Di Stefano has his own room in the Real Madrid museum

Going into the remodeling Bernabeu Museum is like stepping into a 'Matrix' world. Hundreds of written documents, images and videos that dive in the history of Real Madrid within reach of a hand movement. The multi-touch technology can open images or videos with simple touch of a finger, expand, move from site... It's like being in front of a giant smartphone that contains the entire history of Real Madrid.

Di Stefano at the Real Madrid museum
Alfredo Di Stefano

Alfredo Di Stefano also opened yesterday the new hall that bears his name. A journey through the personal and professional life of the best white player of all time. "Congratulations to all who participated in this project, it's nice. I never imagined something like this. Ancient memories are counted in a modern way" siad the 'Blonde Arrow' to the media. Most of the exhibition is composed of hundreds of documents and objects that he donated a few months ago, selflessly, to the Real Madrid Foundation.

In an intimate atmosphere with classical music playing, you can see some really interesting objects. Is striking the Super Golden Ball with which was awarded in 1989 by France Football, the contrast between the boots he used when he was a teenager and the boots of the day of his tribute match against Celtic Glasgow, exposing all the shirts he wore, the first contract signed with Real Madrid on September 22, 1953 ... In that contract there is a clause that was as special as the president Santiago Bernabeu: "In case of serious misconduct or lack of discipline, the club may request the suspension of the contract". It was not necessary, Alredo Di Stefano was an example to his teammates and those who came after.

A great interactive panel that occupies an entire wall reviews all his life. Since 1926 (year of birth) to the present. You will need a morning to look further into this panel full of pictures, videos of matches, goals and personal videos. Di Stefano himself was impressed with two new videos unknown to himself. One of while he was playing for River Plate and above all, one of his family in which his four children are running around with him and his wife in 1950, at his home in Buenos Aires, when he returned after having signed for Millinarios (Colombia). Both were brought from a newspaper library in Paris. And finally, a big screen with an audiovisual show with 3D technology that lasts two minutes, with Pele, Maradona or Zidane talking about him. Don Alfredo, excited, wanted to see it twice.

Pele, Maradona and Zidane define the ‘Blonde Arrow’ with phrases such as: “An unrivalled player”, “Master of masters”, “A Real Madrid icon”, respectively. These comments touched Di Stéfano deeply: “I'm grateful to these friends for their comments in my honour. I'm very pleased”. Di Stefano was a footballer of outstanding talent, commitment and leadership of which he commented: “I made a career out of a hobby, I was incredibly lucky”.

Casillas: "I think we have a great responsibility"

Iker Casillas works to face each Real Madrid match with maximum intensity and concentration, with the target of winning and continuing to grow with Real Madrid and the Spanish national team. But the Real Madrid goalkeeper, who has always showed his solidarity, yesterday wanted to go beyond sports. The Captain sent a message of support to the family of Dawid Zapisek, who died last Tuesday from a serious degenerative disease. Casillas met him during the last European Football Championship in Poland and Ukraine as he was a massive fan of the goalkeeper. Apart from the message, which will be broadcast by Polish national TV, the Real Madrid player signed the shirt with the words "Dawid, always with you" in Polish, about which he said: "I dedicate this to you with so much love, for them to keep it and always have you in their memory".

Dawid Zapisek and Iker Casillas in Poland last summer
Dawid Zapisek and Iker Casillas in Poland last summer

The initiative by the Real Madrid captain, who had the support of Ryszard Schnepf, head of the Polish Embassy in Spain, was done this Tuesday at the Real Madrid Football City. "Firstly, I would like to reiterate my condolences for the family. May Dawid rest in peace. I had the opportunity to be with the family in the last European Football Championship in Poland and the Ukraine. I was there at the same time as him in Gniewino for two days and he was a person raring to live life to the full, so happy to meet the Spanish national team. He had his photo taken with all the players, and his parents, family and friends were happy with all of us", admitted Casillas.

Casillas showed his condolences for the family through social networks in a gesture which moved the Poles. "We are aware of the fact that we are somewhere where a lot of people see us. A lot of people admire us and I believe that we have a great responsibility. Obviously, not everyone will like you, but for those who do, who feel admiration and esteem for you, what better way to give something back to them than by showing such affection and consideration. This case was a sensitive situation, his dream was to meet me, as well as the Spanish national team. I think that the weather was the least important thing", said the goalkeeper.

