Gonzalo Higuain dressed as a tramp to combat drug

Gonzalo Higuain has wanted to collaborate in the fight against drugs in Argentina. The Real Madrid striker has been the subject of a campaign promoted by 'La Garganta Poderosa' (The Mighty Throat), a magazine written and funded by people of Argentine slums, in which the 'Pipa' dressed as a tramp wants to raise awareness against drugs and poverty.

Gonzalo Higuain dressed like a tramp
Gonzalo Higuain (dressed like a tramp)

On the pages of this magazine also were Messi, Maradona and Tevez, among others. Higuain joined the fight against one of the deepest problems that harms young people from poorer classes in Argentina: the 'Paco'. A similar drug to 'Crack' made ​​from cocaine residue. "It works like a real criminal, kills many people. I wish we can do something to destroy this. Only this way we will save lives" said Higuain.

For the cover, the magazine chose a striking image: Higuain dressed as a tramp with two consumers of 'Paco'. And a poster: "Take me to a rehabilitation center". The Real Madrid forward emphasized this: "It seems wrong that there is no a single state rehabilitation center, serious and free, to address this problem". "With a good plan of rehabilitation, 'Paco' can be removed from our lives. And people who have that problem could do other things, much better than taking drugs, such as studying or looking for work", said Higuain in the interview with the Argentine magazine.

Benzema: "I work hard in order to become a great player"

Karim Benzema is making progress with every season. Last season he achieved the highest tallies of goals in his career thus far and he aims to do even better with the support of his manager, José Mourinho:"My ambition remains unchanged: to get better and better. I am lucky to be playing for a great club. I need to be on form throughout the season, as I did last season, and to play well for my national team as well. What more do I need to do to be a great player? I don’t know. But I work hard in order to become a great player, and I will continue to do so”.

Benzema training with France national team

The French striker also talked about one of his footballing idols, with whom he shares the same position on the pitch and whom he met in Spain’s capital when he signed with Real Madrid: “In my first season with Madrid I had the opportunity to get to know Ronaldo. I followed his career closely when I was a youngster. For me, he is one of the greatest players of all time. In fact, I think he is the best. Up there with Zidane… I liked him a lot, and when we met it was like a dream come true, I met him and we talked. I was very happy".

Zinedine Zidane, who won the UEFA Champions League in 2002 with Real Madrid, is another of his sources of inspiration in the world of football and also one of his main sources of advice. “I always turn to him for advice, and sometimes he gives it to me. I hope my career will be different to his, but similar in terms of success”, Benzema concluded.


Real Madrid opens world's largest football academy in China

Starting this season Chinese fans can now enjoy the largest football complex in the world. Thanks to the collaboration between the Real Madrid Foundation, the Chinese Super League club Guangzhou Evergrande and Soxna, more than 3,000 boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 18 will improve their football technique based on Real Madrid's training method and the sporting values that the Real Madrid Foundation champions. Florentino Perez, the Real Madrid president, and the players Kaká, Pepe, Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo sent a congratulatory message on the occasion of this important inauguration. Located to the north of the city of Guangzhou, in the greater urban area of Qingyuan, it is expected to receive over 10,000 children in eight years.

Real Madrid world's largest football academy in China
Real Madrid opened a football academy in China

The Real Madrid president stressed that it is an important step in Spain's relationship with China, where interest in football continues to grow. “I'm convinced that this collaboration will contribute to raising the level of football in China and will spread all the values that surround sport. We will fulfil a dream that began last year and in which we have been working for several months, creating the largest training academy in the world. I am grateful for your contribution to guaranteeing the project's success”.

The message from the Whites footballers aroused great interest and excitement among the thousands of fans that attended the inauguration. “Football is fun and teamwork. In the Evergrande-Real Madrid Foundation academy you will learn sporting values”. The event was also attended by top-level officials from the Chinese government who travelled directly from Beijing, considering this academy a prime example of a national project for the development of football in China.

The sports complex where the football academy is located is a school built by the Evergrande group where regulated teaching will be offered (primary and secondary school). It also includes 26 football fields that over the course of the year will be increased to 76.


Mourinho's wall

The story repeats almost every time Real Madrid plays a macth. The next day, or two days if there was a day-break, players face the wall of the shame. As they enter the locker room can face some printed images of the plays that have cost a goal or that has upset the Portuguese coach. The mistakes, at the wall. A series of television screenshots are placed sequentially to examine what movement went wrong or who was wrong in a mark. Everything focused on the player who was not right and to know why to avoid making again the same mistakes. The 'Special One' does not forgive failure.

