Mourinho: "If Ruud is coming, I'd be happy"

Jose Mourinho attended the press conference after the Real Madrid training in Valdebebas. A press conference in which the possible signing of a striker took the media attention.

"It would be good to have another attacker. I continue on the same line that long it would be great to have another attacker, because there are not many and we have many games to play. Now that the club has opened the possibility of signing a player, I'm very happy. The club is working to see if it’s possible. The market is open until 31, but until then, if we eliminate Atletico, we would have five more games. A striker would be great. We speak of many names. All of them would be a help to us. If is Ruud, I would be very happy. I met him in England and know the person, so he would be delighted" said Mou. 

Mourinho Press Conference

Mourinho refused to deepen the state of negotiations with the Dutch striker: "He will be playing with Hamburg within two hours. He's player of Hamburg, and I have not had contact with the club to say whether far or near. I cannot speak of a player who has another shirt. "

What he wanted to make clear is that despite his insistence to sign another striker, personally he’s satisfied with the performance of Karim Benzema: "At the time of change against Atletico, stadium was honking at me, not him. We were 1-1, I switched to a forward and I'm sure people whistled to me because they wanted to continue playing with only 9 they have. I'm happy with Benzema. He works more than ever and is making. He lacks goals because he lacks the mentality of wanting to make. For example, the other day, how many meters Cristiano runs to make his goal? Benzema lacks the obsession to goals. But I am very happy with Karim. If we get another striker is not to be the 'anti-Karim ', but to have alternatives".

"We work a little at the mental level with Karim because we played a lot. Play, retrieve, play back ... The important thing is that he knows I am with him more and more, because I see his desire to work for the team. He plays well, makes smart moves... If we get another striker, it will be a stimulus for him, not a problem. He will score".

The Portuguese said: "I'm counting on Lass”, despite leaving the French out of the squad "because we have Xabi, Gago, Khedira and Granero, and I'd rather have an offensive man in the field as Pedro Leon or Canales" and revealed that Mesut Özil suffers physical problems that threaten his presence in the starter team. "If he can play, he will play. If he is called is because he has possibilities. But, if he has not trained, then he has a problem. There are 24 hours and he has a problem that sets him apart from the eleven, but we just wait" Asked about his possible replacement, no doubt, "Kaka".

The coach was extended to talk about Álvaro Morata, again off the list: "Morata will be playing for Real Madrid and will make history at the club, a history of ten years, as Canales. Obviously, Morata will not be sold by Real Madrid. We hope and belief that he will become a first team player. But the problem of Castilla’s players is the press, the environment. Only a few, reach the first team at 17, Raul, Maradona, Zidane... Here, if they do not play at 18, journalists say they want to go. Morata have to make goals for Castilla. He has only made four. He has a future ahead, but people have to leave him alone. Fans have to wait. Next year he will be a better striker".

Khedira dressed as a bullfighter for the 'Sport Bild' magazine

Sami Khedira surprised with a bullfighter dress for the weekly magazine Sport Bild. In a very personal interview (it is a serial of Germans playing outside the country), midfielder reveals some details of the Real Madrid dressing room. He admits that comes out with Cristiano Ronaldo and Mourinho encourages him. He talked about how he sees Spain: "The mentality is different. The Spanish are proud people. I had to get used to things like eating out or how are the people".

Khedira dressed as "Torero"

He talked about peer relations: "We often go out together. Gago and Marcelo have invited me. The players live out of town and do barbecues in the garden. Team meals are six to eight weeks. We go to basketball. The last time was against Olympiakos. I was with Marcelo, Pepe and Cristiano".

He said about the fitness of Özil: "He quickly integrated. The World Cup helped us. There were players with foreign roots. It showed that the Germans are open to new things" He talked about himself and Mourinho: "We have good tactical training. I got better in the air. For many people, Mourinho is serious and arrogant, but he is human and respectful. He works hard and put balance between fun and work".

He also made an allusion to Stielike: "For people he was the most important German who played in Madrid. He is more recognized here than in Germany".

Real Madrid is interested in Van Nistelrooy

Real Madrid has thought an old friend to strengthen his lead. Mourinho wants striker, Ruud Van Nistelrooy may be, he could return to the white team a year later. The Real Madrid is negotiating with Hamburg the Dutch striker incorporation.

Van Nistelrooy celebrates his last goal for Real Madrid

A Dutch television said the negotiations for the return of 'Van The Man' at the Bernabeu, but Hamburg is not getting easier. The German club's stance has not gone down well at all to Van Nistelrooy, who left the team training planning to go to Real Madrid.