Dorota Zlinets, who works at the Polish Embassy in Madrid, was in charge of interviewing Iker, who explained to her how he became aware of Dawid's story. "His mum went to our federation delegate. The story caught by attention. He was a boy who wanted to meet us and meet me. He gave me a small present, a teddy bear. Then we spent a few days together when he would came to be close to us. He was very happy, as were we. Just being with him made him so happy. Imagine what that meant for us".

To finish, Casillas wanted to play down the importance of the gesture which the Real Madrid captain was delighted to do and which he would not think twice about doing again. "I think that we are very lucky to be football players and to be admired in so many places around the world. And if, at a given time, you can help a kid to make their dream of seeing you come true, and to be happy, I think it's an privilege we have been given and we are always going to do it", he concluded.



Kaka works overtime with Real Madrid Castilla

Kaka does not give up. The Brazilian is hoping that Mourinho will provide him the first minutes of the season, so he is training hard. He is not sat, much less. On Wednesday, the day off of the first team after the win against Manchester City, the white midfielder went early to Valdebebas and was working with Alberto Toril's team. Overtime with Real Madrid Castilla to stick with his 'setup'.

Kaka training with Real Madrid Castilla
Kaka training with Real Madrid Castilla

Kaka has been included in the squad in the last three games. In the Champions League match even sat in the bench over usual replacement players as Callejon, who was ruled out to the stands. But his stats continue to zero. Far from faint, the Golden Ball 2007 is pounding to prove to Mourinho, his teammates and the fans that he still has some football to offer to Real Madrid.

On wednesday he trained with Castilla, but it is common to see him in the afternoons at Valdebebas, after training in the morning sessions, to continue doing so after eating, and alone. An example for youth players, who see how a world champion does not lose the opportunity to train with the second team on his day off.

Maybe he gets a chance to play in Vallecas, where Real Madrid will play on Sunday without the possibility to fail. It will be a rough game. Against Rayo Vallecano at its home, it always is. But the Brazilian is looking forward to feel like a player, and the only way is to jump into the field with a Real Madrid's jersey.

Karim Benzema has come back

The goal of the Serbian Kolarov left speechless the Bernabeu Stadium which was at that moment in shock (1-2). Neither the players nor Mourinho, nor many of the fans threw the towel, but there were a number of white fans who lost faith and headed downstairs to go home. A striking bleeding of fans, stopped by the player who did not have scored in the last ten matches he played, an important no scoring streak: Karim Benzema.

Karim Benzema celebrates his goal against Man.City
Karim Benzema celebrates his goal against Man.City

The Frenchman, who had jumped into the field on 72 minutes in place of Higuain, burst onto the edge of the area after a pass from Di Maria, spun around, found a gap between a British legs and shot on target, so close to the post that Hart was late. The Bernabeu stood and the 4,000 or 5,000 fans who had no faith in Real Madrid heard from the street or in their cars, the roar of the celebration of 2-2.

This is the Benzema's 68th goal since joining whites in the summer of 2009. When Florentino personally convinced him to sign for Real Madrid (President traveled on a private flight and met him at the house of Karim in Lyon), and promised that with his quality he would live magical nights at the Bernabeu. But until Tuesday, Benzema could not feel the cry that always accompanies the Whites' home after achieving a transcendent goal, the impact of that 2-2. And he could feel again the madness that erupted three minutes later with the victory goal by Cristiano.

Benzema killed two birds with one stone. For one, he removed the buzz of being a type of striker who in the great days misses the opportunities. On the other, finished a worrying goal drought, as he had not been able to score an official goal from May 13 (last matchday of the season 2011-2012 against Mallorca). Almost 900 minutes without scoring a goal, including the Eurocup games and four matches with France. Four months of 'blindness'. But Karim had a great performance giving a lesson in faith to the skeptical part of the Real Madrid's supporters.


Real Madrid will sue Alfons Godall (Barcelona)

Real Madrid have made ​​official through a press release that will sue the former Barcelona vice president, Alfons Godall, who said the Real Madrid coach was a "psychopath". This is the statement: "Real Madrid CF rejects in the strongest disqualifications of the former vice president of FC Barcelona, Alfons Godall, toward the figure of our coach, Jose Mourinho, after the conclusion of Tuesday's meeting between our team and the Manchester City. Real Madrid CF condemns this attack and has instructed its legal services to undertake legal action they deem appropriate. Real Madrid CF will not allow attacks of this nature and will always act against those who violate the honor of who are part of our club".

