PSG launches offensive to recruit Kaka

Ricardo Kaka playing for Real Madrid

Everyone already knows that Higuain is the basis of the new project of the Paris Saint-Germain for next season. The Qatari leaders of the Parisian club will fight hard for the forward but they know that Real Madrid is not going to help and they will have the competition from Juventus and the "game" of the father with the two sides. But before resolving the 'drama' of the summer, they want to close a transaction very important to them: the signing of Ricardo Kaka.

In Paris some think that nothing will prevent the Brazilian player can wear the French club shirt and they will do everything possible for that to happen very quickly. They know that Real Madrid is not going to retain him and that nobody in Europe is willing, like them, to ensure a payroll close to that currently the player earns in Spain. French media talk about eight million euros a year compared to ten he gets now. Carlo Ancelotti, the coach of PSG, has spoken several times with the player and President Nasser Al-Khelaifi traveled to Madrid to finish convincing him. Negotiations are in the final stage and French club hopes to announce soon the signing.

To get a Golden Ball player, although he is not in his best condition, would be for the PSG the signal that the project is very serious and could result in pulling power to facilitate the arrival in Paris of other world stars. French Club managers know that if Real Madrid decides to transfer him, Kaka would only agree to return to Brazil or go to PSG. We will see.

Cristiano Ronaldo: "I think I am better than Messi"

The Portuguese player gave two interviews on CNN and Sky Sports. He reviewed the season and his rivalry with Messi and Barcelona. This is an extract from both interviews.

Cristiano Ronaldo during an interview
Cristiano Ronaldo

What has been your best moment of the season?
Winning the title with Real Madrid. This is the first time I have won the league and I was very happy because it was my best time here in Madrid, the most important trophy. In individual terms, the year was good for me, for the goals I scored, breaking my previous record. And for the team to make 100 points in the league is another record. It was outstanding. I think it will be difficult to make a better season than this. For me, this is the hardest league in the world. Competing with Barcelona, as everyone knows, is very complicated and we have achieved a nine points gap at the end. It was an incredible year.

People always say that Barcelona play the best football in the world. Do you think that Real Madrid played better than them?
The points speak for themselves, nine points have separated Real Madrid and Barcelona. Many here in Spain. We played better than them this year, I am sure. I remember we won there last month 1-2. Nobody can do that, it is very difficult, so we deserve to win the league. We are better than them right now, but we respect them because they are also a great team.

Tell me about Mourinho as a person and as a manager.
As a person, is a humble and simple. He jokes all the time. He is good. As a coach, is completely different. He is serious and very professional. That's why he won the titles he has won. For me is the best, not only because I work with him, but for what he does: the tactics, all about the players, motivation. He has won in all countries where he was. I think he is great. The best coach in the world manages me and I am surrounded by great players.

Do you see yourself finishing your career in Madrid?
I am very happy here, this is a fantastic club with the best fans, but nobody knows the future. I feel happy, but who knows in a year or two. The head of a man is complicated, but for now I am happy.

Are you tired with the comparision with Messi all the time?
Sometimes I feel tired. For him also because people compare us all the time. You can not compare a Ferrari to a Porsche because the engine is different. They can not be compared. He does his best for Barcelona and I do my best for Real Madrid. People talk about the numbers and they all say they are amazing. They talk about him and me because we beat our records. It's amazing. I think we pushed ourselves in competition. It is for this reason that the level of the Spanish League is so high. That's why Madrid and Barcelona are the two best teams in the world, because one requires the other.

Were you better than him this season?
It is not about who did it better. I hate to be compared with anyone. Some people say I am better, others say he is, but at the end of the year people will decide who is the best right now. And I think it's me (laughs).

What team do you think will win the Champions League?
It is difficult. Maybe people think that Bayern will win easy. I think not. Do not forget that Chelsea knocked Barcelona, which is very, very difficult. It will be an interesting match.

Do you feel sorry for the penalty you missed against Bayern?
It is always difficult when you lose something, when you lose on penalties. But I am not worried about that because if I had not scored twice there had been no penalties. I have to appreciate what I did in the Champions League and what I did for the club. But to be honest, it was one of the worst days in my career.


