Cristiano Ronaldo envies the treatment that Leo Messi has

The renewal of Leo Messi for Barcelona until 2018 has put again the focus on the situation that Cristiano Ronaldo lives at Real Madrid. The future of the Portuguese player in the white team does not look as good as that of the Argenitine star at Barça because Real Madrid continues with the firm idea of ​​talking about his future when the season ends.

Cristiano Ronaldo upset after a mistake
Cristiano Ronaldo upset with his contract situation

The Cristiano Ronaldo's situation has not changed anything in recent days. Real Madrid intends to provide an improved and extended contract in the coming months, although white team has not said anything to that effect, but the disappointment of Cristiano does not decrease. The Portuguese still upset that do not receive the star treatment that, for example, Leo Messi has got.

Cristiano Ronaldo misses that after 170 goals in 169 games, Real Madrid has never offered him a renewal of contract or improvement. After three and a half years in Madrid, he still remains with the same conditions as when he arrived. And Cristiano Ronaldo believes he has done more than enough merit to be the highest paid player in the template, a condition that still shares with Kaka.

Cristiano Ronaldo: "If I score against Manchester United, I will not celebrate it"

"If I score against Manchester United, I will not celebrate it." Cristiano was thus categorical after knowing that the draw for the Champions had provided a duel between Real Madrid and his former team. The Portuguese star received with joy the news of his return to Old Trafford where is an idol. Not surprisingly there the English fans continue chanting his name and prepare a tremendous reception.

Cristiano Ronaldo playing for Real Madrid and Manchester United
Cristiano Ronaldo

A few months ago, CR7 confessed that he missed his time in England. There, he was happy: "I keep talking to Ferguson. I really miss him, like Manchester United. I felt very well there, it was like a family. I spent six great years and still have relationship with my former teammates. Thanks to Manchester United I am enjoying football at Real Madrid. Without them we would not have become the player I am today." In fact, yesterday, the central defender of Manchestre United, Rio Ferdinand, hailed him via Twitter: "See you soon, brother."

Perhaps the best moment of Cristiano Ronaldo came when he played for Manchester United in the 2007-08 season. He won the Premier League, the Champions League and win the Golden Boot and the Golden Ball. Precisely that season he did not celebrate the two goals he scored for United against Sporting Lisbon, his first professional team. In Portugal after scoring the winning goal for Manchester, Cristiano apologized the fans on the stands.


Luka Modric: "The team is united and this will last"

Luka Modric, one of the most recognized midfielders internationally, has already spent a few months playing for Real Madrid and his personal experience can not be richer, professionally: "Playing here is very great, you feel something great and I am enjoying every moment. It is a club of great dimension, one of the best, if not the best. Everything that this club encompasses is significant and there is a great atmosphere," has said the Croatian.

Modric with the Real Madrid jersey on an Interview with Bwin
Luka Modric

The former Tottenham player, who tries to follow the footsteps of Zvonimir Boban, "my idol when I started playing football," is a professional and has no problem for the dates of the next matchdays: "We are professionals and I am used to it . In England we played at Christmas and New Year day, even just two days after Christmas. No problem, when you are a football player, you never have problems to play games anytime," said Luka.

Although Real Madrid is not going through the best time of the season, "the coaching staff and the players have always stayed together and we will continue that way until the end." Ant talked about an important detail to consider before the next league match: "The Malaga is a great team but we always face the matches in order to win, and now is no different. It will be difficult, but everything depends on us. Surely if we play like we know, we will win," commented Modric.

So Real Madrid midfielder will bet on his team for the match at La Rosaleda stadium: "If we play as we know, sure we can get three points there. It will be a very interesting game to see it from the outside, but everything depends on us, and I am convinced that we will succeed," he said confidently.

