Portugal considers request the disqualification of Carvalho

Amandio de Carvalho, vice president of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF), has admitted that the Portuguese organism, intends requesting to UEFA the disqualification of Ricardo Carvalho to compete in European competitions for leaving the training camp of the national team. But before this move, wants to talk to Real Madrid defender.

Amandio of Cavalho has warned that the penalty will not be extendable without the defender, who has so far only issued a statement on his unilateral withdrawal to play with Portugal, can state his reasons for his defection.

According to UEFA regulations, the Control and Disciplinary Comite of the organism may adopt sanctions imposed by FIFA members (Case of the FPF), on request, for acts committed within their respective jurisdictions. Thus, the penalty that the Portuguese Federation will put Ricardo Carvalho for his rudeness, is extendable to the Champions League.

In cases of desertion, the Portuguese Federation has the authority to order the disqualification of Ricardo Carvalho to contest the Champions League for a period of one to three months.

Ricardo Carvalho with Portugal National Team
Ricardo Carvalho

Cristiano Ronaldo: "Many people envy Real Madrid"

Cristiano Ronaldo talks little, but when he does, not leave anyone indifferent. The Portuguese always says what he thinks. He does not fool anyone. They ask and he answers honestly, without putting any excuse.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The football star drags harassment and hard pressure in the various fields where he plays with Real Madrid. The team together swallows it, but him in particular. In an interview with UEFA, CR7 explains that the white set is the best team and that is why aroused so much hostility: "Real Madrid is the best club in the world and there is a lot of envy", he says.

In addition, Cristiano is convinced that the jump in quality that has given the team, will translate into titles. The Portuguese believes that what people saw in Zaragoza is only the beginning of a long successful season: "I think this will be a great year for us", says the white 'Pichichi'.

What Cristiano can not forget is everything that happened in the semifinals of the Champions League against Barcelona last season. Portuguese has still the thorn stuck of the elimination which left them at the gates of Wembley. The white player, who at the time was highly critical of work refereeing in both matches, relocated the referees in the spotlight: "Whatever happened last year, we know why it was. We were unjustly eliminated, but we must learn to live with it", he says.

Cristiano hopes to remove that bad taste in the new edition of the Champions League which will start soon and where he hopes to fulfill the dream of Real Madrid's crowd: to win the Tenth.

Neymar: "I decided to stay in Santos"

Yesterday, Neymar explained in London the reasons for that, so far, has decided to stay and play for Santos instead of make the jump to Europe, most notably to Real Madrid: "I act with my heart and now I have decided to stay in Brazil", said the footballer.

Neymar, who has just become a father, added: "In Santos I am with my family and friends. Real Madrid's interest flatters me, but for now I decided to play in Brazil".

"I have nothing decided yet about my future, he added. What is clear is that the summer market has closed and I am still playing in Brazil. ¿Messi or Cristiano? Would be nice to have both on the same team. They are the two best players in the world, two football stars. To choose one would be a very difficult decision, but I have taken mine, which is to stay in Santos to play the Clubs World Cup".

Neymar training with Brazil national team
Neymar with the Brazilian national team


Mesut Özil: "Real Madrid can win all the titles this year"

Mesut Özil

Today, German football hopes to qualify for the EuroCup tournament against Austria...
If we use our potential in the field, we will get the three points, that's for sure. But Austria it's a team that plays very well and will fight hard.

You go back to Gelsenkirchen, your hometown. Will you feel something special tonight?
Sure. I played at Schalke. My family and friends will come to the stadium to watch the game. I am delighted to be here again.

Real Madrid has started the season with a crushing victory, 6-0 in Zaragoza, and playing good football. What did you think about the headlines in the newspapers about you?
I'm glad I played a good game. But the praise must go to the team that supported me all the time. Impossible to play best.

How do you explain the great physical condition with which you have just started the season?
I'm in great condition, better prepared than ever. Last year we had a long involvement in the World Cup (semifinalist), then I started training with Werder Bremen and later in Madrid. This year everything has been different. It's been a tough preseason.

The trips to U.S.A., to China, the time difference... It was nice but also very exhausting.

Is that why Low did not call you for the match against Brazil?
Yes, that was fine. So other players could play. They had a spectacular performance against Brazil.