In the casting of '9' gain in the offices of Madrid has appeared the name of Van Nistelrooy who sounds stronger than ever. The club is looking for a player for the next six months, to arrive on loan and he can play the Champions League. Everything that, happens with the Dutch, who is still longing for the Bernabeu.

A year after going into the winter break last season, Van Nistelrooy may return to wearing the white of Real Madrid after leaving a trace in the three and a half seasons in which he got tired of scoring goals. Who takes the place of Higuain may be an old acquaintance. Who knows?

Van Nistelrooy is keen to finish his career in Spain and loves Real Madrid, where he scored 64 goals in 96 games. He sees good ending the year at the white team. He has already been raised that in the offices of Hamburg, but has received a negative reply.

Van Nistelrooy was very angry. The online newspaper Kicker put a striker’s comment to his leaders: "If you don’t leave me go, I will not play more with Hamburg" And the German media reported yesterday that he left the training and even the concentration of the team, which plays today at 6.30 pm against Shalke 04. On the other hand, a club spokesman, Jorn Wolf, denied this point: “He doesn’t have left the team hotel and will play against Schalke"


Sergio Ramos: "We can not afford to lose more points”

The competition does not stop, and Sergio Ramos is already thinking about the next match of Real Madrid, on Sunday, at 19.00 pm at the Mediterranean Games Stadium against Almeria. "It's an opponent that we know quite well. We must try to keep adding because unfortunately we do not depend on us. There is a team that is over".

Sergio Ramos talked about next match against Almeria

"We cannot afford to keep losing points" continues the defense, because the leader takes us two. Planting a loss of points both home and out would be, getting Barcelona a victory, an important difference. And obviously we're going out for victory".

Ramos notes, in Andalusian side, the figure of Piatti, "A player very fast, high quality and you cannot leave very little space. They are players who you have to anticipate and always be in contact with them, not let they face you with the ball under control because that's when you really looking for a problem".

Ramos is clear that "We are very fortunate to enjoy one of the best leagues in the world. If I have to stay with a player, I choose to Cristiano Ronaldo. We are fortunate to have him on our team, he is a great professional and for me is one of the best in the world".

Nor spares praise Kaka: "It's a great player who has had a hard time for the injury he had, but has seen the light at the end of the tunnel. I think it may be a key to the Real Madrid and provide many alternatives to Mourinho".

Ramos did not rule out the surprise of Malaga in the Nou Camp: "You never know, but the Hercules won recently. Everybody knows it is very difficult to scratch some point in the field of Barcelona".

Finally, he bid for Sevilla against Espanyol: "I know very well that field, team and if there is a difficult place across Spain, for the fans they have, which is unique and impressive, is the Sanchez Pijuan. Of course Sevilla can win Espanyol, though nobody doubts the great team that has the Espanyol".

Benzema, upset with the arrival of a striker

In England it is following with particular interest in everything that happens around the possible signing of a striker for Real Madrid, and even more so after last night, its general manager, Jorge Valdano, confirmed that the club will eventually go to a 'nine' during the winter window.

Benzema, upset with Real Madrid's board

The British press reported today that Karim Benzema is upset after learning the intentions of the club and is not willing to accept the arrival at Real Madrid for another striker, so the French would be weighing the option of leaving even transferred to another team to the final part of the season. In particular, the English Aston Villa, who leads his compatriot Gerard Houllier.

Gerard Houllier will sign Karim Benzema

Based on this information, Benzema is aware of his poor performance and discomfort in the stands with his play and the prospect of the arrival of a player that makes him competitive, willing to accept a loan deal to play for Houllier, former coach and mentor at Olympique Lyon and with whom he has a close friendship.

In adition, the Aston Villa hunts for a new striker after Houllier fight with John Carew and that has caused the Norwegian does not participate in the technical plans of the 'villains'.

Valdano: "We are seeking a striker for six months"

 Jorge Valdano

The general manager of Real Madrid, Jorge Valdano, left happy the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium after beating Atletico 3-1 in the quarterfinals of the Cup a "result that requires Atletico to take command of the second leg match".

"It was an intense game, especially in the first part where De Gea became the protagonist. We went into the break with the earned score. In the second, they waited with lot of people and it cost us find free places, but team find the goal" he said.

