Interview: Pepe


Pepe interview
UEFA has not punished Barcelona's pretences nor Busquets...
"It's sad that UEFA does not punish it. Everyone has seen what happened. The red was unfair, I did not touch on Alves. Messi had been unable to do anything, just a penalty goal and in the Spanish Cup final could not help his team. They found a way to lie me down and hinder our work. UEFA and some press, especially in Catalonia, has been interpreted differently. Mourinho was banned and everyone saw what Busquets told Marcelo ... If UEFA wants fair play has to weigh these things".

Have you talked to Marcelo?
"I talked to him, but I think the TV images are clear".

Which team do you support in the final of the Champions League?
"I support Manchester, for sure. I have some friends there as Anderson and Nani".

Are you angry about how the semifinal ended?
"Yes, I'm a little sad because what we did has not been appraised. We work very well, we were better than them ... Unfortunately, what we did in the field did not help us to pass the tie. We deserved to be in the final".

Your renewal is virtually closed...
"It is a matter between my agent and the club. I'm happy to be in Madrid with the best. I'm in the best club in the world and I hope to be here for long. I have only a one year contract, so it is closer".

Your figure has been reinforced after the Classics and the Real Madrid fans want to renew you...
"Me too. I want the renewal. I have no words to describe the desire I have to stay in Madrid. My agent is talking to the club so that when the time comes, we sign and give the new that is important to me".

Carvalho is veteran, but with you and Ramos, Real has central defenders for the next five years...
"I think so. I'm very good at playing with Sergio. In addition, we adapt well to each other. I think Real Madrid is fine with the power team has and not going to happen what happened in previous years".

Do you like the nickname of "Anti-Messi"? Is it a pride?
"I did not play for people to call me that. It's up to all teammates. Together we can get that Barcelona can not to play its game. When I was in the field, Messi did noy many things. I'm glad because it is a feeling of work well done".

You will be happy for your friends Crristiano and Marcelo... What season!
"Cristiano has secured the top scorer and Marcelo has done an exceptional season. It was said that he could not defend and has shown he has a great future. Soon he will be one of the best sides in the world".

Marcelo is in the shadow of Roberto Carlos. Do you think he has the capacity to be like R.Carlos?
"Yes, he is very young and already a captain of Real Madrid. Has a bright future and will pass all records of Roberto Carlos".

Has been Mourinho key to the growth of the team?
"Yes, Mourinho made ​​us believe and has brought a structure that is working. Not only with Marcelo, also with Benzema and Kaka. Next year we will be stronger".

In addition, it has already announced a reinforcement. What do you think about Sahin?
"He has great quality. He looks like Özil, with the difference that is more aggressive without the ball. He's a special player".

As the season has progressed, you have come to the level of Barcelona...
"I think so. We'll try to do our best. Next year Madrid will be there and fight to be champion of all competitions to play".

The first is the Spanish Super Cup against Barcelona. Do you have desire for revenge?
"Yes, this may be the finding that we deserved to beat them and be in the Champions League final".

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