Fabio Coentrao: Real Madrid could be negotiating the signing

The Real Madrid is very well positioned to gain the services of Benfica left-back Fabio Coentrao, and even the president of the Portuguese club luso traveled on Friday to the capital of Spain to establish contacts, according to what the 'A Bola ' newspaper publishes today.

The Portuguese newspaper says that the head of Benfica, Luis Felipe Vieira, yesterday made ​​a lightning trip to Madrid to discuss the future of the Portugal international player, valued at 30 million euros, the value of his buyout clause. The same source indicates that progress in the efforts of Vieira were "not substantial", but predicted that talks "will continue".

Fábio Coentrao, considered the best national player of Portuguese League, was converted last season at left-back, his natural position was the midfield, and has played successfully in defense and fluently in the attack because of his speed and remarkable technique. At 23, the player is a permanent starter in the national team of Portugal, with which he played an outstanding World Cup 2010, and is in the orbit of several major European teams, among that Bayern Munich stands out.

Fabio Coentrao

Mourinho punishes Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo was not called to the squad for this evening's game against Zaragoza. An important decision and surprising at the same time, because it is the second time all season that the Portuguese is not called by technical decision. The first and last until yesterday was the last December, in the insignificant match (Spanish Cup) against Levante, after the first leg 8-0 at the Bernabeu.

Cristiano will be today in his private box at the Bernabeu Stadium, as punishment. Mourinho did not call him yesterday to give him a warning for his comments after the 0-2 last Wednesday in which he indirectly criticized the technical approach: "I like to play well, but I have to adapt myself to what they ask me...".

Mourinho decided to show the yellow card to his star. It is no rest. Setúbal coach has said repeatedly, most recently on February 19 during the preview against Levante, that Cristiano never rests unless it was requested by the star player: "He likes to play, no need to rest and why to change?" was what Mourinho said. But Mou, without explanation, has fueled the suspicion that the absence is a warning according to Cristiano statements after the game against Barcelona, considering the effort that Mourinho has always made in order that CR7 could play resolved or irrelevant games: the second half in San Mames (0-3), Valencia (3-6) or even at White Hart Lane after the 4-0 first-leg are the latest examples.

Mourinho punishes Cristiano
Cristiano Ronaldo will not play against Zaragoza

Mourinho did not like either Cristiano's angry gestures on Wednesday, complaining with his hands up to his teammates for not helping in the pressure up. Paradoxically, the television cameras caught the coach, reproaching him at the Cup final in Mestalla by keeping protesting a foul instead of trying to steal a ball.

But we know that Ronaldo thinks there is no irrelevant matches. His ambition knows no bounds and with the League lost, left his fight for the top scorer against Messi. The Argentine, to the chagrin of Real Madrid player, can increase the distance today. Messi adds 31 goals by Cristiano's 30 and after this weekend there will be only four days of League ...


Preview: Real Madrid vs Zaragoza

Real Madrid and Zaragoza shields
Real Madrid vs Zaragoza

After a day of rest, after the third of the Classics, semifinal round of the Champions League in which Real Madrid was defeated at the Bernabeu Stadium by 0-2, the white template has become to work today to prepare the league match in which, team will play against Zaragoza on Saturday, 6 pm. In a session that started with almost twenty minutes late, Wednesday starters made ​​recovery work apart from the rest of the group. Mourinho had 24 players, including homegrown players Juanfran and Nacho Fernández. Just missed the injured Khedira and Gago, the rest exercised normally in the Sports City of Valdebebas.

Real Madrid coach, Jose Mourinho, has decided to leave out the call for technical decision; Cristiano Ronaldo, Lass, Xabi Alonso, Albiol and Pedro León. In addition, Gago and Khedira will lose the match due to injury. Accordingly, it is probably that Mourinho plays the game against Zaragoza with a team very similar to that used in Valencia. The defense would consist by Arbeloa (a physical portent), Ramos, Garay and Nacho Fernandez, who would play again to rest Marcelo. In the middle of the field would stand Pepe (suspended for the Champions League match as Ramos He needs no break), with Granero and Canales. And up front, the magical trio ofMestalla, Kaka, Benzema and Higuain.

Last Real Madrid training
Real Madrid training

Maybe the Portuguese does any test to the important match against Barcelona, but at press conference, where he spoke indirectly about the controversy of the last European match, has indicated the opposite: "I only think about the approach of tomorrow's match and the team is to try to win against Zaragoza, and will not be a test to Barcelona. Xabi Alonso and Lass will not play because they are "dead". They played alone, 11 against 10, too much time. We need to give them conditions to recover and return in good condition. About Albiol, he does not have to play when Pepe and Sergio Ramos are suspended for Barcelona by these criminal acts they have done. But everyone else will play just thinking about Zaragoza, because we want to play seriously as against all teams. Zaragoza is risking its life and we must do the same, because we have to dedicate the "Copa del Rey" to the fans.The absence of Cristiano is my business, we have Benzema, Kaka, Higuain, Di Maria ..."