Real Madrid to face Manchester United (Champions League)

Real Madrid will play Manchester United in the Champions League round of 16. The Whites will play the first leg at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium on 13th February, while the second leg will be away on 5th March. On 15th March the quarter-final draw will be held and on 12th April 2013 the draw for the semi-finals will be made. The final will be played on Saturday 25th May at Wembley, where it took place in 2011, as part of the 150th anniversary of the English Football Association.

Last 16 Round Draw. Champions League 2012-2013
Last 16 Round Draw. Champions League 2012-2013

Although they have had to come from behind nine times during this season's Premier League, the English team, who have not drawn any matches in the domestic league, are the leaders with a six point advantage over Manchester City. Van Persie and Kagawa were this summer’s reinforcements to a team that has great attacking potential. Rooney, Valencia, Young, Nani, Anderson, Wellbeck, Giggs and the effective Chicharito Hernández are some of the weapons at Ferguson’s disposal. In the Champions League, despite being defeated in their last two matches, they finished first in their group ahead of Galatasaray, Cluj and Braga.


Real Madrid will not sell Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is not for sale. Rotund phrase and firm from the senior management team of Real Madrid. The Portuguese star is not in danger despite the economic power that has the Paris Saint-Germain. Florentino Perez and his staff are not worried after the words of Sheikh Saud Bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, Secretary General of the Qatar Olympic Committee and owner's right arm PSG (in Canal + France TV): "Cristiano Ronaldo and Mourinho are targets of Paris Saint-Germain. In sport you have to be motivated and seek the best for your club. Doing the right investments at the right time. Our goal is to win the Champions League. We expect to become the best club in Europe and even the world", he said yesterday.

Mourinho talks to Cristiano during a Real Madrid match
Cristiano and Mourinho; Paris-Saint Germain targets

In the white team are convinced that Cristiano will play many years in the Bernabeu Stadium. Although the PSG talks about Mourinho and Cristiano as main objectives, the future of coach and striker is not attached. Each one will follow his path and not dependent on the other, despite sharing the same agent, Jorge Mendes. Their careers are negotiated separately. Cristiano signed for Real Madrid because he wanted to play in the best club in the world and with Cristiano in the team, Mourinho arrived a year later.

If any club, Paris Saint-Germain or other team based on petrodollars, aims to sign the player, will have to pay 1,000 million euros as is listed in his contract clause. Never less. Real Madrid and Florentino Perez will not negotiate a discount with anyone.

Cristiano's contract expires on June 30, 2015. When he signed for Real Madrid, in 2009, became the highest-paid player with 10 million euros per season. But now the salary is not the highest, not even in the Top 5. Real Madrid has already announced that will work to fix that problem. The two sides will sit down to negotiate a better contract and a renewal of three years (Cristiano Ronaldo is now 27 years old), plus the two that remain before next summer. The next contract would go to 2018. Cristiano wants to stay and the club will make an effort to turn up the money to what they consider fair. If the contract extension has not been made before is because the management team expected for the Kaka's transfer last summer. The money earned with the selling of the Brazilian would have gone to improve Cristiano's salary. As that did not work, they have had to delay the contract's improvement a few months.

In addition, Real Madrid knows that the payout will be 25% higher because will not have the tax advantages ( Beckham Law called in Spain) that benefited both sides when the first contract was signed (in 2004 Spain adopted a rule that allowed foreigners employed in the country taxed as non-residents, at a fixed rate of 24%, for six years. It was perfect for football players. In 2010 it was modified but was not applied retroactively). Today, Cristiano's salary is taxed at 24.75%, he joined Real Madrid before January 1, 2010. With his new contract, will pay 52%. For a salary of 14 million euros per season, Real Madrid will have to pay him 28 million. The club have already made ​​calculations and Cristiano will have a salary according to his worth.

Is this the new Real Madrid 2013-2014 home jersey?

The new Real Madrid 2013-2014 home shirt has already been leaked on Internet. Highlight the presence of new sponsor Fly Emirates team as detrimental to Bwin and the orange color on the neck and sleeves.

