Wenger will offer 30 million euro for Benzema

Arsenal wants to gain the services of Karim Benzema. The English side is willing to pay 30 million euros for the Real Madrid striker, if Nasri and Cesc leave Arsenal. Arsene Wenger is trying to convince the Arsenal directors to make an economic effort by the French player.

Benzema playing a Real Madrid match
Karim Benzema

It would be the most expensive signing in the history of the club, but the template would be seriously devalued with the probable transfer of Cesc to Barcelona, and Nasri to Manchester City. The French coach is convinced that the arrival of Benzema would be a dramatic effect on both the locker room and for the fans, who already have six years without celebrating a title. Besides, Karim's arrival would help Wenger to overcome the criticism he has received in recent months.

Real Madrid '9' is an old aspiration of Arsenal coach, who already tried to sign when he played for the Olympique Lyon. At that time, Florentino Perez was ahead of all clubs and went to the player's home to close his engagement. Also, Arsenal needs a striker because his reference striker, the Dutchman Van Persie, could only play 25 games of the Premiership (18 goals) due to injury.

Benzema has been reaffirmed this year as a reliable option in the Madrid attack. In his first season in white (He cost 35 million euros) only managed nine goals, but has been with the arrival of Mourinho when he has shown his potential. The Frenchman has played a great second round, getting to finish the season with 26 goals.

300,000 euros for Iker Casillas' shirt

Iker Casillas continues his triumphant journey through China. The goalkeeper is a national hero, the most followed, who is starting the news in the country, who goes on every cover. They want him to be a guest at official events. They consider Casillas the most friendly visit and taught him wherever he goes.

Yesterday, he attended a charity dinner in Beijing where they were auctioned off several pieces of goalkeeper and balls signed by him. The amazing thing about the auction was a person invited to the dinner who paid 300,000 euros by a lot of things formed by the Real Madrid goalkeeper's shirt, gloves and a ball. The captain was the most surprised when he saw the price reached his jersey. Had never happened him something like that.

Casillas at China
Iker Casillas at the charity dinner

A lot of money that will go to the Next Generation Foundation, which is dedicated to raising money to promote the sport and improve early childhood education indisadvantaged areas of China. In addition to the millionaire batch, also were auctioned a Spanish jersey signed by the international Spanish world champions, a Jabulani ball, the Adidas official ball for the World Cup 2010, and another Casillas's jersey of the Spanish national team.

Besides the acts to which he attends every day, the captain of Real Madrid goes to sightseeing with his girlfriend Sara Carbonero and his agent Carlo Cutropia. This is his third trip to China, but had always been with the team and never had time to visit the most emblematic of the country. On Wednesday, he was seeing the Forbidden City and yesterday, first thing in the morning, wanted to move to the Great Wall of China.

Today, on his last day in China, is scheduled he visits a football school at the heart of Beijing and meets with one hundred children who would like to be goalkeepers. This is the main act of the week. Then, Casillas will fly to Madrid because the preseason begins.


Zidane: Director of football of the Real Madrid first squad

Zinedine Zidane, who until now held the position of adviser to the Real Madrid president said that he is "Director of football of the first team". In his decision says that "Mourinho has influenced but Florentino more". These statements were made ​​in the charity game organized by the fight against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Mourinho and Zidane at Mestalla Stadium
Mourinho and Zidane

On the tasks that he will assume has not been very specific: "We will see. Everyone asks me the same thing, but I will be there from next Monday until the end of season", he said.

Also, the former player talked about the signing of Varane: "He has a tremendous future, it is good to go so young to Real Madrid. The coach thinks he is good for the team so he is signed. He has the ability to play on this team. Although there are very good defenses as Ramos, Carvalho... Raphael can help and be a starter in the future".

As for the name of the summer, Neymar, Zidane said: "He looks a lot like Robinho but is better because he has a little more instinct to the goal". "He's a player who may be interesting to Real Madrid", he added. Also, understand that Barcelona was interested in taking the services of Brazilian: "It is natural because all teams want him. The season begins Monday and will see what the club decides. The decision will be quietly. We have to go step by step" .