But not only the physical aspect is important. After a tough loss, the mental aspect can influence the development of the game against a team like Zaragoza that is fighting to stay alive in the first division. About that, Mourinho says: "We are fine in every way and the season does not end until late May. I'm not sure of the date, but just then we have a couple of friendlies, and when Real Madrid plays, even a friendly, we are not on vacation".

In Zaragoza, coach Javier Aguirre locked himself yesterday at the Sports City in search of the formula that could harm Real Madrid, but that formula is not defined yet. Firstly because Bertolo and Boutahar, starters on Monday against Almeria, did not work on the same pace as the rest of their teammates and, secondly, because the Mexican coach has hidden his cards and tactical plan, waiting for news. In addition, Ander, guide of this squad, is unavailable due to suspension.

It seems more likely that tomorrow at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Aragonese team will be formed with a crowded defense, hoping to have some competitive advantage in attack throughout the ninety minutes. Neither the coach nor the players are wary of the 'substitutes' of Madrid and are not funny having to fight against a hurt rival after the defeat in the Champions League.

Madrid-Barça: Complaints and UEFA disciplinary proceedings

The hangover of the third Classic has left us a cross of claims between Barcelona and Real Madrid and half a dozendisciplinary proceedings opened by UEFA, that should judge an unprecedented lawsuit. The historical dispute of football moves, after waging a bitter war of words, to the sports courts. Now lawyers play.

The events are best explained in chronological order. Yesterday, around 6:00 pm, while the Barcelona Board was meeting in extraordinary session, UEFA unveiled the opening of disciplinary proceedings against Madrid and Barcelona. In the case of Madrid, opened by the invasion of the pitch, throwing objects, the red card for Pepe, the Mourinho's send-off and his statements at the official press conference. In the case of Barcelona, by the Pinto's send-off. Each of these situations will be reviewed by the Control and Disciplinary Committee of UEFA on Friday May 6, three days after the second leg between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Barely an hour later, Toni Freixa, secretary and spokesman of the Board of Barcelona, communicated the filing of a complaint to UEFA because of the statements of Mourinho. According Freixa, the statements are "offenses defined in Article 5, B and D, of the UEFA code of conduct, as a violation of basic norms of behavior and actions that damage the reputation of football and the UEFA ". "It is unacceptable that someone dares to question the story, titles and our relationship with UNICEF", said Freixa. "Barcelona wants to soothe the fire. But this is not incompatible with being inflexible when limits are exceeded and Mourinho surpassed them".

Mourinho's send-off
Jose Mourinho

Around 8:30 pm was leaked that Real Madrid was working on a complaint against Barcelona for "willful misconduct" understanding that the attitude of its players responded to a tactic induced by the coach Guardiola.

Real Madrid notes that every pretense was intended to intimidate the referee with the players' claims. To demonstrate this, the club will present the video of the four most significant actions: 1. The clash between Pedro and Arbeloa which resulted in yellow to white defender 2. The clash between Busquets and Marcelo, where Barcelona's player complained of a nonexistent slap in the face 3. The haul from Pepe and Alves (Portuguese red card), where the club will show that there was no contact (Barcelona defense left the field on a stretcher), 4. Keita pushed to Arbeloa at the final of the first half.

Past 10:00 pm, Real Madrid issued a statement confirming the allegations against Barcelona and defended Mourinho, "who, beyond the opinions expressed in the exercise of his freedom of speech, expressed his rejection of sporting victory at any price and the infringement of the principles of loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship that embody the art. 7 of the Preamble of the Statutes of UEFA and art. 5 of its disciplinary regulations".

Now is the turn of the UEFA, which has already punished RealMadrid this season. It was in December when Xabi Alonso and Ramos caused his send-offs, resulting in an exemplary punishment. Mourinho was penalized with a game "for misconduct". UEFA was more forgiving with Iniesta. On April 6 the commissioner of the Barcelona-Shakhtar reported that the player would have forced a yellow card. Barcelona's claims were met and theplayer was without penalty.


Champions League (Semifinals, 1st Leg): Adebayor


A Barcelona player crying in front of Adebayor
Emmanuel Adebayor during the match

Yesterday, Emmanuel Adebayor, like the rest of his teammates, was very angry after the semifinal match of the Champions League against Barcelona. The Togolese complained bitterly about the referee and also the attitude of his opponents. "Football is a game of men". "Whenever you play against Barcelona, whenever you touch them, they are on the floor crying like a baby. Whenever you make contact in a 50-50 they are on the floor, crying, putting their hand over their face, and their manager, their fans, they are always crying", said Adebayor.