The score will force Atletico to carry the weight of the return match next Thursday: "It's not convenient, but if they are forced to play in a way that is best for us" admitted Valdano who also praised the strength of his team. "The intensity with which we have emerged indicating that we are competitive in all competitions because we are very ambitious"

Today Benzema did not have a good night and went out with match 1-1. After that, Real Madrid entrains the game with two more goals. Maybe that's why the board of Real Madrid is looking for a nine and openly acknowledged. "We are exploring the market after Higuain’s surgery, to see if we find a player to help us six months. Journalists are saying many names, but it is better not going into detail. But it is true that we are looking for a 9. We'll try that commitment does not affect in the future so look for a striker who is willing to lend a hand for six months"

Mourinho: "Benzema is working fine but lacks hunger to score"

Jose Mourinho during the match

Did you like the referee?
If someone has to complain, we are. There is offside in the Atletico goal and then Atletico almost marked by a hand of Kun. Two plays in which the two assistants were wrong. This referee is very good, with a philosophy that I like. Only with referees like this, you can have dynamic games with speed ... I liked it and if instead of going out 3-0, 3-1 because he made a mistake, they are facts of football. Bring me this referee all the matches that I will happy.

Valdano has said the club will sign. Does that mean you are dissatisfied with Benzema?
They are separate things. We do not want an attacker because we do not like Karim Benzema. He is working hard, is a striker who is unselfish and makes his teammates play. He acks a little hungry to score, because the shot of Cristiano Ronaldo is a ball that the strikers interested in the numbers, do not forgive, but he lacks that. When club is looking for a striker is not for Karim, but because we have no other. I look at my bench and I have Gago, Lass, Granero ...But I have no attackers.

Does the team can suffer physical wear?
I prefer the fatigue to not play in Cup. When I see signs of fatigue, we have to do rotations. We want to get to the end in the Cup, reach the final in the Champions League and win the League. It is better to be here to train without having to play.

Another great match from Özil.
Özil has a lot to grow. Mainly, he has greatly improved his continuity. Before he had high quality details and moments that did not appear. Now he has continuity, intensity and is young. Madrid has Özil for ten years.

Is it just result?
We played better the first time that the second, except the first five minutes. I told my players that what mattered was winning. I liked 2-1. The team has tried something else and we have done enough to score a goal ahead. We were lucky in the play of the hand of Kun that Forlan did not score. The 3-1 gives us some comfort.

What about the performance of Arbeloa?
In defense we do the rotations that we want, because we have players. Arbeloa has risen and played deeper. He is very serious, does not have errors and is always compact. I like that kind of player you love to coach, not the fans. Garay and Albiol are ready to play. Mateos is not because he plays little and lacks pace.

Spanish Cup: Quarterfinals (1st Leg)


The Whites turn the score around and leave one foot in the semifinals

Real Madrid's goal celebration

Real Madrid's intensity during the match was brutal. Atletico had a strong start, but were again defeated at the Bernabeu. The knockout stage hasn't been decided yet, but Real Madrid's three strikes give them a solid advantage for the return leg.

A great effort between Reyes and Aguero seven minutes into the match left the ball at Forlan's feet inside the box; and the Uruguayan scored the opener. The Whites intensified their game and scored an equaliser on the 13-minute mark through a corner kick headed in by Sergio Ramos. Real Madrid put even more pressure on the visitors and only keeper De Gea prevented them from taking the lead before half-time.

Atletico waited for the right moment to counterattack after half-time. Forlan came close to netting a strike, but the ball hit the near post. Real Madrid responded to this five minutes later: Ozil crossed the ball into the box from the right wing and Cristiano Ronaldo kicked it into the back of the net with the sole of his boot (61').

Mourinho's boys started to suffer from the great efforts they made during the first half and began to look somewhat tired. They decided to control the ball more to prevent Atletico from getting possession.

Then, Atletico committed suicide just when it seemed both sides were not going to do much to alter the score: Filipe tried to clear the ball inside the box, hitting Dominguez with it instead and forcing him to go down, allowing Ozil to easily defeat De Gea just before injury time.


Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu
Attendance: 77,000
Goals: 0-1, m. 7: Forlán. 1-1, m. 14: Sergio Ramos. 2-1, m. 61: Cristiano Ronaldo. 3-1, m. 90: Özil.


England sees Adebayor close to the Real Madrid

The 'Daily Mirror' puts Emmanuel Adebayor close to Real Madrid and says that Manchester City would be willing to give the player until next June 30 in exchange for 1.2 million euros, negotiable amount. Togolese striker is one of the three main options (Klose and Valdez are the other two) that manage the club to replace Higuain, almost certainly low for the remainder of the season.