You have become more mature from you are abroad...
I had learned a lot in Bremen and Schalke, but abroad is something else. I am very happy with how things have gone for me. I feel really good in Madrid and, of course, very happy to play for Real. People are very friendly and in the meantime, I do better with the language.

You lost the Spanish Super Cup against FC Barcelona. Is Real Madrid again one step under the big rival?
I do not think so. Naturally we would have liked to win the Super Cup. But we saw in the two games that we are very close to them, we can compete with them. It will be very interesting to see the League, Champions and Spanish Cup titles. We want all three and I am sure we can win.

Whence comes this optimism?
We must not forget that the Barcelona players have been playing many years together. In these two years, Real Madrid has made many signings, but you can see that we understand each other better on the field, we are much stronger. We have taken a step further on last season.

Is also the German national team one step closer to the Spanish?
Yes, we are very regular, we won almost every game against great national teams. We can believe in ourselves and believe in ourselves. It is time for Germany to get a great title. And I am sure.

If you could get a title this season, which would you choose?
I want all.

Nuri Sahin: A new crystal player?

Nuri Sahin will be two months out. The Turk will stay, in the best case, half a year away from the pitch. It is not the first time a player just signed for Real Madrid faces a long string of injuries. This is the story of a club in which nobody wants to belong; that of the eternal injury.

Real Madrid crystal players: Prosinecki, Woodgate and Robben
Prosinecki, Woodgate and Robben

In modern history, this club was inaugurated by Robert Prosinecki. The Croatian was an obsession for Ramon Mendoza, who invested 2,500 million pesetas (15 million euros, 1991) in the player who, according to his plan, would make Real Madrid, Champions of Europe. 'Prosi' had achieved this with Red Star Belgrade. The 'Butragueño's Five' could not win the trophy year after year.

However, Prosinecki barely played with Real Madrid. In his first season, three games and one goal against Barcelona with his specialty, free-kick. He suffered injury after injury, all muscular. Doctors at Madrid changed his diet, teeth and even the way of walking and running. The player was subjected to all kinds of tests, but none offered a diagnosis of his fragility, so they sought a psychological explanation: the stress of playing in Madrid was killing him. It may well be: in Oviedo, with less pressure, offered his strongest performance in Spain. But when FC Barcelona, ​​at the express request of Johan Cruyff, recruited him, the muscle injuries went back.

But, Prosinecki played 60 games in three seasons with Real Madrid. Numbers that Jonathan Woodgate could never dream. As Sahin and Altintop, the England defender arrived injured at the Bernabeu. In principle, for a few weeks, then became a few months and at last a full season. So, he debuted with Real Madrid a year after his arrival, in a league match against Athletic Bilbao. What a moment¡ He made ​​an own goal and was sent-off.

Nevertheless, Woodgate, whocost around 20 million euros, enjoyed some continuity in that second season. He played 12 games, made ​​his only goal in white at a match of Champions League against Rosenborg, until he reinjured. A back problem forced him to undergo surgery and ruined his chances of traveling with England national team to the World Cup in Germany 2006. Also ended his time at Madrid. The club decided to transfer him to Middlesborough. In his first season in England he played 36 games, but then came the nightmare. Last season, with the Spurs played just one match. He had a dream: to play against Real Madrid in Champions League. He could not due to injury.

The last case of player prone to injury is that of Arjen Robben, who joined Real Madrid in 2007 in exchange for 36 million euros. The Dutchman had already been preceded by a reputation for crystal player that was confirmed at Madrid, where he suffered nine lesions, all muscular in nature, in less than two years. As Woodgate, made a remarkable first season after being transferred to Bayern in exchange for 25 million euros, but played the last World Cup in difficult physical conditions and after the event in South Africa, a new muscle injury healed badly, left him out of any club competition for several months.


Lass Diarra completes a 23 players squad

Real Madrid finished drawing up the template, just in time, with the outs of Gago, Drenthe and Pedro Leon, confirmed the last day. Lass will finally play for the white team. He becomes the Mourinho's player number 23. The coach thought the French player was important since the beginning, but it was the player who wants to participate more minutes, asked to leave the team and not to travel to American Tour with the team for preseason training.

