Juventus, Benzema and Lass

Florentino Perez met Thursday in Madrid with the CEO of Juventus, Beppe Marotta. According to all the Italian media, the Juventus' target is to get the Benzema's signing or loan, the transfer of Lass and the assignment of Garay. They also asked about Arbeloa. According to Real Madrid, during lunch there was no talk of players. At the lunch also spoke the technical secretary of the Italian team, Fabio Paratici, whio featured reports on Chiellini, a tough and experienced international defender, 27 years old.

Florentino Perez

Juventus have made ​​a bad season. It is the seventh in the Italian League and is out of Europe. The gap with its historic rivals, AC Milan (Italian champion) and Inter has been getting bigger every season since "Moggigate", but other teams with less history than the Juventus, as Napoli, Udinese and Lazio have also passed them in recent years. This forces the Juve to recover the lost prestige in the field and in the courts. So the approach to Real Madrid and its players. The problem for the Turin team is that does not have much money.

However, the agent of Benzema, Karim Djaziri has played down the claims: "At the moment there is nothing and I think Benzema will stay at Real Madrid even next season because he is happy there. The rest is just talk", Djaziri told.

Then, there is the case of Lass. Sahin's arrival has unnerved Lass, which could leave Real Madrid this summer. The French midfielder met last Monday with his agent, John Williams, at the Mirasierra Suites hotel. The agent visited the white team to discuss the future of Lass at the request of the player. The midfielder fears that next season has still less prominence in the Mourinho's team. So he ordered his agent to talk to Real Madrid about his wishes to change at the end of this season.

Lass is a player with a good lineup in England and that is the destination that pleases him. In fact, last winter the midfielder already received an offer to return to the Premier, but Madrid closed its doors. Anyway, now Mourinho is not willing to keep him if he wants a change. The presence of Xabi and Khedira, the success of Pepe's presence in midfield and the arrival of Sahin, cause that Lass does not see a clear future in Madrid.


Milan and Chelsea will bid for Kaka

Kaka have one foot out of Real Madrid. Chelsea and Milan have already taken positions. The owner of the "Rossoneri", Silvio Berlusconi, has been the last to join the list with this invitation to the footballer: "Ricardo (Kaka) is an extraordinary man. If he decides to return to Milan, we are waiting with open arms" said to the Italian media yesterday.

Real Madrid player could leave the club last summer, but his knee surgery that kept him out of the pitch almost six months, ended his move to Chelsea. The player had already given the nod to Abramovich, shortly before joining the training camp in Los Angeles, but once he was diagnosed with the extent of his injury, everything was ruined.

Kaka played against Zaragoza at Bernabeu Stadium
Kaka, playing against Zaragoza

However, ten months later, Kaka's situation has not changed too much. Despite the return to the team, score goals and play more games, the reality is that there has not settled in Madrid. Regained fitness and forgotten lesions, is the player who has assimilated the best thing may be a change of scene and start a new era.

Kaka is the one who most believes in himself but sees that maybe Chelsea or Milan, where he was waited with open arms, may be the best option to go back to being what he was. The Brazilian has between the eyes the World Cup Brazil 2014, and is aware that has been left out of the Copa America. He knows that to get to be in this World Cup needs to play more games.

The other obstacle to the out of Kaka, until recently, was the Real Madrid, especially Florentino Perez, whose investment by the Brazilian was the third largest, only behind Cristiano and Zidane. But the club begins to consider making let go of the player if gets a good deal.

The transfer of Kaka could serve to lower any other important operation. In Madrid are aware that nobody is going to pay the 65 million that Brazilian cost, but he has been revalued and its sale could be now the most important of the Real Madrid in recent years.

In the case of Chelsea, Real, or rather Mourinho, could take Ancelotti's interest in the player to ask Drogba, especially if Adebayor does not continue. The Ivorian, despite his age, is a footballer of Portuguese coach's confidence, who will insist on the signing of another striker if he sees that the club finally decides to let go Adebayor.

The Chelsea is therefore the first choice for Kaka, but always subjected to the continuity of Carlo Ancelotti, the great supporter at Stamford Bridge. The sentence of the player's mother in social networks just two days ago "Next year we will be in London" has strengthened this possibility about his future.

