Squad: Diego Lopez (25)

Diego Lopez Real Madrid Squad
Diego Lopez

Diego Lopez Rodriguez (Paradela, Lugo, 03/11/1981) joined the Real Madrid academy in the 2000-01 season. He came from Lugo and along with his youth (18 years) and height (1.96m) he brought remarkable reflexes. The Galician played that season with Real Madrid C, in the 01-02 season he went on loan to Alcorcon and in the following year he returned to the Whites’ C team. In the 2003-04 season he took the step up and moved to Castilla. Following a year of adapting, Diego Lopez became the undisputed goalkeeper for the Real Madrid reserve team, with whom he would win promotion to the Second Division in 04-05. In the summer of 2005 he was included in the first team, making his Spanish League (La Liga) debut on 30th April 2006 (Osasuna 0-1 Real Madrid).

In 2007 he signed for Villarreal, where he stayed for five seasons. The great job that he did at the club in Castellon led to his international debut with Spain, which came in August 2009 in a friendly against Macedonia. Last summer he transferred to Sevilla and now, almost six years after his departure from the club, with the maturity that comes with age, his 181 matches and more than 16,000 minutes in the Spanish First Division, Diego Lopez returns to Real Madrid, with whom he will play until the end of the 2016-17 season.

  • Place of Birth: Paradela (Lugo)
  • Date of Birth: 11/03/1981
  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Weight: 89 kg.
  • Height: 1,96 m.
  • Nationality: Spanish

  • Spanish League (La Liga): 2006/07

Varane: "We are united as a team"

Raphael Varane appeared before the media at the press conference of the Real Madrid Sports City. The French international defender praised Mourinho who turns 50 today: "We are all behind the gaffer and he is the best manager in the world. The press is treating him harshly, but he is doing a good job and it's totally unnecessary. We have got him a photo of the win from last year against Athletic, when we were crowned league champions, signed by us all”. The Madrid defender also analysed Getafe, who are the next opponents for his team: “We are all pulling in the same direction and we don't want to drop any more points. We always want to win. It is a league game in which we want to improve all aspects of our game".

Varane press conference after Real Madrid training
Raphael Varane

Varane was asked about the last few games of his team, which he has started and in which the Whites have hardly conceded a goal and have gone undefeated. "We are pleased. The team deserves a lot of credit and we are working hard for the team. The important thing is that we are united as a team".

With respect to his personal situation in the team, he said: “I am learning from all the players. I am proud to be at the best club in the world and train and play with them every day. I am very happy to be here. I think that I now have to focus on the game against Getafe and I don't set myself any objectives. I am trying to improve and give the best of myself".

When asked about the unity in the dressing room, the Madrid defender gave a very clear answer: "When things get complicated, we have to show solidarity, rally round and try to improve the results. We are all pulling in the same direction and I am certain that this will impact positively on the team".

The French international also spoke about his team mate Diego Lopez and Cristiano Ronaldo. About the former he stated: "I don't know him very well. The important thing is that he contributes to the team". About the Portuguese, he said: “We know how important he is for the team. We have not argued on this point. He is a vital player that would lead to a great change".

Regarding the injury of Iker Casillas, who has now been discharged from hospital, he said: "That is a change! We want to do as much as possible and we are all going to give it our all for this team. Losing Iker will be a blow but I don't think it will change a lot"

Finally, about the possibility of him starting in the first leg of the semi-finals in the cup against Barcelona, he was clear: “I don't know if I will play, but I am ready to play against Barcelona. It is always a special game, we are currently focused on the match against Getafe and our minds are not on Wednesday's game".

Diego Lopez: New Real Madrid player

The Galician goalkeeper returns to the Whites, from whose academy he emerged and with whom he made his Spanish League debut. Real Madrid made ​​it official in a statement: "Real Madrid C.F. and Sevilla F.C. have reached an agreement for the transfer of Diego Lopez, who will be contracted with the club until the end of the 2016-2017 season."

Diego Lopez

Diego Lopez (Paradela, Lugo, 03/11/1981) will play for Real Madrid until the end of the 2016-17 season. Raised through the ranks of the club's youth academy the keeper makes his return from Sevilla where he arrived this summer following five seasons at Villarreal. The Galician strengthens the Real Madrid squad in a position in which they were left crippled due to Iker Casillas’ injury.