"I have played against them three times and each time we have to play with ten. Everyone talks about Barcelona fair play, but I think they are far from fair play. With any contact in a body to body or in a disputed ball, they drop themselves and start to cry, pressing their hands on their faces", he says. "His coach, his fans and bench players are always crying. Barcelona is a great club which makes a fantastic football, but they have to stop that".


Cristiano Ronaldo also spoke about the match and the strange circumstances around it: "I don't understand. It is very difficult to play in such circumstances. We had a strategy. It was a 0-0 game and Kaka was warming up so we would attack more in the last 20 minutes. We weren't playing well. but we were playing for a 0-0. This has happened in the last four years. Barcelona have power, a lot of power. The same thing happens every year. It happened against Chelsea, Inter Milan... and now against Real Madrid. I don't know how this can be fixed".

"I am a professional footballer and I like to enjoy myself when I play. But these situations suck all the joy out of you. We're sad because it's the same every year. Mourinho is right. Referees know football. I wish I had the chance to face a team of 10. It is very different to face a team of 11 and a team of 10, especially against Barcelona". "It is very difficult to turn a 2-0 score around away from home, but anything can happen in football. We will fight in Barcelona".

Champions League (Semifinals, 1st Leg): Mourinho


Mourinho angry
Jose Mourinho was visibly angry

Jose Mourinho was visibly angry after his team's defeat against Barcelona and started ...
"Why does this happen? Barcelona are a fantastic team. I don't understand why Pepe was sent off. It paved the way for Barcelona to finish the tie".

What did you say to the referee to be expelled?
"I said nothing to the referee. I just laughed and applauded his decision without saying anything. I'd rather say no more because if I tell him and UEFA what I really think my career would end here and now. Since I cannot say it, I'll ask a question: Why? Why Ovrebo? Why Bussaca? We are talking about an absolutely fantastic football team. Why couldn't Chelsea reach the final two years ago? It was a miracle that Inter reached the final last year. Why kill a tie that could end 0-0 after three hours? I don't understand why".

Is Real Madrid eliminated from the Champions League?
"If it's already difficult to make a comeback on purely sporting grounds, it is absolutely impossible when our opponent is helped in this manner. It seems they must reach the final. I don't understand why such a fantastic team needs this. Football is a sport in which the same rules apply to all; then the best team wins. We will showcase pride and respect for our world of football in Barcelona. We will travel without Pepe, who did nothing wrong. We will travel without Ramos, who did nothing wrong. The coach won't even be able to sit on the bench and the aggregate score is against us. The system will kill us once more if we happen to score a goal and open up the tie".

The approach of the game against Barcelona...
"Our scheme had different stages for different moments in the game. We had to play together and then use a centre forward. Then I would use a number '10' behind the two forwards. It is the scheme for a 0-0 game, trying to capitalise on the frustration of our opponent. But the referee didn't let us unfold our plan. Barcelona's power should have been simply of a football nature. They have that power. Why use more?".

Have the statements of the two coaches influenced the referee?
No. I do not think that the atmosphere was very warm. I commented the words from Josep Guardiola. I have the freedom to do because they were statements. He has responded with a little politics and I do not like. The referee would have to make a normal game, but has not done. When he did not whistle the penalty on Lyon, I thought he did not see it. Maybe he did not want we got to the quarterfinals and it was agreed. I do not know. The referee has been incredible.

Guardiola said he gave you the Champions of the press room. What is your opinion?
No, I won two Champions and I won it on the field with two teams that were not Barcelona. Porto, a country that does not usually win the Champions League, and Inter after 50 years whitout win the title. We won sweating, struggling. Guardiola is a football coach and has won a Champions League that I would be embarrassed, because he won with the scandal at Stamford Bridge. And if he wins this year will be with the scandal at the Bernabeu. I respect him and wish that one day he could win a Champions League only with football. I wish that one day he could win a clean Champions, without scandals.

Champions League (Semifinals, 1st Leg)


German referee Stark came off yesterday in the gallery of monsters of Real Madrid. His name will be recited with the memory that is dedicated to historical starting lineups as justification for a playoff loss and as a summary of favors to Barcelona and Real Madrid grievances. His mistake was to confuse with a red card what should have been yellow, but his worst sin was to leave us without football, match and sport, and left us with the wrong theater, the worst drama.

Pepe was send-off by Stark
Pepe's red card

Pepe's send-off explains the match that was, but not the one which had been played an hour earlier. To be objective, to justify everything in terms of that red card, obviously excessive, means to say only a part of the truth. The truth is that Real Madrid, until that moment, had not played to win but had matched the initiative of a Barcelona that judged as good a scoreless tie. What would have happened with Pepe on the field, is impossible to say, but the projection logic of events leads to a match without goals. Think that the entry of Kaka by Lass (planned for the last 20 minutes) would have altered the destination, is a wonderful exercise in faith. But the Real Madrid players had that faith on the 60 minute.