Mourinho's top three players of the 2011-2012 season

Cristiano Ronaldo, Pepe and Sergio Ramos. For Mourinho, they are the top three players have finished the season in best form. And in this line the manager and coach of Real Madrid wants to continue with reinforcements. Footballers who do not lose power to endure eight months to a high pace and playing every game at full intensity.

When the Portuguese coach was asked last Saturday at the press conference before playing against Mallorca, in which appeared with his sporty family (Rui Faria, Karanka, Silvino Louro and Morais), his evaluation of the season, his response after stopping to think a few seconds, was: "9". He then was asked by the players and said: "10 to some". That 'some' was emphasized or underlined in his intonation to make clear that, despite being a positive season, not everything has gone well.

The level of demand required for Mourinho to all players is fundamental to win titles and only thus can be explained that this Real Madrid has managed to win the league with 100 points and breaking records as the 32 victories in the championship or the 121 goals. It's time to give a scientific explanation and for that, Mourinho and his team are evaluating the real and objetive figures of each player. Are the notes of the season. There are some players who have held up better than others the highly competitive effort it takes to be champion.

Pepe, Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates a goal
Pepe, Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo

The top three players in the squad are Cristiano Ronaldo, Pepe and Sergio Ramos. They are the field players have played more minutes and have suffered less wear. Their capacity to resist has led them to achieve the 10 note for Mourinho. The explanation lies in their physical and in the disciplined daily work that has been done since the start of pre-season in July until the present day. They have not been neglected. They have undergone a comprehensive fitness plan, specific work in the gym, diet and rest, which has made them overcome any downturn and injury.

Cristiano Ronaldo has played 53 games in all competitions, with a total of 4,910 minutes. Is estimated he has surpassed the barrier of 500 kilometers, calculating a minimum average of 10 kilometers per game. His figures are almost similar to last season. He played 55 games, with 5,090 minutes.

Pepe is a player who has improved a lot. This season has overcome the numbers in games played: 45 by 32 of the past season. But what is celebrated is that he has not suffered the injuries of past years. He has taken a qualitative leap in their physical condition.

Just as Sergio Ramos, a physical prodigy with an insatiable mindset to compete and play even though this season has played with back problems. He has played 51 games, with 4,665 minutes, while last season he played 46 games.

And Mourinho thinks that now is the time to take another step. The game against Bayern Munich was a warning. The Germans dominated the match at the Bernabeu and won in individual duels what was key to the team could not take advantage of the 2-0 after the first 15 minutes. The last effort to reach the final of the Champions League could not be performed, forces failed at the most important and crucial moment of the season.

And all this serves to analyze which positions must be strengthened in the forthcoming season, which players need a replacement, what demarcations are most vulnerable and where the team can grow.

Real Madrid: Favourite for next season

The Real Madrid is the favorite team to win the Spanish League next year. Its newfound status as champion is enough to appear on 'pole' ahead of Barcelona for next season, the 2012-2013 season. According to various bookmakers, Mourinho's team will repeat the title. If you think Real Madrid will be next champion and bet 1 euro on it, you will win 1.60 in 12 months. While Barcelona's betting odds go up to 2.25 euros.

Betting odds table

Bets again confirm that will be a league to play between two teams. The umpire is the Malaga team, which is paid 51-1. Malaga with its petro-dollars comes from below and has dislodged to Valencia, traditional umpire in recent years. Now, Valencia is paid 81-1. Fourth is the Simeone's Atletico de Madrid (101-1). Behind appear Sevilla and Athletic Bilbao(151-1), Levante (1,001-1), Espanyol and Betis (1,501-1), and Osasuna, Real Sociedad, Mallorca and Getafe (all of them are paid 2,001-1).

For the top scorer, bets are matched. Although Messi is the current top scorer with 50 goals, ahead of the Cristiano, it is not enough to hold the status of favorite. The betting odds are the same for the Argentinian and Portuguese, 2-1. If anyone thinks that the trend of the past three seasons will be broken (the 'Flea' has won this year and in the 09-10 season while CR7 achieved the trophy in last season), can bet on no one of both will be the top scorer. Will win 9 euros per euro bet.

You can even combine league title and top scorer. If Real Madrid is champion and Cristiano Ronaldo is the 'Pichichi', you will win 2.40 euros per euro bet. If Barcelona achieves the League and Messi the top scorer, you can win 3.30 euros per euro bet. Of course, should be recalled that in the past two seasons, the winner of the league and the top scorer have not worn the same shirt. Real Madrid and Messi won this year League title and top scorer, respectively. Barca and Cristiano did it in 2011.