Lass Diarra stays in Real Madrid
Lass Diarra will play for Real Madrid this season

The midfielder (26), who cost to Real Madrid 20 million euros in December 2008, has been sought by many teams in Europe, including Milan, Galatasaray, Manchester City, Fenerbahce, Roma and the best of France. But Tottenham Hotspur was the team that came closest, having reached an agreement to sign him for 12 million euros. Lass himself broke the operation, as the English club did not equal his salary at Real Madrid: 3.8 million euros per season. He stays because did not find another option. And even last Tuesday, was offered by his agent to Malaga, but the operation was declined.

Now, Lass will have to work hard to catch up with the rest of the template. He has done little preseason. He remained in Madrid training with the discarded players. He wanted to saty with the excuse of dealing with others teams. And the club allowed him aware that he was leaving. Even the night that Real Madrid palyed the Bernabeu Trophy, for example, he flew to Nice to see his brother, althought the next day there was a training session, and he was called up. Yesterday, when it was known that he stays, he worked with the group for the first time. He will change his number 10 by the 23 because Özil must keep 10 with which the German was inscribed on the Spanish Super Cup.

Lass was an important player for Mourinhoin the second half of last season. He started 12 of the last 18 days (only seven within the first 18), was also starter in the semifinal round in the Champions League against Barcelona. But this summer, the French did not trust the minutes he could have in the future. His relationship with Mourinho has been uneven. In the first half of the season, upset by not playing and suffering mysterious injuries. Then, Mourinho was not interest in him despite the player was recovered.


Pedro Leon will play for Getafe

Pedro Leon will play for Getafe this season 2011-2012. It is official. The Real Madrid player will remain on loan at Getafe entity until next June, as reported by the Getafe's President Angel Torres, when was leaving the Santiago Bernabeu offices.

The agreement, as reported by Torres, provides an option to purchase by 6 million euros, although contrary to what was expected is not mandatory for the blue team. In addition, Real Madrid has established a clause increasingly common, according to which the player loaned can not play against Real Madrid wearing the Getafe shirt.

This season, Getafe takes over the wage of the player, 1.5 million euros net. Between the two entities had agreement from weeks ago, but the main obstacle was the attitude of the player. Pedro Leon refused to leave, but finally backed down and will leave the Bernabeu Stadium. He joins Garay (Benfica), Canales (Valencia) and Mateos (Zaragoza) as players who have left the club during the summer market.

Pedro Leon at the Coliseum Alfonso Perez (Getafe)


Cristiano Ronaldo: A Real Madrid's recordman

Cristiano Ronaldo, with the devastating pace with which ended last season and has started this one, is poised to make history at a club with almost 110 years of life. With his hat-trick at La Romareda, has achieved 90 official goals dressed with the Real Madrid jersey. One statistic that becomes more important if we consider that he has scored all those goals in just 92 games. So, he has averaged nearly a goal per game played.

Cristiano Ronaldo: A Real Madrid's recordman

In the case of the Spanish League is even more spectacular, because has scored 69 goals in 64 games (1.07 average). Some numbers reached in just two years at the Bernabeu (arrived in July 2009), making it clear that going to destroy all records that he will propose. He scored 33 goals in his first year and 53 in the past (Destroyed the Spanish League record of Zarra and Hugo Sanchez, and Golden Boot to the pot). This season the '7' has just started scoring four goals.

The fact is that the Portuguese start has earned a place among the top 20 scorers in the history of the club. With his tremendous hat-trick of Zaragoza, he left behind Pruden (Striker from 1943 to 1948) and he is 19th. With his usual pace scorer, is more than possible to finish the season overtaking the record of the legendary Juanito (121 goals), Pahíño (124), Hierro (127) and Michel (130). To achieve the latter ( Michel closes the Top-10), Cristiano should get 40 goals more, which is not beyond his reach after the 53 achieved in the 2010-11 season.

But before reaching such heights, there is a moment that will raise the curiosity to unimaginable limits. If he scores 14 more goals, Cristiano will reach Ronaldo Nazario. Ronaldo & Ronaldo. The number: 104 goals. But the Portuguese will achieve this number ​​in approximately half the time. The average is only good for the loved Ronaldo Nazario, who 'only' scored 0.57 ​​per game, almost halfway that the Cristiano's pace. Therefore, he cost 96 million euros.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Castrol: "Tested to the limit"

Cristiano Ronaldo is the star of the film-documentary 'Tested to the limit' that Castrol EDGE is going to use to the launch of a new product, in which the qualities and performance of Real Madrid's player are analyzed thoroughly.