Mourinho talking to his player at the locker room
Mourinho's Wall

For example, a rival backlash. This season there have been more than one that have ended as goal against Real Madrid. Well, Mourinho places the images in order and the players can see how they moved during the play and if they did right or wrong. Another actions that go to the wall are the corners-kicks. The marking problems are immortalized. Other coaches opt for a video session analyzing the game, but Mourinho prefers that these images stay on the wall to 'live' with the squad for a few days, to record them in their heads. You know; one and no more.

Sometimes the images speak for themselves. But sometimes, Mourinho indicates the individual or collective failure. And he rarely admits a reply. Because against the pictures, a little bit can be argued. It is a mirror that does not lie. Player who fails, is pictured. Jose Mourinho says he does not like to talk to his players after games. He prefers to do it the next day. For better or for worse. That routine begins with the screenshots. If the match has left many details that have not liked the coach, it is common that Mourinho gives a talk in which reviews the most important plays.

The coach usually does not talk after the game with his men, without evaluating all actions, unless he is angry, as happened at the break of the match against Deportivo, in which Özil was replaced after suffering the Mourinho's rage. He prefers the arguments. Similarly, it is preferable that the squad also evaluates the match overnight before being 'scolded' by its coach.

But Mourinho's weapons against the mistakes of his players are not only technological. Paper and pen also wreak havoc. His book is another snitch. When the coach points something in his notebook, it usually is a specific mistake of a player. Not always, because he can write about a system that can vary in the second half or a rival movement to comment with his players.

The truth, written by Mourinho's handwriting, is irrefutable. At that, the player has no options, shut up and improve for the next time. This is the way Mourinho educates his pupils. The Portuguese coach wants his team does not stumble twice on the same stone. Eliminating mistakes before starting to prepare for the next match. In this early season Mourinho has had to work a lot but the team is already improving.

Mourinho: "This draw can be worth four points"

Mourinho does not usually talk to the players in the minutes following the end of the macthes. It's a habit that has to avoid any misinterpretation of his words and unnecessary friction in a time when he and the players are with high pulsation and hot heads. But there are days that he skips this rule. And one of them was in the Camp Nou.

Mourinho congratulates Di Maria at Barcelona
Mourinho congratulates Di Maria

When Delgado Ferreiro, the match referee, blew the final whistle, Mourinho went to shake hands with Tito Vilanova and commented him: "It was a great show. Both teams had chances to win the match". He went into the dressing room cursing what he considered a unique opportunity to have won at Barcelona in their field. He had mixed feelings. On one side was angry about some details, more technical than tactical, in which certain players failed. He was referring to the goals conceded and some missed chances. But on the other hand was proud of the response and the image given on a critic and hostile field.

The Portuguese coach came to the locker room in full swing. He caught the epic that Cristiano Ronaldo showed playing with sore left shoulder. Just the opposite to what he saw when Real Madrid lost in Getafe and Sevilla. In those days he would have shot all the squad. From the disaster of Sanchez Pizjuan the white team has reached the best version of the football philosophy that Mourinho has implanted. In the Camp Nou the coach congratulated them with these words: "Know that this draw can be worth four points because playing as well as tonight we can win them at the Bernabeu. We should follow this line of work. Today I liked my team. You were in the match to the end, creating chances. And we had chances to win the fight".

The players felt the same. As the board members who traveled by plane with the squad and the fans who enjoyed the game. All Madridistas saw a recovered team to fight for the Spanish League title, with courage, from the first minute of the match against Barcelona, what Real Madrid will need for fighting to the end of the season.


Cristiano Ronaldo: An improved scoring machine

When Cristiano Ronaldo ended the 2011/12 season with 60 goals, it seemed unlikely that he would achieve such a remarkable feat in a very long time. Five months later, and after only 11 official games, the Portuguese is on course to break all the records he set last season. He has currently netted 14 times, which represents the best goal scoring start of his career, beating the 10 he scored at the beginning of the 2010/11 season.