Kaka: Holidays and transferable

Kaka, a transfer of 67 million euros that has not met expectations, left yesterday on vacation with transferable poster. The footballer, 30 years old, earns nine million euros a year, is signed through 2015 and the club has put him on the market, provided the club to come for him pays between 25 and 30 million euros.

Ricardo Kaka playing for Real Madrid at Bernabeu stadium
Ricardo Kaka

PSG leaders have held several meetings with the Brazilian to address his signing as L'Equipe published. Leonardo, Parisian club's sporting director, keeps a close friendship with Kaka from their time in Milan. The white team player still refuses to leave, even if Real Madrid decides to transfer him, Kaka would only agree to return to Brazil or go to PSG. Mourinho has lost faith in him: "Kaka has had good games, in others he has been crucial and in others neither he nor I have been happy with his performance" said the coach on May 12.

The footballer has been overtaken by the competition: Özil (23 years) and even Di Maria (24), who has also played as playmaker. The penalty missed against Bayern, Mourinho's punishment replacing him at half time in the Calderon stadium and Granada, his lack of commitment taking 33 days to recover from a simple contusion on his right leg in November and the whistles of the Bernabeu fans have sentenced him.

Thus, Kaka has not been able to improve the numbers of his first season at Real Madrid. That year he suffered a groin injury that kept him injured 85 days. This season he has played 388 minutes less and has scored eight goals, two goals difference with the ten goals he scored in the 09-10 season. With two knee surgeries and 39% of minutes played in three seasons, his future in white is not very encouraging.


Nuri Sahin's pre-season begins with five games

Nuri Sahin's pre-season will start... in May. The Real Madrid midfielder, who has had few opportunities this season because of injuries and tough competition, has been summoned by Turkey national team to play five friendlies. The matches will be played between May 24 and June 5, the date on which his holidays will begin.

Nuri Sahin playing for Real Madrid
Nuri Sahin

The Turkish origin can play in 13 days, half of games played during all season. In Madrid closed the season with four Spanish League games, four in the Champions League and two in the Spanish Cup, most without importance. In total 621 minutes. With him will be Hamit Altintop, who in his first season in white team has participated in 12 games (608 minutes).

Mourinho publicly stated that Sahin will not be transferred: "He will stay. He has not made a full pre-season with us and now will do", advanced the Portuguese coach. Well, a couple of Turkish friends is going to get in good form early. The Ottomans, led by Abdullah Avci, will face to Georgia, Finland and Bulgaria in Salzburg. Then they will travel to Lisbon to play against Cristiano's Portugal and will end this marathon matches against Ukraine.

Sahin and Altintop are not the only ones who have a busy end of the course. Marcelo will play four friendlies with Brazil; Denmark (in Hamburg on May 26), United States (in Washington on May 30 ), Mexico (June 3 in Dallas) and Argentina (New Jersey, June 9). Higuain and Di Maria will have less load. Qualifying match against Ecuador in Buenos Aires (June 6) and the mentioned game against Brazil. The other player who will not go to Eurocup and will have summer commitments is Raphael Varane. Two qualifying matches for the European Championship Under-21 against Latvia (June 2) and Kazakhstan (June 8).

Kuwait 1 - 2 Real Madrid (Friendly match)

Football with nothing at stake is quite like a gym exercise and offers the same stimulations that dancing with a coat hanger. No rubbing, no reward, nor consequence for the future. This, or similar, was what Real Madrid felt in Kuwait. The match, the last before the holidays (the number 59 after first official match in the Spanish Super Cup), only was a challenge for the honor. The instructions were; no injuries or cause them by excess. And the target was met. All happy then, guests and hosts.

Cristiano Ronaldo jumping to score a goal against Kuwait
Cristiano Ronaldo scored the second goal of the Real Madrid

Who contributed most to the show was Cristiano Ronaldo, what is far from new. For him up to the rubber ducks are hunting pieces. The competitive gene is integral to his being. And this thing is appreciated, especially in games like yesterday, permanently threatened by drowsiness. Cristiano gave to the enthusiastic fans spectacular dribblings, cow tails and a headed goal. Looked he went to fly over one of the funds of Kaifan Stadium. With this goal he has achieved 68 this season with Real Madrid (60 of them in official matches).