Emmanuel Adebayor

At first, the City, which has just signed another striker, Dzeko (Bosnian, 35 million) was only willing to part Adebayor with a transfer. And Real Madrid does not want a player in property because they think make a huge investment of the summer in a striker over the Togolese importance.

However, the English club, which has an excess of attackers, have reached only loan offers from clubs who cannot pay the tab from the striker, that around ten million euros a year. The City, threatened by the new economic regulations of FIFA, needs to lighten its payroll. Real Madrid is willing to pay the portion of the tab that corresponds (the final part of the season) and agree a purchase option which the English could be set at 24 million. Madrid would not be willing to sign more than 17.

The 'Daily Mirror' says that Jose Mourinho wanted to hire him when he headed Chelsea and was the player's salary, then at Arsenal, which discouraged Roman Abramovich. Now the circumstances are different, because Adebayor is not required on his team which also considered him to conflict. Last week he staged a fight with the captain of the City, Kolo Toure, during a workout.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Kun Agüero. The Duel

The Cup does not understand statistics. Atletico does not win at Real Madrid since 1999 and in these 12 years the Madrid domain is staggering: 12 wins and six draws. But none of this applies when there is a Cup tie involved, with Cristiano on one side and Kun Agüero other.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Kun Aguero

The Portuguese star is released. He comes from scoring a hat trick against Villarreal and adds 23 goals in 18 games of the season. At this rate, without injury, Cristiano Ronaldo is ready to exceed 50 goals in all competitions. In the last Cup game against Levante at the Bernabeu, the whites scored eight goals, three with the signing of Portuguese.

But Quique Sanchez Flores has already made clear. He will not prepare anything special to stop the Portuguese: "Focusing on Cristiano would be a serious mistake" Atletico coach told in press conference.

Atletico are good at the Cup at the Bernabeu and Quique has to rely on Diego Forlan and Kun Aguero especially. The Argentine has already shown that the counter-attack and with spaces is more than lethal.

The match is set: Cristiano vs Kun Agüero. The favoritism is on the side of Real Madrid, but we know that in these cases Atletico is unpredictable. And the competition with two-legged is usually better for the red-whites than whites.

Preview: Real Madrid vs Atletico

Real Madrid and Atletico dispute on Thursday (10 pm -Spain time-) the first assault of their Spanish Cup quarter-final. A duel, unbalanced in favor of whites who were clearly higher in the derby league and are 20 points above its neighbors in the championship, also reinforced by the valuable victory achieved against Villarreal. Opposite, Atletico who still licking the wounds of the Rico Perez, with Quique Flores dancing on the wire and the fans angry. The worst scenario for any team, but not for Atletico.

Real Madrid vs Atletico

Second derby of the teams in the season. Cup returns to measure the unequal forces. As It goes for twelve eleven years of white rule, provides virtually no surprise, and at that stage Atletico becomes more dangerous. It is the unpredictability made football team.

Real Madrid won the Liga derby in good faith, but Atletico stood up. The results covered everything. Real solved the match in 20 minutes, and when the Bernabeu was preparing for the win, Sergio Agüero signed a stirring performance of rebellion. He had no prize, but the Kun was again the great red-white hop and will be today.

Two months after that match, Real Madrid has distanced Atletico in the League and now aims to eliminate them to enter in semi-finals, where has not appearing for last five years. Exceptionally, José Mourinho has not made the starting eleven, but hinted at changes. Albiol and Lass can go out, even Özil. Arbeloa, Khedira, Granero ... More than three new faces would be too.

For Atletico, the match's name is Juanfran (also the eternal Kun). Another former Madrid player who ends up playing next to Manzanares. He's in the list, so it is possible that Quique use him. Up front Forlan and Reyes will play and team trust in them to achieve at least a goal that could be gold at the second leg in Calderón Stadium. Atletico, outside Europe and away from the Champions League classification, see Spanish Cup like the table of salvation of the season.


Mourinho: "With Higuain has been what I expected"

Have you been able to talk with Higuain?

I tried talking to him but I did not succeed. It is normal after surgery; he does not pick up the phone and has to rest. But I talked to the doctor, and everything is normal, as expected, what I said long ago. After John Terry operation it was just what the doctor said. One thing is the recovery from surgery and other a recovery of the player. With John it was the same, he returned to training months later and played a couple of months later, but in order to become the best England central, it cost. Today John is the same but has suffered a lot. About Higuain, to be on top I think we'll wait at the start of next season, is basically what I expected. We all want everything goes well and return to being the player we know.