Alfons Godall

The effusive celebration of Jose Mourinho after one of the goals against Manchester City, invaded the media and social networks. The former Barcelona vice president, Alfons Godall wanted to comment on the matter and through his twitter account said: "Regrettable the psychopath celebrating goals like a player. It will be to offset the frustration of being a bad player" he wrote.

Today after news, Godall has responded again through his twitter account: "They say that Real Madrid will take legal action against me for attacking Mourinho. It must be for denouncing him for assaulting our coach!", remembering the last clash between Vilanova and Mourinho at the Spanish Super Cup 2011.

Jose Mourinho: His fights with his players

The substitution of Sergio Ramos in the starting lineup against Manchester City, being the second captain and one of the players who form the backbone of the team, raised surprise and opens a debate on sporting and non-sporting reasons that led Mourinho to point to one of the players with more weight and charisma in the squad.

Mourinho talks to Ramos during the match against Sevilla
Ramos and Mourinho in Seville

The coach denied any divorce with footballer. "There are zero problems between us. It's a sports decision", he said. Only he knows what led him to dispense with Ramos and bet on the young Varane in the first match of the Champions League and against a champion team like Manchester City. But should contextualize this decision, which follows a poor start in the league, the last defeat at Sevilla and public statements of the coach, stating that "some players are not focused on football".

What we have to be clear is that in the course of Mourinho, there are more cases like this. He did not have doubts with his stars and if the players have generated problems by their performance in the field and their possible lack of commitment, Mourinho has relegated them to the bench or out of the squad.

At Real Madrid he proved it with Cristiano Ronaldo, an important player for the white team. It was after the first leg of the Champions League semifinals against Barcelona (April 27, 2011), when the Portuguese player stated: "I do not like to play in this way, but I have to adapt". The next match against Zaragoza in the league, Cristiano was out of the squad.

Going back in time there are other cases in his stages at Chelsea and Inter Milan. In the English team had iron hand with several players. At the start of the 2005-06 season after winning the Premier League, Ricardo Carvalho was punished. Gallas and Terry were the chosen by Mourinho to play. Carvalho made ​​the following statement: "I find it incomprehensible. I am not the third center defender and I want to know why I am out of the team". Mourinho's reaction was blunt. He said that Carvalho should apologize to all the teammates. Carvalho did and played 22 games in a row.

In the 2006-07 season, Chelsea lives a similar situation that Real Madrid is facing in the Spanish league. The blue team achieved three consecutive draws. Mourinho detects lack of commitment and surprise, Shevchenko was sitting on the bench in the next game, the darling of Roman Abramovich. Chelsea won the match 4-0. He justified it as technical decision.

With Inter, during the 2008-09 season, Mourinho's team suffered a painful defeat in Bergamo. His team gave away three goals in 45 minutes. He then made public attacks against some players, as he did in Seville, and in the following game he left out one of his regulars, Iván Córdoba. So did the next season when striker Balotelli threw contemptuously the Inter shirt.

Real Madrid: First to reach 100 wins in Champions League

"Real Madrid is the Champions League's club by history", said Mourinho and the statistics tell that he is absolutely right. With the win last Tuesday against the Manchester City (3-2), Whites became the first team to reach 100 wins in the top European competition. Though they have two teams following them, Manchester United and Barcelona which are on their heels with 99 and 98 victories, respectively.

Marcelo and Cristiano celebrate the victory 100 of Real Madrid in the European Cup
Real Madrid reached 100 wins in Champions League

With the win against Manchester City, Real Madrid made it to 100 wins since the Champions League began in 1992. The goals scored by Marcelo, Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo against Manchester City helped Real Madrid to get this incredible figure. The Whites are the first club to reach the milestone in the history of the competition in this format. They have played 176 matches. With three titles since 1992, Real Madrid are level with Barcelona and Milan as the most successful team in the Champions League.

Whites are also the highest scoring team with 351 goals, followed by Barcelona (344), but this causes an offensive problem, so they have 196 goals against. But the Real Madrid European hegemony is not only restricted to the present. In the European Cup (until 91-92) was also the team that got the most wins with 101, and the team with more goals scored, 186. Was followed by Benfica, 68 wins and 139 goals scored.

The result is that Real Madrid is the boss in the European Cup. But its hegemony not is only reduced their nine titles. Real Madrid accumulates 201 wins between the two the formats, 58 more than its main competitor; Bayern Munich. White team is also the top scorer with 757 goals in 348 matches in the top competition also well above the 495 in 262 matches scored by Bayern Munich.


