Real Madrid Girlfriends: Nagore Aramburu (14)

After more than eight years of relationship, the Real Madrid midfielder, Xabi Alonso, and his wife, Nagore Aramburu, still enjoying their life in the capital of Spain with their two sons, Jon and Anne. As mother, Nagore confesses that the time is just not enough: "With kids you never know when you will be able to do things", she says. However, she gets to find time to continue her education.

Xabi Alonso's Wife: Nagore Aramburu

She recently completed a photography course and has returned to classical ballet classes, a discipline that left during her adolescence: "It's beautiful, but with too many sacrifices. I remember that when I was a little girl I went to a ballet school in Germany but I did not like the atmosphere and I left it. Now that my children get older, I would return to my old ways".

As if this was not enough, she claims to be doing a correspondence course at the University of Deusto on "Entrepreneurship and management skills": "Who knows, maybe tomorrow, I can do some business. Fashion attracts me a lot of. Years ago I worked with a tailor in his shop in San Sebastian, Auzmendi. That was craft. But people began to demand more fashionable signatures, Marni and Balenciaga style. And he had to incorporate them".

Xabi Alonso and Nagore Aramburu

Nagore Aramburu remembers how they met: "It was more than eight years ago, we were of the same ring and one night he asked me my mobile phone. I thought he had forgotten his, but he wanted it for something else: he made ​​a call to his cell phone to register my number. The next day he called me, we went to dinner at a lovely restaurant in San Sebastian and then to a jazz club".

And so began a relationship that has lasted until today. Nagore does not regret the years spent in Liverpool. "It was the best choice I made​​. The relationship took a further step. I was working on the production team of a movie, I packed and left it all. For Xabi, play there was something very special. The connection between the fans and team. Even in bad times, the supporters do not whistle the players, they sing You'll Never Walk Alone".

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