Higuain: "We are very happy for Cristiano"

Gonzalo Higuain took yesterday evening, a flight to Buenos Aires where he will begin to prepare for the "Copa America" which begins July 1. The player has permission of the club and went with some family members.

Higuain at Barajas Airport
Gonzalo Higuain. Madrid-Barajas Airport

In the morning reviewed the Real Madrid today in an event (a meeting with 10 white fans and friends of the musical band '84') and spoke of the record of 38 goals from Cristiano Ronaldo: "We are very happy for him. He deserves the Golden Boot. After seeing the scoring charts, it is not normal to score almost 40 goals, that the team reach almost 90 points and we do not win the championship. This is something unusual".

In reviewing the season, he followed the general line of the whole team, moderate happiness: "We did a good job. It was very important to win the Spanish Cup, but we always aspire to more, but unfortunately could not be". About the future, Higuain talked about one of the new signings for Real Madrid next season: "We expect the contribution of Nuri Sahin could be as important as it has been at Borussia Dortmund".

The Argentine player is already thinking about next season and the commitment he has with Argentina: "For us to win the Copa America would be an enormous enthusiasm and pride". On arrival in Buenos Aires, the white forward will meet with Sergio Batista, Argentina coach, to begin preparing for his "set-up" for this tournament where he wants to recover his best level. Di Maria and Garay also took a plane yesterday to go to Argentina with the permission of Real Madrid.

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