Cristiano Ronaldo is already happy

Cristiano Ronaldo met yesterday with the best possible audience: the Champions League fans, much more boisterous and condescending than usual supporters. That is why in the presentation of the players at the start of the match there was not a single reproach to the Portuguese forward remembering the phrase for his sadness.

Cristiano Ronaldo after scoring against City
Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating his goal against Man. City

The Portuguese player returned to the Bernabeu after destabilize the club with his now famous "I'm sad", but yesterday he left no room for criticism and this time ended up giving away the goal of the comeback. Cristiano had a great performance, it was a great match that finished with his goal in the 90 minutes mark, one of the most celebrated in recent years by the Bernabeu and Cristiano, who this time made ​​no nonsense and celebrated it: looking to Irina at the VIP box, diving into the grass, being crushed by all his colleagues, raising his arms to the sky, waving to the fans. A celebration as God intended.

"I celebrate when I have to celebrate" said Cristiano Ronaldo after the match, much happier than the last time he stepped on the turf of the Bernabeu: "We have talked too much about this topic. Everyone has a right to be happy and to be sad, right? Today I'm happy because it was a very good game. Already in the first half we had opportunities but the second half was perfect and we achieved a major victory".

For though the glory came to Cristiano Ronaldo in the 90th minute, the 89 minutes before were fantastic. In the first two minutes of the match Cristiano had already launched two missiles at Hart, who saved another Cristiano's shot in the 8th minute, after breaking Kompany's waist. The Bernabeu fans had already surrendered to CR7 by then, but the Portuguese wanted full glory and it came with a movie end.

The Bernabeu fans supported their team for 90 minutes, leaving a few seconds for the applause to Silva. Dzeko scored but it did not matter, because the Bernabeu continued cheering. Marcelo scored and the Bernabeu became a pressure cooker. Then Kolarov tried to cool it down (86th minute), but Benzema ignited again. And Cristiano, blew up all with his goal. His dream.

Luka Modric: "I came to Madrid to play matches like this"

Luka Modric was one of the players of Real Madrid more elated last night after the team's victory over the Manchester City. The Croatian said that live the nights like yesterday's was what motivated him to join Real Madrid.

Luka Modric playing for ReaL Madrid against Manchester City
Luka Modric

"This is Real Madrid. When you play well you can lose, but we won and that's what important. We won because we showed quality and character. I hope this match will help us to start playing better this season. This is better than I expected. Everything is amazing since I arrived. I'm enjoying every moment" said Luka Modric.

White midfielder thinks they have to take the positive part of the meeting: Real Madrid's ability to rise up. "It was an incredible match. I believe that everyone who has seen this game has really enjoyed. Huge quality, great players on the field and at the end very happy because we won the game. We showed character to come back and I am very happy" .

Modric, who played the second half, also had words of thanks for the fans: "The atmosphere was incredible and especially when you win so much better. We thank the fans by being there to support the whole game and we want them to stay that way all season. The atmosphere was very good. The crowd was amazing".

Real Madrid 3 - 2 Manchester City (Champions League Day 1)

Europe is the solution. The disjointed Real Madrid, eight points under the Spanish league lider and playing in the confusion, revived in one of those European nights that occur from time to time that fans keep in their memory forever. Undeservedly, white team was two times behind on the scoreboard, overlooking a major crisis, and ended up winning 3-2 in a vibrant reaction, with all the best talent on the field and the supporters full of joy. Those who with the 1-2 left the stadium despaired, dragged by spite and pessimist, have regretted it. The final of the match was a beautiful and unforgettable spectacle.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates his goal against Manchester City with the supporters
Real Madrid 3 - 2 Manchester City. Magic night at the Bernabeu stadium

"I believe that tomorrow we will have team that as well as showing solidarity will be tight and determined... the team will be the most important thing and everyone will work for everyone. Everyone will feel on top form" said Mourinho. His team, in which Essien debuted, went out from the beginning to try to back up his words. In the 3rd minute Ronaldo sent a warning with a shot from the edge of the area that went wide. The Portuguese also had the home team’s second chance, this time it was much clearer following a counter attack. Passing Kompany his shot was saved by Hart with a great stretch in the 8th minute. It was a phenomenal save by the England goalkeeper, who again showed off his reflexes three minutes later in a very similar play. Ronaldo shot from the edge of the area, but this time the head of Higuaín deflected the ball, but not enough to surprise the visitors’ keeper.