Mourinho said in the pre-match press conference that Real Madrid were not doing tourism in Kuwait and proved it yesterday's evening. He used a lineup with changes in the defensive half, but using heavy guns Ozil, Di Maria, Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema in the first half. Ozil put the local goalkeeper to the test with a powerful shot on the 7-minute mark. Cristiano Ronaldo was the team's most active player in the opening minutes and hit the crossbar from a free-kick early in the game (9').

Mourinho made Callejon come on for Benzema on the 22-minute mark and Di Maria scored the opener four minutes later with a left footed shot from outside the box. Cristiano Ronaldo later scored the team's second goal by heading in a solid cross into the box by Altintop (31').

Nine different players joined forces with Callejon and Altintop after half-time and Real continued dominating the encounter while Kuwait tried to create danger in counterattacks. The locals also made changes and improved their game, forcing Casillas to clear three shots before the end of the clash.


Stadium: Kaifan Stadium
Attendance: 18,500
Goals: 0-1, min. 26: Di Maria; 0-2, min. 31: Cristiano


Real Madrid finishes the season in Kuwait

After three days without training, in the aftermath of the celebration of the League, and with the Eurocup or the holidays in mind, Real Madrid visits Kuwait to play the last match of the season against the national team in the country. Under this scenario, is not understood why such a long journey. However, there is a strong argument: the 2.5 million euro in exchange. From there, any argument that challenges the appropriateness of the match can be refuted. Other significant reason is the need to approach an Arab fan crowd eager to be surrounded by white players.

Cristiano Ronaldo attends a meeting in Kuwait with Real Madrid fans
Cristiano Ronaldo attends a meeting in Kuwait

The yesterday's reception was clear proof of that. Real Madrid was feted by two hundred Kuwaitis to its arrival and at the official dinner. Throughout this travel was not Xabi Alonso, who did not attend for personal reasons. The scenario posed a question that seemed to solve yesterday. The cross of the shield, that Madrid did not want to show to not offend the Muslim population, was present in the advertising boards and in the uniforms of the team.

Talking of sport in a friendly match like this is complicated. The Eurocup hits a friendly of this kind in which will play, at least for a while, all the stars of the team (so provides the contract). Kuwait's thinking is quite different. For them it is a party. Hence that there are no tickets on sale, despite the high prices (between 70 and 415 euros). For the Kuwait national team, a shot at redemption.

The Whites will face the Kuwait national team in the Kainfan Stadium, which has a capacity of 18,500 spectators. The final rival of this season is on the 86th position in FIFA ranking and 10th, along with North Korea in the classification of the Asian Confederation. Gone are their golden years in the late seventies and early eighties, when they hired Zagallo (1976-78) and Parreira (1978-83) as managers. Their bet was winner. Became champion of Asian Cup 1980 and participated in the World Cup in Spain. There, the football lights went towards them when in the match against France, Sheikh Al Sabah went down to the pitch of Jose Zorrilla stadium for changing a referee decision. Stupar, the referee attended him and incredibly changed the decision. Today, the football world will look at them.

Mourinho: "Cristiano deserves to win this year's Ballon d'Or"

Jose Mourinho attended a press conference at Kuwait's Regency Hotel before the tomorrow's friendly match that will face the Real Madrid and the Kuwait national team.

Mourinho in a press conference in Kuwait
Jose Mourinho attending the press conference

What is the objective of Real Madrid in this match?
"This is the first time we visit this country and we do it with curiosity, as if going for the first time to an unknown country. But we are not here as tourists. We are here to play and we will try to win the match. We know it is a friendly match, but Real Madrid always has to elevate its prestige as much as possible. That is why we have travelled with all the team. Everyone will play tomorrow to honour their names and the prestige of Real Madrid. They are a little tired because of the tough season we had and there are players already thinking about the Euro, but everyone is in good form".

Will all the players play?
"We have respect for Kuwait's national team and all the players will play. That is the sign of greater respect but people should realise we just celebrated winning the Spanish league title, we had a seven hour flight and we have hardly trained for this. It is important no injuries tomorrow because many of my men are already thinking about the Euro. We will intend to play a good game and we willl try to win".