Pepe paid his bad reputation and the weight of three consecutive Classics. Over him burst the tension on a game increasingly hot. Pepe is a victim who only put the boot in a harsh action. But when Mourinho's scheme turns around a player like him, the Real Madrid takes sports risks ... and also the referees make mistakes.

After arbitration injustice, half an hour ahead, Barcelona took the numerical and psychic advantage. Seven minutes from that convulsion, Villa tested the goalkeeper Casillas and the rebound bounced off the head of Pedro, who was very close to scoring the first goal. Soon after came a goal from Messi. Afellay, who replaced Pedro, faced with Marcelo. Both were looking into the eyes, when the side defense lost balance slightly. It was the split second Dutch player took to reach the last line and pass on pleasure. Messi, attentive and faster than Sergio Ramos, scored at the near post.

Then Messi controlled a ball in midfield and relied on Busquets as Maradona did on Henrique, furniture accessory in that cosmic goal in Mexico'86 Wolrd Cup. In this case, Messi advanced, escaped from Lass, beat Albiol and finally slipped from Sergio Ramos. At last, in front of Casillas, shot with the right leg and the ball went meekly to the net after touching in Ramos.

The second goal ended with thirty minutes where were concentrated all the accidents of the match, therefore, regarded as decisive. However, it does not hurt to review the above, the time lost, the sacrifice for the benefit of the result. When a team plays for a tie for so many minutes, is exposed to an error of his own, a wise of others, a meteor, a butterfly that flaps its wings in Singapore ... or a German referee named Stark.


Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu
Attendance: 75,000
Goals: 0-1. Min. 76. Messi. 0-2. Min. 87. Messi.


The whole world will watch the "Classic"

Tonight's first leg of the Champions League semifinals between Real Madrid and Barcelona will break all media coverage records: 1,200 members of the press have been accredited, including 500 journalists from 132 foreign media platforms, and 80 from Spain. It will be the most watched game in football history. The most prestigious media in the world, will broadcast the Classic and estimate an audience of more than 400 million viewers. Spanish football experts from the Gazzetta dello Sport, Sky, Al Jazeera, Fox, ESPN ... will be tonight at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.  Press Room

The match will be broadcast live in 37 countries. One hundred and thirty-five commentators in 45 different locations at the stadium will bring the game closer to viewers in Argentina, Chile, China, USA, Japan, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and practically all of the countries in Europe and Africa. Eighteen international radio stations will cover the match. There will also be 71 TV cameras and 100 photographers at the stadium.

In Italy, La Gazzetta dello Sport has spent extensive coverage to the Classic. A team of several reporters, led by the international football expert Paolo Condo, will be at the Santiago Bernabeu and Stefano Cantaluppi will analyze the match. "Mourinho has not left any Italian indifferent. There are two camps: Those who love him and those who hate him. There will be millions of tifossi who want to earn Real Madrid only for Mourinho, and others support Barcelona to go against him", says Cantaluppi. "In addition, Barcelona and Real Madrid are the two best teams in the world right now".

In Great Britain people expect which of the two giants of Spain will play against Manchester United in the final at Wembley. Duncan Bishop, British journalist who works on Gol TV, analyzes the impact of the RealMadrid-Barcelona. "In Britain there is growing interest in Spanish football. A Milan-Inter, for example, is a great game, but is not dedicated much extra time to it". Duncan also says: "Another plus, like it or not, is the 'Mou' factor. The British press fell in love with him during his time at Chelsea, and his way to 'sell' thegame helps a lot", he admits.

Asia. The schedule for Asian countries is not the best, but the match will be followed by television. In Seoul (South Korea) and Tokyo (Japan) will be almost four in the morning of Thursday, in Shanghai (China) 2:45 am and in Bangkok (Thailand) 1:45 am. Still, television networks estimate over 20 million viewers in Asia.

Preview: Real Madrid vs Barcelona (UCL Semifinal)

Real Madrid vs Barcelona

Another war, another party, another riddle. Third match between Real Madrid and Barcelona in twelve days; First leg of the Champions League semifinals. Anyone who says this has nothing to do with the previous matches, will be right. Anyone who says otherwise, too. The competition is different and the approach includes 180 minutes that would be 210 in case of an overtime. Less urgent, in theory. Unless the teams reserve a surprise: to solve it today. To try it, anyway.

There is every possibility, even the most unexpected. No one imagined a Madrid entrenched in the first assault. No one was able to assume that Pepe and Khedira would advance their position in the Spanish Cup, becoming the defensive pressure in attacker pressure. Only Barcelona has remained unchanged. Until Saturday. That day, after winning Osasun painfullya, Guardiola decided to play another type of match, the psychological. His comment about the tall grass was just a preview. Yesterday released toads and snakes, provocative. Tonight we will know if there is translation to the field, if Barcelona comes out more aggressive or remodeled by Iniesta injury and gives the ball to Madrid. Then the risk will be that the ball will be orphaned in midfield.