The ball wasn’t in Manchester City’s possession very much. Real Madrid recovered possession quickly in the opponent’s half, and the English team looked suffocated by the relentless pressure of the home team. Perhaps that is why the only chances were for the Whites. They had four more before the break. Arbeloa, after a one-two with Di María and a great piece of play, he tried with his left foot and once again Hart made the stop on 18 minutes. There was a double chance three minutes later. An exceptional pass to Higuaín who failed to control the ball, took advantage of the visiting keeper’s clearance before to giving ball to Ronaldo. The Portuguese’s volley hit a defender and ended up at the feet of Khedira who put the ball high.

The last two chances, which came after substitution of the injured Nasri by Kolarov, involved Di María. A first class bit of Argentine connectivity with Higuaín, whose shot was off target on 40 minutes. With three minutes remaining of the first half ‘El Fideo’ Di María narrowly missed the target with a long shot. Real Madrid cleared any lingering doubts with a first half in which they dominated and pleased the home crowd with 16 shots on goal (eight on target) compared to one by their opponents. The Brits, meanwhile, could only find the relief from the home team’s pressure with two charges forward from Yayá Touré, who was halted with some precise Whites’ defending, in which Varane, another change in Mourinho’s team, was playing.

The second half began as the first ended: with a shot from Di Maria in the 47th minute and more dominance from the Whites. Real Madrid continued with their attempts to take an early lead and were helped by the Bernabéu crowd motivating the team that until that point the most deserving of the lead. Özil came on for Essien in the 65th minute and Mourinho gave even more bite and vision to his team. Marcelo was close to putting his team in front in the following passage of play, but his shot shaved the crossbar. It was the passage of play that came just before the visitors’ goal. The unfortunate incident happened in the 68th minute. A counter attack started by Yayá Touré and finished by Dzeko beating Casillas one-on-one in the 68th minute.

The goal spurred on the Whites, who used all of their substitutions by bringing on Modric and Benzema for Higuaín and Khedira. There was no break in play and the match was continuously end-to-end. Marcelo, the Whites’ best player in the second half, scored for the home team. A great goal for the Brazilian, who checked his run and the edge of the area and his shot back snuck into Hart’s goal in the 76th. 1-1 with 14 minutes remaining.

The siege was already at full power. The British team was pegged back inside their area and, from what they showed on the field, they wanted to start their campaign with a victory against the Whites. But just when we thought that Real Madrid had used up all of their bad luck with the first goal, along came the visitors' second goal in the 85th minute. A long range free-kick from Kolarov made its way through the crowd and nobody managed to clear the ball which surprised Casillas. 2-1 to City with five minutes left. The match had not finished. Real Madrid kept fighting for the badge on the shirt and showed their fighting spirit. They took just three minutes to bring the scores level and two more to turn around the result. Benzema levelled the match with a tight shot from the edge of the box and Ronaldo scored the goal to bring justice to the match with a shot that led to the only mistake of the brilliant Hart. Epic victory in their Champions League opener.


Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu
Attendance: 70,300
Goals: 0-1, m.68: Dzeko. 1-1, m.77: Marcelo; 1-2, m.86: Kolarov; 2-2, m.87: Benzema; 3-2, m.90: Cristiano Ronaldo.


Real Madrid vs Manchester City: The match of the one thousand million euros

It is the duel between the old winning tradition and the new rich. The King of Europe and the applicant. The most important club competition in the world will held today the highest possible price match, the duel of the one thousand million euros. The EuroMillions' night. The face-off between Cristiano and Tevez, Silva and Özil, Toure and Ramos...

Modric, Cristiano Ronaldo, Alonso vs Toure, Aguero and Silva

The world's most expensive squads will face today. On the field, a shower of stars. The starting match of the Champions League will measure the champions of the two more powerful leagues. Real Madrid and Manchester City have on their teams the most expensive players. A luxury match.

More than 400 million euros per team. A millionaire on one side and the other of the English Channel. For Real Madrid or Manchester City, make a casting is really expensive. To the 400 million euros of each squad, must be added the many attempts, some more expensive than others, that failed. Footballers who were not sufficient good to fatten the squad of two of the world's most powerful clubs. Those who are now is because they are worth it. Their current teams have decided to pay for them in a bid to which only a select group of clubs have access. Real Madrid and City are there. And more than once have disturbed the signings of each.

Every time they see a new name, a star project, there they are. Real Madrid and Manchester City, the first to ask. Their ambition know no boundaries or nationalities. They want the best and each transfer can be decisive. This is what the experts call strategic hires. Those players that, in addition to strengthening their team, prevent the rivals from improving the workforce.