What is the main contribution of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid?
"We have won the championship thanks to all the players on the squad, but Cristiano Ronaldo is special because he scores goals in all sorts of ways and in every position. He and Messi are above the rest and, if there is justice in football, Cristiano will win the Ballon d'Or this year".

What about the role of Coentrao, which has been the past season most expensive signing?
"He had some problems of valuation, but not for me or peers, but to the press".

Why have you chosen this date to play in Kuwait?
"Real Madrid wanted to play in Kuwait and has been waiting the opportunity. It would have been difficult to do in the preseason due to short holidays and the weather. My players would have liked to be on holiday now, but they have responded well to this venture for the prestige of Real Madrid. We are here to play a good match".

How would you describe the league title you just won?
"This league title was more complicated than the seven that I won, because we had a rival who is recognized as the best in recent times. It was a titanic struggle between the two best teams in the world".

Will you train today?
It will be in the pool.


Summary: Spanish Cup 2011-2012

Spanish Cup 2011-2012 Table




Summary: Spanish League 2011-2012

It will be remembered as the perfect season and do not take too many risks if we say that no team will ever be able to match it. Not even this Real Madrid seems in a position to set foot on their own tracks: 100 points of 114 possible, 121 goals, 16 wins away from home (the same as at the Bernabeu stadium), dozens of records and only two defeats in the league (only four draws) already lost in the mists of time. It takes more than just football to complete this historical journey. It takes a bit of luck, of course, but also an extraordinary strength that makes not depend on the results of inspiration. When the star players have failed, Madrid has won fiercely. Win or win. All the season.



1. Real Madrid 4 - 1 Athletic Bilbao (01/22/12)

2. Zaragoza 0 - 6 Real Madrid (08/28/11)

3. Real Madrid 4 - 2 Getafe (09/11/11)

4. Levante 1 - 0 Real Madrid (09/18/11)

5. Racing 0 - 0 Real Madrid (09/21/11)

6. Real Madrid 6 - 2 Rayo Vallecano (09/25/11)

7. Espanyol 0 - 4 Real Madrid (10/02/11)

8. Real Madrid 4 - 1 Betis (10/16/11)

9. Malaga 0 - 4 Real Madrid (10/23/11)

10. Real Madrid 3 - 0 Villarreal (10/26/11)

11. Real Sociedad 0 - 1 Real Madrid (10/30/11)

12. Real Madrid 7 - 1 Osasuna (11/06/11)

13. Valencia 2 - 3 Real Madrid (11/20/11)

14. Real Madrid 4 - 1 Atletico Madrid (11/27/11)

15. Sporting Gijon 0 - 3 Real Madrid (12/04/11)

16. Real Madrid 1 - 3 Barcelona (12/11/11)

17. Sevilla 2 - 6 Real Madrid (12/18/11)

18. Real Madrid 5 - 1 Granada (01/08/12)

19. Mallorca 1 - 2 Real Madrid (01/15/12)

20. Athletic Bilbao 0 - 3 Real Madrid (05/02/12)

21. Real Madrid 3 - 1 Zaragoza (01/29/12)

22. Getafe 0 - 1 Real Madrid (02/05/12)

23. Real Madrid 4 - 2 Levante (02/12/12)

24. Real Madrid 4 - 0 Racing (02/19/12)

25. Rayo Vallecano 0 - 1 Real Madrid (02/26/12)

26. Real Madrid 5- 0 Espanyol (03/04/12)

27. Betis 2 - 3 Real Madrid (03/11/12)

28. Real Madrid 1 - 1 Malaga (03/18/12)

29. Villarreal 1 - 1 Real Madrid (03/21/12)

30. Real Madrid 5 - 1 Real Sociedad (03/25/12)

31. Osasuna 1 - 5 Real Madrid (04/01/12)

32. Real Madrid 0 - 0 Valencia (04/08/12)

33. Atletico Madrid 1 - 4 Real Madrid (04/11/12)

34. Real Madrid 3 - 1 Sporting Gijon (04/15/12)

35. Barcelona 1 - 2 Real Madrid (04/22/12)

36. Real Madrid 3 - 0 Sevilla (04/29/12)

37. Granada 1 - 2 Real Madrid (05/06/12)

38. Real Madrid 4 - 1 Mallorca (05/13/12)

Mourinho: "I am already thinking about the future"

Jose Mourinho spoke yesterday about the ended season during the celebration day in the city of Madrid and has given a tremendous value to the league title recently won by Real Madrid. According to the Portuguese, who has won three of the toughest championships in Europe, says that this league championship has been the most costly: "All titles taste good. That is undeniable. But I can say it was the hardest of the seven championships I won. And we must bear in mind that Inter won a championship in the last game", said Portuguese coach.

