Mourinho plans to change the tactical system

Jose Mourinho has already been put to work in Los Angeles to change his tactical scheme and plans to play many games this season with a 4-3-3 system, hence he is obligated to work with his players, accustomed to 4-2-3-1, according to new movements on the field. The pressure exercises and movements between the lines are different from one system to another.

Mourinho: Preseason 2011-2012

The main task for the Portuguese coach is that the four new players who are in California under his command (Varane, Callejon, Sahin -now injured- and Coentrao) learn concepts that the rest of his teammates have learned since last season, because Mourinho used the 4-3-3 system in several games (against Atletico, Sevilla and Valencia for example).

This metamorphosis is largely due to the arrival of Nuri Sahin. The fact that Xabi Alonso and Khedira are untouchable players for Mourinho, forces to change the scheme and look for a position for the star signing of Real Madrid (for now). The double-pivot Xabi Sahin is weak on defense and keeping the couple of the last year, Real Marid's football would be predictable.

On the other hand, Mourinho is very aware of the new reinforcements even when coaching in California. Real Madrid still working these weeks to complete the template ahead of the season just started. The coach knows the possibility of the signing of Neymar in January and is attentive to the possible incorporation of Emmanuel Adebayor.

Neymar: Santos and Real Madrid negotiated in Paris

Real Madrid and Santos are still negotiating for Neymar. Florentino Perez and Luis Alvaro de Oliveira, presidents of both team, met in Paris on Wednesday to discuss the future of the Brazilian international.

Neymar: Copa America 2011

Neymar is now the major objective of white team and Florentino Perez has decided to accelerate the arrival of striker to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. The meeting served to bring positions closer, but at no time they reached an agreement for the transfer. Santos insists that wants the 45 million euros buyout clause and Madrid aims to reduce this amount.

Real Madrid president plans not to speed up the stages to reduce the price, but is willing to pay 45 million if this is the only way to sign the great Brazilian star. The arrival of the player would also be in the air. Santos wants that Neymar stays until January (FIFA Club World Cup), while Jose Mourinho accepts this condition... in return for Real Madrid signs Emmanuel Adebayor.

On the other hand, in the Spanish media it is said that Real Madrid and Neymar have reached an agreement on the contract that the player has to sign when the white team pays the buyout clause. It will last six years, the player will be paid with five million euros per season and will hold 50% of the publicity generated.

Meanwhile, Santos is doing all the force to convince him to stay at least until the Club World Cup. They want to renew him by offering more money, but with a new clause of 60 million euros. Santos knows that Neymar has no benefit from the payment of the buyout clause and therefore he is in no hurry to decide.


Carvalho: "The target is to improve the last year"

Carvalho along with Kaka driving to the training field
Carvlaho and Kaka

What do you expect from Kaka this season?
We all know he had a difficult year, but he's fine now. We are all aware of his quality. We're all convinced he will help us considerably.

Why is best the second season of Mourinho's teams?
Jose Mourinho's teams improve every day and I guess that's why his second year on a side is the best. We all know each other better. We grow ever day. We try to improve and make our game progress

What is the target of the team?
Improving the last year. All together, we will improve every game.

What about the LA Galaxy match?
It is a friendly and we want to improve. Probably in the first match, the players do not play more than 60 minutes. The target is to be at good level for the next week.

What is your opinion about Varane?
Our new reinforcements are very good. It's still soon to talk about them, but I believe they will make the team improve.

And Coentrao?
The first session is difficult for everyone. We are improving, Fabio plays in many positions. The most important thing is to play and train every day with new players.

What is the role of Zidane with template?
Zidane is always with us, which is important because we have great respect for him. He's here to help.

Fabio Coentrao: "I have quality to play for Real Madrid"

Coentrao is training with Real Madrid at UCLA facilities
Fabio Coentrao

The last signing of Real Madrid wants to prove he is worth 30 million euros that the club paid for his transfer. He said this during a press conference along with Carvalho after the third training day in Los Angeles.

You have spent a few days in your new team, what do you think about Real Madrid's template?It is a fantastic group. I am feeling great, not only by the Portuguese and Brazilians. I feel great in this group. It is a fantastic club and a team with high quality. I am proud to be here, but I have to work hard from now.

Here you smile more than in Benfica...
It is not true that I was sad at Benfica. It's normal to smile, I'm in the best football team of the world with 23 years, a great jump in my career.

Real Madrid paid 30 million euros for you. ¿Pride or pressure?
Whenever I hear the issue of 30 million... They say it was expensive. I can not answer this question. Time will tell. I have the certainty that I have quality and I want to show everyone why they paid 30 million. I have to prove to everyone that I have qualities to be here. I have the certainty that I will respond in the future this question and say it was worth paying the money for me.