At the wheel of these two superpowers, Florentino Perez and the Sheikh of endless name, Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Both have the money and their pulse does not tremble when drawing their workforces. They show the checkbook and put zeros in single file with extraordinary ease. The marketing money versus petrodollars. Two ways to fatten the money box to get two teams to win. The difference, Real Madrid has spent its time winning trophies, thanks to the economic power and dominance.

Preview: Real Madrid vs Manchester City

Since Mourinho arrived at Real Madrid has faced the most significant matches, but no with more risk. Today, unlike the Classic or the Spanish Cup final, there is no prize at the level of the danger. Today, the only reward is keep breathing normally, change the mood, forget the crisis. Win against Manchester City is only that; basically to eliminate the other option, the more dramatic. Losing the match is other thing, start losing the support of the fans.

The first step on the road to the Tenth occurs after the collapse in the league. In many ways, not only mood, the match has the relevance of a knockout round. Although there are six games left, the group of death (four reigning champions) will admit no mistakes. In addition, the next matches will take place in Amsterdam and Dortmund. Hence the importance of the match and start this adventure with a win. It is almost vital.

In such special conditions, it is difficult to measure the threat of Manchester City. Like Real Madrid, is a team capable of getting its victories without good play. You can not say that the City flies like a butterfly, but has punches of a heavyweight champion. As happens to its white opponent, talent is imposed on the choreography and the amount of talent is enormous. Proof: Manchester City has not lost since April (11 wins and 2 draws).

Neither gives any calmness the presence of Silva (Spanish Merlin, as the British press say), Aguero, Maicon and Javi Garcia, players whose stories are mixed with Real Madrid. We've seen it a thousand times: players who wanted to play for Real Madrid and did not get, love to play their best at the Santiago Bernabeu. There is no better motivation than personal affront, Mourinho knows it well, as well as the president Florentino Perez who still remembers the memorable performances of Samuel Etoo wearing the Mallorca shirts.

To know the starting line up of Real Madrid, is necessary to know the Mourinho's inspiration. According to his warrior mentality is possible he may play with the same team of Seville, with the players' prides wounded and eager to respond to criticism. However, it would not be strange the appearences of Essien and Modric to add muscle and freshness, perhaps a model with three defensive midfielders (Xabi, Khedira, Essien). The only thing that seems certain is that Coentrao will play replacing Marcelo (matter of taste).

The scheme of the City is less flexible (4-2-3-1) and the doubt is to know the position of its key player Yaya Toure, defensive midfielder or playmaker. Depending on his position, Manchester City will play more offensive or more conservative. In the attack version Tevez and Balotelli will be the dangers. Sergio Aguero (eleven matches without winning aagainst Real Madrid) will play some minutes in the second half, after his recent recovery.

When in 1998 the Real Madrid won the seventh European Cup, the City played in the third category of English football. Tonight, Manchester City will show its richness to the best football club of the history, to the club that showed them the way. A way to the European championship.

Expected Starting Lineups
  • Real Madrid: Casillas, Arbeloa, Ramos, Pepe, Coentrao, Xabi Alonso, Khedira, Essien, Cristiano Ronaldo, Modric, Higuain.
  • Manchester City: Hart, Maicon, Kompany, Lescott, Clichy, Yaya Toure, Barry, Silva, Nasri, Tevez, Balotelli.


Manchester City at the gates

Real Madrid is bound to end its crisis facing one of the worst possible rivals, Manchester City, which has not lost a game since April. The champion of the Premier is 13 games unbeaten, with a record of 11 wins and 2 draws. Figures that show the power of the first rival of Real Madrid on the way to the Tenth European Cup.

Aguero and Silva
Manchester City will face Real Madrid tomorrow

Since Manchester City was defeated on 8 April at the Emirates Stadium against Arsenal (1-0), the City has gone over almost every opponent. Nine wins thanks to the 36 goals scored by the 'citizens'. Like Real Madrid, the English team has a huge punch.

In these five months, are included the two games they played in the preseason and important victories, as the one they achieved against Queens Park Rangers to win the Premier in the final game of last season (3-2) or the win against Chelsea by the same score in the Community Shield. The streak of Manchester City is the best among the teams in the major leagues, because Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester, Borussia, PSG or Juve have been defeated in recent months.