Kaka has also been relegated to the bench this season. However, he showed signs of recovery since he returned from his latest injury, to the extent that Mou wanted to give the great opportunity he expected. An important match and a scenario like the Nou Camp, but the meeting sounded a farewell after a gray game and be replaced by Özil.

Real Madrid vs Bayern München: Heart Classic Match 2011

On Sunday June 5 at 7:30 pm, Santiago Bernabeu Stadium will host the second edition of the solidarity football match "Heart Classic Match 2011. All for Africa". This time, the meeting was held between the relevant players in the recent history of Real Madrid and Bayern München; Zidane, Figo, Suker, Mijatovic, Morientes, Helguera, Butragueño, Fernando Redondo, Rummenigge, Breitner, Makaay, Brehme, Augenthaler, Sagnol... who will be joined by many more stars of these two great teams in football history.

Update: Real Madrid 8 - Bayern 3

Heart Classic Match 2011. All for Africa
Heart Classic Match 2011

The club is heavily involved in solidarity activities in Africa, so Real Madrid will finish the season in Angola, with the celebration of a friendly match to be played the 25th day of this month, against the national selection of this country, which is ranked 108th in the FIFA ranking. It is the twenty-fifth time that the white team plays on African soil. The last trip was to Cairo, where Zidane made ​​his debut as Real Madrid's new signing.

Real Madrid will play in three months on three continents, complying with its philosophy of universal club. To the African match of Angola must be added the concentration in the United States from July 10, and the tour of China in early August. The pre-season of the team will also include games in Europe. An emissary of the white club will travel to Luanda next week to set the details of the meeting.

Florentino Perez: "The Spanish Cup was an obsession"

The Real Madrid celebrated yesterday the Spanish Cup title with the public institutions of the city and the region. During the celebrations, the president and several players spoke about the season and thanked the support of the fans.

Real Madrid during official reception at City Hall

Real Madrid needed feel champion again. The "Copa del Rey" has returned the "big club" sensations. Florentino Perez, the president, acknowledged at the official reception at City Hall what has cost to get this title. Therefore has a special flavor: "Spanish Cup was an obsession. Now we want to achieve more", he said.

Cup trophy was one of which have refused more in his mandates: "We've been champions after chasing it many years, but I hope it was only the beginning of a winning streak. We can continue dreaming of Real Madrid bigger", he commented.

Florentino Perez, wanted to thank all madrid fans who gathered in the official reception at City Hall: "But success is shared. The credit goes together staff, coaches and fans. The city support has been crucial for the Real Madrid. It was a triumph for the city. Thanks for the support".

"This team belongs to hundreds of millions of fans around the world. For Real Madrid there are no borders, wherever we are, we have a responsibility to unite our name to this community that gives us so much affection. This is the Spanish Cup of all fans", he finished.

Iker Casillas was equally grateful, the captain said: "Thanks for your support. This means that we want to come here with more titles". The message overflowed optimism: "With this team sure we can hold more titles" he said. After that, Sergio Ramos spoke to the fans as second captain: "Thank you all for being here with us. Relax, the Cup is secure and does not fall", he joked. "We were eager to get this trophy. We hope to return to celebrate it. Thank you".

Nuri Sahin: "Playing for Real Madrid is the greatest"

Sahin is new Real Madrid player
Nuri Sahin: New Real Madrid player

Turkish midfielder Nuri Sahin, signing of Real Madrid for next season, says that playingin the white team is the greatest thing that can reach a football player: "Real Madrid is the greatest thing you can achieve as a player. It is a myth. Everybody wants to go there but not everyone can play there" Sahin says in an article published today in the magazine 'Kicker' that is part of a series where the player resumes the season in which Borussia Dortmund has won the League title.

Sahin says that did not address Real Madrid's offer until the title was secured and accepts that the decision was not easy for him by all what Borussia Dortmund means in his life: "I do not want to be disrespectful, but there are not many clubs that would have been tempted me. Borussia means too much for me", Sahin says. The offer of Madrid, however, led him to think because of what the white team represents and, after talking to JoseMourinho, took the decision to move to Real Madrid.

Sahin also defends the current style of Real Madrid and says he does not understand the criticism that the team is receiving: "The past weekend, I watched the 6-2 against Sevilla on television, was a very attractive football. Real Madrid scores a lot of goals, and in fact there is nothing more attractive than the goal", comments Sahin.