What has been most special moment so far?
All training sessions. All times are fun here, although I've only been four days. It's a new group for me and I know I have to work hard these days.


Sergio Ramos and Pepe: Happy with their renewal

Sergio Ramos and Pepe were very satisfied with their contract extensions until 2017 and until 2016 respectively. Pepe valued his contract extension: "Mourinho has been important, but I was here before coach. I arrived, showed my football when everyone had doubts and I've finally been able to renew. I was sure that was on track and now I am overjoyed because I will be where I always wanted to be, Real Madrid".

Meanwhile, Sergio Ramos said: "It has cost and has been delayed, but my idea has always been spend many years here, to renew and enjoy the Real Madrid and that my name can live here for many years. I have always felt renewed, least important is when. This was delayed because I had no concern. I was just focused on playing football and when the work was done, I could sign the contract extension and for a long period of years".

Pepe and Ramos very happy in Los Angeles

Both, as major players in the template, rated the signings of Coentrao and Varane, who will accompany them on defense. The Portuguese spoke of his compatriot: "He's a great player but still has a lot to learn. We will try to integrate him. He will give us a lot of work and creativity. He will help a lot".

Sergio Ramos analyzed Varane, whom he calls Rafa: "He's a young boy with a lot of future. Everything that is to sign youth and future, and if he comes recommended by Zizou, is good for us. Now we must help him to be integrated into the template. He's fast, strong and with good ball pass".

Nuri Sahin: Three weeks out with a sprained knee

The Turkish Nuri Sahin, who was injured Tuesday during the first training session of Real Madrid in Los Angeles, has a sprained left knee and will be out for two to three weeks, according to the report of the club. The midfielder was not present at the third training, in the second day of Real Madrid in Los Angeles, which began at 10.00 am local time.

Sahin training with Real Madrid
Nuri Sahin

Sahin, recent signing of Real Madrid suffered on Tuesday a bruised left knee. After the magnetic resonance done yesterday at the UCLA Health System hospital, has been diagnosed with a Grade 1 sprain of the internal lateral ligament. It is not the same injured knee for which he did not end the last season at Borussia Dortmund.

Neither Xabi Alonso practiced with the team yesterday morning, although he was on the field. The Spanish player, who is dragging problems in a toenail, performed physical work apart from the template. He only ran for a few minutes. In the afternoon Xabi Alonso reappeared and worked at the same pace as his peers.

The players, exhausted by the demand for Mourinho, who plans to train about two hours per session,four daily, will return to work today in the morning of California.


Beckham: "Play against Real Madrid will be wonderful"

Los Angeles Galaxy and Real Madrid will play on Saturday at the LA Memorial Coliseum the third friendly match in the history of both teams. The MLS (Major League Soccer) has high hopes for this match. A global challenge. In this way is called by the organizers, who are sponsored by Herbalife, which has invested heavily in bringing the European teams.

Press conference with Real Madrid and LA Galaxy
LA Galaxy vs Real Madrid: Friendly match presentation

At the press conference in the auditorium of the CAA Sports headquarters to present the friendly were Mourinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Casillas, Bruce Arena, David Beckham and Landon Donovan, with Zidane sat as a spectator.

Beckham, who received congratulations from Mourinho at the birth of his daughter, took the floor to remember old times: "This match will be wonderful. Real Madrid was my first team after Manchester United and I am delighted to face them. They have a young and talented group of players. Cristiano and Casillas are part of an incredible team".

Meanwhile, the captain of the Galaxy, Landon Donovan, is also eager to play against whites: "This is a great experience and I am delighted to play it. It may be a friendly, but the level of our opponent points at how important this game is".

The Galaxy have an official game on Wednesday and coach Bruce Arena, is concerned about the friendly match: "Probably we will need 22 players and we do not have them at the moment". The coach recalls the two defeats 'harvested' by the Galaxy against Real Madrid in 2005 and 2010: "We've been through this, several years ago. We played good at first half of the matches, but Real Madrid takes another luxury eleven for the second half and you know, there's not much to do".

Cristiano Ronaldo, another major claim, discussed the U.S. soccer: "The Galaxy are the best team in Los Angeles. It is an honor to play against them. It's a good game to start the preseason and will make people have fun with spectacle despite the fact the preseason has only just started".

Jose Mourinho "I want fans to feel proud of their team"

Jose Mourinho will shortly start his second season at the helm of Real Madrid. The coach gave an exclusive interview to RealmadridTV and Realmadrid.com shortly after the team arrived in Los Angeles to start its preseason work.

Jose Mourinho

What were your holidays like?
Short, but fine. I had 15 relaxing and happy days.

