Mourinho's wall

The story repeats almost every time Real Madrid plays a macth. The next day, or two days if there was a day-break, players face the wall of the shame. As they enter the locker room can face some printed images of the plays that have cost a goal or that has upset the Portuguese coach. The mistakes, at the wall. A series of television screenshots are placed sequentially to examine what movement went wrong or who was wrong in a mark. Everything focused on the player who was not right and to know why to avoid making again the same mistakes. The 'Special One' does not forgive failure.

Mourinho talking to his player at the locker room
Mourinho's Wall

For example, a rival backlash. This season there have been more than one that have ended as goal against Real Madrid. Well, Mourinho places the images in order and the players can see how they moved during the play and if they did right or wrong. Another actions that go to the wall are the corners-kicks. The marking problems are immortalized. Other coaches opt for a video session analyzing the game, but Mourinho prefers that these images stay on the wall to 'live' with the squad for a few days, to record them in their heads. You know; one and no more.

Sometimes the images speak for themselves. But sometimes, Mourinho indicates the individual or collective failure. And he rarely admits a reply. Because against the pictures, a little bit can be argued. It is a mirror that does not lie. Player who fails, is pictured. Jose Mourinho says he does not like to talk to his players after games. He prefers to do it the next day. For better or for worse. That routine begins with the screenshots. If the match has left many details that have not liked the coach, it is common that Mourinho gives a talk in which reviews the most important plays.

The coach usually does not talk after the game with his men, without evaluating all actions, unless he is angry, as happened at the break of the match against Deportivo, in which Özil was replaced after suffering the Mourinho's rage. He prefers the arguments. Similarly, it is preferable that the squad also evaluates the match overnight before being 'scolded' by its coach.

But Mourinho's weapons against the mistakes of his players are not only technological. Paper and pen also wreak havoc. His book is another snitch. When the coach points something in his notebook, it usually is a specific mistake of a player. Not always, because he can write about a system that can vary in the second half or a rival movement to comment with his players.

The truth, written by Mourinho's handwriting, is irrefutable. At that, the player has no options, shut up and improve for the next time. This is the way Mourinho educates his pupils. The Portuguese coach wants his team does not stumble twice on the same stone. Eliminating mistakes before starting to prepare for the next match. In this early season Mourinho has had to work a lot but the team is already improving.

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