Sahin acknowledges that, due to the presence of Xabi Alonso, Sami Khedira and Lass Diarra, will be hard to play on the team and there will be a hard fight for the starter place, but adds he hopes to win the "job": "In other top European clubs, the competition has not been less harsh. Besides, I'm going to Spain full of confidence. I think I have the potential to play as starter in Madrid. I will try to earn a spot on the team, although in Real Madrid wait me the hardest fight of the world".


The other match (3). Mourinho vs Valdano

The controversy between José Mourinho, coach of Real Madrid and Jorge Valdano, general manager, was revived yesterday with strenght after the League match in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

"Mourinho decides when he speaks. There was much noise around him and it is important for him to step to the side and lower the decibel level around" said Jorge Valdano, after the Real Madrid win against Getafe. A match which won his praise "for the seriousness and force of the team because it is difficult to play without targets. The audience was happy".

Mourinho and Valdano are not friends
Valdano vs Mourinho

Minutes later, the spokesman for the coach, Eladio Parames, responded forcefully: "Valdano is the spokesman for the club, but to my knowledge is not the spokesman for Mourinho. He is flatly wrong when he says that Mourinho stepped sideways to lower the noise. Mourinho is prepared to make noise at the right time and will speak unequivocally".

Months ago, José Mourinho demanded that Jorge Valdano departed from the locker room and Valdebebas, and came to ask to the club that the general manager did not to travel with the team. However, in recent months a peace of convenience was held waiting for the end of the season, when Florentino Perez, president of the club, will have to take a position on the conflict. The new confrontation will not help.

Spanish League (Day 36): Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo's hat-trick against Getafe increases his goal cout in "La Liga" this season to 36, just two shy of Hugo Sanchez's record. The Portuguese player, who gave his shirt to a fan he accidentally hit with the ball from a clearance, expressed his satisfaction with his performance tonight.

Cristiano Ronaldo was very happy after the Getafe game
Cristiano Ronaldo was very happy after the game

"We are playing at a very high level. It is our priority to win our remaining league games and that's just what we're doing. The coach has asked us to keep up the good work and we've responded well".

"I'm fighting to tally an important number of goals, but I'm not obsessed about it. It's true my teammates have looked for me at times in particular so that I would score more, but collective efforts are always more important than individual exploits".

Aitor Karanka, also talked about Cristiano Ronaldo and team involvement to help in yourpersonal goal: "Ronaldo's numbers are truly impressive, and his quality allows him to do this and much more. It is also the product of the work done by the entire team, which also has impressive collective numbers this season".

"There's always some motivational factor, and the greatest of all is to play for Real Madrid. Let's not obssess about it, but some players have looked to assist Cristiano tonight, but I insist: there is no greater motivation than to wear this shirt. What is paramount on this squad is comradeship and to have a good atmosphere, so it's even better for us if we're able to help a teammate achieve a personal goal".

Spanish League: Day 36


Cristiano, Cristiano and Cristiano. So up to 36 times in League and 49 in the total of the season. Like a hammer. Or better yet, like a magician. Because there is no greater gimmick than make this seem easy. And it is not, Getafe can talk about. Real Madrid struck blue team without making a foreshortened, quite naturally.

Cristiano scored a hat-trick against Getafe
Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 36 goals in the League

It's strange what happens to Getafe. Team does not move the ball badly and so was handled yesterday. However, it was impossible to imagine how could score a goal. It was so uneven the Colunga's fight with Pepe and Carvalho, that his feat was not to score, but keep walking in there without being eaten. You could say that Colunga, who is a good player, lacked a big brother who discussed with the central defenders.

Real Madrid was not out of the script of the matches in its field: order, strict defensive application and more isolated genius than collective brilliance. Without the possibility of launching the counterattack (the house specialty), the team displays a rudimentary football only changed by the occurrences of Marcelo, Özil or Cristiano, also Di Maria. With them there is no plan that the insistence. They are good and get enough balls. They will think something. And they usually do.

So the match went when Cristiano Ronaldo put Getafe’s goal in the center of his crosshairs. Following an extraordinary pass by Özil on 24’, Ronaldo out-jumped Cata Diaz and connected with a perfect header to send the ball into the back of the net. Looking at those goals, the repair of Cristiano to be recognized as a "nine" is not understood. His mastery of the air-game is a more effective weapon than his distant shots, often forced. His instincts and quickness make him a prodigious striker. His mobility allows another striker who should only accept his role. One final note: when he plays as striker, Cristiano does not own the ball.

