Cristiano Ronaldo is already happy

Cristiano Ronaldo met yesterday with the best possible audience: the Champions League fans, much more boisterous and condescending than usual supporters. That is why in the presentation of the players at the start of the match there was not a single reproach to the Portuguese forward remembering the phrase for his sadness.

Cristiano Ronaldo after scoring against City
Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating his goal against Man. City

The Portuguese player returned to the Bernabeu after destabilize the club with his now famous "I'm sad", but yesterday he left no room for criticism and this time ended up giving away the goal of the comeback. Cristiano had a great performance, it was a great match that finished with his goal in the 90 minutes mark, one of the most celebrated in recent years by the Bernabeu and Cristiano, who this time made ​​no nonsense and celebrated it: looking to Irina at the VIP box, diving into the grass, being crushed by all his colleagues, raising his arms to the sky, waving to the fans. A celebration as God intended.

"I celebrate when I have to celebrate" said Cristiano Ronaldo after the match, much happier than the last time he stepped on the turf of the Bernabeu: "We have talked too much about this topic. Everyone has a right to be happy and to be sad, right? Today I'm happy because it was a very good game. Already in the first half we had opportunities but the second half was perfect and we achieved a major victory".

For though the glory came to Cristiano Ronaldo in the 90th minute, the 89 minutes before were fantastic. In the first two minutes of the match Cristiano had already launched two missiles at Hart, who saved another Cristiano's shot in the 8th minute, after breaking Kompany's waist. The Bernabeu fans had already surrendered to CR7 by then, but the Portuguese wanted full glory and it came with a movie end.

The Bernabeu fans supported their team for 90 minutes, leaving a few seconds for the applause to Silva. Dzeko scored but it did not matter, because the Bernabeu continued cheering. Marcelo scored and the Bernabeu became a pressure cooker. Then Kolarov tried to cool it down (86th minute), but Benzema ignited again. And Cristiano, blew up all with his goal. His dream.

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