You left for a holiday late, but you look satisfied with the period you stayed in Madrid working.
I enjoyed it because it went by very quickly and I didn’t have a crazy desire for the holidays to finally arrive. It was a great experience to work personally with the President and with Jose Angel Sanchez. I liked the President’s vision for the club and its future. I think the way he thinks about the evolution of his Real Madrid is phenomenal. Jose Angel is a little like me: we work during the day and end up texting each other or writing e-mails till 10 or 11 at night. He never side-tracks from his family life, but he’s thinking about work 24 hours a day. I liked him very much.

This season is important because it comes with the birth of a new structure at Real Madrid.
Every season is important in its own way. This structure is here to help the team, not to complicate things. We have to instill life and dynamism into this structure. We have to give people who are responsible of many departments time to create a functional empathy and a new working method. I’m very glad to see there is great empathy between the people at the club and that they share a common goal to serve the first team and the players, who are the most important thing at the club. This cooperation is the essence of our work.

Real Madrid's first training day of the 2011-2012 season

Real Madrid made yesterday the first pre-season training at UCLA in the North Athletic Field, for two hours. Mourinho is not one of those coaches who order the players to run around the field. From the first minute, Real Madrid players were with the ball.

Mourinho in the Real Madrid's first training day
Real Madrid's first training day of the 2011-2012 season

New signings Sahin, Callejon, Varane and Coentrao worked out with their teammates for the first time. Physical exercises and ball work took centre stage. The players did stretching and muscle strengthening workouts before tackling ball exercises in obstacle courses comprising poles that the players had to avoid with their feet at different paces. Goalkeepers Casillas, Adan, Tomas Mejias and Jesus worked out with Silvinio Louro.

The training began with a half hour ahead on time schedule and under the watchful eye of Zidane, who premiered his new duties as director of football for the first team. The Frenchman was not giving orders as Mourinho's assistants (Karanka, Rui Faria, Morais and Louro), but was on the field and was one of the most requested by the public. Close to 200 people supported the squad from the entrance of the facilities.

First to arrive were the Portuguese-Brazilian quartet made ​​up of Cristiano Ronaldo, Pepe, Marcelo and Coentrao. The signings of Real Madrid knew for the first time the method of Mourinho. Sahin proved to be one hundred percent after his knee injury, Varane was guarded by Benzema at all times and Callejon took part ​​with the Spanish group, including the home-grown players.

Real Madrid held its second working session in the afternoon at 5:00 pm (Local Time). For today's session will also double training. Fans and students who came to the UCLA facilities could not see the Real Madrid's training, but today, Real Madrid will train open to the public.


Sergio Ramos and Pepe have extended their contracts

Today it has made ​official. Real Madrid has renewed the contracts of Pepe and Sergio Ramos. The Portuguese's has been extended to 2016 and Spanish's to 2017. Sergio Ramos is one of the captains of the template and came to Madrid in the 2004-05 season by an amount of 27 million euros. He was the first Spanish signing of the first era of Florentino Perez. The signing of Pepe (2007-08) was a record for a defender. He came from Porto by 30 million at the stage of Calderon (President) and Mijatovic (General manager).

The official announcement says: "Sergio Ramos and Pepe have extended their contracts with Real Madrid C.F. to the 2016/17 and 2015/16 seasons, respectively".

Ramos and Pepe have extended their contracts
Sergio Ramos and Pepe

Real Madrid agrees to extend the contract of Pepe, a request for Mourinho who was willing to publicly call for his renewal. His performance in the field has been exceptional in the four seasons he has dressed in white, but has the problem of his many injuries, has played only 45% of minutes played by the white team. Pepe was one of the lowest paid players of the template (1.8 million euros per season) and now his salary is increased to 3.8

The impetus and the quality of Sergio Ramos have made him a key man in the template. He has alternated the position of central defender and right side with the different coaches he has had. Even played once as midfielder with Luxemburgo. Ramos rises from 3.5 to 4.5 million euros per season.

Sergio Ramos and Pepe woke up in Los Angeles knowing their contracts with Real Madrid had been extended. Both players were visibly happy with the news and were congratulated by all their teammates upon arriving to the UCLA training facilities.


Chelsea is still interested in Kaka

While Jose Mourinho has decided to give a second chance to Kaka, Real Madrid's Brazilian footballer is still one of the Chelsea's options to strengthen its midfield, especially if English team misses its attempt to sign Tottenham's Croatian player Luka Modric.

The British media link the future of both players, and the continued interest from Chelsea for Kaka has been reactivated after Tottenham has rejected his latest bid for Modric. Roman Abramovich's club could have offered 30 million euros, five million more than the initial offering of 25, made ​​only a month ago and also rejected by the Spurs.

At the moment, Tottenham remains firm in its stance and has said publicly that the player is not transferable, although Modric has shown his willingness to change of scenery. Thus, while Chelsea will not raise its offer, it seems that nothing will change, what has meant that the new coach of the 'Blues', Andre Villas-Boas, is weighing the possibility of changing the target and try the signing of Kaka, whose play has always enjoyed an extraordinary fame in Stamford Brigde, especially since the stage of Carlo Ancelotti.

