Kaka: "I am and I will continue in Real Madrid"

Kaka took part in London, with other emblems of Adidas as Van Persie, Fernando Llorente and Rodwell, in the presentation of new boots that usually looks, the "Predator", where he supported Real Madrid in its failed efforts in UEFA committees and he announced that he will stay in Madrid the next season.

Kaka presented the new Adidas Predator
Kaka with his new Adidas boots

What about the Champions League final?
"It will be a great match, a great event, one team knows how to beat another".

And do you bet on Manchester, Barcelona, or as Casillas, on football?
"I also will support football. I have friends in the Manchester United and Barcelona. It will be agreat final".

Give us an opinion of Sahin and Özil.
"I do not know well Sahin, but I know that has had a great season at Borussia Dortmund and made a great effort to get to Madrid. About Özil, is a privilege to be at his side, having him close. I am happy to have a partner as well".

Would you recommend the signing of Fernando Llorente?
"It is a great player and could be in any major team in Europe, but Madrid is the team where are always the best. No I mean that team has to buy him, because is not my business. Just I say he is an excellent footballer".

What is your opinion about the court fight between UEFA and Real Madrid after the tie with Barcelona in the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League?
"I think that Madrid has pictures, facts and reason enough to undertake such actions. Is controversial, but it is not negative. Has been to fight for its rights, not only for us, the players. It has been done for the good of football".

His mother suggested on Twitter that you would sign for Chelsea.
"The truth is that I am in Madrid and want to be in Madrid. My mother will come to a conference to preach in London, but I made ​​it clear I want to play in Madrid next season. I do not think about returning to Brazil, Italy or play in the Premiership. The target is to make an great season with Real".

What would you recommend to Manchester United to beat Barcelona?
"Ferguson is a great coach and knows how to do it. Once he wanted to sign me when I was in Milan and chose to stay. Six months later Milan and I agreed that my leaving to Real Madrid was the best".

What is the summary of his stay in Madrid?
"I've been here for two years. We are a great group, we had a good season and I want to continue. I have a good relationship with Milan and I am proud to have played there, but I want to win titles in Madrid. I am satisfied with the season. We won the Spanish Cup, reached the semifinals of Champions League and finished second in the League".

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