Note: Garay transferred to Benfica

Ezequiel Garay has been transferred this morning to Benfica by 5.5 million euro. Real Madrid keeps 50% of any subsequent transfer made ​​by the Portuguese side. Garay, who is playing the Copa America, will not join his new teammates until the end of the tournament.

Real Madrid have made ​​clear that this transfer is not part of the 'Coentrao operation', but all negotiations began at the same time, what can be understood that the proceeds from the sale of Garay has been used to pay the signing of Portuguese defender.


Real Madrid: Spanish League 2011-2012 Schedule

Emilio Butragueño, Real Madrid's Director of Institutional Relations, shared his view on the 2011/12 La Liga draw. During the General Assembly, he was presented with the Pedro Zaballa Fair Play award as acknowledgement of Real Madrid's charitable gesture towards victims of the May 11 Lorca earthquake (the team played a benefit match in Murcia whose proceeds were invested in aid for the victims).

"Our calendar is difficult from day one because we will face great opponents. We have a fantastic squad and our reinforcements improve on it even more. It's important to meet the fans' expectations and achieve our targets".

In reference to the possibility of rescheduling the December 11 match Real Madrid vs Barcelona due to the FIFA Club World Cup, he commented: "December is a long way away and we will see what happens. A rescheduling would not be a problem. I do believe that playing the first Classic of the League at the Bernabeu is something new in recent years".



1. Real Madrid - Athletic Bilbao (08/21/11)

2. Zaragoza - Real Madrid (08/28/11)

3. Real Madrid - Getafe (09/11/11)

4. Levante - Real Madrid (09/18/11)

5. Racing Santander - Real Madrid (09/21/11)

6. Real Madrid - Rayo Vallecano (09/25/11)

7. Espanyol - Real Madrid (10/02/11)

8. Real Madrid - Betis (10/16/11)

9. Malaga - Real Madrid (10/23/11)

10. Real Madrid - Villarreal (10/26/11)

11. Real Sociedad - Real Madrid (10/30/11)

12. Real Madrid - Osasuna (11/06/11)

13. Valencia - Real Madrid (11/20/11)

14. Real Madrid - Atletico Madrid (11/27/11)

15. Sporting Gijon - Real Madrid (12/04/11)

16. Real Madrid - Barcelona (12/11/11)

17. Sevilla - Real Madrid (12/18/11)

18. Real Madrid - Granada (01/08/12)

19. Mallorca - Real Madrid (01/15/12)

20. Athletic Bilbao - Real Madrid (01/22/12)

21. Real Madrid - Zaragoza (01/29/12)

22. Getafe - Real Madrid (02/05/12)

23. Real Madrid - Levante (02/12/12)

24. Real Madrid - Racing Santander (02/19/12)

25. Rayo Vallecano - Real Madrid (02/26/12)

26. Real Madrid - Espanyol (03/04/12)

27. Betis - Real Madrid (03/11/12)

28. Real Madrid - Malaga (03/18/12)

29. Villarreal - Real Madrid (03/21/12)

30. Real Madrid - Real Sociedad (03/25/12)

31. Osasuna - Real Madrid (04/01/12)

32. Real Madrid - Valencia (04/08/12)

33. Atletico Madrid - Real Madrid (04/11/12)

34. Real Madrid - Sporting Gijon (04/15/12)

35. Barcelona - Real Madrid (04/22/12)

36. Real Madrid - Sevilla (04/29/12)

37. Granada - Real Madrid (05/06/12)

38. Real Madrid - Mallorca (05/13/12)

Real Madrid: Spanish Super Cup 2011 Schedule

The second leg of the Spanish Super Cup that will play Barcelona and Real Madrid in the Nou Camp, will be held Wednesday August 17 at a peculiar time; 11:00 pm (CET). That is, the champion of the first Spanish title of the season will be announced at the earliest at 00:45 am of the next day. However, if there is extra time or even penalties, the resolution would go until about 2:00 am.

That same day, will be played the matches of the last heat of the Champions League and UEFA will not allow to play matches for other competitions in the same time slot. This season, the schedule is very tight (and Barcelona also plays the European Super Cup), so that, according to the Spanish Federation, there is no alternative to change the date of the second leg. The first leg will be played at the Bernabeu Stadium on Sunday 14 at 10:00 pm.