Cristiano Ronaldo worked in the advertising in July
Cristiano Ronaldo: 'Tested to the limit'

This audiovisual material, shot in Madrid last July, describes an intense series of medical tests and physical demands that the striker underwent in order to demonstrate why he is a high performance athlete and one of the best footballers in the world.

"Shooting the film has been really exciting as it is the first time I have ever done something like this. The challenges were designed to look at my strength and skill in detail and it has been a great experience to see how my body works. The challenges were really tough, but I think I did well on the day", said the player according to a statement of the brand.

The documentary shot using ultra slow motion and high impact Computer Generated Imagery, also features the participation of Italian coach Fabio Capello, England coach, and Frenchman Arsene Wenger, Arsenal coach, who share their views on Cristiano Ronaldo. The material will be exhibited in September in Madrid and later will be broadcasted in 15 channels from different countries in Europe and Asia.


Zaragoza 0 - 6 Real Madrid (Spanish League Day 2)

The difference between the two best and the rest of the teams in the Spanish League is bigger every season, and will bring many scores of tennis like yesterday. A better Real Madrid, as promised by Mourinho for his second year, acquired the hurricane condition when passed through Zaragoza. Aguirre's team was under construction and eventually reduced to rubble after spending a horrible time, chasing ghosts. His consolation is that the rest of teams, will probably suffer the same punishing (except Barcelona). Real Madrid showed its new convictions that seem stronger than those of a year ago.

Marcelo celebrates his goal

The crisis has thinned professional templates and have filled with young, inexperienced and low-cost, fact that will multiply the imbalance between Madrid and Barcelona and the rest of the Spanish teams. Because the difference between the Mourinho's team and Zaragoza was shocking and alarming. It looked like two teams in different leagues, in different galaxy.

Real Madrid has taken a decisive step towards prosperity. It is still the energetic team that built the first Mourinho, but has increased several steps in authority, courage, possession and even camaraderie. Even Cristiano Ronaldo works for the team and has good results for him: Scored three one-touch goals, unequivocal proof that pack hunting is better. He was top scorer scorer in May and back in August.

About football and on the field, Fabio Coentrao was positioned as central midfielder at the start of the match. Mourinho's men looked to score from the start, putting Roberto's reflexes to the test; the goalkeeper was by far the best local player. Ozil nearly scored the opener on the 9-minute mark, but the keeper saved it. Roberto again cleared a Real Madrid shot five minutes later. Aguirre's men stayed in their half of the pitch trying to get the ball out any way they could, but eventually Ozil pulled off a sensational effort and assisted Cristiano Ronaldo in the first goal (23').

Five minutes later, Ramos crossed the ball into the box and Ronaldo missed it attempting a bicycle-kick, but it landed at Marcelo's feet and he defeated Roberto with a phenomenal crossed shot. Real Madrid had 11 chances on goal in only 30 minutes, while the first threat for Casillas took 37 minutes to arrive. Cristiano could've scored a third on the 38-minute mark, but Roberto again saved the day albeit with difficulties.

Zaragoza focused on defending after half-time. A shot by Di Maria unbelievably missed the target (51') and the Whites kept having chance after chance on Roberto's goal. In the 53rd minute, Benzema took advantage of a huge mistake by Da Silva and faced Roberto in a one-on-one that was unfortunately won by the keeper. It was only a matter of time for the Madridistas to net another strike and Xabi Alonso scored it from a powerful 25-metre shot that hit Meira before entering the goal.

Ronaldo scored again seven minutes later following a pass on the goal-line from Di Maria. Mourinho then decided to make changes and made Callejon come on for the Argentinean and, later, with 15 minutes left to the end, replaced Benzema with Higuain. Kaka also came on for Ozil and Callejon nearly scored in the 78th minute, but his shot was cleared by the defence.

The fifth was scored by Kaka just five minutes after he came on. The Brazilian dribbled past a defender inside the box and defeated Roberto with a great shot that went through one of the top corners of the goal. But the icing on the cake was still to come, and it again starred the Brazilian, who after a great individual effort assisted Ronaldo to score the sixth and final goal of the evening just before the end of the clash.