Mancini admitted that after the draw against Stoke City, the team will play the Champions League full of confidence and with the lesson well-learned after the fiasco of the last season. Remember that the City did not pass the first stage in the Champions League and then was eliminated from the Europa League. "I think we are a more mature team and we're going to compete better. We believe in ourselves".

Is the champion of the Premier and arrives at the Bernabeu with Silva, Aguero, Tevez, Maicon, Dzeko, Balotelli, Nasri, Javi Garcia... There are still nearly 12,000 tickets on sale. Prices range from 37 euros for the cheapest, to 595 euros for the most expensive (VIP boxes). What is the price of return to play well?

Reasons for the Real Madrid's disaster

The poor league start for Real Madrid has sparked a war between Mourinho and his players. The Portuguese coach speaks about lack of commitment, concentration and attitude of his players. Four points from four games and Mourinho has pointed to his players as the main culprits to be at this point to a great distance from their arch-rivals Barcelona. But, what are the reasons that explain the white debacle?. It is not just a matter of head as Mourinho points, but also legs or poor planning. These are some of the key arguments of the bad start.

Iker Casillas sad on the field
Iker Casillas

- Lack of goal: In the four games (Valencia, Granada, Getafe and Sevilla), Real Madrid has shot into the goal in more than 30 times, an average of more than 7 times per game, and has only scored five goals. The shooting efficiency has always been one of the big guns of Mourinho's team and at this start has become one of the main problems.

- Free-kick mistakes: Mourinho talked about it and the evidences are there. Team has conceded four goals, three of them after a dead-ball situation. Against Valencia, a defensive mistake combined with a Casillas' bad decision. Against Getafe or against Sevilla, with goals from Valera and Trochowski, lack of defensive intensity and zero concentration in the one to one defensive situations. In this case, the problem goes way back. Traditionally, at least in recent years, Real Madrid suffers with free-kicks against.

- Bad physical condition: The team lacks freshness, it is obvious. And the role played by the physical aspect in this Real Madrid's style is too important and after a month of competition, the team is far from the right shape or pace. Players point to a bad preseason (U.S.A. tour included) and while Mourinho sends messages to his players, as the last detail with Özil.

- No scoring contribution by midfielders: Five goals in four games and only two strikers: Higuain (3) and Cristiano Ronaldo (2). Benzema, who seems to have lost his place at the starting line up, has not scored in the season and the midfielders do not help in this aspect. Di Maria, Callejon, Xabi Alonso, Modric ... none achieved a goal and that decreases the overall team effectiveness. In addition, the two goals of CR7 are misleading. The 'double' against Granada, the match more accessible to all, does not make up the poor Portuguese's startup who has not scored in the other three matches.

- Lack of ambition: Some players seem somewhat more confident with their position on the team and those who need to demonstrate to earn a place in the team do not come with the proper motivation. The team spends too many phases of the game off and seems indolent in some situations. Mourinho has complained more than once that lack of ambition of the players.

- Casillas and the miracles: On many occasions, the delicate situation of the team was saved by the memorable performances of the goalkeeper. But 'Saint Iker' is not doing his best in this early season. He failed in the Valencia goal and conceded the corner kick from which Sevilla scored its goal. Against Getafe he suffered three shots on target and conceded two goals. His performance is not bad but he was not as decisive as is usual with him.


Mourinho: "Some players are not committed"

Jose Mourinho analysed his team's performance in the press room at the Sanchez Pizjuan. The Real Madrid coach did not try to make excuses for defeat and said the result was fair: "From the first to the last minute we were not a team. We played bad in the first half and we played bad in the second half too. Sevilla really deserved the win and we deserved the loss. Congratulations to them and we got what we deserved for how badly we played".

Mourinho at press conference after the defeat agaisnt Sevilla
Mourinho at press conference after the Sevilla match

A Trochowski goal in the 2nd minute after a corner-kick gave Sevilla the three points. Mourinho spoke about the conceded goal: "We have work more and harder on set pieces and each player knows who he needs to mark and his job at set pieces. In the first minute a goal from a corner. This shows me the image of my team, lacking concentration, without being mentally prepared to suffer and, compared with Sevilla, is very easy to understand. The opposition went for every ball with the perfect amount of aggression as when they had the ball they wanted to play and think fast. We only have done that against Barcelona. Yesterday, when we spoke we only about what you wanted to talk about, I wanted to do football and my team. At this time my team isn’t up to scratch but, but I'm the coach and the responsibility is mine"

