die 25 unvergesslichsten Kandidatinnen" (The 25 most unforgettable contestants) for Pro Sieben which featured a ranking list of all six seasons of the show.

Since 2011 her boyfriend is Real Madrid footballer Sami Khedira. The German midfielder posed with her in a tuxedo while she was stark-naked, with his hands covering her breasts (New York Times, March 9, 2012). That cover impressed the football world. Moreover, in recent days, the German Football Federation asked her to go to Eurocup's matches more demure. The couple announced they will marry when Sami Khedira finishes the Euro. She already shows an impressive engagement ring.

Khedira and Gercke
Khedira and Gercke (NYT-GQ cover photo)


Real Madrid players at Euro 2012

Real Madrid players have stood out in the European Championship. In the list of the 23 best in the tournament, made by the UEFA Technical Committee, there are eight white players on the team: Casillas, Ramos, Xabi Alonso, Cristiano, Pepe, Coentrao, Özil and Khedira. Benzema is not. He did not play his best as well as the France team. Albiol did not play a minute. And Arbeloa, the other Real Madrid player at the Euro 2012, made a couple of great defensive matches against Ribery and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Five Real Madrid players are champions of the Euro 2012
Five Real Madrid players are champions of the Euro 2012

In any way, Real Madrid got ten of the eleven players who started the tournament in the semifinals, the club with more presence in that round. It was also the club with more MVP awards, seven, ahead of Wolfsburg and Barcelona, ​​both with three. Two MVP were achieved by Cristiano Ronaldo (against the Netherlands and Czech Republic), two by Özil (Portugal and Greece) and one by Pepe (Denmark), Xabi Alonso (France) and Ramos (in semifinals against Portugal).

The white players were also the top scorers, tied with Manchester City players, with eight goals scored: Cristiano (three), Xabi Alonso (two), and Pepe, Khedira and Özil (one). Also, Casillas was the goalkeeping record of the tournament. These data confirm the strength of the current project of Real Madrid, led by Mourinho, with which now is expected to reach more titles.


Iker Casillas: More records, more championships.

Spain won the Euro 2012 by defeating Italy 4-0 in the final held at Kiev's Olympic Stadium. The Spanish players played a brilliant tournament and they are the first side in history to win the title a second time in a row. The squad featured five Real Madrid players. Arbeloa, Ramos and Alonso were starters in the final and played the entire match. Raul Albiol was on the bench. Casillas gave a solid performance throughout the championship. He is the best goalkeeper of the world.

Iker Casillas at Euro 2012
Iker Casillas

Iker Casillas is not an ordinary goalkeeper. But that was seen as a kid and ran around the ancient fields of Real Madrid sports city located in Castellana Street. The goalkeeper was growing at a rapid pace and now, 31 years old, has become a legend in the world of football. With the achievement of the European Championship in Poland and Ukraine, the captain of the Spanish team can boast of being the only player who has lifted to the sky: Eurocup, World Championship and Eurocup in a row.

He already did at the Ernst Happel in Vienna in 2008 and also touched the top of the world at Soccer City in Johannesburg in 2010. Iker Casillas turned to lift the title of European champions in the Olympic Stadium in Kiev, to continue enlarging a career that is legendary. His performances have been key (penalties in the quarterfinals against Italy, saves against Robben in the World Cup final ...) so that the Spanish national team was able to accomplish these three titles. He has contributed with his humble work to make one of the best teams ever seen.

At the final of Kiev against Italy, Iker Casillas beat a record, again: Time unbeaten in European Championship finals. The record of a legendary goalkeeper, Dino Zoff, stayed in 494 minutes ... but yesterday Casillas established a better record. The Spanish goalkeeper started the match against the 'Azzurri' team with 420 minutes without conceding a goal (74 to Zoff). And Casillas finished the match leaving the new record in 510 minutes. Something only available to larger ones.

Against Italy, Casillas also increased another record. He returned to add one more game as captain. No one else has so many captaincies in the history of the European Championships; 11. After him, Didier Deschamps, Ruud Gullit and Paolo Maldini, all with 9. In addition, Iker matched two European players who have played more games with their national teams at Euro: Sepp Maier and Harald Schumacher. Furthermore, following the Euro 2012 final against Italy Casillas added the victory 100 with the Spanish team. There you have it.

Nuri Sahin blocks the signing of Luka Modric

The transfer of Luka Modric to Real Madrid is cooled. Although the player already has an agreement with the white club, the next step is to reduce the 50 million euros that Tottenham is asking for the Croatian midfielder. In the negotiations was mentioned the possibility that Nuri Sahin's move to English team could serve to decrease the transfer price, but the Turkish player does not want to leave Madrid and has refused.

Luka Modric at Euro 2012
Luka Modric at Euro 2012

Without the input of players in the operation, Real Madrid thinks the price is out of market and Tottenham suspects that white club is looking for much cheaper alternatives. A couple of things play for Real Madrid: the agreement with Modric and the fact that the English club chairman, Daniel Levy, is unwilling to sell him to a Premier rival, Manchester United or Chelsea. Meanwhile, the player is considering making a formal request for transfer that would put more pressure on Levy. Manchester United has contacted with Porto to know its willingness to sell Moutinho, the Portuguese international player. The price is lower (34 million euros), the same age (Portuguese is 25, Croatian is 26) and the salary very uneven (Modric charges twice).