Stadium: La Romareda
Attendance: 28,000
Goals: 0-1, min. 24: Cristiano Ronaldo. 0-2, min. 29: Marcelo. 0-3, min. 65: Xabi Alonso. 0-4, min. 71: Cristiano Ronaldo. 0-5, min. 82: Kaká; 0-6, min. 87. Cristiano Ronaldo.


Preview: Zaragoza vs Real Madrid (League Day 2)

Real Madrid make their debut in the 2011/12 edition of the Spanish League against Zaragoza at La Romareda tonight at 20:00 (Local Time -GMT +1-). The Whites haven't lost a single game in the championship at Zaragoza's stadium in the past ten years. The Whites will look to keep up the good work they did throughout the summer, which gave them their best preseason in 24 years.

Zaaragoza vs Real Madrid

Jose Mourinho has always won the league title in his second year at the helm of all his teams. The coach called-up 20 men for the match, including Fabio Coentrao, who will return to the stadium in which he made his debut in La Liga as a loaned out player to Zaragoza in the 2008/09 campaign. Granero will miss the match due to coaching decisions, as well as Altintop, Sahin and Khedira, who are all out because of injuries. Youth teamer Mandi made the coach's cut.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema form the top scoring attacking duo in the First Division this summer. The Portuguese player will try to at least equal last season's 40 goal tally, which made him the most effective striker in the top five European leagues of the last 40 years. Benzema scored in his team's last two matches and currently averages one goal per match and holds a total tally of 10.

On other hand, Coentrao already knows La Romareda. The Portuguese was on loan at Zaragoza in 2008-09 (Second Division). He came from the Camacho's Benfica as part of Aimar's transfer. And in his first adventure in Spain, only played seven minutes in a game that was already finished against Alaves (4-2). He was disgusted with his situation and in December, three months after his arrival, he returned to Benfica. Today, with Khedira injured, he will return to Zaragoza in the midfield alongside Xabi Alonso.

Javier Aguirre was instrumental in getting Zaragoza out of the relegation zone last season. The Mexican coach's chief objective this campaign will be to avoid such an agonising end to the year. Despite the absence of Ander Herrera, Zaragoza have strengthened themselves with ten new signings, including Real Madrid academy players David Mateos and Juan Carlos, neither of whom will play tonight.

Goalkeeper Roberto returned to the team this summer. They also count on the talents of young midfielder Zaculini and on the experience of Fernando Meira, who played for Mourinho in the 2000/01 season. Zaragoza won none of their five encounters in the preseason, but they are nevertheless a dangerous opponent, which they proved by winning at the Bernabeu last season.

Jose Mourinho: "There are not untouchable players"

On the eve of the premiere of a new Spanish League season in which is shaping up another challenge against Barcelona, Jose Mourinho spoke to the newspaper 'El Mundo' for open-heart talk. He looks everything from the conviction of someone who exposes his truth.

Jose Mourinho

He believes that there are more lies than truths about himself: "But it's part of the game, of life. Unlike other leagues in which I trained, I think this is like a smear campaign. It is an unequal struggle with all the stones thrown against me, I could make a monument".

Mourinho, however, feels strong: "I am happy here, very excited. I have a feeling of being in the right place. I do not change it for anything. I can be wrong, but always say what I think, what I feel, without fear of consequences. I should have lived 100 years ago".

One of the most controversial chapters he has lived since he came to Madrid, was his relationship with Valdano: "With his departure has changed the structure, we work differently. Changes are being made I believe can be beneficial for Real Madrid".

The substitution of Casillas in the Santiago Bernabeu Trophy has given rise to many comments: "Iker is ahead, but I do not want untouchables. We should not be mistaken, most important thing here is Real Madrid. The goal is not a fertilizer you buy. Neither the goal nor the side midfielders nor front".

He considers that the team has improved: "The team does not work as a year ago. The team should be able to add to its game things that it had not early last year. And it is doing".

Mourinho also referred to the 'false' Real Madrid fans, of those he spoke in his letter after the incident with Tito Vilanova: "There are fans that show themselves as the best Real Madrid fans and are the first to turn away. For the enemies, I launch a bid: Match that referees give to me, match repeated". And, of course, a reference to Barcelona: "It's a team that plays the same competitions. One thing that no changes is that Barcelona wins when plays well and win playing badly. I do not believe this will change".
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