Ricardo Kaka to stay in Madrid

Kaka's future remains stalled. Despite rumors coming from Italy pointing to the imminent signing of the Brazilian player, the reality is that the Real Madrid player is closer to stay than leaving. In fact, Ricardo Kaka has no options to return to Milan.

Ricardo Kaka upste with the Real Madrid jersey
Ricardo Kaka

On Monday morning, the Rossoneri striker, Giampaolo Pazzini, claimed that Kaka had many chances to get back: "I think Kaka will play for Milan. The negotiation with him is OK and it is much more likely". But these statements were merely a reflection of the Milan desire, not reality.

In the afternoon, Galliani shattered the Milan fans dream: "We retired, we're out. Kaka is impossible for tax reasons". Milan had a week to feed a dream they knew perfectly well that it was impossible. Because Real Madrid has held firm at any time in its idea of ​​not loaning Kaka. And Milan has not showed another proposal so the operation was not viable from the start.

In Madrid think that behind this story are the Italian elections, for which Berlusconi is desperately seeking votes. Florentino Perez has priced the player at 25 million euros and does not move. With the pass of time and the interest of Kaka in seeking a solution to his future, the president could lower the Real Madrid claims, but in any case it would be a discount, while MIlan tried to sign the player for free.

At Real Madrid believe that, as the transfer market is, it's natural that Kaka stays until the summer, at which time they would find a good solution for both parties. In June, Real Madrid could reduce its claims or find a club willing to pay 25 million euros, especially if Kaka is revalued at the Confederations Cup.

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