Mourinho attending the media after celebrates the 32nd League Championship
Jose Mourinho

"This was more difficult because we had an opponent which is recognized as the best team in recent years. And throughout the tournament there was great pressure because if we did not win a match, we could lose points. It was a titanic struggle between the two best teams in the world so it was the most difficult but also very fair", he added.

"Our numbers are incredible and these kids will be remembered as the players who took 100 points. Winning titles is part of Real Madrid's history. Any team would have settled for winning the title with 90 points and 80 goals at the start of the campaign, but we earned incredible numbers. We have established new records. It would be important for the team to win the Champions League after reaching the semifinals two years in a row and most of my players have never won the title. We will win next year or in two years time".

And about the future: "We have to start working again because this club does not allow you to rest after winning a title. It wants its tenth European Cup. It would be important in my career to make Real Madrid history. We have a lot to do even after winning the league title. Results always come when you work without obsessing about things. Celebrations end today and I am already thinking about the future".

Benzema: "I would like to play with Messi and Cristiano"

Karim Benzema reviewed the entire season, both the collective and individual, in an interview with RMC. Gone are to Karim adjustment problems, "Everything is going well now, we have won the league and we are all proud of this team. It is true that at first was a bit tricky because it was the first time I separated from my family. When I got home and saw me alone was not easy but with patience and work everything went better. I always had intended to play on this team and today I am happy".

Benzema celebrating a goal against Mallorca
Karim Benzema

Apart from his work, Zidane and Mou are key as explains the player: "Zidane's help was important for me. He is the best player of all time in France and spoke with me. And Mourinho always told me what he wanted from me. He trusts me and we talked a lot". Benzema admits that his instinct in the area has improved and that it has been also important: "When you are a Real Madrid striker you have to score. It is true that I am now more effective and I always want to score. With Mou all is very well.

About Ronaldo, Karim notes that: "It is easier to play with great players like him", while does not hide another of his challenges: "I always dream of winning the Ballon d'Or and of course it is possible. I hope to be on the good road". Benzema's other dreams are with Real Madrid and France: "The Champions League and the Euro are always another challenges. We have a great national team, but we can not say that we will win the Euro. I have many targets, but always work knowing that in football there are ups and downs".

Karim also highlights the Bernabeu stadium and the fans, which this year have supported him in every moment: "It is awesome. I do not know how to explain, is extraordinary to play in a full field". The Frenchman feels integrated into the locker room: "Apart from Lass and Varane because they are French, I get along also with others. Ozil, Ramos, the Portugueses, all". About Varane, Karim bets strong: "He is very strong, young, and you can see how improves in training. He has things very clear".

And the striker has only good words to Mourinho, especially with his way of motivating: "For me he is number one. I had great coaches, but for me is the best". Following his best year in Madrid, Benzema thinks only keep winning in white and maybe retiring after play for Real Madrid: "Why not finish my career here? I do not know if I will be as many years as Raul. We will see".

Finally, responding to the survey prepared by the journalists, there was an interesting answer to the eternal question, Messi or Cristiano: "I can not choose because they are different, I would like to play with both".


Real Madrid celebrates the 32nd league title

The celebration at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium

As soon as the match against Mallorca ended, the lights went out at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium and celebrations to commemorate the team's 32nd league title began. Academy players waved white flags, forming a corridor to a stage set in the centre of the pitch. Placido Domingo took the stage clad in white and congratulated the champions before singing the Centenary anthem: "Congratulations to all Madridistas for taking 100 points and winning the league title. Now we will go for the 33rd league title and the tenth European Cup. Hala Madrid!"

Castilla's goalkeeper Tomas Mejias was the first to take the stage after the tenor's performance. He was followed by the academy's Jesus, Pacheco, Jese, Morata, Joselu, Mandi, Nacho and Andy. And then came all the first team players in the following order: Carvalho, Pepe, Sahin, Khedira, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Benzema, Ozil, Granero, Adan, Alonso, Coentrao, Altintop, Arbeloa, Albiol, Varane, Callejon, Di Maria, Lass, Higuain, Marcelo, Sergio Ramos and Casillas.