It was a heavy blow for Getafe, who were unable to advance towards Adan; by far one of the easiest matches of his career as the Azulones ended the first half with zero shots on goal. The visitors pushed their lines forward after the restart, but to little avail. Real Madrid, meanwhile, sought a strike that would all but seal the win. Then on 58’, Higuain beat Ustari to a ball and the deflection landed at the feet of Ozil, The midfielder passed to Cristiano, who dribbled by Cata Diaz and easily scored the tap-in. The strike sunk Getafe, but only made Madrid hungrier.

Adebayor and Benzema came off the bench on 75’ and the Frenchman needed all but a minute to make it 3-0 in a brilliant show of ball control. Castilla goalkeeper Tomas Mejias then made his first team debut by stepping in for Adan with six minutes left to play.

All that was missing was the icing on the cake. And it came on 91’ when Mane tackled Ronaldo inside the box. CR7 wanted his hat-trick and had little trouble beating Ustari to close out the 4-0 win. That makes 36 goals for Ronaldo, who is the frontrunner for top scorer in La Liga as well as the Golden Boot.


Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu
Attendance: 55,000
Goals: 1-0, m.24: Cristiano. 2-0, m.58: Cristiano. 3-0, m.75: Benzema. 4-0, m.91: Cristiano (penalty).


Pepe and Casquero will face again

Casquero and Pepe have not faced in a field since that Portuguese assaulted Getafe's midfielder for more than two years. It was the final part of the 2008-2009 season and Real Madrid was chasing Barcelona after a phenomenal streak of results. With the score 2-2 (Getafe had gone ahead twice), on 86 minutes, Casquero was hand in hand with Casillas and Pepe pushed him from behind. Delgado Ferreiro (the referee) said the penalty and the frustration seized Pepe, who kicked Casquero on the ground several times and then punched to Albin. Casquero missed the penalty and Madrid, incredibly, ended up winning the match with a goal by Higuain. Two games later, Barcelona visited the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and ruled the League with the famous 2-6.

Pepe punishes Casquero
Pepe and Casquero

That action cost him a ten-match ban. The Portuguese lost the last six games of that League and the first four of the next. The central defender showed remorse after the game but Angel Torres, Getafe president, called for exemplary punishment. The Competition Committee acted in accordance with the hardness of the action and imposed one of the highest penalties than a player in Spain has ever suffered.

Since that April 21, Real Madrid and Getafe have been faced on three occasions with three white wins. Last season, Real Madrid won 2-0 at the Bernabeu Stadium in a game in which Albiol was send-off. Pepe played the entire game and Casquero saw it from the bench. In the return game, the whites beat Getafe again, by 2-4, with Pepe still recovering from the severe injury he suffered at Mestalla. Casquero played 78 minutes and was replaced by Albin. In the first round match of this season, Real Madrid won 2-3 at the Coliseum. Pepe lost it again due to injury and Casquero played the final 25 minutes.

This time everything indicates they meet again. Pepe is indisputable for Mourinho who wants to make a good end of season to avoid messing the work done. Getafe, in the absence of the suspended Victor Sanchez, opens the door to Casquero who has played as starter great part of the season. Getafe will play for its live, just like two years ago. Real Madrid will play for a miracle and its image, what is something important. In any case, Pepe and Casquero always play seriously.

Aitor Karanka: "Nuri Sahin is a great signing"

Aitor Karanka talked about Nuri Sahin's signing
Aitor Karanka

Assistant coach Aitor Karanka addressed the media before the final session prior to today's match against Getafe. He talked about the game and commented the new of the day; the signing of Nuri Sahin: "We believe Sahin's arrival is positive. The club continues to work on next season and, truth be told, Sahin's had an excellent campaign. We're happy because we expect much from him". 

"We are on the same path as we were last year, signing young players who have made a solid impression in important leagues. It happened last year with Ozil, Khedira and Di Maria, amongst others. We'll have to be patient with Sahin because he is 23 years old and this is Real Madrid. He will have to adapt to the team".

"It would be good both for Cristiano and the whole team if he wins the Pichichi Trophy. Obviously, the most important thing is the team as a whole and for us to play the best way possible, as we did against Sevilla and Valencia. That's the road to follow. Cristiano's goals are the end result of the work of the entire team. There have been games in which we've netted many strikes thanks to our collective efforts".