Ancelotti and Kaka. Milan AC
Ancelotti and Kaka

Real Madrid's 2011-2012 season starts

Real Madrid travels at this time to the United States to begin on American soil the first stage of the preseason, in which is scheduled to play three friendly matches (in Los Angeles, San Diego and Philadelphia). The team took-off from the Barajas airport at 12:00 (half an hour delay in the scheduled time), with José Mourinho at the head of an expedition. Also traveled with the team, the sporting director, Miguel Pardeza, and the football director, Zinedine Zidane.

Coentrao and Carvalho arriving at Barajas airport
Coentrao and Carvalho

The team will arrive in Los Angeles after 13 hours of flight and will be concentrated in a hotel in Beverly Hills where is the Brazilian Kaka, who has enjoyed in California last days of his vacation and will join his teammates. Those not on the tour will be the injured Altintop and the Argentina players who dispute the Copa America (Higuain, Gago and Di Maria). Nor will Lass Diarra, who will stay in Madrid trying to sign for another team.

Before leaving for the United States, the template was at Valdebebas Sport City to pass the relevant medical checks and evaluate the state in which each player arrives after the holidays. The first to go to the Sports City was Mourinho. On time for his appointment with the job and always setting an example, at 07:40 am, the Portuguese coach was responsible for opening the doors of Valdebebas to welcome the new season, his second project in front of the white house.

The illusion of return to work was also reflected in the attitude of the youth squad players. With the template summoned at 09:00 am, were Jesus, Joselu and Casado, three of six homegrown players for the American tour, the first to arrive at Valdebebas around 08:00 am. Fifteen minutes later arrived the Turkish Nuri Sahin who does not seem to see the moment of his debut with Real Madrid shirt.

The rest of the squad was coming after 08:30 am, including new signings Coentrao and Varane who preceded the arrival of Zinedine Zidane, the new director of football for the first team. The president also wanted to be present on this first day to welcome all players, especially newcomers. Florentino Perez came to Valdebebas at 08:45 am, coinciding with Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos. He chatted with the template and the coaching staff for 45 minutes. Khedira, Özil, Benzema, Xabi Alonso, Casillas, Adam... Players appeared gradually and were Callejon and Arbeloa who had the 'honor' of being the last to arrive.


Wagner Ribeiro: "I am totally in favor of Real Madrid"

Neymar's agent, Wagner Ribeiro, has expressed anger at the modus operandi of the Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell, in the last hours. Ribeiro was blunt with what happened in the last days: "I do not like the way as Rosell has behaved. They went to speak directly with the player and his father to the Brazilian training center. From the moment in which Santos authorized both Barcelona and Real Madrid to talk to the player, should have spoken to me first, I'm his agent, and not to the player directly...".

Ribeiro talking at the Valdebebas Sports City
Wagner Ribeiro

Sandro Rosell was in Buenos Aires visiting the school that FC Barcelona has opened in the town of Lujan, near the capital of Argentina. Barcelona leader attended the Brazil-Venezuela match as an "honored guest" of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) and moved in a vehicle to La Plata Stadium, where witnessed the match. Subsequently, Rosell attended the hotel concentration of Brazilians, located in Campana, 60 km from Buenos Aires, and slept there. And that's where he spoke with Neymar and the father (by telephone). The next morning he went to Brazil with Ricardo Teixeira, president of the CBF, with whom he maintains a close relationship. Then he convened a summit with key men in Neymar's transfer: his father, the sports director of Santos and his agent, Wagner Ribeiro.

In the last hours, Ribeiro has made clear his position regarding the interest of both clubs: "I am totally in favor of negotiating with Real Madrid. I know well Florentino Perez since Robinho signed for the white team. And when Neymar was 13, he trained 15 days with Real Madrid and the club showed interest in signing him, but his father advised him to stay at Santos. So, if I had to choose one of the two, I would choose to Real Madrid", confirmed the player's agent.

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium will be renovated

Real Madrid will soon begin a great reform of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. The aim is to bring the white coliseum to the twenty-first century demands, including a new facade, a shopping center and a roof covering the stadium.

Inside View of Santiago Bernabeu Stadium
Santiago Bernabeu Stadium (2011)

Only a few economic details impede that the works have already begun. The city council has given its approval, but still have to specify the amount to be paid by the Real Madrid for the city for use of urban areas that are not its property. According to sources from Real Madrid, the project's economic impact could be around 200 million euros. The idea is that the works will be ready, or at least well underway in June 2013.

The epicenter of the project would be placed in the esplanade between the stadium and the Paseo de la Castellana Street, where would build the new mall. The retractable roof will be transparent and initially, will move from north to south, with an estimated budget of 30 million euros.
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