1st Leg: Real Madrid - Barcelona (08/14/11)

2nd Leg: Barcelona - Real Madrid (08/17/11)

Coentrao is the most expensive transfer in the summer

"A left side for 30 million euros... It is an excellent deal for Benfica", in this way Rui Costa, the Portuguese club's sporting director, defines the sale of Coentrao. He is right, the side has become the most expensive transfer in the summer market. It has exceeded the 25 million that Manchester United paid to Atletico for De Gea.

The 30 million euro that has cost Coentrao clash with the amount of money that has been spent in the transfer market during the summer by Real Madrid. He alone has cost more than other contracts made ​​by the club. So far the Madrid had invested 25 million to sign four players: Sahin (10), Varane (10), Callejon (5), Altintop (free).

With this amount Coentrao equals the transfer of Pepe and, along with central defender, becomes more expensive defender in the history of Real Madrid. As in the case of his countryman, Coentrao aims to make forget the cost of his signing on the field.

Other hand, Garay will become new Benfica player today. The Portuguese club will pay 5.5 million euro for half pass of the player. At first, the player was reluctant to leave Spain, but the good conditions at Benfica would have made him change his mind at the last hours. If Benfica wants the whole pass of Garay, should pay another 5.5 million so the transfer would be 11 million euro, one more than Real Madrid paid to Racing Santander in the summer of 2009.


Interview: Fabio Coentrao


Ceontrao at the Real Madrid trophy room

Coentrao promises effort, distributes praise and confesses that his only desire was to play in the Bernabeu. "From childhood I always dreamed of playing for Madrid", revealed the Portuguese player in his first interview in white.

You always said you wanted to play for Real Madrid, so this must be a dream come true.Yes, that's true. Every footballer dreams of playing for Real Madrid. I wanted to since I was a child. I used to imagine playing for this team. It was my dream and it has now come true. I hope to earn continuity and to show people I am ready to play here.

What went through your mind as you signed your new contract with Florentino Perez?
I honestly didn’t think of anything. I was just nervous. Being here with the President and signing a contract is like a dream.

Are you anxious to start working with Mourinho and your new peers?
Of course I am. He is the best coach in the world and has been officially acknowledged as such. It makes me proud to have the chance to work with him and a template full of great players.

You will have to compete with quality players as Marcelo for a starter place in the team, but competition is good in order for a player to grow…
It is good, especially for Real Madrid. Having quality players like Marcelo is good for any side. I will work hard to play, and so will he. We will compete for a spot every week and the team will benefit from that. That’s all that matters.

You know the Spanish League from your stage at Zaragoza. What’s your opinion about it?
It is a very competitive League and it has many solid teams. I am anxious to play in the championship and to win it with Real Madrid, which is the best club in the world.

Coinciding with many players from the Portuguese national team may ease your adaptation process.
Yes, I believe it may help me considerably. I have just arrived at the greatest club in the world and, despite the fact that Benfica is also an important club, it is always rather strange. It’s important to have friends here because it will make things easier for me.

Among all the players of Real Madrid, Who do you want to play with?
With everyone. Here there are players of great quality and I have really wanted to share the game with everyone.

What can Coentrao add to Real Madrid?
I consider myself a player who works hard. I try to do everything for my team wins every game. That's my best attribute, I can run, shoot...

You've had more offers. Why did you choose Real Madrid?
It is true that I have had several offers at this time, but I always had clear it; join Real or stay at Benfica. I did not want to leave from there if not to come to play for Real Madrid.

What is your dream for this season?
I have it clear. Win all the competitions we play.

Fabio Coentrao: New Real Madrid Player

Coentrao dreamed since he was 13, when he worked as a painter for a living, with yesterday day. He will play at the Bernabeu Stadium the next six seasons. The Portuguese became the fifth signing by Mourinho for 2011-2012 season (Sahin, Callejon, Altintop and Varane) after the white club agreed to pay the 30 million euro demanded by Benfica. Real Madrid has spent until now 55 million euros in reinforcements.

