Cristiano Ronaldo: "Collective titles are the most important"

Hugo Sanchez and Cristiano Ronaldo appeared together on Real Madrid TV to talk about the record of 38 goals that holds the Mexican, with Zarra, which tomorrow can be beaten by the Portuguese. "It's a great honour match to someone like Hugo. To me it would be a pleasure to make the record, but I'm not obsessed. I do not feel totally satisfied with what has been achieved because the individual titles are important, but even more the collective titles", said Cristiano. And he confessed his envy for Hugo: "I would have liked to do his chilean (against Logroñés)".

Hugo Sanchez And Cristiano talked about the scoringrecord of the Spanish League
Hugo Sanchez and Cristiano Ronaldo

"I always wanted that was someone from Real Madrid who beat my record. I would not have liked that was Messi, who is from Barcelona. If Cristiano overcomes it, I will congratulate him. The record is in his boots. I would prefer that there was a tie with Zarra, but Cristiano is on a scoring streak. He has scored nine goals in the last three games of the season, the best average ever", said Hugo.

The Mexican explained that his motivation in the 89-90 season, when scored the 38 goals in the League, came from outside: "I was thinking to score as many goals as possible with an eye to Stoichkov, who then played in Bulgaria. I was looking for the Golden Boot because I was assured the Spanish top scorer trophy (Pichichi). It was the first time I chose it. Before, there was no factor depending on the category of the leagues. It was hard to win it playing in a major tournament. In fact, I could only match the 38 goals of Stoichkov".

It is said strikers remember every goal they have scored, and that they are capable of describing all of them in detail. Both men prove this to be right. "My favourite in my 38 goal run was the last because it was the one that allowed me to catch up with Zarra and win the Golden Boot", says Sanchez, "It came from a cross by Michel. I overtook the defender and shot on target". Cristiano also chooses the goal that allowed him to equal the historic record: "My favourite is the second strike I netted against Villarreal. I like many of the goals I've scored, but I prefer that one because it's the most recent".

Cristiano also revealed what Mourinho has asked the team: "Mourinho wants that we fight for being the highest scoring team in the League. I will try to score one or two more, but with the 38, I am happy. It was not easy but my peers helped me to get them. This is a prize for everyone".

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