Confirmed the four-month low of Higuain, the club supports the possibility of hiring someone. It is a battle won ...

I have no fight with anyone at Real Madrid. I try to be honest. I spoke to the club a couple of months to say how I saw the situation. I have been honest, while not being a doctor or know little about medicine, my experience told me that Higuain will not play again this season, when others said he would be for Lyon. The club knows my position, but the club is sovereign. I will work every day and the club's decision is the decision of the club.

Failure to sign a striker in winter, does it reduce the chances of success of the team?

I do not know. Obviously a greater number of options are always a help to the coaches.The other day I commented, the Arsenal has Van Persie, Chamakh, Bendtner, Arshavin and a fifth I do not remember. It has five forwards. The Milan has Ibra, Cassano, Inzaghi who is now injured, Robinho, Pato ... We have begun the season with Higuain and Karim and are an attacking team. But hey, there is no perfect team. Perhaps the team that has many strikers has not covered other positions. We have five central defenders and I will not talk about this any longer.

The other day Cani threw you a bottle and the competition committee did not sanction him. What do you think? What if you had done?

I'm glad that they have removed the card because I do not like having players suspended. I like watching the best in the field. Cani is a good player and Villarreal plays a very important game. For me, there is no problem but as you say, if my player throws a bottle, he cannot play for three months, and if I do that, I will not back to a bench in all my life. But do not worry; the bottle had a little water. There was no aggression, was a gesture of someone who is just one of those who think that what I do has a negative connotation. But I'm glad he can play tomorrow.

What Atletico is expected tomorrow?

I hope the best Atletico of all. Is a team that played very well at the Bernabeu. We have controlled them better than to Villarreal, but they play very well. Atletico has a very good coach and good players. Now it has a deep wound, because losing a game 4-1 is not easy, we know. The worst thing that could happen was the Atletico defeat in Alicante, because our match will be much more difficult than normal. They also know that will play the second match at home with supporters that help a lot, and will be a tough match.

What about Kaka? Is he going to be starter tomorrow?

He is progressing. I'm not going to give the alignment, but Kaka is progressing. He takes three games at a good pace. The match against Villarreal was high intensity. Against Getafe match was won when he entered. Against Levante there was no history. The sensations are better.

What about Lass after what happened against Villarreal?

I changed him because the team was not right. I could not change at 4, 5 or 6 players because I would play with only three defenders and knew that later, if the team did not win, we change to play without Albiol. At that time was best for the team having Khedira, which may be third central. I analyzed the game at that time and what could be done later, and was the best decision. I always think of the feelings of the players but during the match I just think of the team. Maybe it was not a decision that has been good, but I just think of the team.

Are you worried about the fatigue of January?

I prefer to wear this to be out of the Champions League or have no chance of winning the League. We have on staff some players who can give the possibility of rotations. We now have in midfield Lass, Khedira, Granero… and we have no reason to play through January with the same two. In defense we can do rotations. Up front, people always know who will play.

Miroslav Klose, patch to supply Higuain?

Upon confirmation of Higuain downtime, Real Madrid could get down to work to give Mourinho a striker to replace Benzema when the French cannot be on the field. Rumours in the Italian and German press talk about Miroslav Klose.

Miroslav Klose

The striker of Bayern Munich, which had fewer minutes than usual last year because of injuries, does not fit into the plans of Louis Van Gaal this season and is ready to move out this month. Klose has only played a total of 11 official matches for Bayern this season (7 League, 2 Cup and 2 Champions) since Thomas Muller and Mario Gomez are the starters in the Bavarians. But his scoring and his ability to perform always quality minutes is beyond doubt, as demonstrated in the last World Cup, despite having 32 years.

In the World Cup he scored four goals in five games, always playing as a starter. Furthermore he is still necessary for the Germany coach Joachim Low who has lined up as a starter in every game that Germany has played in the qualifiers for Euro 2012.

His contract with Bayern expires next June, and he has admitted that although he would like to stay in the German side, the sport situation is not the best and would welcome a transfer to a team from the Bundesliga or abroad. Juventus and Lazio could also be interested in signing.

The German player could not play in the Champions League with Real Madrid because he already participated in the competition with Bayern, which is a major handicap. The white team needs a striker but the market does not seem to have a player that fits the particular circumstances of the team.