New Real Madrid shirt for 2013-2014 season with Fly Emirates as sponsor
New Real Madrid shirt for 2013-2014 season

The new Real Madrid 'skin' would have some changes, the most significant is the addition of orange lines on the neck, sides and sleeves, unlike the current, which are blue.

Another significant change is the sponsor, Bwin will dissapear of the white shirt. Fly Emirates is going to be the new sponsorship. The airline will pay 22 million euros per year what will set Real Madrid as the third team with highest income levied by this way, behind Manchester United and Barcelona.

Update: 05/24/2013


Benzema: "I want to be part of the team that wins the Tenth"

Karim Benzema, Real Madrid striker, has given an interview to the magazine 'France Football' on the occasion of the award for best French player of the year 2012 which was granted him a few days ago. Zinedine Zidane presented the award to the Real Madrid forward.

Benzema with the best French player 2012 trophy
Zinedine Zidane and Karim Benzema

“I am very happy to receive this prize for the second year running. It is good for me and it is an honour that Zidane presented it because for me he is the best French payer in history. It is a dream that it was him who presented me with the award", Benzema said in the pages of the French publication, who beat Ribery and Lloris in the vote.

Benzema also revealed: "I'm in Madrid to win it all. Also the Champions League. Everyone here wants the 'Tenth' and I want to join any team that could get it" he said.

On the rumors of the signing of a striker by Real Madrid (Falcao), Benzema commented: "I know nothing of this. I feel very well at Real Madrid and is the place where I want to be. It's the biggest club in the world and our common history is not over," said the striker about his future.

About the Golden Ball, Benzema said that "We are all supporting Cristiano" adding that "with six players among the 23 nominees, Real Madrid has won the game for clubs with more representation."

Benzema also acknowledged that he dreams about winning the trophy in the future. "All the players think of this trophy. Being among the 23 candidates is like being on the list of the 23 best players in the world. That part is very satisfying. But I still have to work to be among the three finalists and perhaps someday win. My goal is to get closer each year."

The Real Madrid player also spoke about his compatriot Abidal and asserted that "he was always there for me". We talk regularly, it is like a little clan of Lyon, there is something strong between us. Arriving in Lyon at 17, Eric took me under his wing directly. From that time we have a good relationship."

Florentino Perez: "Real Madrid should not give up"

"Real Madrid has a commandment: not to give up". Florentino Perez wanted to put an end to discouragement after another disapointment, the draw against Espanyol. The president of white team put the record straight after the statements of Mourinho who said that winning the Spanish league is almost impossible.

Florentino Perez and Jose Mourinho

The authority coup of Florentino Perez comes because the last stumble of the team triggered all alarms in Madrid. Not for the Spanish League, where the red alert was fired from the second matchday, but for the two titles that white team still has to fight for: Champions League and Spanish Cup. Within the club are deeply concerned that team can go into freefall and endanger the rest of the season.

Therefore, the priority is to put the ship in good way. Florentino Perez wants to ensure the commitment of the staff. He wants the players and the entire team fight for the Spanish league title until they have a chance to win it, that they do not lower the arms although that winning the Spanish championship is almost impossible.

Florentino Perez has already been doing his part to restore normalcy and wants the same commitment from the players and the coaching staff. On Saturday president backed the coach after the defeat in Vigo and harangued his players yesterday after the new setback, against Espanyol. Gestures aimed at restoring the confidence of the 'troops', because president wants to avoid the slightest temptation of neglecting the league, given that it is almost impossible to hunt down Barcelona. Florentino understands that restore stability in the League competition will help the team to face the Spanish Cup and especially the Champions League.

In the Tenth (European Cup) are put all hopes of a season that has gone awry early. Europe is the 'savior', but without neglecting League obligations, except when necessary to successfully tackle the commitments in the other competitions.

Nobody doubts that in the locker room there is, more than ever, a plot to storm the Champions. In existence since the beginning of the season and now, with more reason. However, neglecting other obligations may be counterproductive. There is fear in the white club and Florentino warned the players with his message.

