Real Madrid 2 - 1 Barcelona (Spanish League, Day 26)

The two consecutive Classics could not have gone better for Real Madrid. Two wins, one in the Camp Nou and another at the Santiago Bernabeu, and the unshakable feeling that the Whites can win at any ground and against any opponent. The home team soon went ahead. Benzema finished a play in the 6th minute that was started by Ramos who had stolen the ball from Messi before passing to Morata with a threaded pass. Barcelona responded and twelve minutes later Messi scored past Diego Lopez. Cristiano Ronaldo and Khedira coming on in the 57th minute gave the Whites more impetus and they went ahead from a corner that was headed home by Ramos in the 81st minute. Another set piece, in the same minute that Varane scored in the first leg of the cup semi-final in the Bernabeu, took the Catalans by surprise. That was the decisive blow and they could have even got the third from a Ronaldo free-kick which hit the crossbar in the 87th minute. Another confidence boost ahead of Tuesday's match against Manchester United.

Real Madrid players on the field celebrating the goal against Barcelona
Real Madrid players celebrate the goal scored by Ramos

Real Madrid played their first match in front of their home crowd since becoming Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey) finalists. They did it in another Clasico, the second in a row, and with the extra motivation from Tuesday’s result. It was clear in the opening minutes of play, in which they pushed their opponent to exhaustion and also went ahead on the scoreboard. There were five touches that were as fast as they were accurate. Ramos intercepted a ball for Messi and passed to Morata on the left wing. The academy player came up against Alves, lifted his head and put in a threaded cross to Benzema who put the ball into the back of the net in the 6th minute. It could not have been a better start to the match. The Whites had the advantage on the scoreboard and could make even more use of what many people believe is the best counterattack in the world.


Ricardo Kaka: "I would like to do more"

Ricardo Kaka appeared before the media in the Real Madrid Football City press room the day before the league match against Barcelona. The Madrid midfielder analysed the sixth Clásico of the season: “We will go into it with extra motivation after winning in the Camp Nou, knowing that the stadium will be full and our fans will help us. To go to Manchester in good form it is important that we win tomorrow’s Classic”.

Kaka before the media with a blue Real Madrid training jersey
Kaka at press conference

With regard to the starting eleven and how the team’s mentality has changed when it comes to matches against Barcelona, the midfielder added: “Bit by bit we are working out how to play against them. In the last match we were very disciplined on the pitch and did not concede chances against Barcelona. We are a mature team with highly competent players. We are not thinking about leaving Barcelona in a crisis. We are just thinking about what we have to do to win the match. Mourinho is doing what he normally does and tomorrow he will decide who plays and who does not”.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona: The Classic of change

The Classic of change. Real Madrid and Barcelona will present tomorrow at the Bernabeu two separate starting lineups full of new faces. For Mourinho, the league has gone to a third plane after winning the clash to get a place in the Spanish Cup final on Tuesday at the Camp Nou. The Portuguese coach thinks only about the next match Tuesday at Old Trafford.

Kaka against Villa: Real Madrid vs Barcelona
David Villa and Ricardo Kaka

Although he has not yet decided the starting lineup against Barcelona, Mourinho is clear that at least five of the ten usual players of Camp Nou will rest tomorrow: Varane, Alonso, Di Maria, Ozil and Higuain. The replacements would be Pepe at the defense , Essien and Callejon in the midfield, Kaka as playmaker and Benzema in the striker position.


World’s media highlights Real Madrid’s exhibition

News of Real Madrid’s performance in the Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey) semi-final second leg at the Camp Nou in the undisputable 1-3 win that put them through to the final has gone around the world. The major national and international sports newspapers resonated with the news in their digital editions. They all agreed about the great match that Jose Mourinho’s team played. "Real Madrid humiliate Barcelona" was the headline on 'Marca' and 'ABC' newspapers, while 'AS' led with: "Cristiano dances around Barcelona". The foreign papers summed the match up as a "beating" or that Real Madrid "reign victorious in the Camp Nou", amongst other things.

Marca explained in the subheading of their match report that "Real Madrid reached the cup final after beating their arch-rivals away from a home and leaving their mark". For their part, AS highlighted Cristiano Ronaldo’s and Varane’s great matches as the scorers on the night: "Ronaldo scored two goals, one from a penalty for a foul on him, and shattered a Barcelona side that were a shadow of the normal selves. Varane once again had a superb performance and scored the third".