After getting to the break behind, the Portuguese coach made a double change which he explained to the media: "I made two changes, but I could have made seven. In football you should be allowed to make more changes. You cannot stop the match more than three times to make changes and that is correct, but you should be able to make more changes. Di María and Özil were not worse than others. The image of the team was bad from the first minute"

When questioned about a possible relationship between Cristiano Ronaldo’s mood and the team’s performance, Mourinho responded flatly: "I do think it has anything to do with it. I think today's match was no different from those against of Getafe and Granada which we won. So I don’t think that the rumours of the last couple of weeks have anything to do with it. It is about a state of mind and of two or three who aren’t thinking like the rest. They are the minds of players which are not committed and for whom football is not a priority in their lives. There aren’t many involved and it's complicated, but I’m coach and if there are those less committed then it is my fault."

Finally, Mourinho was asked about the eight point difference in the league table after having played the first four matches: "I worry about my team and that since the start of the official season we have only played well in the Super Cup, a little bit against Valencia and a little bit against Granada. That is my concern rather than points. At this moment I have no team."

Sevilla 1 - 0 Real Madrid (Spanish League Day 4)

There is only a thing worse than a bad start, not start never. So is the Real Madrid in La Liga, in the starting blocks. Eight points gap with Barcelona and without understanding the reasons of the bad game. Has decreased the interest of the players or the speech of Mourinho has lost effectiveness. Perhaps the Tenth (European Cup) is the only possible stimulus after winning all the other tournaments. There was no football nor motivation. Neither joy. At the end Cristiano was right.

Cristiano Ronaldo with green Real Madrid shirt
Seville defeated Real Madrid (1-0)

The match went in favour of the home team from the start. In the first minute Casillas save a long range shot from Navas and had to intervene again against Negredo from the rebound of a passage of play that resulted in a corner. The Sevilla players waited at the near post for the cross from the corner but Rakitic put the ball to the heart of the area and Trochowski arrived from deep to put the ball in the goal. Things turned against Real Madrid as they tried to respond to the goal inside the first ten minutes and deal with the intensity of the Sevilla game (five fouls in ten minutes).

After the initial lack of control Real Madrid took command and Cristiano Ronaldo took responsibility in attack with long distance shots. The first Whites’ shot (9') came from a free-kick in front of goal taken by the Portuguese which was saved by Palop and the resulting rebound was missed by Higuaín. Later in the same passage of play the Portuguese tried again from distance which again resulted in a corner. Mourinho’s players dominated but in an arena that favoured the home team, who waited well positioned at the back to launch counter attacks with Navas pushing forward and Negredo holding up the ball.

Higuaín was the other stand out player in the Real Madrid attack. The Argentine first put a header wide following a good piece of play by Marcelo on the left (18'), and in the 21st minute he had the Whites’ best chance of the first half. Özil’s ball into the area to Higuaín was well controlled and some good skill opened the defence, but his shot went high when he only had Palop to beat. Casillas had to take make saves from the shots of Cicinho (20'), Trochowski (34') and Navas (39') of a Sevilla side that were looking for break towards the Real Madrid captain’s goal at speed every time they robbed the ball. Cristiano had the last chance in the 38th minute after a good left footed shot following a bicycle kick that were once again blocked by Palop.

Mourinho reacted at the break and introduced Modric by Benzema and Modric for Di María and Özil and was the Croatian who was closest to scoring the equaliser. The Whites’ new signing took the ball on the edge of the area in the 52nd minute and his shot hit the post after Palop got a touch. Sevilla were crouched and ready looking for a second and Negredo had a chance in the 53rd minute, but his right footed shot went wide. Modric reappeared in the 55th minute and put a great ball in to Higuaín but Palop anticipated the ball well. Real Madrid kept up the siege but the goal did not come. Alonso crossed from the left in the 60th minute and Benzema controlled the ball at the far post and Ramos narrowly missed from Frenchman’s cross.

The Real Madrid coach went all out to win the match in the 66th minute when he brought on Callejón for Arbeloa. With only three in defence all of the lines pushed higher with the danger of Sevilla’s counter attacks, that used Manu del Moral’s (who came on in the second half) and Navas’ speed, but they did not manage a shot on target during in the second half. The Real Madrid players kept trying without making any clear chances in the final minutes, and Cristiano had the last chance from an injury time free-kick but his shot went high. We have to get over the defeat because on Tuesday the team play their opening Champions League match against Manchester City at the Santiago Bernabéu.


Stadium: Sanchez Pizjuan
Attendance: 30,100
Goals: 1-0 Trochowski (min. 2)
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