Jose Mourinho was one of the stars of the night in the Bernabeu. The Portuguese coach was hailed by the fans at different times of the game and especially at the end, when he spoke to thank his players: "You will always be the players in the League of 100 points"

Mourinho appeared with his coaching staff. He did not want to take a main role but his intervention was inevitable. It was short and concise. Absolute recognition to his players. In fact, he came to kneel before them, giving them the tribute that deserves a group that has reached historical records in the Spanish League Championship: record of points, goals and victories in a season. "I just want to say on this magical night that have given us, that Real Madrid as the best club football history has trophys in endless quantities, but this team goes into history as the team has reached 100 points and they are the players of the 100 points league", he said.

Casillas and Ramos with the trophy of the Spanish League 2011-2012
Ramos and Casillas hold the trophy

Emotions ran high and the bond with the crowd could not have been stronger. Casillas and Ramos, the team captains, proceeded to the Presidential Balcony, where a visibly moved Iker Casillas received the League trophy. "Thank you for being here" said the captain, "This celebration is also yours". Other men to address the crowd were Ramos, Higuain, Ronaldo, Pepe, Marcelo, Granero, and Callejon.

At the end of the night, the entire team ran a victory lap with the trophy and fireworks sealed a glorious evening at the Bernabeu. Team and fans have won the title together. Real Madrid has already the trophy of the Spanish League. It is already back home.

Real Madrid 4 - 1 Mallorca (Spanish League Day 38)

Casillas holds the trophy of Liga champions 2011-2012 with all his teammates
Real Madrid players with the 'Liga' trophy

It will be remembered as the perfect season and do not take too many risks if we say that no team will ever be able to match it. Not even this Real Madrid seems in a position to set foot on their own tracks: 100 points of 114 possible, 121 goals, 16 wins away from home (the same as at the Bernabeu stadium), dozens of records and only two defeats in the league (only four draws) already lost in the mists of time. It takes more than just football to complete this historical journey. It takes a bit of luck, of course, but also an extraordinary strength that makes not depend on the results of inspiration. When the star players have failed, Madrid has won fiercely. Win or win. Also yesterday.

It could be debated in light of recent experience, the excellence of the squad to face the Champions League, but you can not imagine a better group for the sustained effort of a league. The credit goes to Mourinho, completely. At a club where the talent has always been taken for granted, he is surrounded by muscle and nerve that, ultimately, make ​​the difference. Boys against men. That imagen has often been showed by Real Madrid's rivals. Also yesterday.

However, come the end of the course, the feeling is strange. Higuain was replaced on 66 minutes and followed the protocol of the players saying goodbye forever. Applause for fans, tears in her eyes and hug by the coach. Nobody leaves the school in this way if there are plans to return next year. His match, maybe the latter, was a discreet example of his talent, two assists and no pictures stolen, the helper in the shadows, dynamic and modest. By the way, the referees disallowed him a legal goal after six minutes. These guys have no heart.

The match had little history. Jose Mourinho used a stellar lineup to try to reach the 100 point mark and to thrill those on the stands. Khedira had a good chance on the 6-minute mark, but Aouate managed to clear the shot. The keeper also saved a Benzema strike one minute later. Real Madrid were clearly dominating the clash and eventually scored when Ronaldo headed in a cross from Marcelo, netting his 46th strike of the season.

Benzema defeated Aouate from inside the box following a good team effort (22'). Mallorca were practically unable to resist their onslaughts and could only wait for the locals to slow down their game, which they did after the second strike. Nevertheless, Mallorca did not take advantage of this and never posed a threat on Casillas' goal, while Real Madrid had a double chance through Benzema and Ronaldo that the keeper cleared on both counts. Just before half-time, Mourinho decided to make Albiol come on for Arbeloa.

The second half started as the first, with Real Madrid playing a fast and vertical game. Ozil netted the third goal with an amazing lob after receiving an assist from Higuain (48'). Mallorca then tried harder for a goal and got it from Castro following a solid team effort (51').