The day Cristiano Ronaldo overtook Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo extended at Camp Nou his spectacular scoring streak in 2013. With the brace in Barcelona, now totals 15 goals this year. In addition, managed to overtake Leo Messi in direct duels in Classic matches between Real Madrid and Barcelona. The Portuguese has scored 12 goals, the Argentine 11 but Messi before the arrival of the Portuguese player had already scored six goals against the eternal rival.

Cristiano overtook Messi scoring two goals
Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi

Ronaldo was charged for a long time of not having good performances in the Camp Nou. With Manchester United missed a penalty in the first leg of the Champions League semifinals 2007-08 and the following year, playing for Real Madrid, stayed blank in both League duels (1-0 and 0-2 for the Catalans). Meanwhile, Leo Messi increased his data against white team (he debuted in 2004). So much so that, before the recent Spanish Cup tie, Messi was just one goal from equaling Di Stefano as top scorer in the history of Real Madrid-Barcelona matches. The 'Blond Arrow' had scored 18 goals, and Messi has 17.

Barcelona 1 - 3 Real Madrid (Spanish Cup, 1/2 Final, 2nd Leg)

Real Madrid’s tough week could not have started better than it did today. The Whites deservedly became the Copa del Rey’s first finalists and will play for the title for second time in the last three seasons. They did so in a blaze of glory after giving Barcelona a lesson in tactics in the Camp Nou. With a flawless approach and near perfect defensive play, they only took 13 minutes to go ahead. Cristiano Ronaldo opened up the scoring from a penalty. In the second half, Real Madrid were much more comfortable on the field and the proof came in the form of two goals which put the result of the spectacular match beyond doubt. Another from Ronaldo, who is the only player in history to have scored in six consecutive away Clasicos, and a fine header from Varane.

Real Madrid and Cristianto Ronaldo are Spanish Cup finalists

The reward was too great for to leave things to chance. Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the last two champions of the Copa del Rey, played the third Clasico of the season at the Camp Nou with the final on the horizon. The result of the first leg left the tie wide open and the match did not disappoint anyone. Both sides laid their cards on the table from the first minute. The home side looked to keep possession of the ball and the visitors focused on a suffocating press and fast breaks looking to unleash perhaps the best counterattack world. It did not take much time for Jose Mourinho’s approach to get the desired returns. Only 13 minutes had been played when Higuain saw Cristiano Ronaldo lose his marker and play the ball into the Portuguese, who came up against Pique and was then clearly brought down by the defender inside the area. The Portuguese converted the penalty, put his team ahead and made history by becoming the only player to have scored in six consecutive away Clasicos.


Barcelona vs Real Madrid: Cristiano's goal is a classic

Real Madrid trusts again in Cristiano Ronaldo against Barcelona. The Portuguese player has long left the label of not complying against the Barcelona team and now is the most reliable player on the white team at the Nou Camp. CR7 returns to Barcelona after having left his mark in the last five games played there. He has scored six goals in his last five visits, leaving for the history a celebration that is becoming a classic. 'Quiet, here I am' has been repeated in the last three Barcelona vs Real Madrid matches.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates a goal in Barcelona
Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates a goal against Barcelona

Cristiano Ronaldo's streak in enemy territory began in the Spanish Super Cup, last season. Real Madrid lost 3-2, but CR7 left his stamp after a corner-kick. Then came the Classic in the Spanish Cup, a competition in which Real Madrid was defeated after drawing 2-2 at the Bernabeu and losing 1-2 in Barcelona. Cristiano scored the only white goal of the first leg and the first at the Nou Camp.

Barcelona vs Real Madrid: Yellow alert in white team

There is no possibility to play softly a Barcelona vs Real Madrid match. Not when there is a final at stake. However, there are some players who will not want to see a yellow at the Camp Nou. One is Cristian Ronaldo. If he receives a yellow card, will have a match suspension. Can you imagine a final without Cristiano? It would be not easy for Real Madrid. Playing without its star, who scored a decisive goal in the last Spanish Cup, in the final against Barcelona, two years ago.