Florentino Perez: "MARCA tries to destabilize Real Madrid"

Florentino Perez, the president of Real Madrid, spoke before the press at the VIP box of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium to deny a report published in a Madrid newspaper (MARCA) claiming that the players had demanded the exit of coach Jose Mourinho: “I’m speaking in light of the seriousness of what happened in order to make it clear that there was no ultimatum that the coach or anyone else leave the team given at the captain’s lunch. We had lunch to discuss bonuses. The meeting was held in a relaxed atmosphere as usual. What has been said is not true, not in its content or in how much was said. I respect the press and I respect criticisms although they seem unfair. There are ethical limits that should be respected by those that aren’t a part of our project. It doesn’t seem ethical to resort to lies to destabilize the club”.

Florentino Perez attending a press conference as Real Madrid president
Florentino Perez

In his roughly 15 minute talk Florentino Perez explained that he was left with no choice but to call the press conference to respond to the seriousness of the situation, something he usually doesn’t do: “As you can see, given the seriousness of what happened today I’ve broken my own rule about not speaking about day-to-day team business. It is absolutely false that any kind of ultimatum was discussed regarding the coach or anything similar at the lunch we had with the captains last Tuesday. As you all know, we usually have lunch in January with the two captains and the general manager in order to set the bonuses for the different competitions of the season.”


Real Madrid: Club with highest billing in the world

Real Madrid has become the first sports club in the world to have annual revenue in excess of 500 million euros, according to the 16th edition of the Football Money League report, published by Deloitte, which analyses financial information corresponding to the 2011/12 season.

Florentino Perez

The Whites took in a total of 512.6 million euros, 33.1 more than the previous financial year (7%), and leads the rankings for the eighth consecutive year. There were no changes in the first six spots.

In ticket sales, Real Madrid earned 126.2 million euros (2.6 more than the previous year). The figure from television rights, UEFA Champions League and international friendlies, reached 199.2 million euros (15.7 more than the previous financial period). This increase is due to the team’s progress in the European Cup and the international tours in China, the United States and the Middle East. Finally, in sports marketing, Real Madrid earned 187.2 million euros (14.8 more than a year ago). This increase can be explained by the increase in sponsorship and advertising contracts, and is evidence of, according to the report, “the ability to grown during a difficult period and demonstrates that global commercial brands are very keen to form partnerships with a club like Real Madrid”.

Deloitte highlights that the 20 football clubs with the highest billing in the world post revenue in excess of 4,800 million euros, 10% more than the previous year. In this group are teams from the five countries with the most powerful leagues in Europe. England has the most representatives (7), followed by Italia (5), Germany (4), Spain (2) and France (2).

List: Clubs with highest billing in the world (million euros)
  1. Real Madrid (ESP) 512,6
  2. FC Barcelona (ESP) 483
  3. Manchester United (ENG) 395,9
  4. Bayern Munchen (GER) 368,4
  5. Arsenal (ENG) 322,6
  6. Chelsea (ENG) 290,3
  7. Manchester City (ENG) 285,6
  8. Milan (ITA) 256,9
  9. Liverpool (ENG) 233,2
  10. Juventus (ITA) 195,4

Iker Casillas: Fracture in his left hand

Iker Casillas has suffered a fracture at the base of the first metacarpal in his left hand as a result of the blow received last night in the Spanish Cup match at Mestalla and will be about a month off. This was announced Thursday morning by Real Madrid in a statement after the goalkeeper underwent a medical examination in Madrid at dawn, at the return of the White team from Valencia. The goal of the doctors, who still believe in the miracle, is that the goalkeeper recovers for the knockout round of the Champions League against Manchester United. It is February 13, so in principle Casillas does not come on time. However, in the club think that Iker may decrease the recovery time.

Casillas wearing a visible bandage on his left hand
Iker Casillas leaves the hospital after undergoing medical examinations

"After carrying out initial x-rays at the La Moraleja Sanitas Hospital it has been confirmed that the footballer Iker Casillas has suffered a fracture at the base of the first metacarpal on his left hand. It will be assessed again by a specialist later today to decide what treatment will be followed" says the Real Madrid statement.

Iker Casillas had to retire injured in the 16th minute of the Valencia-Real Madrid match of the Spanish Cup quarterfinals. The goalkeeper was treated for nearly three minutes on the field, but with a hand visibly pained chose to retire and make way for Adan.

Valencia 1 - 1 Real Madrid (Spanish Cup, 1/4 Finals, 2nd Leg)

Real Madrid is now among the top four clubs in the Spanish Cup after beating Valencia in the quarter-finals. The Whites drew 1-1 at the Mestalla, the very setting where the team last won the tournament in 2011, making the 2-0 advantage from the first leg count in a match in which they went ahead in the first half with a goal from Benzema in the forty-fourth minute that all but sealed the team’s qualification for the semi-final.

