Adebayor's future could be decided today

Adebayor's future at Real Madrid is at stake today, now that the season comes to the end. His loan spell ends on June 30 and white team he has to communicate to Manchester City if club wants to sign the player, paying the purchasing clause of 16 million euros which is stipulated in the contract.

Adebayor in White Real Madrid jersey
Adebayor with the Real Madrid jersey

Appointment will be at the Santiago Bernabeu with Adebayor and his agent, Darren Dean, and the sports managers of the club. It is not ruled that Mourinho also appear in the meeting because he is his main supporter and his view on Africa player has always been very positive. In any case, the club is aware of what the Portuguese coach wants.

The meeting will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of paying 16 million euros for the signing of Adebayor. The player's initial performance has been remarkable, but has decreased in recent games and is also his high salary (2.1 million euros) makes that Real Madrid thinks the case a lot. Therefore, in the club there are certain doubts to be cleared today with what will be discussed together.

Moreover, Togo player, who has several offers of Premiership teams and even of Italy (the City does not want him), also wants to know what would be his role if he stays at Real Madrid. He want to know what position he would take, if Benzema and Higuain are ahead of him or the club thinks to further strengthen his position.

These five months in Madrid have been helpful to him. He is delighted with the club, template, coach and city. He is acclimated to all, as proven in the goal celebrations and his fellowship in the day to day with his peers. He is joking and happy, and his arrival has added unity and positivity to the group.

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