Higuain will be sidelined until May

The doctor Richard G. Fessler, a spine surgeon with more prestige in the world, operated yesterday Higuain. Doctor underwent him an endoscopic discectomy between vertebrae L-4 and L-5 that lasted an hour and ten minutes. According to Fessler, Higuain will return to pitch in May, but will not reach 100% after a year. According to Carlos Diez, chief of medical services of Real Madrid, Higuain "could be back in three months"

The player spent the night under observation and will be discharged today, but will not return to Spain to within seven days. Dr. Fessler wants to examine him in the coming days. Jorge Higuain, father of the player, calm down; "Everything went perfect" There was also the Argentina team doctor, Daniel Armando Martinez.

Fessler, the main doctor who was attending the NFL players to treat his back injury, said that conservative treatment before surgery was the correct one, contradicting Mourinho's words.

Doctor Fessler

Richard Fessler confirmed at a press conference that the striker's recovery will be "fast" and "complete"; "I have no doubt that between two and four weeks he can run without problems. Later in the period of 10 weeks after surgery may participate with other colleagues in all types of work" said Fessler in conference press briefing at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

Fessler, who explained that the lumbar disc hernia Higuain suffered was something that was normal among athletes, said he hoped the Real Madrid striker was playing in two months, although not at the level of competition; "If all goes well, in three months he could be playing competitively, although the margin of four also is possible" he said. In this sense, Fessler acknowledged that when Higuain plays after recovery will be "normal" to feel any discomfort, but his condition will be perfect, without any sequel.

According to Fessler, the total recovery, which have gone all kinds of discomfort, can take a period approaching a year, but this depends on the resilience that each athlete can have and especially their age. Fessler noted that the player's age, 23 years, will help with recovery; "Neither you (journalists) and I could recover so quickly" said the doctor.


Higuain, successfully operated

Gonzalo Higuain has been successfully operated on his slipped disc in the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. "Everything went well" confirmed Jorge Higuain, father of the player, after the operation which holds 20 of Real Madrid on the sidelines since last November.

Gonzalo Higuain (Chicago)

Although it was initially scheduled to Higuain was operated at around 1 pm, the player was admitted to Northwestern Memorial near 5.30 am and the operation concluded around 10.30 am.

The operation was carried out by Dr. Richard Fessler, who will provide all the details of it in a press conference to be held at 3.30 pm. Higuain will stay overnight in hospital and will be discharged, most likely on Wednesday.

Higuain came into the clinic at 05.30 hours in the morning, Chicago time. City that these days is covered by a thick blanket of snow. On Monday night, to relax in the hours before the operation, the player, accompanied by his family, came to enjoy the NBA game between Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons.

Mourinho ponders the substitution of Lass against Atletico

Lass performance in the last two games has generated some doubts so Portuguese coach is mulling leave him on the bench against Atletico on Thursday. Although it appeared that the Frenchman had taken the seat on the eleven his last two substitutions at halftime suggest that the coach is unhappy with him.

Against Getafe, Mou apologized that Lass had a yellow card and feared a possible expulsion. Against Villarreal argued that made the change in anticipation of having to delay Khedira position, but did not hide his discontent with the French: "In this meeting were not well Lass and the rest of the team"

The truth is Lass has not maintained the level that led him to win the post to Khedira and this has been crucial for Mourinho who try to be fair with his players.

Lass season has been very irregular. A mysterious injury before the first leg of Cup against Murcia made Lass leave to enter in the technical plans. Gradually returned to enjoy a few minutes and returned to eleven in a match against Ajax. After the defeat in the Nou Camp, the Portuguese gave him the starter position against Valencia and from there, with a great performance in Zaragoza, earned Mourinho’s trust.

Lass was a starter against Sevilla and in the first leg of Cup against Levante. But after two bad first parts against Getafe and Villarreal is being questioned for the next meeting.

Lass Diarra with Mourinho

The Frenchman wants to stay

Lassana Diarra wants to dress in white for long. This is what has sent his closest people in the last hours. Although it appears that he had felt very bad to be replaced at the break of the match against Villarreal, the French midfielder has no intention to leave Real Madrid during the winter. He wants to succeed with Mourinho and, therefore, remain in the capital of Spain in the coming seasons. It is true that last Sunday was very disappointed at having to leave the team after the first forty-five minutes but Lass is confident in his ability to establish himself as starter.

For a long time the French has felt misunderstood, but his meeting last week with top leaders of Madrid has allowed showing a different face that usually offers. Lass has realized that he is facing a historic opportunity to establish himself in a legendary club and does not want to miss it.