Cristiano Ronaldo with future glasses
Cristiano Ronaldo: A scoring machine

Thus far this season, Real Madrid have played 11 games in 3 competitions. They have scored 25 goals in these games and 14 have been scored by Cristiano Ronaldo, or 56 %. The number 7 opened his account in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup, a tie in which he was the outstanding player as he scored another goal in the return leg. He didn’t score his first league goal until the third round of fixtures, but has since become the leading goal scorer in the team, netting 8 times. Lastly, goals have also come his way in the two Champions league games he has played, and he is now leading the way in the goal scoring charts with 4 goals.

In his previous 11 campaigns as a professional, Cristiano had never managed to score as many goals in the first 11 official games. His best start for either Sporting Lisbon or Manchester United was just 2 goals. Since he signed for Real Madrid, he has considerably improved on this figure. In 2009 and 2011 he scored 9 goals in 11 games, while in 2010, he scored 10, which was his best until this season.

If we talk about his numbers at Real Madrid, we can realise that at the Camp Nou, Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 160th and 161st competitive goals in a Real Madrid shirt. Raul took 16 seasons to reach 323 goals, the club's all-time record, while the Portuguese has racked up half this tally (49.8%) in little over three years. Cristiano is presently the ninth top marksman in Madrid history, having passed Amancio Amaro – who clocked up 155 in 14 seasons – in the game against Deportivo.

However, it is Ronaldo's scoring rate that truly singles him out: in his three full campaigns with the club so far, he has managed an astonishing 48.6 goals a season. In other words, while Raul required 741 competitive fixtures to set his lifetime mark, Cristiano has gobbled up half the ground separating him from the Spanish legend in just 155 games.

Of the eight players still ahead of CR7 in Madrid's all-time scoring stakes (Butragueño and Pirri, who are tied on 171, will be next to be overtaken by the Madeira star), only Ferenc Puskas (0.92 goals a game) stacks up against the Portuguese forward's deadly strike rate.

Luka Modric's target: Keep working

On Sunday night, with the Classic match finished, Mourinho received a message on his mobile phone. "How's Luka? Everything okay?" asked Igor Stimac, Croatian coach. "Yes, quiet. He will join the Croatian team in perfect conditions. He has not played but it is irrelevant", replied the coach of Real Madrid. In Croatia, as in Spain and probably in many other countries around the world, surprised that Luka Modric did not play a minute against Barcelona.

Luka Modric in Madrid with the green jersey
Luka Modric

The Real Madrid's star signing of this season, for which the white team fought hard in the months of July and August, to the point that the boy did not want to train with his teammates in Tottenham, stayed on the bench. However, Essien, who came on the last minutes of the market, played some minutes. Mourinho chose Özil for the playmaker position in the biggest game so far of the season. The German midfielder had a great performance and in the first big decision that Mourinho had to take, won the 'battle' against Modric and Kaka. The Brazilian, like Essien, played some minutes.

What did Modric think of this situation?. No problem. The Croatian received the following explanation of a member of the Mourinho's staff: "You still lack awareness to peers and their movements. With time, work and additional effort you are going to play more minutes for Real Madrid because you have not done preseason with us". The long time taken for his signing has taken its toll. He recognizes it. He knows there are players ahead of him. He interpreted his place on the bench in the Classic in this way.

The Classic match of the Spanish League came early for Luka Modric. Is true that his debut was against Barcelona, three days after landing in Madrid in the second leg of the Super Cup of Spain. But that day, Mourinho realised that the first title of the season was lost and thought Modric to regain possession of the ball and win the field battle. Barcelona was pressing and creating goal chances. It was a good sign. The player does not forget it.

The player trained yesterday in Zagreb with his national team to prepare the qualifying matches for the 2014 World Cup; Macedonia and Wales. His peers celebrate to have recovered the best player of the team: "It is a good thing he has not played the match against Barcelona. Here with time he will be play again his best. Soon you will see what a great player he is", said a senior leader of the Croatian federation.


Casillas: "We can't lose more points"

Iker Casillas spoke in a sports program of the Spanish radio and reviewed numerous topics. He assumes the criticism and knows that Real Madrid can not lose many points in the Spanish league if they want to have a choice to regain the championship.

Iker Casillas with an Adidas jersey
Iker Casillas

The white captain analyzed the draw against Barcelona and recalled that Barcelona team is not the only rival for Real Madrid to win the league: "The draw is a draw. I think we played very good. In the first part we deserved more because we had three or four clear opportunities. We tied against a rival that, a priori, will be with which we will be fighting for the League, but we should not rule out others, such as Atletico Madrid, which has already won seven games. There are still many matchdays ahead, we are in December and we have to know that we can not lose more points".