In principle, it seems that Mourinho will play with the base of the Cup team, with the obligate innovations; Albiol and Lass, by Carvalho (suspended) and Khedira (injured).Two tweaks that would not necessarily alter the essence of the scheme. In addition, the game of attack would be delivered to the creativity of Özil, key part in the first part of the Cup final, to Di María's speed and to Cristiano's strength, who will play as false striker (or not so faalse).

The reference to Cristiano leads us to consider the following game to play: The cracks' game. After the duel between coaches, or even earlier, Cristiano and Messi have a personal fight. At the moment the Portuguese win. He would be the best player of the world if is judged by the last two games.

Messi, meanwhile, has found tactical problems that has failed to solve. If acting is knowing the role and not trip over the furniture (Spencer Tracy said), Messi was tangled with the text and chairs. Without space, he has run out of air, but it is the duty of those who seek flat at the Olympus overcome these obstacles. Others did.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi

Physical condition is the last key. The approach of the Madrid explains a lot, but Barcelona has come to this part of the season without fresh and free refills. Remember: Four months ago, Barcelona would not have missed an advantage, would not have forgiven an enemy on the ropes. Mascherano's position in the center of the defense points to a problem of planning, staffing, perhaps arrogance. In that position will repeat the Argentinian while Puyol will move to the left to cover the place of Maxwell, injured in the last League match.

Real Madrid is not only stronger physically, many of its starters rested on Saturday. They did it while substitutes scoring six goals to Valencia. So great is the bench and so many possibilities it offers. Calculate: Kaka, Benzema and Higuain on the bench.

The Champions League does not lie: the equality is true, although the Madrid comes with better air. Eight wins and two draws. No goal conceded at home. Barcelona have won seven games, drawn two and lost one in the Emirates against Arsenal. Twenty-four goals scored by each team, but Madrid conceded less, three by seven of Barcelona.

Mourinho vs Guardiola: The war has begun

Jose Mourinho came with the speech well prepared and well structured to the press room at the Santiago Bernabeu: set out the facts, arguments and obtained conclusions in a crowded press room. The setting and Mourinho's tone promised and did not disappoint. The argument, the famous words of Pep Guardiola on the goal, clear offside, in the Spanish Cup Final.

Mourinho and Guardiola
Guardiola vs Mourinho

But the script of the Portuguese coach had never included an ironic tone so critical against the coach of Barcelona. Following the hearing of the Real Madrid coach, was generated a huge buzz to see the reply of Guardiola. Pep did not disappoint anyone. Accepted the challenge and talked about Mourinho as had ever done. Yesterday people saw the true Guardiola. That visceral person who has his temper and a lot to say when is harassed.

Chronological order. At 2:45 pm hours appeared Mourinho with Marcelo at a crowded press room. The appearance lasted over half an hour in front of media, but the great part of time was captured by the coach, who attacked Guardiola very start of the press conference: "With the words of Pep, we enter a new era. So far, there were two groups of coaches. A small group where coaches do not talk about referees and a large one in which I am, where we are critical when mistakes are important because we are people do not control frustration. Now we have a third group which has only one person, Guardiola, who criticizes the referees when they are right. I had never seen that in the world of football", he said.

Real Madrid coach remembered and ironically recalled the time in which he was training at Chelsea and Inter Milan was adversely affected by arbitration decisions: "His message has depth. For me it is a consequence of one thing, that in his first season as coach he lived the scandal of Stamford Bridge and from that time are not happy with the success of the referees. Last year Barcelona played against Inter over an hour with one more and this year in the Spanish Cup, he criticizes a fantastic and correct decision of a referee", he said. Mourinho did not stop there, also said that "This year Barcelona was almost eliminated against Arsenal and we all saw what happened".

Five hours and fifteen minutes later, at 8:00 pm Guardiola appeared in a press room so crowded like Mourinho's, without any player, because Javier Mascherano had talked to the press an hour and a half before. He wasted no time: "We will face in the field. He has won out of the field. I give his this particular Champions. He has won all season. I will not go out with comparative grievances because we would never end. I have no secretaries or people that point me. In this room, he is the fucking boss, the fucking lord. And I will not compete", he said.

Barcelona coach continued his broadside against Mourinho and also recalled that "He knows me and I know him. We were four years together. If he wants, he can pay more attention to the press full of Florentino's friends and the dairy that our friendship. Let him do as he pleases". He also had words to Sergio Ramos, who on Monday was expressed in the same line as Mou and criticized him for his statements about the refereeing team in the Spanish Cup final: "I have seen the words did not come out of him, The words were goated on him". However, before concluding, he returned to attack the Portuguese. "He won the game out of the pitch.There he is a phenomenon. I do not know how to play this game. He is always casting doubt on every issue. We come to compete", Guardiola commented.


