Messi vs Cristiano: Last round for the Golden Ball 2012

There are many macthes in a Barcelona vs Real Madrid clash. For four years, in addition to those played between the two clubs since the first meeting in 1902, there is always a Messi vs Cristiano match, in which both players are vying for consideration of best footballer on the planet. Leo Messi has the edge since both compete in Spain, because of collective titles (two Champions Leagues, three Spanish League titles and two World Club Championships) among others and by individual achievements (three consecutive Golden Balls since 2009). But for the first time since he wears white, Cristiano Ronaldo feels able to contest an award that was his in 2008.

Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

After his distaste for the award for best player in Europe (Andrés Iniesta), which led to his public statement of sadness after the game against Granada, Cristiano Ronaldo seems to have regained the competitive and scoring strength. After a poor start of the season, arrives at Camp Nou with the same number of goals scored by Messi who started as a rocket. Both add ten goals this season, with the Real Madrid player scoring two hat-tricks in the last two games of his team. Thus, it seems reasonable that Ronaldo may achieve by December the impressive record of Messi, who accumulates 56 goals in offcial matches (playing for Barcelona and his national team) in this 2012. Cristiano, adding Real Madrid and Portugal, has scored 51.

But the Golden Ball award, strange award because it values natural years and not seasons of football competition, also evaluates, at least in theory, other factors, especially the collective achievements. And according to this, Cristiano Ronaldo has advantage. The Portuguese player have won the Spanish League and the Super Cup of Spain with Real Madrid, defeating Leo Messi and Barcelona in both competitions. While the Argentinian player, in 2012, only got the Copa del Rey (Spanish Cup). Also, Ronaldo was the leader of the Portugal team, semifinalist at Euro in Poland and Ukraine, while Messi spent the summer resting for the first time in many years.

In the Classic will play other contenders for the award that now give FIFA and France Football, as Andres Iniesta and Iker Casillas. But the brightness of both playing for Spain and their teams, seems insufficient to eclipse the battle between Messi and Cristiano; two players, one award.

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