Canceled the friendly match in Angola

Real Madrid will not play the Wednesday's friendly match May 25 in Angola. Organizational problems have forced Real Madrid and the African country's government, headed by Jose Eduardo dos Santos, to cancel the friendly match that Jose Mourinho's team was scheduled in the next days in Angola against a combination of the best players in the African country to commemorate the 35th anniversary of its independence.

Estadio da Cidadela. Luanda, Angola
Luanda Stadium

Although the match was not officially announced either by the Angolan authorities nor by the Real Madrid, its celebration was given for granted. While an emissary of Real Madrid, Cristoffer Komen, traveled to Luanda and yesterday evaluated both the stadium where the game had to be played, on November 11, as several hotels where the Real Madrid's issuance could stay. In fact, local media published yesterday the satisfaction words of the emissary: "The information we had from Angola was different from what we've seen here. I've had time to verify that the country is growing rapidly", he said.

The match had created great excitement in Angola, a former Portuguese colony, where Real Madrid has a legion of fans and where the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo, Pepe and Carvalho in the template of Real Madrid was a big incentive to go to the stadium.

Real Madrid is now thinking about playing another friendly before that Mourinho and his players go on vacation. It has not been ruled out the possibility that the team plays a match in tribute to one of the promotion teams to Spanish First Division, Betis or Rayo Vallecano (almost certainly).

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