"You have to respect opponents who still risk much at this stage in the campaign".

"Our numbers are there. We had showers of goals in many games at the Bernabeu during the first half of the season. We are now comfortably winning complicated games. This is our first year and we just want to continue with our work".

Preview: Real Madrid vs Getafe

Real Madrid and Getafe shields
Real Madrid vs Getafe

Cristiano's ambition, the Barcelona's championship and the affection to Getafe. Those are the three forces that pull the match tonight. The first two coincide: only a win will prevent the championship of Barcelona and win with goals from Cristiano, encourages the last battle he can win with the Real Madrid this season: the top scorer trophy (Pichichi) and the Golden Boot.

With this interest is drawn the game, connected with the honor, in the case of Madrid, and associated with survival, if we talk about Getafe. Because the situation of the southern neighbor is extremely delicate: a point above the relegation zone and nine teams fighting for salvation.

Although the outlook is not good to give away points, three Getafe players forced the yellow card (and the one-match suspension) in the last game (Marcano, Pedro Rios and Victor Sanchez) with the intention, it is assumed, to concentrate troops against Osasuna in the penultimate day. Watching it, was understood that Michel did not mind losing the match at the Bernabeu, but it can not be. Neither the schedule nor the classification allow such luxuries. Getafe can only attempt the feat that Sporting and Zaragoza achieved. The idea of the visitor must be to use the lack of tension of Madrid template and its problems against teams that do not favor its counterattacks. Or put another way: bore, first and beat white team later.

Michel's allusion to the love of Real Madrid fans to Getafe, and by direct connection to him, is a business address (not without truth) that plans to extend the match into a sentimental scene. He is a glory of Real Madrid and, if that reason is not enough, in other places these matches are solved with neighborhood or regional agreements.

But Cristiano is not flowing through these roads. Neither the championship. And who scored four goals against Sevilla, wishes to extend his two goals ahead of Messi (33 against 31), to establish himself as the Golden Boot (66 points against 62), match Puskas (47 goals in one season), pass him, approach Zarra and Hugo Sánchez in the League (38) and claim himself, as the best player in the world, which people discuss, but the numbers do not deny.

While the starting lineup of Getafe displays all the available talent (Parejo included), the call of Real Madrid concentrated its surprises in the goalkeepers: Casillas and Dudek were left out. The rotation is curious and leaves Adam as starter, covered by Tomas Mejías. Anyone who wants to understand as an aid to Getafe, has the right, but we will not know because Mourinho does not speak and Karanka did not tell.

Neither will be in the team Kaka, injured with a strain on the muscles of his nostalgia. A pity; with so much disruption there is no way to defend him. Özil will play in his place, with Cristiano and Benzema or Higuain. Too much dynamite to imagine kindness.


Nuri Sahin: New Real Madrid player

Nuri Sahin is new player of Real Madrid. This was announced by Turkish player in a crowded press conference at the Signal Iduna Park, stadium and home of Borussia Dortmund and the scene where he debuted when he was 16. It was normal that the player can not help getting excited when he confirmed what had been "announced" last Monday: "I'm going to Real Madrid".

Nuri Sahin has signed a contract with Real Madrid
Nuri Sahin: New Real Madrid player

Accompanied by his agent, Reza Fazeli, and some of the directors of Borussia Dortmund, the player appeared in the press room of Westfallen with maximum punctuality. He did not want to take over what was already an open secret, and explained the reasons for the change: "I am very grateful to the Borussia, the team has given me the chance to debut in the Bundesliga, where he had always dreamed of play since childhood, but Real Madrid's call is a unique opportunity that could not escape".

The player announced his agreement with Real Madrid while looked the stands through the huge glass wall that separates the newsroom of the pitch, knowing that his time with Borussia is over. Now awaits him a new adventure with Real Madrid. The white club has signed him for the next six years at 2.5 million euros per season and has paid, by one of the sensations of the Bundesliga, 10 million euros to Borussia, a figure that German team has been forced to accept, because Bayern Munich could sign the player for his termination clause of six million euros.

Sahin, who is recovering from a ligament injury in his right knee, has also confirmed during the press conference that his physical condition will not be a problem in order to succeed at Real Madrid. The player expects to be fully recovered in June.

