Casillas: "We can't lose more points"

Iker Casillas spoke in a sports program of the Spanish radio and reviewed numerous topics. He assumes the criticism and knows that Real Madrid can not lose many points in the Spanish league if they want to have a choice to regain the championship.

Iker Casillas with an Adidas jersey
Iker Casillas

The white captain analyzed the draw against Barcelona and recalled that Barcelona team is not the only rival for Real Madrid to win the league: "The draw is a draw. I think we played very good. In the first part we deserved more because we had three or four clear opportunities. We tied against a rival that, a priori, will be with which we will be fighting for the League, but we should not rule out others, such as Atletico Madrid, which has already won seven games. There are still many matchdays ahead, we are in December and we have to know that we can not lose more points".

Regarding the two goals Messi scored against him and about the criticism, Casillas said: "When you're at the top in world football and have won awards for being the best goalkeeper in the world, can be discrepancies, but it is not important. I pay attention to the team work and if we win it means that the job is well done. Messi's second goal? I think I could save the first. In the other way, was much talk of my celebration against Man. City a couple of weeks ago and I was surprised. When I take a goal against, it disturbs me and if there is a camera shooting me for 90 minutes you can see that for example in Sunday's goals my face is the same and there is no sign of joy".

About the Cristiano Ronaldo-Messi fight for the Golden Ball, the white goalkeeper has a choice and is clear: "I would choose Cristiano Ronaldo, of course, because he is a player that is giving us a lot and is the player with who I live every day. I know him, I know how he is, how he trains, I know what he wants, where he wants to reach and he is giving us a lot".

Asked about rumors that he was the press informer about what happens at the Real Madrid dressing room, Casillas said: "These are things that surprise me, but because of my position as Real Madrid captain, I have to swallow. I know I will be involved in these problems but I believe in my ideas. I have to think about football".

And about the relationship between Ramos and Mourinho, he said: "I can assure you there was no problem and maybe it's our fault not showing what really happens in the locker room. The media talk too much without information. I supported Sergio because he is my teammate and he had a hard time, and I supported Mourinho because he wants the best for us and for Real Madrid. Ramos is a unique player but we understand that Raphael and Albiol can play for Real Madrid. I believe that if it had been a punishment, Ramos would not have played against Barcelona. There are many television shows ... ".

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