Valencia reacted as soon as the second half began, partly due to the sending off of Coentrao for two yellow cards in the move prior to the equalising goal from a Tino Costa free kick. Even when the team was a man down they gave a master class on control and endeavour, barely allowing their opponent attempts on goal; Valencia had to make do with long-range shots. The only sour note in an otherwise positive first half was the injury to Casillas, who had to be substituted for a knock to his left hand. Madrid had a second player sent off in the final minutes of the clash, on this occasion Di Maria. The Whites are now waiting to discover their opponent for the semi-finals of the Cup, which start next week, who will be the winner of the knockout match between Malaga and Barcelona.

Alonso congratulates Benzema after scoring the Real Madrid goal
Real Madrid reached the semifinals of the Spanish Cup 2012-2013


Real Madrid: Union to win titles

Spanish media confirmed that yesterday there was an important meeting for Real Madrid. President Florentino Perez, the two captains of Real Madrid, Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos, and Jose Angel Sanchez, general manager of the club, attended the meeting. Jose Mourinho was not there but was informed of the meeting. The lunch served to discuss the situation of the squad, the relationship with the coach and the bonuses for this season.

Florentino Perez and Iker Casillas having lunch
Florentino Perez and Iker Casillas

Casillas and Ramos noted that there is no unbridgeable problem with Mourinho and the squad is very united. The players, the coach and the club know that they should go hand in hand and fight together in order to achieve the titles. The new Real Madrid born by the union of the players and all are clear that they will give the maximum to lift a trophy this season.

Things start to return to normal at Real Madrid. At least that is what seems after the last two games against Valencia, because Mourinho's team has begun offering its best side. Especially in the league match last Sunday, in which whites were again the hurricane that swept last season.

Mourinho: "Winning the Spanish league is impossible"

Jose Mourinho has broken his silence on the French channel RMC Sport. Real Madrid coach analyzed white team present in an interview of which has transcended only a preview and will be issued this afternoon.

Mourinho RMC Sport Interview
Jose Mourinho

Targets of the season: "The Spanish league is impossible right now, there is a huge difference. This is a different championship than the above and we have to focus on other goals, such as the Spanish Cup and the Champions League. But if there is obsession, it will not be good, because the obsession just makes things more complicated. It will not be easy. We must be calm and get the full potential of all players".

Controversy: "It is said that there is controversy but it is not true. Everyday appears something on the media against me and there is nothing at the locker room. I am a Football coach, I am doing my job and I hope the results. I do my work and wait quietly for the end of season".

PSG: "The PSG has a great coach. Carlo Ancelotti is my friend and also the president (Leonardo) who knows for a while and has great passion for football. In Paris there are many Portuguese people and big football fans. They have everything to achieve success. Europe must have a city like Paris at the top of football, and I think that project is going to work".

"No, I think I will not train PSG. The success of the PSG will come with Ancelotti and Leonardo. They will have no need for another coach. I hope everything goes well for Carlo and PSG".


Marcelo: "We feel confident"

Real Madrid will be looking for a place in the last four of the Spanish Cup (Copa de Rey) when they play Valencia at Mestalla, and they have the advantage of a 2-0 lead from the first leg in the Santiago Bernabéu, a match where Marcelo made his return after being injured. The defender analysed the return leg for the Bwin website: “We always go all out to progress in every competition we play in. We feel confident because we are playing well and hopefully we will progress. We will do everything we can to progress. We know that if we make any mistakes we could be out of the competition, so it is far more exciting”.

Marcelo training with Real Madrid

Valencia has won the previous two Spanish Cup matches that it has played in its stadium this season. “We have to be careful of all their players. Valencia are strong and playing there is difficult, for the fans as well. There is not any particular player to watch, but instead the whole team should concern us”, he said about the match that will be played at Mestalla which is a special ground for the team: “I am sure it will bring us good memories as we won the Spanish Cup there”.

Marcelo, who has worked very hard since the surgery on the fifth metatarsal of his right foot in October, spoke about his return to the pitch against Valencia last week: “I felt very happy when I took to the pitch after being injured at the Bernabéu, there was a little film running in my mind and I felt very excited”.

Khedira: "We are on the right way to success"

Real Madrid will face off against Valencia en Mestalla to battle for a spot in the Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey) semifinals and the Whites’ midfielder Sami Khedira spoke before the press ahead of the match. “We were in a rough spot. We weren’t doing well. We talked about it together and we’ve seen everything that went wrong. We’ve worked hard these past weeks and I think we’re moving in the right direction. We’re playing well, really tight, and I think it’s going to give us future results”, he said.

