Barcelona vs Real Madrid: Cristiano's goal is a classic

Real Madrid trusts again in Cristiano Ronaldo against Barcelona. The Portuguese player has long left the label of not complying against the Barcelona team and now is the most reliable player on the white team at the Nou Camp. CR7 returns to Barcelona after having left his mark in the last five games played there. He has scored six goals in his last five visits, leaving for the history a celebration that is becoming a classic. 'Quiet, here I am' has been repeated in the last three Barcelona vs Real Madrid matches.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates a goal in Barcelona
Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates a goal against Barcelona

Cristiano Ronaldo's streak in enemy territory began in the Spanish Super Cup, last season. Real Madrid lost 3-2, but CR7 left his stamp after a corner-kick. Then came the Classic in the Spanish Cup, a competition in which Real Madrid was defeated after drawing 2-2 at the Bernabeu and losing 1-2 in Barcelona. Cristiano scored the only white goal of the first leg and the first at the Nou Camp.

Months later, Real Madrid and Cristiano won by 1-2 a match that gave them the league title. The Portuguese scored the decisive goal and showed his new celebration, calling for calm with the hand. In August 2012 the Classic again with a new edition of the Super Cup and the first goal of the match scored again by Cristiano with a spectacular header.

In the last episode, CR7 went further and scored a brace. Like Messi, who tied the game for Barcelona. The duel between the two players is one of the most spectacular are now in the sports world and certainly in today's game they will leave their mark. Cristiano Ronaldo has already scored 10 goals to Barcelona; 7 at Camp Nou and 3 at the Bernabeu after 18 games for the white club. With Manchester played two and failed to 'pierce' the rival goal, missing a penalty in the Camp Nou.

Cristiano is now the seventh leading scorer of Real Madrid against Barcelona with 10 goals, tied with Juanito and Hugo Sanchez. Ahead are Santillana (12 goals), Puskas and Gento (14), Raul (15) and Di Stefano (18). Ronaldo wants to go up steps in this ranking and Özil is his better partner. German is his most faithful ally in the battles of the Camp Nou, where he has given Cristiano Ronaldo four goal assists.

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