Coentrao with the Real Madrid home jersey 2011-2012
Fabio Coentrao and Florentino Perez

Fabio has lived an odyssey since last June 7 when confessed his desire to join Real Madrid. Luis Filipe Vieira, president of the Lisbon club, did not consent to negotiate the transfer of Coentrao including white players to lower the transfer. And until yesterday morning when Real Madrid did not confirm the disbursement of 30 million, Benfica did not want to accept the transfer of the player, who had been declared in default the day before because his club claimed transfer him to Chelsea.

Early in the afternoon, the Lisbon club informed the National Stock Exchange of Portugal the transfer of the player, which is required by its going public. From that moment, Coentrao recovered the smile. He arrived at the Bernabeu, he signed his contract until 2017, saw the nine European Cups, spoke with Florentino and had lunch at a popular restaurant in Madrid.

The other side is Garay. The Argentine woke up yesterday with several messages on his cellphone. Madrid and Benfica had agreed to his transfer, but the player does not want to leave Spain. The white club would sell 50% of the defender's pass to Benfica by six million euros. The following season (2012-2013), the Portuguese club could acquire the other 50% by another six million. If Garay does not agree to sign for Benfica, Real Madrid will offer Drenthe, a very valued player in Lisbon.


Nuri Sahin is training at Valdebebas Sports City

Sahin was training yesterday at Valdebebas Sports City for the first time since joining Real Madrid. The player with Turkish origin came to training center in the morning and he could see the facilities and was very satisfied with what will be his workplace during the next six seasons.

The Turkish international was training alone for an hour and a half, and the positive note for Madrid is that he did not feel any discomfort in the knee he injured last April 17 in the match against Freiburg. Sahin will continue work during this week to forget the months of inactivity. He wants to catch up physically to be able to keep pace with his peers from the beginning of the preseason (on July 11).

Sahin is training in Madrid
Nuri Sahin at Valdebebas Sports City

After training in Valdebebas, Sahin went with his girlfriend and some family members to his new home to begin preparations for the move. The idea of the player is to have all prepared in the new home before traveling on July 11 to the U.S.A. with the team to the preseason stage. Thus, he could start the season only focused on football.

After finalizing the details of his new home, he moved to Mirasierra Suites Hotel, where he is now staying. Sahin just not made ​​statements to the media waiting for him, but expressed his happiness to be already in the capital of Spain: "I am happy in Madrid. Thank you". His family also declined to talk. His father just showed the satisfaction that them live in the beginning of this new stage: "This is great. Real Madrid is best team in the world".

The Sahin's next step will be to meet Mourinho, but will have to wait until the coach returns from vacation this weekend. Varane and Callejon will be the next Real Madrid signings to train at Valdebebas Sports City. Both will arrive in Madrid in the coming days.

Coentrao: Agreement between Benfica and Real Madrid

The signing of Coentrao that seemed stalled a week ago, was revived yesterday after the trip of the left side and Benfica president Luis Filipe Vieira to Madrid, and seems imminent. Real Madrid and Benfica have approached positions this morning in the negotiation and the signing can be confirmed in the coming hours. In fact, Portugal take for granted the transfer of the player to the white team. Daily 'A Bola' has titled: "Coentrao already a player of Real Madrid", although there is no official confirmation from both clubs.

According to the Portuguese newspaper, Coentrao would have already signed the contract for the next five seasons with the white club. Does not disclose the economic quantities of the transfer but the operation would include the Argentine central defender Ezequiel Garay. In the negotiation are present: Florentino Perez, Real Madrid president, Luis Filipe Vieira, president of Benfica, Jose Angel Sanchez, general manager of Real Madrid, Jorge Mendes, Fabio Coentrao's agent and the player himself.

The incorporation of Coentrao ends one of the first 'soap operas' of the football summer. Following the great interest of Chelsea and problems with coach Jorge Jesus, it seems that the player can make his dream of playing for Real Madrid, with his friends Carvalho, Cristiano, Pepe and his favorite coach, Jose Mourinho.

Coentrao is in Madrid
Fabio Coentrao in Madrid


Coentrao does not travel to Switzerland with Benfica

Fabio Coentrao has not traveled to the preseason stage of Benfica in Nyon (Switzerland), according to the daily 'Record'. Benfica's workforce traveled at 11.30 to Switzerland, where they will make ​​a training stage for 13 days, without the Portuguese international. Coentrao will continue training in Lisbon, after finished last season he made ​​public his desire to leave Benfica and sign for Real Madrid and working with his compatriot Jose Mourinho.