The president recalled that one of the values ​​of Real Madrid is not to give up no matter how difficult the circumstances. More than a message was an order to avoid greater evils. Florentino has experience in such delicate situations and knows that if the bleeding is not stopped in time, the wound can worsen.

Mourinho also knows it: "If we improve in the League will help us improve for Champions and Spanish Cup." The coach knows that the championship is the main way to recover good feelings. A good thermometer. The concept is to make a fresh start. Even the Christmas break is seen as a positive to start from scratch and forget some difficult months.


Real Madrid has already lost one point more than in the entire 2011-2012 season

Espanyol drew at the Santiago Bernabeu and left Real Madrid further away from the head of the League. The defending champion is already thirteen points behind Barcelona, which continues its historic march: 16 games, 15 wins and a draw in the Nou Camp in the Classic. A brutal pace, 46 points of 48, impossible to be followed by Atletico Madrid (37 points after the defeat at Camp Nou) and Real Madrid. The white team is on 33 points and has already lost ​​15 in just 16 matches of the competition. An excessive 'bleeding' for a team that signed historic numbers for the reconquest of the league 2011/12.

Mourinho upset after the match against Espanyol
Jose Mourinho: Worst league start in Real Madrid

Last season Real Madrid scored 100 points scoring 121 goals for with only 32 against. 100 points out of 114 possible, huge numbers based on 32 wins, 4 draws and just 2 defeats. Now Real Madrid has lost 15 points out of 48; 10 wins, 3 draws and 3 defeats.

In further analysis of that last season, we discover that in week 16, the Real Madrid had only lost 8 points: 1 loss against Levante (week 4), a draw in Santander in the day 5 and, precisely in the week 16, the defeat (1-3) in the Classic against Barcelona at the Bernabeu. Now the Real Madrid has lost almost double points, 15; 4 at home (on the opening day draw against Valencia and yesterday against Espanyol) and 11 away (a draw at the Camp Nou and three defeats in Getafe, Sevilla and against Betis). Real Madrid had already lost 10 points in the first seven days and since leaving the Camp Nou tried to right the ship with no luck. Whites won five straight matches but failed against Betis (day 13) and yesterday in Madrid against Espanyol.

In addition, the Real Madrid adds 39 goals for and 14 against. The first of these figures can not stand comparison with the 121 goals of last season. The Real Madrid is much less effective and team is paying its mistakes dearly.

In season 2010/11, the first of Mourinho as white manager, the numbers in the league were not as good as in the next, in fact Barcelona was the champion, and the white team lost a total of 22 points in 5 draws and 4 defeats. However, in the first 16 days of that season Real Madrid did not win in only three games; goalless draws in the fields of Mallorca (day 1) and Levante (day 5) and strong defeat 5-0 at the Camp Nou in the Classic match played in week 13. After, Real Madrid failed in Almería (1-1, day 19), against Osasuna (1-0 in week 21) and against Deportivo (0-0, day 25) before finally lost the League at the Bernabeu Stadium; losses against Sporting (0-1, day 30) and Zaragoza (2-3, day 34) and between these two matches the draw in the Classic against Barcelona (1-1, day 32). Now in the third year of Mourinho, Real Madrid (currently unknown) has got its worst league start since the arrival of the Portuguese coach.

Real Madrid 2 - 2 Espanyol (Spanish League, Day 16)

Two shots against the woodwork, one from Modric in the first half and another from Di Maria in the second half, and a great performance from Kiko Casilla (Espanyol goalkeeper) thwarted the Real Madrid win in the final home match of the year. Sergio Garcia put Espanyol ahead with the visitors’ first shot on goal, but Ronaldo, moments before the break, and Coentrao, who scored his first goal for the Whites, turned the scoreboard around. Albin, in the 88th minute, squared up a match that Real Madrid deserved to win both for the way that they played and the chances that they created.