Sami Khedira at press conference with Real Madrid jersey
Sami Khedira

Real Madrid goes into the match with the balance in their favor after winning the first leg, but Khedira prefers not to think about it: “We’re going to have to start all over as if it were 0-0. We have to show the same aggressiveness to play well and win as we did on Sunday. The last match was for La Liga and this is for the Copa. It’s different and we have to go all out to try and win. We won the first leg 2-0 but it’s not a definitive result. We have to go for a goal there. We haven’t ceded any goals in our last few matches and that makes us stronger. We have to win the match and to do that we have to play on the offense”.

Varane, Carvalho and Albiol: Perfect defense

Varane, Albiol and Carvalho are the alternate central defenders of Real Madrid if you look at the opportunities that have been given them by Mourinho this season. The French has played 1249 minutes, the Spanish 739' and the Portuguese 630'. They are far from Sergio Ramos (2141') and the injured Pepe (2094'). But the results obtained by the three alternates in the seven games they have played in the 2012-13 season exceed the numbers of the holders: 86% of wins (six out of seven games) versus 57% (15 out of 26 games). And 0.71 goals against per game versus 1.15 with Pepe and Ramos.

Albiol and Varane playing for Real Madrid

And besides, with Varane, Albiol and Carvalho at the starting lineup of the white team, Real Madrid has achieved three straight matches with a clean sheet. Against Valencia at the Mestalla Stadium (0-5, League) and in the Santiago Bernabeu (2-0, Spanish Cup) and against Osasuna (0-0, League). Overall, Real Madrid has four straight matches with no goals against after the Real Madrid-Celta (4-0, Spanish Cup), in which Ramos was sent off with 2-0. Other contributors to this statistic are Essien and Arbeloa at right-back, Coentrao and Marcelo on the left side and Casillas in goal.

Ricardo Kaka to stay in Madrid

Kaka's future remains stalled. Despite rumors coming from Italy pointing to the imminent signing of the Brazilian player, the reality is that the Real Madrid player is closer to stay than leaving. In fact, Ricardo Kaka has no options to return to Milan.

Ricardo Kaka upste with the Real Madrid jersey
Ricardo Kaka

On Monday morning, the Rossoneri striker, Giampaolo Pazzini, claimed that Kaka had many chances to get back: "I think Kaka will play for Milan. The negotiation with him is OK and it is much more likely". But these statements were merely a reflection of the Milan desire, not reality.

In the afternoon, Galliani shattered the Milan fans dream: "We retired, we're out. Kaka is impossible for tax reasons". Milan had a week to feed a dream they knew perfectly well that it was impossible. Because Real Madrid has held firm at any time in its idea of ​​not loaning Kaka. And Milan has not showed another proposal so the operation was not viable from the start.

In Madrid think that behind this story are the Italian elections, for which Berlusconi is desperately seeking votes. Florentino Perez has priced the player at 25 million euros and does not move. With the pass of time and the interest of Kaka in seeking a solution to his future, the president could lower the Real Madrid claims, but in any case it would be a discount, while MIlan tried to sign the player for free.

At Real Madrid believe that, as the transfer market is, it's natural that Kaka stays until the summer, at which time they would find a good solution for both parties. In June, Real Madrid could reduce its claims or find a club willing to pay 25 million euros, especially if Kaka is revalued at the Confederations Cup.


January: Cristiano Ronaldo's golden month

Cristiano Ronaldo has started 2013 in top form. The Portuguese, who began the year with the displeasure of a new Silver Ball, has risen based on goals. He adds seven, achieved in three matches; two against Real Sociedad, three against Celta and another brace in Mestalla.

Cristiano celebrates a goal with the dark Real Madrid jersy
Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates his first goal against Valencia

Real Madrid striker just failed to score in the first leg of the querter-finals round of the Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey) against Valencia. Cristiano also had a match penalty against Osasuna, the only match that Real Madrid has not won in the new year.

The Real Madrid forward has at least two more opportunities to increase his numbers in this January: Wednesday, on the second leg of the Spanish Cup round against Valencia, and Sunday (12 a.m. CET) in the league match against Getafe. He might even have another chance if Real Madrid defeats Valencia next Wednesday, because the Cup semi-final round takes place on January 30.

Cristiano Ronaldo has achieved 30 goals this season in 30 games. The Portuguese is held in a prodigious average; a goal a game. That improves the average of the great legends of the club, as Alfredo di Stefano and Ferenc Puskas. With more than four months of competition ahead, is willing to look beyond numbers from last season, the best of his career, in which he scored 60 goals in 55 games.