Sergio Ramos: "We do not assume the favorite role"

Sergio Ramos did not want to assume the role of favorites in the semifinals of the Champions League that Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, granted to Real Madrid. Ramos sent a message to the coach saying that "He is critical with a correct decision" referring to Guardiola's statements where he criticized the arbitration proceedings in the goal, clear offside, by Pedro in the Spanish Cup final.

David Villa great drama performace
Sergio Ramos: "I would like a game with no drama"

"We do not assume the role of favorites because I think it gets us nothing. If something has led us to success is simplicity, humility and work. And those are the values ​​that must be present", said Ramos.

A day before the third classic match, the Andalusian defense requested a match clean and without drama: "I would like a game with fair play, healthy, with no drama, and a referee that neither favours or harms anyone".

Ramos said that Real Madrid players will "give everything" and will leave the "soul" on the field and that the team is "closer than ever". "We are super excited for the moment we go through. We play a very important Champions League game and now is the time where we really have to show that true union".

He praised the level shown in the match League at Mestalla (3-6) by players who have fewer minutes lately: "They showed that not only are eleven or twelve major players, all of them offer their best game in the field".

Reported a change in attitude of the fans at the Bernabeu Stadium: "From the meetings of Lyon,Tottenham and Barcelona, was a change and we saw a crowd much more focused, with much more enthusiasm. They really have to get that first goal and that any team that comes to the Bernabeu note that afraid".

Khedira hopes to play again this season?

The German international and Real Madrid player, Sami Khedira, thinks now that the season is not over for him, despite the muscle tear he suffered in the Spanish Cup final, and works for a speedyrecovery to play, eventually, in the final of the Champions League: "I will do my best to be ready as soon as possible", said the player in his Facebook profile.

"I hope to be able to participate in a possible final of the Champions League. Let's see what happens", continued the player, who was injured in overtime on Wednesday match against Barcelona last week. Initially, Khedira assumed that the season was over for him and, although obviously he will not play in the first leg of the semifinal tomorrow, now believes that he is not ruled out to participate in the second leg match on May 3, at Camp Nou Stadium.

The German international was treated in Munich of his tear by the German national team doctor Dr. Müller Wohlfart, an authority in this area. "We will decide among all, the doctors of Real Madrid and the German doctor, when I can play again", said Sami Khedira.

Khedira with a Real Madrid doctor
Khedira hopes to play again this season

Interview: Luis Figo


Luis Figo
Luis Figo

Luis Figo played for Barcelona and Real Madrid during his brilliant career, winning a pair of Spanish League titles with each of them and one European Cup with the white team. 

What are your memories of the classics?
These are matches that you always remember. They are played every year, but are remembered for the history behind them. There is great rivalry between them, both in the football sense and socially. That is why there is so much rivalry.

In matches so tense, do you feel the force of the fans?
But it is important to note that it is only a football match and people have to understand that. The stronger team that day, the team that will win.

What team is the favorite to the semifinal of the Champions League?
You can not think what has happened in previous matches. You should look to the next. Both reach the semifinals at a high level. In my opinion are the two best teams in the world at this time. For that reason, this semifinal of the UEFA Champions League will remain in the history of football.

Did Madrid finish the Barelona's cycle by winning the final of the "Copa del Rey"?
Football is always something cyclical. When I was at Real Madrid, we had a few years when we won all. And now it seems that is what is making the Barcelona. It is something that depends on the generations that come.

Guardiola's Barcelona is the best team in the world today?
I think Barcelona is playing the best football of the moment. It has a very definite philosophy and his players, who have some amazing skills, know how to play together and adapt the system. That is why it is so difficult to win them.

You know José Mourinho very well. What is your opinion about him?
It is a very successful coach. His teams do things well by the way that he makes them play so I think his presence will help to Real Madrid. Mourinho has achieved ​​a lot of wins playing a certain way so I think that he will keep winning.


Kaka met his newborn daughter

Kaka went to Brazil to meet his newborn daughter, Isabella, and visit his wife, Carolina Celico. Isabella, the first daughter of Brazilian soccer star Kaka, who plays for Real Madrid and Brazilian national team, was born on Saturday night at the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo, said the player's wife, Carolina, in her Twitter page: "Again with a normal and wonderful birth. I enjoyed every pain, every minute. It was worth", said the wife of Kaka in the network.

Kaka, his wife, Carolina Celico, and his newborn daughter, Isabella
Kaka with his newborn daughter and his wife

In Brazil, Kaka spoke with the press of his country: "I'm happy. I feel good. Mourinho has been outstanding, has been very honest with me. He is helping me a lot in this difficult time. The way he is using me, I will soon be available to help the team".

The midfielder also spoke of his future: "My thought is to stay, play and succeed at Real Madrid. Also, it is clear, I want to return to the Brazil national team". "It was a big week. My birthday, two goals, the birth of my daughter, Easter. The final part of the season is being very good. We have won a title and now we will face against Barcelona twice. I hope that everything goes equal or better than in the Spanish Cup", he added.