Cristiano Ronaldo booked
Cristiano Ronaldo is in danger of suspension

Xabi Alonso is also in danger of suspension but he is even most endangered because has to deal in midfield with Xabi, Iniesta or Messi himself. After Cristiano, Xabi is perhaps the most important player in the scheme of Mourinho. He is also slightly injured and his diminished physical capabilities pose an additional hazard.

Carvalho is another player in danger of suspension, while Barcelona has other two starters who are at risk of missing the final of the Spanish Cup; Alves and Cesc. They would be two significant casualties. The third Barcelona player in this situation is Mascherano. A setback that could affect both teams, but for Real Madrid it would be a disaster because the suspensions would affect the principal men in Mourinho's team.

Special case is Pepe. The Portuguese defender plays against Barcelona to the limit. His record in these matches is full of cards. He has played 15 Classics and has receivrd a card in 12 of them: 11 yellow and 1 red card, the Alves' theater action in the first leg of the Champions League semifinals 2010-11.

In just three games has left the field without being booked. In his first Barcelona vs Rea Madrid (2007), in the first leg of the Super Cup last season (2-2 at the Bernabeu) and in the 1-1 league match before the Spanish Cup final in the season 2010-11. Pepe will have to be smart if he does not want to end the game early.

Xabi Alonso: Vanity Fair interview

Translation of the interview given by Xabi Alonso to Vanity Fair (Spanish Edition)

Xabi Alonso (Vanity Fair Spanish Edition)

He’s the best midfielder in history, a crucial piece of the Spanish national team and one of the sexiest footballers in the world. Everyone knows who he is, but not many know what he’s really like. Xabi Alonso leaves the field (for a couple of hours) to submit to our third degree. We talk about his family, his dislikes and yes, the locker room of Real Madrid and his coach, Jose Mourinho.

He was eight years old and he loved taking risks. One day in San Sebastian, he decided to jump from the top of a slide to a basketball rim. He didn’t make it. The result? A bloody eyebrow. Two weeks later, when the wound was still not completely healed, he returned to the same place and tried again. He once again failed and tore open the area above his other eyebrow.

“They say that I’m stubborn, and it’s true that I’m not easily convinced,” Xabi Alonso Olano (Tolosa, 1981) admits, surprised that 'Triki', one of his best friends, had told me that anecdote. The midfielder knows very well what he wants and what he doesn’t want, what he likes and what he doesn’t like. ”For example, I detest rude people, those who try to get themselves noticed and those who are nasty. And I can’t stand unpunctuality.” Fortunately, I arrived on time for our meeting. The place is Valdebebas, Madrid’s sports city. It’s 1.2 million square meters in size, with 14 football fields. A few days ago, Florentino Pérez had convened an unusual press conference to deny a supposed confrontation between the players and José Mourinho. But the Basque midfielder, who is called “the peacemaker of the team,” arrives relaxed and smelling strongly of cologne. He’s wearing jeans, a black sweater and elegant Italian shoes. The fashion firm Emidio Tucci made him the image of its campaign. His height and burliness are surprising. He’s a solid man, not only physically speaking or on the football field, but also with his speech. His red beard, one of his identifying signs, does not manage to hide a half smile that sometimes lights up his face. It’s his look, at times shying away, that seems to say: not one more step. Like his football, he stops the attack of the rival and he’s the one that implements the rules of play.


Di Stefano: "Real Madrid players need to do their best"

The honorary president of Real Madrid, Alfredo Di Stefano, has said today that the match of Spanish Cup. corresponding to the semifinal round, between Real Madrid and Barcelona, will be a game "very difficult", but expects that Whites pass to the final.

Di Stefano talking about Real Madrid vs Barcelona match
Alfredo Di Stefano

"This is a very difficult game, but I hope that Real Madrid goes on at the competition. I dare not give any predictions, because in football do not exist. Real Madrid's desire is to win and the desire of the opponent, is the same. Let's see what happens. It would be difficult but I see it as possible" said Di Stefano.

The new Ricardo Kaka: Starter at the Camp Nou?

Football is a mood and Ricardo Kaka represents it perfectly. After more than three and a half seasons of injuries and disappointments, the Brazilian has found his best shape since he wears white and trusts to be in the starting line-up tomorrow at the Camp Nou in the second leg of the Spanish Cup semifinals. Mourinho did not give him a minute in the first leg, but since then Kaka has reversed the situation with his performances against Sevilla (February 9), Rayo Vallecano (February 17) and Deportivo on Saturday.