However, Alex Ferguson thinks about Modric as his number one target of the season and sees good news on Real Madrid problems. Chelsea is awaiting the movements of Ferguson and Mourinho, but last year when the London team made three offers rejected by the player, Abramovich promised Modric he was going to try again his transfer.

The other Real Madrid and Mourinho's option is David Silva, but they have found head-on with Manchester City's refusal to sell one of its stars. Daily Mirror newspaper reports that the Premiership champion playmaker has been priced at 99 million euros. This amount exceeds the 96 millions Real Madrid paid Manchester United in 2009 for signing Cristiano Ronaldo, who remains as the most expensive player in history.

The British press interprets this move as a strategy to deter Real Madrid of its intentions of signing Silva. The Spanish player is one of the most beloved players in the Etihad Stadium and the better valued by his peers. Not surprisingly, Silva was voted best player of the team in 2011-2012 season, according to a poll conducted among all members of the squad of Manchester City.


Santiago Bernabeu Stadium: The quintessential football field

The Santiago Bernabeu is the best European stadium. According to the QYPE users (the leading online community for recommendations on the continent), it has the best valuation. The Real Madrid home gets four stars (out of five possible) and better assessment than any other stadium.

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium 2012

Users also consider it "the quintessential football stadium" and described the Bernabeu as "impressive", adding that the field is "in the center of Madrid." The Bernabeu has been ahead of four fields of great relevance. Behind come the new Wembley, the Volksparkstadium (Hamburg), Old Trafford and Camp Nou. (All of them with four stars but with less valuation)

The stadium is home to the team and its followers. Adding all the fans who attended official matches of last season, the Bernabeu welcomed 2,164,000 fans (74,600 average). We should add the approximately 400,000 people who have visited the stadium last season during the Stadium Tour, which allows to see the bowels of the stadium, to visit the museum with trophies, access to the grass and look the visiting team's locker-room.

Santiago Bernabeu stadium was full seven times last season: five in Spanish League matches (Mallorca, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Osasuna and Betis), one in the Champions League (Bayern) and the Classic in the Spanish Cup. The worst attendance took place in two games with less interest: against Ponferradina in the Spanish Cup (57,000) and against APOEL Cyprus (60,000) in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. Both were the second leg and Real Madrid had won comfortably in the first leg.

There will not be a long wait to go back to watch another match at the 'Madridista Coliseum'. The first of the season will take place on August 29 in the second leg of the SuperCup of Spain against Barcelona (first leg will be played at the Camp Nou on 22) as happened the summer of last season. At that time, also with the SuperCup at stake, the Bernabeu was full on August 14 for the first leg against Barca (2-2). So far there are no tickets on sale for the first Classic of the season 2012-13 but white fans already want to go back home.

Ricardo Kaka: Mourinho's decision

Beyond the signings, the future of Kaka is still the main question at Real Madrid. When the season ended over a month ago, the Real Madrid took for granted the departure of Brazilian footballer but the situation has not changed at all. Kaka has still the idea of ​​staying at Real Madrid, because nobody has said him that he has to search new team.

Ricardo Kaka and Jose Mourinho training with Real Madrid jersey
Ricardo Kaka and Jose Mourinho

So, the ball is now in the roof of Mourinho. If the coach does not want the Brazilian midfielder, Mourinho will have to tell him it face to face. Otherwise, the player will still play for another year for Real Madrid and will be part of the squad as well as the other players. Kaka has no doubts.

The hypothetical leaving of Kaka is a high complexity issue, almost more than his arrival to the white team three years ago. If Mourinho says him clearly that he is not going to play as many minutes as he wants, the player will begin looking team, but no team will put a great sum of money in the offices of the Bernabeu if they are aware that the player is on sale. At least that is what the board members fear in the white club.

Moreover, Kaka, who has three-year contract, is entitled to claim part of the salary remaining that he earns at Real Madrid. And we are talking about 30 million euros. Also, the teams interested in the player have begun to move out of bid. Yesterday was the PSG which gave up and last week were Milan's agents who said that is impossible to pay a so high salary, about 9 million euros net per season.

Meanwhile, Ricardo Kaka now does not want to leave Real Madrid because he believes he still has much to offer the white team. The Brazilian is aware that he has not given the expected level, but does not forget that this last season has not had any serious injury and has gone through stages of good football. Also, he does not want to leave by the back door.

The Brazilian does not forget that started the season, that was summoned by Brazil (he did not play because of a sore muscle) and took a place at the starting lineup when Di Maria was injured three months. The season ending was not all good, but still believes in his potential. The possible arrival of Luka Modric does not disturb nor makes him nervous. Kaka is used to live with the pressure and is willing to fight with the Croatian and Özil for a starting position.
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