Their strike did not really change anyhting and the Whites reacted with yet another strike from Ozil, who used a Marcelo cross to send the ball to the back of the net by grazing the far post. The match lost steam in the final minutes and Mallorca hardly attacked at all. Higuian received a thunderous ovation when he was replaced by Di Maria (66') and the entire crowd asked him not to leave the team. The Madridistas had a few more chances on goal that were all cleared by Aouate, who was injured towards the end of the match.


Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu
Attendance: 83,000
Goals: 1-0, m.19: Cristiano Ronaldo. 2-0, m.22: Benzema. 3-0, m.49: Özil. 3-1, m.52: 'Chory' Castro. 4-1, m.58: Özil.


Five 'survivors' from the last Spanish Championship

After three years of waiting, Real Madrid has won the Spanish league, again. Mourinho and his 'fighters' can now boast of having added a new league title to the list of 31 that filled the showcases of the museum at the Bernabeu stadium. Since the 2007-08 championship that Schuster's team conquered, many things have changed in the Real Madrid club, from the president to the players.

Guardo of honour performed by Barcelona at Bernabeu stadium in 2008
2007-08 Spanish Championship celebration

From that squad in which Raul and Guti were the captains and had players like Robben, Robinho and Sneijder, there are only five in the current Real Madrid of Mourinho: Casillas, Ramos, Pepe, Higuain and Marcelo. Interestingly, they have all worn at some point in this campaign the bracelet that gives them the captaincy.

For many, the Real Madrid this season has had one of the best squads in its 110 years of history, tremendously superior to the group that conquered the league managed by Bernd Schuster. Although that Madrid had good players like Cannavaro, Van Nistelrooy, Guti, Robben, Robinho, Sneijder and Raul himself, also lived with other players of dubious quality as Miguel Torres, Heinze, Drenthe, Gago, and Mahamadou Diarra.

Only one year after, that team collapsed after the disastrous management by Ramon Calderon. The club finished the year following the edge of the abyss and the season ended with the return of Florentino Perez to the presidency of the club with the need to "make in one year what should be done in three".

Most of that squad then began a new way. Raul emigrated to Schalke and his friend Salgado went to Blackburn. They will play in Qatar, very soon, the last years of their careers. Gago, after two years without minutes on the field with Pellegrini and Mourinho was transferred to Rome. Drenthe played first for Hercules and now runs for Everton.

Robben went to Bayern Munchen, where has been injured less. Sneijder changed the night of Madrid for the Milan 'clubs' and played at a high level in his first year at Inter. Then, never more. Van Nistelrooy went to Hamburg and last summer returned to Spain thanks to Pellegrini.

Finally, three years after the guard of honour performed by Barca at the Bernabeu, Casillas, Ramos, Higuain, Marcelo and Pepe are the only players that tonight may boast of having won the last two leagues together in Real Madrid. Five players who are, with Cristiano and Xabi Alonso, the 'backbone' of the current white team.

Cristiano Ronaldo's target: Five goals against Mallorca

Messi did not score yesterday against Betis and finished the season with 50 goals, so Cristiano Ronaldo needs to make his best tonight and score five goals if he wants to win again this year the trophy for top scorer in the Spanish championship. A feat and an almost impossible mission, but we can not forget that the Portuguese star is involved and everything can happen.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi

Cristiano has scored 45 goals this season, a historical figure that has remained, for the moment, in the background because of Leo Messi, who has reached the stratospheric figure of 50 goals with a great sprint finish. But the Argentinian did not play a great match yesterday and CR7 is going to try to exploit his options until the end. With the help of the Bernabeu supporters, who wants him as top scorer, he will go all out against Mallorca.

The last Real Madrid player who scored five goals in a league match was Fernando Morientes. He got it in the 2001-2002 season against Las Palmas, in a match that finished 7-1 and in which the white forward even came to fail a penalty. Before 'Moro', five players had scored five goals or more in a match: Puskas, Pepillo, Munoz, Alsua and Alday, who scored six in the 1942-43 season.

Achieving or not achieving the target, and therefore the top scorer trophy (Pichichi and Golden Boot), Cristiano Ronaldo can become tonight at the first player in league history to score in a season against all teams in the league. He just lacks a goal facing Mallorca, against which he did not score in the first leg. On the other hand, Cristiano will be tonight one of the stars of the party at the Bernabeu stadium. The club wants to recognize his great season.

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