Kaka with the new Real Madrid training jersey Blue
Ricardo Kaka

Against Deportivo he made again a great performance: in 90 minutes recovered 4 turnovers, gave 45 good passes (90%), 5 bad and had a 100% success: a shot at goal, a goal. Karanka showed the key to his transformation: "His mood is helping. It's Important to be at this level, is an alternative." In fact, Mourinho thinks about Kaka as starter at Old Trafford in the Champions League before the slope of Di Maria (was sent off against Deportivo, but can play the Spanish Cup clash).

At the end of the last Real Madrid match, the player highlighted the importance of the victory and analysed the performance of the players: “An important victory in a very difficult match. In the first half we were a little anxious and we made a few mistakes. In the second half we improved and we won three points that are important for us and for what is come over the next weeks”.

Because Kaka left Riazor Stadium with an eye to the Camp Nou: "Let's see what happens in this key week. The coach has to decide. I'm going to keep doing my job." Hours after, he sent this message in social networks: "Certainty of things hoped for, the conviction of unseen. Stay positive, fighting, be brave, have ambition, stay focused, be strong. Mentality is everything."

Gonzalo Higuain: One hundred goals in the Spanish League

Gonzalo Higuain struggle to regain his best and at Riazor Stadium received a morale boost. Not only for scoring the winning goal of the comeback against Deportivo in the 87th minute, also because with that goal he already can boast of having achieved one hundred Spanish League goals. And he needed just 179 games to do: an average of 0.55 goals per game.

Gonzalo Higuain celebrates a goal with the Real Madrid jersey
Gonzalo Higuain

Higuain thus became the second youngest Real Madrid player achieving this mark in the Spanish League, at the age of 25 years and 75 days. Only Raul was earlier, signing his target hundredth the April 15, 2000 with 22 years and 293 days. Raul then scored the 0-1 at the same venue, La Romareda of Zaragoza, which had seen his debut five years and a half earlier.


Jose Mourinho: A thousand days as Real Madrid coach

"I've been here three years, but seem thirty". A Mourinho's statement, according to one of his partners in the coach staff at Valdebebas Sports City. A temporary feeling that explains what it means for 'The Special One' to be the manager of 'The Special Club', Real Madrid.

Mourinho: A thousand days at Real Madrid

Portuguese coach met yesterday 1000 days as coach at the White House. With over 157 games in his service, a lot more gray hair and a League, a Spanish Cup and a Super Cup in his admirable achievements. His presentation was on May 31, 2010. Beside him was the then director general, Jorge Valdano. Today, the Argentinian works for a radio channel and talks about a Spanish coach to replace the Portuguese, almost two years after Mourinho raised a question to Florentino Perez, with a simple answer, at the end of his first year. "Valdano or me"

Deportivo 1 - 2 Real Madrid (Spanish League, Day 25)

Real Madrid came from behind against Deportivo at the Riazor stadium. The Whites headed to the dressing room at half time a goal behind after Riki scored in the thirty-fifth minute, but in the second half, and after a triple substitution where Mourinho brought on Ronaldo, Khedira and Özil in the fifty-seventh minute, Deportivo disappeared and the sombre visiting side came to the party. Kaka, equalising in the seventy-third minute, and Higuain, in the eighty-eighth, sealed the deserved victory based on possession and the chances Madrid had in the second half. In extra time Di Maria was sent off after being shown two yellow cards in the same move. A morale boost before ten days that sees the team play two Clásicos in a row, in the Copa and the other in La Liga, and the second leg of the last-sixteen match in the Champions League at Old Trafford.

Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo celebrate a goal of Real Madrid
Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo led the comeback

Real Madrid returned to the Riazor stadium two years after their most recent with the aim of making it three consecutive victories in La Liga. The first minutes of the match appeared to suggest that the Whites would be successful. In fact, the visitors had most of the possession of the ball, and the Whites wanted to surprise the Galician team with long balls behind their defenders. Callejón and Di Maria both tried to score in this manner, but the clearance by Aranzubia in the ninth minute and the misjudged control of the Argentine in the eleventh minute prevented the scoreboard from turning over. The first shot on goal by Madrid came in the fourth minute after a foul that was taken by the Argentine international. The home side’s goalkeeper was at full stretch to clear the ball for a corner.

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