Coentrao has not travel with Benfica
Fabio Coentrao

Coentrao and his agents believe that this week will be crucial to a deal that takes around since May. All hopes are set on Mourinho, to unclog the operation of his coming to Real Madrid and can be incorporated to the white team as soon as possible. Coentrao is optimistic and does not rule to arrive on July 11 in Valdebebas and travel to Los Angeles.

Coentrao is uncomfortable training with Benfica when it looks that soon will be with Mourinho. Even on Sunday, a Portuguese newspaper reported a clash between Coentrao and Benfica coach, which related to the player's desire to force his departure from Benfica. According to 'Correio da Manha', the left side was involved in a dialectical clash with his coach, Jorge Jesus, in the last training and the player was ejected.

In addition, Chelsea would have improved its offer for Coentrao, adding the Serb Slobodan Rajkovic to the offer of 30 million euro that had already made. Rajkovic is a central defender whose market valuation is about 2.5 million euro, and has been loaned successively at OFK Belgrade, PSV, Twente and Vitesse.

Nuri Sahin: 100 balls and 10 million euro

Meinerzhagen is a town of 22,000 people, located in the west of North Rhine-Westphalia, where Nuri Sahin (1988) grew with his parents and brother, Ufuk. During the harsh winter, while German children dreamed of jump off the ski jump of the town (38-meter ramp), Nuri had eyes only for football. He arrived at his first team, Meinerzhagen RSV 1921, at six years old, a club which currently has 14 teams.

The club president Winfried Hösel, keeps a photo of 1998 when the Real Madrid player was wearing the blue shirt of RSV Meinerzhagen: "We have no trophy room, but in the bar along with several scarfs, flags and medals we look with pride the photo that Nuri Sahin signed to us some years ago", recounts Hösel.

Nuri Sahin with RSV Meinerzhagen jersey. Six years old.
Mr. Maikranz and Nuri Sahin

His first coach was Mr. Maikranz who is still working in the club: "From day one I knew he would play in the best teams! He was always the best in all categories. The pain came when Borussia signed him. We get 100 balls and a lot of jerseys", he recalls. Sahin played from 1994 to 2001 in the RSV Meinerzhagen until he signed for Borussia. Just four years later, the Turkish-German became the youngest player to debut in the Bundesliga with 16 years and 335 days.

Ufuk Sahin (1986) is the older brother of Nuri and plays in the first team of Meinerzhagen: "When we were kids, he was the star of my team, despite being younger than us. I hope the same will happen in the Real Madrid". Real Madrid paid 10 million euros.


Chelsea wants to sign Pepe

Andre Villas-Boas wants to repeat at Chelsea his spectacular first year at Porto, with which he won three titles. He is designing his template and has more than enough millions euros to do it. Wants the best from each team, and has set his sights on the Real Madrid defender. He wants to sign Pepe right now, for playing in the defense and as midfielder. He wants Pepe becomes the strong man of the English team and is willing to pay the high salary that Real Madrid has been denying to the player for months.

When last season ended, Pepe left with practically closed renewal (four years and four million net per season) but in the absence of signature, as himself confirmed in an interview. Abrahamovich is willing to offer 5 million euro annually that the player requested at the beggining of negotiations to renew with Real Madrid, with a five seasons contract period.


Note: Pablo Sarabia signs for Getafe

Real Madrid has officially announced the departure of Pablo Sarabia. In a brief statement the white club reports that has reached an agreement for the transfer with Getafe, and reserves the right to buy back the player.

Pablo Sarabia at the Bernabeu Stadium
Pablo Sarabia

It was an open secret for some days that Getafe would be the new destination of one of the most promising jewels of the 'Factory' in recent years. Last Friday Spanish media reported a preliminary agreement by which the player would be 'Blue' in exchange for three million euros, although the white club, as is the practice with the most promising youth players, saves the option of buy back.

This sale has already been under the direct supervision of Mourinho, as manager of the youth squads, and though the Portuguese at first wanted that Sarabia plays for a team that allows him to play many minutes and play European competition this season, has finally agreed to the desire of the player; to stay in the capital of Spain.
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