He concluded by referring to problems in his left knee that took him to the operating room: "Now I feel fine and I hope not return to have a knee problem, what has bothered me this season".

European Cup 1960: Real Madrid vs Barcelona

On Wednesday April 21 marked 51st anniversary of the first playoff in the European Cup between Real Madrid and Barcelona. It was also in the semifinals, also the first game at the Bernabeu Stadium and the second at the Camp Nou. It was long ago. But at that time a Rea Madrid vs Barcelona was more than just a football match.

On April 21, 1960, Madrid hosted the first leg semifinal between the four-time European champion, Real Madrid, and the Spanish champion, Barcelona, with Helenio Herrera, Ramallets, Kocsis and Evaristo. The white club lived the first great age (and best) of its history, but opposite was a Barcelona that snatched the league this season and the previous one, getting the right to play the top European competition.

European Cup 1960. Di Stefano celebrates a goal against Barcelona

Times were different. In fact, Spain was the only country with two representatives in the tournament and Barcelona made ​​its debut this season in the European Cup, which had set up four years earlier. The Catalan club won the League on the last day (both finished tied on 46 points, but Barceona had better numbers of goals). Europe was the scene of Real Madrid's revenge).

Because in Europe there was not so much equality as in the League. Real Madrid won 6-2 on aggregate, with respective 3-1 victories in both the first leg and on the return. In the first match played in Madrid, a second goal by Di Stefano gave his team a comfortable income in the final minutes. In turn, played on April 27 in Barcelona, there was no option for Barcelona. Gento and Puskas (two goals) led Real to its fifth final, the legendary Hampden Parkmatch against Eintracht Frankfurt.

Puskas, genius Magyars, scored against the Germans four goals more to reach the figure of 49, adding all competitions. A record that Leo Messi overtook on Saturday, scoring the second goal in Barcelona's win over Osasuna. But Messi has taken three games more than the great "Pancho" Puskas.

Wolfgang Stark will referee Real Madrid vs Barcelona (UCL)

German referee Wolfgang Stark will be responsible for refereeing the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions League on Wednesday that will face Real Madrid and Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

He was born November 20, 1969 in Landshut, Stark refereed this season the match Lyon vs Real Madrid (1-1) for the first leg of the last-16 knockout round. German referee did not note a clear penalty made by Gourcuff, which caused great anger in the Real Madrid coach, Jose Mourino, who did not hide his anger and attacked Stark at press conference after the game: "I am very angry, the referee must view the penalty. The action came five meters from the referee and the assistant. Four eyes were not able to see what everyone saw".

Wolfgang Stark. Lyon vs Real Madrid

Stark has refereed Real Madrid six times, with a record of three wins, one draw and two defeats. In matches of the group stage of the Champions League. Real Madrid beat Marseille, Rosenborg and Juventus and lost against Juventus and Lyon. The only draw came this season in the last-16 round duel against Lyon.

Last season, he directed the second leg of the last-16 knockout stage of the Champions League that Inter, then coached by Mourinho, won against Chelsea 0-1. The English team claimed two penalties, one especially clear by Walter Samuel on Drogba. The Ivory Coast striker was sent off after committing a foul on Motta. Chelsea also claimed a red card for Stankovic.

On the other hand, Guardiola not only commands his players to attack on the pitch. He has put on the breastplate, has taken the shield and sword and has begun to distribute hits with a single target: to put pressure on referees and Real Madrid.

When Guardiola uses irony is incisive. So when the press said the possibility that the referee Pedro Proença (Portugal) was commissioned to referee the match on Wednesday, his answer was blunt and direct: "Mourinho should be very happy". Pep only talked about his passion, football, now he changes the speech and talk about the referees.


League (Day 33): Kaka reactions


Kaka scored twice against Valencia
Kaka celebrating his two goals against Valencia

Congratulations. You played a great match at Mestalla Stadium. Two goals and two assists. Have you thought about your family?
Yes, the goals are dedicated to my daughter who is about to be born. This will happen today or tomorrow. I needed to play a match like this. It has been good for my self-confidence.

Real Madrid has made a great performance against Valencia. What is the key to the team has played so effectively against the third team ranked in the League?
A team that plays a game like this after the wear of the Spanish Cup final, proves too much. I have to thank my teammates because they have supported me. We are a fantastic group. We played well in the first half and were able to take care of business. We maintained the rhythm in the second, but Valencia took more risks and we ended 3-6. It was a great match for me and for Real Madrid".

What Mourinho said to you after the game?
Nothing special. I needed an opportunity like this and play well with Real Madrid for my personal confidence.

See yourself playing in the upcoming match against Barca?
The important thing is to enjoy this match. Mourinho has told us that from Monday start thinking of the Champions League. So I say the same thing. On Monday we will begin to think about Barcelona.