In addition, the two goals Cristiano scored against Valencia, served to increase his overall scoring up to 300 goals throughout his career. Of those 300, he has achieved more than half with the shirt of Real Madrid in just three years. Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 177 goals in 174 matches in white. At this pace, he will become the best scorer in the history of Real Madrid.

Valencia 0 - 5 Real Madrid (Spanish League, Day 20)

Real Madrid put on an exhibition in Mestalla and quickly settled the second of three consecutive matches to be played against Valencia. In the first half they scored the match’s five goals and completed a 45 minutes that should be framed. Higuain opened the scoring in the 9th minute and the remaining four came in the last 11 minutes, all of them beautifully crafted. Di Maria and Cristiano Ronaldo scored half of them each. The Portuguese deserves a special mention for his part in the second and the third, as do the three first touch passes that lead to the fourth and Ozil's assists for the final two, the first with a back-heel. The Whites continued their unbeaten start to 2013, have won four of the five matches they have played, have not conceded in the last four and now have their best away winning streak against Valencia in La Liga with four consecutive wins.

Real Madrid players celebrate a Di Maria's goal against Valencia
Real Madrid exhibition in Mestalla

Real Madrid played the second of three consecutive matches against Valencia. The Whites played a tough match. They played against a team eager to prove themselves after Tuesday's defeat at the Santiago Bernabeu and they did so in a stadium that was a pressure cooker of home support. If the cup match was exciting and with chances for both teams, the start of this match indicated that this match would be equally as exciting. In fact, within the first ten minutes the Whites had two good chances to go ahead on the scoreboard. With the first, Higuain, who was alone on the penalty spot, could not take advantage of the precise low cross from Arbeloa from the right in the 8th minute. The Argentine redeemed himself a minute later. A nice deep pass from Ozil to Di Maria who lost his marker and went into the area before pulling the ball back for his compatriot. The Argentine international did not miss this time against Alves and his goal brought him level with Di Stefano as the player that has scored the most away goals against Valencia in the league, with six.

The match soon went the way of the visitors. Valencia, conscious that they were in front of a home crowd, pressed forward to try to level the contest, but the quick Real Madrid breaks again caught the home team’s defence napping. In one of them Khedira, following a masterful assist from fellow German Ozil, came one-on-one against Alves in the 29th minute, but the home team’s goalkeeper made the save. It foretold of the show that Jose Mourinho’s team was about to put on which, in the last 11 minutes of the first half, put the match beyond doubt with four collectors’ items of goals. The first, which doubled the lead on the scoreboard, was scored by Di Maria in the 34th minute, but some merit should go to Cristiano Ronaldo for the dribbling and control that left Rami and Ricardo Costa on the floor in the area before his final killer pass.

Two minutes later the third was scored, and the Portuguese once again played a lead role. The Whites’ leading scorer combined with Coentrao and pushed forward into the area before passing Victor Ruiz with a beautiful step-over and beating Alves with a powerful left footed shot at the near post. The fourth was not far away. It was perhaps the most spectacular of all of them. Higuain won the ball on the flanks and passed to Di Maria in the 41st minute. What followed was a series of first touch passes which further embellished the classy move. The Argentine, with a volley, moved the ball from the left to the right, where it Ozil appeared and made a back-heel pass to Ronaldo, who scored his second goal of the night without even letting the ball drop to the turf. The fifth, in the last play of the half, put the finishing touches to a superb first half. A second consecutive Ozil assist and Di Maria's second goal who beat the Valencia goalkeeper with a diagonal shot. Real Madrid were putting on an exhibition at Mestalla.

Valencia, with their pride wounded, came out on to the field pumped up in the second half. Piatti, in the 50th minute, hit the crossbar from a long shot and Coentrao, three minutes later, stopped the ball on the line following a Rami shot from a corner. Mourinho, knowing that his team will pay their second consecutive visit to Mestalla in just three days, decided to rest some of his players. Xabi Alonso came of off the pitch to an ovation in the 58th minute to be replaced by Essien. Nine minutes later Modric came on for Ozil and later, in the 75th minute, Callejon for Khedira.

The Whites continued their unbeaten start to 2013, have won four of the five matches they have played, have not conceded in the last four and now have their best away winning streak against Valencia in La Liga with four consecutive wins. This Wednesday, and again in Mestalla, they play in the Copa del Rey. If the Whites back up their 2-0 lead from the first leg, they will go through to the semi-finals.


Stadium: Mestalla
Attendance: 40,000
Goals: 0-1, m.9: Higuain. 0-2, m.35: Di Maria. 0-3, m.36: Cristiano Ronaldo. 0-4, m.41: Cristiano Ronaldo. 0-5, m.44: Di Maria.
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