Mourinho reactions; Ballon d'Or 2010

The coach of Real Madrid came from Zurich through the front door. Voted best coach in 2010 and moved by the words of his former player Sneijder.

 Mourinho Ballon d'Or 2010

How does the best coach in the world feel?
I'm not the best coach in the world. I am the coach throughout last season coached the best team in the world. And this season also has a great team.

The prize is to certify that when you scored yourself the other day with 11 out of 10, you did not walk so wrong…
The season was perfect for Inter and Real Madrid has not been perfect, because we have not yet had the chance to win anything, but we are in all competitions and we can finish well.

This award will bring faith to Real Madrid…
This award serves to enjoy today, tonight and tomorrow we have to forget it. It is a very prestigious award and I am very grateful for that, but tomorrow is training. On Thursday we have a very important game. Award serves for me to keep doing what I like that is training.

Excited by the words of Sneijder?
When Sneijder has dedicated me these words, Pep Guardiola who was beside me, told me that those words are worth more than any title. That is the secret of coaches like Vicente del Bosque or Guardiola. When players talk you in this way, then you know you've done your job. That's why I moved.

What do you think of Messi's award on the two Spanish players?
I already told my opinion about who had to win. For me, Messi, Xavi and Iniesta are players in another world. Impressive players, but I preferred that another.player won the Ballon d’Or. First, Sneijder or Milito according to the year they did with Inter and because I owe this award. Also Cristiano Ronaldo because he is my player and he is the highest level. But the ratings are what they are and I cannot change them. Of course, I feel sorry for Xavi whom I know since he was a child and I have very fond.

Is it the culmination of his career as a coach?
It is a great recognition, because I worked hard to get here, but I say it's an award dedicated to all the players I've had, the collaborators and Madrid.

Do you go back next year to collect the same?
We work not to collect the prize, but to give joy to the fans. I think we are working well.


Mourinho, Ballon d'Or for best coach

The prestigious award winners were chosen by the votes of 154 correspondents of the magazine 'France Football' and the 208 coaches and captains of the teams that make up FIFA

Mourinho. Ballon d'Or 2010 (Best coach)
Jose Mourinho was elected this afternoon, during the gala held in Zurich by FIFA coach of the year 2010. The Portuguese beat Vicente del Bosque and Josep Guardiola, the other two nominees for the FIFA Ballon d'Or.

Mourinho, who traveled to the Swiss city of Zurich with Cristiano Ronaldo, Iker Casillas (which are in the best team of the year) Jorge Valdano and Emilio Butragueñoo, won the treble last year with Inter Milan in their second year, adding to Italian club showcases the Scudetto, the Italian Cup and the Champions League.

Jose Mourinho suffered some boos when he entered the room. Thus, the Portuguese coach was imposed against the general forecast betting favorite, Vicente del Bosque who led the Spanish national team to the title of world champion in South Africa. Third was Pep Guardiola after a year that could only get a title with Barcelona. It is the first time that delivers the Ballon d'Or for the best coach.

The brutal numbers for a savage named Cristiano

He takes 63 goals in 62 games as white player. He has scored 23 league goals and can beat the record of Hugo Sánchez and Zarra (38). Fifth CR7 hat-trick of his career, his fourth in the Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 23 goals in the league

Cristiano does not rest and never will. Against Villarreal scored three of the four goals for his team and now has 23 goals in the championship, when there is still to play all the second round and a match tip. It is a scandal.

CR7 has held 23 goals in 18 games in this league 2010/11, a real outrage. The Portuguese adds 49 goals in 47 league matches. Until now, Ronaldo Nazario had made 46 which made Van Nistelrooy, Guti and Roberto Carlos dressed in white in league games.

CR7 scored more than one goal per game since he was introduced at the Bernabeu. 63 goals in 62 games (49 in the League, 4 in Spanish Cup and 11 in the Champions League) The CR7 hat-trick against Villarreal is the fourth of Portuguese since he wears the shirt of Real Madrid. He scored three goals against Mallorca, Athletic Bilbao and Levante in the Cup, and scored four against Racing this season.

Ronaldo figures are from another century. Cristiano brutal numbers, go much further. From far-away season 50/51 there was no championship top scorer in many goals at this point (César also totaled 23). The 38 goals from Hugo Sanchez and Zarra in the league, an absolute record in a season, are threatened. Cristiano will not rest until it succeeds.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaká reactions


Cristiano Ronaldo is clear that he wants to "help win titles" to his team. "My teammates helped me a lot and without them it would not mark so many goals. I want to continue like this and want to fight at the end of the season to get titles. I'm very happy and motivated in this team" said the Portuguese after the Real Madrid-Villarreal.

