Real Madrid: Union to win titles

Spanish media confirmed that yesterday there was an important meeting for Real Madrid. President Florentino Perez, the two captains of Real Madrid, Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos, and Jose Angel Sanchez, general manager of the club, attended the meeting. Jose Mourinho was not there but was informed of the meeting. The lunch served to discuss the situation of the squad, the relationship with the coach and the bonuses for this season.

Florentino Perez and Iker Casillas having lunch
Florentino Perez and Iker Casillas

Casillas and Ramos noted that there is no unbridgeable problem with Mourinho and the squad is very united. The players, the coach and the club know that they should go hand in hand and fight together in order to achieve the titles. The new Real Madrid born by the union of the players and all are clear that they will give the maximum to lift a trophy this season.

Things start to return to normal at Real Madrid. At least that is what seems after the last two games against Valencia, because Mourinho's team has begun offering its best side. Especially in the league match last Sunday, in which whites were again the hurricane that swept last season.

Why now and not before? Why this reaction with the Spanish League lost? These are the questions that make the fans of Real Madrid. New Real Madrid was born mainly by the union of the squad. Players have been those who have decided to face the problems and end the bad feelings and negative dynamic that was blocking and plunging the team of the records.

Players of Real Madrid have decided that it is time to end the controversy and focus on play, recovering the joy of last season. Thus, even incidents like Mourinho and Cristiano had a week ago, have been moved to the background in the dressing room. Players have stepped forward to restore normalcy in the team, but can not speak of a self management. The players of Real Madrid will continue to respect strictly the guidelines of the coach, because the vast majority of the squad still considers him the best coach in the world. Especially when he is calm and forgets external agents.

Mourinho, meanwhile, has decided to take distance with his players. He is more relaxed and does not press them in training and matches. In fact, in recent games has not moved from the bench. At first it seemed that it was to avoid the whistles of the Bernabeu, but at Mestalla stadium showed the same attitude.

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