Cristiano sad after draw against Espanyol
Cristiano was not enough to beat the Espanyol.

Real Madrid played their last match of 2012 in the Santiago Bernabtu Stadium. They came to the match having completed a one year unbeaten run in the league in front of their home crowd and with the intention of getting a third straight victory in the championship in the month of December. Coentrao, recovered from his illness, returned to the starting eleven, whilst Benzema was left out following the knock that he received last Wednesday in Balaidos. Cristiano Ronaldo played as the highest player and the Portuguese player was the first to shoot on goal. His shot from the edge of the area on three minutes went wide.

It was the first warning. The second was to come a minute later. Cristiano Ronaldo passed to Modric, who controlled the ball with his chest and shot on the volley. Within just five minutes the Whites had already had two chances. The match was dominated by the home side. Real Madrid dictated the match and patiently built up plays against a team that defended very compact close to their area hoping to get through the tricky moments and to try and create chances on the break. The Whites remained focused on putting themselves ahead on the scoreboard and were close to doing so three minutes before the half hour mark. Modric shot from the edge of the box but, having beaten Kiko Casilla, his shot hit the post.

Real Madrid kept applying pressure and when it looked likely that they goal would soon arrive Espanyol went ahead with their first shot on goal. Verdu with the assist and Sergio Garcia, who beat the Whites’ centre back pairing for pace, beat Casillas in the 31st minute. A comeback was needed for the second consecutive league match, but Real Madrid already showed against Valladolid that they are not afraid of the situation. Nine minutes later they came close to levelling the contest with a play that began with a masterful assist from Özil which Cristiano Ronaldo latched on to, but he could not beat the goalkeeper in a one-on-one. Everything was pointing towards Real Madrid going in at halftime behind on the scoreboard, but the ambition of Cristiano Ronaldo is the best weapon to overcome any obstacle. A threaded cross from Khedira and the Portuguese appeared at the back post and finished with the instep of his right foot. Phenomenal resourcefulness to level the match in first half stoppage time at what was a psychologically great time to score.

Mourinho, aware of the overwhelming dominance of possession that his team had, tried to stretch the play and chose to bring on Di Maria for Modric. The Argentine’s entrance was a successful for the Portuguese and his vertical play was key to his team being able to get in front on the scoreboard. They only took three minutes to do so. Cristiano Ronaldo controlled the ball just inside the area and saw Coentrão pushing forward and played the ball to his compatriot, who controlled with the left and surprised Casilla with a right-footed shot. 2-1 and the Portuguese’s first Real Madrid goal.

The home team were not satisfied and they increased their speed in attacking situations. In the first ten minutes of the second half had they had not only scored but had also created two other good chances to beat the visitors’ goalkeeper. Arbeloa had the first after cut back from Callejon, which held up a lot. The Whites’ right back’s shot had was met by an excellent reaction save from Casilla in the 50th. Four minutes later the academy player showed some more of his best. A great Di Maria shot from the edge of the box was met by a spectacular full stretch save by the Espanyol goalkeeper, who tipped the ball against the crossbar.

The Catalan side looked to be beaten and they weren’t pushing their lines forward to try to turn the situation around and they could only retreat to try to relieve the pressure. The chances followed and Özil, with a shot across the goal in the 72nd minute, could not find the target. Morata, who had replaced Callejon a minute earlier, was on target with his first touch of the ball. An assist from Özil leading to the Whites’ academy players’ header which was blocked by Héctor Moreno on the goal line. The crowd were enjoying a good second half and if the Whites hadn’t scored more goals it was due to the great efforts of Casilla. Luck was cruel for Real Madrid and with just two minutes remaining of the match Albín equalised following a series of ricochets. An unfair draw for the Whites and more than Espanyol deserved.


Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu
Attendance: 65,000
Goals: 0-1, m.30: Sergio Garcia. 1-1, m.45: Cristiano Ronaldo. 2-1, m.48: Coentrao. 2-2, m.88: Albin.
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