German player: Title earned

It seems that the next Real Madrid signings will return to German origin denomination, although in their veins run Turkish blood of their families (in fact, both play with the Turkish national team). Sahin and Altintop, both born in the territory of Germany, will increase the German lineage in Real Madrid.

In recent years, Metzelder went unnoticed and Özil, by far, justified the fifteen million euros were paid to Werder Bremen for his signing. With his quality has managed to forget Guti and many people have considered that the usual absences of Kaka, due to injury, have been minimized thanks to a strong performance of German international. Do not forget that Özil arrived in Madrid after his stunning World Cup in South Africa.

The curious thing about this German "flow" is that Madrid went on to win at least one title in each season in which was reinforced by a German player. Netzer, a blonde who came in his last time as a player, opened the way for the Germans in the summer of 1973. Then came Breitner, the evergreen Stielike, Schuster (as talented as controversial), Illgner, the goalkeeper of the Seventh European Cup and Metzelder. With Özil and Khedira has remained the good luck and team has won the "Copa del Rey". With Sahin and Altintop, the list of Germans will be ten.

The two German signings of Real Madrid
Özil and Khedira

Only 22 years old and in Sevilla played his 50th match with the Madrid, where is already the king of assists (22) ahead of Di Maria (19) and Cristiano (10). His left foot and great vision of play dazzle the fans. Just needs more physical, but he is a potential "crack".

Just turned 24 years, this German with Tunisian father has earned the confidence of Mourinho, but not the Bernabeu fans. He came endorsed by the great World Cup and the Portuguese coach made ​​him a starter in the Spanish Cup final and the big games of the season ahead of Lass.

He came to Madrid as one of the most promising central defenders of Germany and could even play on the left side despite his height (1.94 m). But nothing to do with reality. He was hooking injury after another until play only 30 games in three seasons with the white team. Cristophe went Schalke as came, free.

Capello got his way. Buyo, too short for his taste and Canizares, with little experience, were not worth. He arrived at the age of 29, with a reputation for sober and with a very attractive wife who was also his manager. In Madrid won a League title, two European Cups and one Intercontinental. And while, appeared a young man called to make history: Iker Casillas.

He could read the game in the field and then execute a plan with great precision. Mendoza took advantage of a crisis of German player at Barcelona after eight years there, to sign him and stir the controversy between the teams. Two seasons later went on to Atletico.

Sacrifice and power in midfield. Madrid was coming off one of its worst seasons (76-77): ninth in the League, eliminated in the second round of the Champions League and in third round of the Spanish Cup. Bernabéu decided to turn with Wolf, Juanito and Stielike and the team resurfaced. He raised four League titles, two Spanish Cups and one UEFA Cup. He was signed to replace Breitner.

He was the Santiago Bernabeu's response to the emergence of Cruyff at Barcelona. Bernabeu asked his staff what German player they liked more in World Cup 74 and signed Breitner. Madrid won the League and the Spanish Cup in his fierst season. Breitner was an "industrial" midfielder.

Bernabéu fell in love with his cerebral play at Euro 1972. He "jumped" to Madrid from Moenchengladbach, which also exported Simonsen Jensen and Stielike to Spain. With 28 years became the first German to play in the Spanish league. He won the Spanish Cup in his first year in white.


League (Day 35): Cristiano Ronaldo reactions


Cristiano Ronaldo scored four goals against Sevilla
Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid striker, Cristiano Ronaldo, was delighted after scoring 4 goals in his team'svictory against Sevilla: "We earned an excellent result after losing the Champions League semifinal, and that isn't easy to do. This is a tough place to play in and Sevilla are no pushover. We need to stay on track and win the three matches that we have left". "It's always important to score, the later Barcelona wins the League the best. But we have to win every game without thinking about Barcelona​,​" said Cristiano.

The striker, however, recognizes that it is a little frustrating to play these games knowing that winning the Spanish League is almost impossible: "We feel a little disappointed but that's football and we will try to win the next matches".

About the team's play against Sevilla said: "Great, We played extremely well tonight and scored 6 goals, which is not easy. We have three matches left and we need to play like we did tonight. We played well, and not just because we changed tactics. We were very motivated. The coach has given a positive mindset to start well next season ".

In addition, he thanked his teammates for helping him score goals: "Score four goals is not easy but I have to give merit to my teammates because they helped me. I do not want to think about the top scorer becuase there are three games reamaining".