Regarding the two goals Messi scored against him and about the criticism, Casillas said: "When you're at the top in world football and have won awards for being the best goalkeeper in the world, can be discrepancies, but it is not important. I pay attention to the team work and if we win it means that the job is well done. Messi's second goal? I think I could save the first. In the other way, was much talk of my celebration against Man. City a couple of weeks ago and I was surprised. When I take a goal against, it disturbs me and if there is a camera shooting me for 90 minutes you can see that for example in Sunday's goals my face is the same and there is no sign of joy".

About the Cristiano Ronaldo-Messi fight for the Golden Ball, the white goalkeeper has a choice and is clear: "I would choose Cristiano Ronaldo, of course, because he is a player that is giving us a lot and is the player with who I live every day. I know him, I know how he is, how he trains, I know what he wants, where he wants to reach and he is giving us a lot".

Asked about rumors that he was the press informer about what happens at the Real Madrid dressing room, Casillas said: "These are things that surprise me, but because of my position as Real Madrid captain, I have to swallow. I know I will be involved in these problems but I believe in my ideas. I have to think about football".

And about the relationship between Ramos and Mourinho, he said: "I can assure you there was no problem and maybe it's our fault not showing what really happens in the locker room. The media talk too much without information. I supported Sergio because he is my teammate and he had a hard time, and I supported Mourinho because he wants the best for us and for Real Madrid. Ramos is a unique player but we understand that Raphael and Albiol can play for Real Madrid. I believe that if it had been a punishment, Ramos would not have played against Barcelona. There are many television shows ... ".

Real Madrid: Biggest club selling football shirts

Manchester United and Real Madrid have sold an average of 1.4m official replica shirts globally each year in the past five years, more than any other clubs in the world. The commercial giants of English and Spanish football wear kits made respectively by Nike and Adidas and those sales numbers are from the 2007-08 season to the 2011-12 season inclusive.

The figures have been compiled by veteran analyst Dr Peter Rohlmann and his team at the consulting bureau, PR Marketing, who have worked as consultants to major brands, leagues and other organisations (pr-marketing.de), and were published in full by sportingintelligence.com for the first time yesterday. As the graphic below shows, Barcelona are No3 on the sales list (Nike, average 1.15m sales a year) followed by Chelsea in fourth place (Adidas, 910,000).

The top 10 also includes Bayern Munich (Adidas), Liverpool (Adidas during the research period, now Warrior), Arsenal (Nike), Juventus (Nike), Inter Milan (Nike) and Milan (Adidas). Chelsea are the most significant ‘climbers’ since detailed market statistics were last published by that website two years ago. They were Adidas’s joint-second best sellers with Liverpool and Bayern Munich two years ago but have moved clear into second place for Adidas and fourth overall now.

There is a misconception in some quarters that big clubs sell tens of millions of shirts a year but this is simply untrue. As the graphic shows, only three clubs sell more than 1m shirts a year each consistently. The figures do not include counterfeit merchandise. Taking the five-year view of sales is considered a more reliable indicator of sustainable popularity than one-season snapshots, which hold the likelihood of peaks and troughs caused by individual trophy wins, player transfers or the release of new kits. For the 2011-12 season alone, Real Madrid and United both sold more than 1.5m shirts in the year.

So it is normal that Real Madrid earn most from kit deals. In fact Real Madrid’s deal with Adidas, which lasts until 2020, is worth a guaranteed 38 million euros per year (or £31m, or $49m) while Barcelona’s deal with Nike is worth 33 million euros per year. Real Madrid are in front of the top ranking thanks to the renewed deal with Adidas. Not far behind one can find Barcelona and the leading merchandising sellers of the UK, Manchester United and Liverpool.


Barcelona 2 - 2 Real Madrid (Spanish League, Day 7)

To coincide in time with two of the best players in history is a privilege for football fans and ensures an endless source of stories to entertain the grandchildren and other young guys. Attend their permanent fight is a pleasure that yesterday was multiplied by thousand, fighting face to face. Messi and Cristiano struggled last night without intermediaries or miles away. Their known battle for the throne of football found accommodation in the middle of the Classic. Twenty of the best players on the planet got on to their rumps, earrings and dependents. If the show ended up being great, it was because Cristiano and Messi seized the match and in the middle of a colossal battle, they replied to each other every affront.