Is there a chance of winning the League?
We have to wait for the defeats of Barcelona. We will keep fighting.

League (Day 33): Mourinho reactions


Mourinho at press conference after Valencia match
Jose Mourinho. Valencia Press Conference

Jose Mourinho spoke to the press shortly after Real Madrid’s shellacking of Valencia and expressed his satisfaction with the victory.

"Some people may lose focus after unforgettable matches, but that wasn’t the case today. We took this match very seriously, but the three points are all that matter so that we can continue fighting as long as we are mathematically still alive".

"A few weeks ago we lost to Sporting, but overall we feel good. What I say about Kaka applies to the whole team. If we can finish the season well and with the feeling that we can beat any team, we will be extremely confident heading into next season. If Barcelona win the League, it will be by of the points they have earned, not by the ones we have lost".

"Kaka played a great match in a position that I like a lot. It’s a position that he is used to. We need him and he needed the confidence that he gained from this match. People can see just how talented he is during the home stretch of this season and he will start next season off in completely different fashion. I am very happy for him. And his daughter is due to be born in a few days".

The coach did not talk about Wednesday's Champions League match, third in the series of duels against Barcelona: "We will be at Valdebebas tomorrow, but not to train or think about football. We will begin preparing for the Champions League on Monday. On Sunday I spend with my family. Football is over for me this weekend".

And he insisted on a better future: "The second season should be better than the first. There must show what the coach and the team have learned, with two or three changes in the summer. I hope so. But we have won a title, we are in semifinals of theChampions League and fighting in the League".

He also praised Nacho Fernández: "Nacho debuted with the first team today in what was a difficult match, and he looked like a war veteran. That is what I want from young players who are prepared, especially from a psychological standpoint. Hats off to him as well as all his teammates".

Spanish League: Day 33


Something has Mestalla stadium and Real Madrid has a lot. Three days after the Cup final, the champion returned to the Stadium of its success, via tribute hall, to complete another show, but completely different in style and modes. The team was relaxed instead of anxious, A team concerned with attacking football and unaffected by the result, in the best sense ofthe term. So play version B of Madrid, as Valencia could see itself. Valencia maybe studied the wrong videos, the last two.

Valencia's tribute for Real Madrid
Valencia vs Real Madrid

And Real Madrid, as its coach, has two sides, although they could be more. The first introduces us to a team that is enlarged in the effort and solidarity, defined by direct football and Cristiano Ronaldo. You know, the Spanish Cup Champion. The second is constructed in the absence of Cristiano. Without him, the attack movements become more combined due to the simple reason that his peers play more balls.

This happened yesterday. After two Spartans games, Real Madrid was presented at Mestalla stadium with only two regular starters in the starting lineup: Casillas and Carvalho (Understand regular starters as the heroes of the Cup). With the rest of the squad available, Mourinho fielded, in accordance or resigned, a team with more talent than work, which brought in the midfield and ahead; Granero, Canales, Kaka, Benzema and Higuain. Peculiar concentration of "gamers", midfielders, strikers and other people of good living.

The result was optimal. If anything characterized the team was its ability to connect and have fun. For 65 minutes, Real Madrid got the feeling of enjoying the game and the proof is that white team (black yesterday) scored six goals and solved with astonishing ease a match where everything seemed against.

Such was the complicity among the three strikers of Real Madrid that they handed out the medals and diplomas: Higuain scored three goals and added two assists, Kaka scored two goals and assisted on two others and Benzema, who got a goal, participated in all dangerous actions, including a shot against the bar that almost breaks it.

There were goals from all kinds. Naughty goals, gifted goals, goals touched up the goal line and an exquisite goal, the second of Kaka after dribble Stankevicius and shoot with effect to the far post. And it all happened in the first 65 minutes, and Valencia, surpassed (Banega, Maduro and Topal remain unlocatable) opposed a Soldado's goal after good play of Jonas.

However, coinciding with the arrival of Cristiano replacing Higuain, Real Madrid missed the match and became obsessed with the seventh goal. The result was immediate: Valencia scored twice. Jonas and Jordi Alba took advantage of Mata's passes to honor the scoreboard, even tighter (but undeniable) if the referee had blown for a penalty on Soldado or if Jonas had not met with Casillas.

Higuain came back with Kaka revived and Benzema inspired. No one expects Real Madrid will repeat this team against Barcelona. Satisfied, had completed a crazy week and passionate at Mestalla.


Stadium: Mestalla
Attendance: 50,000
Goals: 0-1, m.23: Benzema. 0-2, m.31: Higuaín. 0-3, m.39: Kaká. 0-4, m.43: Higuaín. 0-5, m.53: Higuaín. 1-5, m.60: Soldado. 1-6, m.62: Kaká. 2-6, m.80: Jonas. 3-6, m.85: Jordi Alba.
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