Spanish League: Day 35


Real Madrid crushed Sevilla in the first 45 minutes. In the 45 minutes remaining, machinery was made ​​available to Cristiano Ronaldo, who took Özil's passes, Benzema's assists and emergencies of the Andalusian team to add 33 goals in "La Liga". The Portuguese overtaked Messi in the race for the most precious spoils of the championship: the top scorer trophy ("Pichichi").

Cristiano Ronaldo scored four goals against Sevilla
Cristiano Ronaldo scored four goals against Sevilla

It has been much speculation about the style of Real Madrid this season, even within the club. It has said it is a counterpunch team by nature, that the white team can only exploit its strengths in fast transitions... These theories were questioned in front of a defensive Sevilla that forced Madrid to take the lead, this role that, in theory, causes many inconveniences to the Mourinho's team. Sevilla tried to put the obstacles that have generated so much trouble to Madrid in this championship but were shot down. Each advance of Madrid was rapid and decisive. As an outrage. From the start of the game, along the first part, there was no respite for the Sevilla defense. The aggressiveness of Chile player, Gary Medel, was the only stumbling block of consideration that stood between Varas (Sevilla goalkeeper) and the Real Madrid strikers.

Well guided by Xabi Alonso from the start, the plays ranged from right to left with speed and accuracy. Özil expanded the field from the right, Kaka gave the last pass, Benzema dragged defenders to distract, Marcelo appeared from the left and Cristiano went where envisioned spaces to run. The raids were unpredictable and fast, and forced to retreat to Seville on its area, on the net, where Varas was surrounded by his defense, choked, unable to calm his people. Navarro's injury deepened crisis. The side defender was replaced by Dabo.

Sevilla's inability to find a solution to its plight, speaks of a team with unsuspected limitations a couple of years ago. The injuries of Navas, Rakitic and Perotti, and the absence of Renato in the beginning, emphasized the weakness of a team that until recently aspired to compete for the title. Yesterday did not have anyone who ordered the play. The team did not find alternatives and launched "melons" to Kanoute who did what he could, throwing balls to Negredo. But Pepe and Ramos were unbeatable.

So donning its all black visitor's kit, Real Madrid had three scoring opportunities in the first twelve minutes of the match. It was just a matter of time before they would break the deadlock. Then on 20', Ozil swung in a corner kick and Sergio Ramos beat out Cristiano in getting a head to the ball and beating the keeper. Ronaldo sent a ball off the post two minutes later, but he didn't take long in getting his name on the scoresheet. Marcelo received the ball at the top of the box on 30' and curled it to Pepe at the opposite side. The Portuguese out-jumped the defender and headered it to Cristiano, who controlled and fired into the back of the net.

But the goal of the night came off the boots of Kaka. The Brazilian found Özil charging into the left side of the box, the German tapped the ball right back and Kaka curled a low shot past the left side of the keeper for his seventh of the season.

Sevilla pressured after the restart and were hansomely rewarded. The hosts pulled one back on 61’ when Negredo got the best of Casillas following a pass by Romaric. But Real Madrid answered back four minutes later. Negredo passed to a defender at the top of the penalty area, Cristiano Ronaldo pick pocketed the ball following a miscue by the Sevillista and put the ball into the back of the potato sack. Cristiano wrapped up his hat-trick only five minutes later. The forward beat the offside trap at the midfield line, galloped towards the goal with no defender in sight and punched the ball under Javi Varas.

Just when you thought Real would take their foot off the gas, Özil sent a deep ball into Sevilla territory and Benzema chased it down just before it crossed the byline. The striker curled a low pass into the middle of the box and Cristiano met it cleanly for the team’s sixth of the night. The same can be said for Sevilla, who instead of throwing in the towel continued to attack the Madridista goal. With little over six minutes left to play, Negredo successfully got his head to a corner kick to make it 2-6. The score does justice to the football displayed at the Sanchez Pizjuan and the stellar performance of Cristiano Ronaldo.


Stadium: Sánchez Pizjuán
Attendance: 40,000
Goals: 0-1, M.21: Sergio Ramos. 0-2, M.31: Cristiano Ronaldo. 0-3, M.42: Kaká. 1-3, M.60: Negredo. 1-4, M.65: Cristiano Ronaldo. 1-5, M.69: Cristiano Ronaldo. 1-6, M.75: Cristiano Ronaldo. 2-6, M.83: Negredo.

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