It is very rare that something like this happens. Typically when a genius shines the other falls into the dark. However, the draw means in this case an absolute balance extending from them to their respective teams, although Real Madrid continues in the race with eight points down. Not much, if you think about Cristiano Ronaldo, but it is an ocean if we consider Messi. We will enjoy, this is the only certainty.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi after finishin the match 2-2
Amazing performance by Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi

Real Madrid started the match with very clear ideas. Putting pressure on the opponents when they were in possession, the Whites, who were not feeling the combined pressure from the crowd or the home team, dominated and created the better chances in the first half hour. In fact, the first chance fell to the visitors in the form of a Di María shot that went over on 6 minutes. After very little time they created more dangerous chances. A Ronaldo cross to Benzema on the penalty spot who miscued a volley in the 13th minute. In only 15 minutes, Real Madrid had managed to create two chances, while Barcelona had not had a shot on goal and had committed six fouls as opposed to only one by the Whites.

Real Madrid were very comfortable on the pitch. They were their passages of play and they soon got their deserved reward. In just six minutes they had three very clear opportunities. The first, a headed shot from Ramos from a corner, went a few inches over the Barca goal in the 19th minute. The second chance ended with a goal following a piece of play in which Real Madrid strung together ten passes in arriving in the home team’s area and was worthy of the outcome. Khedira, Xabi Alonso, Di Maria, Marcelo and Özil were involved in the move that in which the ball ended up with Benzema, who played through Ronaldo with some great vision in the area. The low shot from the Portuguese surprised Valdés at his near post in the 23rd minutes. It is the sixth consecutive match in which the Portuguese has found the net against Barcelona. 0-1 and the second nearly came two minutes later but Benzema’s shot hit the post and then a mistake from Di Maria missed the rebound.

Inside half an hour, the league champions had five chances, either hitting the post or stopped by Valdes. Barcelona, meanwhile, only had one long distant shot from Iniesta in the 21st minute, but on their first shot on target they brought the match level. It was a bouncing ball that arrived in the visiting team’s area and Pepe attempted a clearance but misjudged his jump to set free Messi who beat Casillas in the 31st minute. 1-1, which is how the half finished. It was unfair to the Whites who were superior.

Mourinho had little to change at the break. His team dominated in the Nou Camp and the Whites were close to backing-up their superiority in the first passage of play in the second half. Özil went into the area and passed Mascherano with a beautiful spin, but was taken down in the area by the Argentine in the 46th minute. Delgado Ferreiro, the referee, said no penalty. The match was exciting and the fight for the ball in midfield was titanic. More chances were created and in the 60th minute Barcelona went ahead in an isolated piece of play. Messi was tripped outside the area in front of goal and he put his free-kick over the wall for second goal.

Everything turned against Real Madrid, but this team has always shown throughout its history its built-in resilience. In the Camp Nou there was no exception. Özil set Ronaldo clear and the ruthless Portuguese scored from the one-on-one in the 67th minute. The Portuguese’s first brace against Barcelona and tenth goal in the last five matches. The Catalans’ home crowd wanted to give their team strength, but it was Higuain, who had replaced Benzema in the 61st minute, who had the opportunity to put Real Madrid back ahead with a shot from a difficult angle that Valdes stopped in the 77th minute. Both teams kept going until the end a Montoya shot hit the crossbar, but the record of the matches between the two sides this season (a win for each and a draw) reflected the equity on the scoreboard. The third Clasico of the season ended in a draw.


Stadium: Nou Camp
Attendance: 98,000
Goals: 0-1, m.23: Cristiano Ronaldo. 1-1, m.31: Messi. 2-1, m.61: Messi. 2-2, m.66: Cristiano Ronaldo.


Messi vs Cristiano: Last round for the Golden Ball 2012

There are many macthes in a Barcelona vs Real Madrid clash. For four years, in addition to those played between the two clubs since the first meeting in 1902, there is always a Messi vs Cristiano match, in which both players are vying for consideration of best footballer on the planet. Leo Messi has the edge since both compete in Spain, because of collective titles (two Champions Leagues, three Spanish League titles and two World Club Championships) among others and by individual achievements (three consecutive Golden Balls since 2009). But for the first time since he wears white, Cristiano Ronaldo feels able to contest an award that was his in 2008.

Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

After his distaste for the award for best player in Europe (Andrés Iniesta), which led to his public statement of sadness after the game against Granada, Cristiano Ronaldo seems to have regained the competitive and scoring strength. After a poor start of the season, arrives at Camp Nou with the same number of goals scored by Messi who started as a rocket. Both add ten goals this season, with the Real Madrid player scoring two hat-tricks in the last two games of his team. Thus, it seems reasonable that Ronaldo may achieve by December the impressive record of Messi, who accumulates 56 goals in offcial matches (playing for Barcelona and his national team) in this 2012. Cristiano, adding Real Madrid and Portugal, has scored 51.

But the Golden Ball award, strange award because it values natural years and not seasons of football competition, also evaluates, at least in theory, other factors, especially the collective achievements. And according to this, Cristiano Ronaldo has advantage. The Portuguese player have won the Spanish League and the Super Cup of Spain with Real Madrid, defeating Leo Messi and Barcelona in both competitions. While the Argentinian player, in 2012, only got the Copa del Rey (Spanish Cup). Also, Ronaldo was the leader of the Portugal team, semifinalist at Euro in Poland and Ukraine, while Messi spent the summer resting for the first time in many years.

In the Classic will play other contenders for the award that now give FIFA and France Football, as Andres Iniesta and Iker Casillas. But the brightness of both playing for Spain and their teams, seems insufficient to eclipse the battle between Messi and Cristiano; two players, one award.

Preview: Barcelona vs Real Madrid (Spanish League, Day 7)

From the first Classic with Mourinho in the Real Madrid bench (11-19-2010), Barcelona and Real Madrid have played thirteen matches, equivalent to a 'match of the century' every 52 days. As six of those matchups were played at the Camp Nou (as many in the Bernabeu), is assumed that the fear or nerves are matters irrelevant at this point. After so many clashes every step is known, almost family: the roar, the music...

Of those Real Madrid players that suffered the 5-0 almost 23 months ago, today ten may be again in the starting line-up, if Özil plays as playmaker. Carvalho is the only one who has lost the place. In the Barcelona team, most likely, is that seven players will repeat in the starting team. Pique and Villa would not start the match because although they are ready to play they have no competition pace. In addition Abidal and Puyol are out due to injuries. That is, the base of the defense and the forward are out.

The memory of that game, not so distant, offers the first analysis. Barcelona is weakened in what the coaches call 'security corridor' and with those important players out of the match, it has a weakness in relation to Real Madrid. Vilanova has no confident alternatives and has not wanted to have them. Instead of signing a central defender and a striker (pressing needs), Tito wanted Song and Jordi Alba. The result is that today Barcelona will face a team with more punch with two defensive midfielders like Song and Mascherano, one slow and one small.

It is true that Barcelona is leading the league with a perfect record (some wins with controversy), but what is concealed against other rivals, will be impossible to hide against an enemy as powerful as Real Madrid. Another team with eight points gap and with problems in the defensive line would consider an emergency solution, perhaps a more conservative tactic, maybe a match with counter-attacks. However, we know that Barcelona appreciates its philosophy over surviving.

Messi's new position is also something important. The genius has moved backwards in the field to shake a football play that has become predictable. And this is why is so important the Cesc's role as complicit, as midfielder with scoring power. It's as if Messi had ceased to be the protagonist of the films to be director. The common good above the good of himself, and the film above the Oscars.

For Real Madrid (white team traveled today to Barcelona), the match looks different. The Classic comes when it seems to have regained a good shape and memory. The discussion Kaka or Modric is a floral game. The important thing is that the team has returned to its overwhelming version (coinciding with the best version of Cristiano Ronaldo) and we should not forget that his best games at the Camp Nou have been in emergency situations. Providing spaces to a team like Real Madrid is a suicide mission, unless Barcelona may take the control of the ball. Barcelona did it in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup and today is faced with the same challenge. Much of the Spanish League title is at stake, also the mood of the fans, probably the Golden Ball. We'll see.

Expected Starting Line-up
  • Barcelona: Valdes, Alves, Song, Mascherano, Adriano, Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta, Pedro, Messi, Alexis.
  • Real Madrid: Casillas, Arbeloa, Pepe, Ramos, Marcelo, Xabi Alonso, Khedira, Di Maria, Cristiano Ronaldo, Özil, Higuaín.
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