Cristiano Ronaldo

CR7 gave some credit for the victory to Mourinho, saying that "still missing 45 minutes" and the coach talked to them in the locker room. "We reacted and won" he said.

"The coach knows the position where I contribute most to the team. My duty is to work for the set. We are minded and must play with the players we have" said the top scorer of the tournament when was asked about the lack of another striker in Real Madrid template.

Ronaldo also said that "Barcelona is the best team with us. It is difficult, we must be winning. We have to think that Barcelona will fail at some point" he said.


Kaka was delighted after his team's victory against Villarreal, closed by his goal with a pass from his friend Cristiano Ronaldo. Brazil midfielder entered the match after 70 minutes, replacing Albiol, in his third game since his comeback and made the 4-2. The 8 did not score a goal for Madrid since that he did in Zaragoza, the day that Raúl played his last game with whites.

Kaka celebrates his goal

Speaking on Spanish television he said that "We cannot lose points in these games. We are two points down Barcelona and we hope they lose at some point. We have a good game and it is a very special moment for a long time that I did not score a goal" he said.

Kaka had words of praise for Villarreal: "They proved to be third on merit" About CR7: "It's a great player. He is deciding many games for Real Madrid and is an important player" he concluded.

Spanish League: Day 18


Cristiano Ronaldo stole the show against Villarreal on Sunday night with a spectacular hat-trick (23 goals in 18 matches) to steer Real Madrid to victory. The Whites found themselves down on two occasions but managed to come back twice to take three crucial points. Kaka was credited with the fourth goal in what was his Bernabeu debut coming off a long-term injury

Kaka's goal celebration
Villarreal played a flawless first half with magical touching and gentle treatment of the ball, but they failed to remember who they were up against. Cani put the visitors up on 6’, but Cristiano finished a combination by Ozil and Benzema to pull Real level three minutes later. The Yellow Submarine again took the lead on 17’ with a goal by Marco Ruben and stunned the Whites. CR7 again found the answer on the last play of the half by heading in a fee-kick cross by Xabi Alonso.

Khedira replaced Lass in the second half as Albiol moved into the right-back slot and Ramos took over in the center of the back line. Villarreal struggled without the ball at their feet and Benzema and Cristiano nearly put Real ahead on two occasions but were stymied by Diego Lopez. With 20 minutes on the clock, Kaka stepped in for Albiol in search of more answers in attack. Only nine minutes were needed before the Brazilian swung in a pass that Diego Lopez failed to trap. Following several deflections, Cristiano netted what would prove to be the winner with a left-footed strike. Villarreal claimed the Portuguese international was offside to no avail and the goal was considered valid.

There was still more action to be had and on 82’ Cristiano Ronaldo provided a perfect assist for Kaka, who notched his first goal of the season and Real Madrid’s fourth of the night. Football returns to the Bernabeu on Thursday for the first leg of the next Spanish Cup tie against Atletico Madrid.


Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu
Attendance: 77,000
Goals: 0-1, m.7: Cani. 1-1, m.9: Cristiano Ronaldo. 1-2, m.17: Marco Ruben. 2-2, m.45: Cristiano Ronaldo. 3-2, m.79: Cristiano Ronaldo. 4-2, m.82: Kaká.



Test to Benzema: Villarreal

Mourinho never mean anything, but always leaves something. Even on days like yesterday when he offered the mildest of their styles, he lamented without excess, praised Granero, resigned himself to the strengthening of Kaka and only one question left unanswered. There are doubts that offend.

The case of nine, still no news. Mourinho repeated today Benzema and surrounding attackers (assistants and friends): Cristiano, Özil and Di Maria. Although people does not know if he wants to supply resources or deplete excuses. Benzema added today the challenge to shine against a first-class team.

Karim Benzema

In any case, the bet is brave, especially against Villarreal, a team of strength and touch, ready to argue with the ball to Madrid. In that fight in the middle of the board will determine the outcome of the game. Also the head of Villarreal, too timid in its visits to the Bernabeu. Maybe Borja Valero will turn that. Trendy footballer (fashion, taste Del Bosque and Guardiola) and the Madrid youth product who left the club after playing only 47min with the first team.

If we look at the starting players, two coaches have players who missed. Higuain will see the game from Chicago and Pepe with the soleus on a cushion. Garrido, meanwhile, still cannot count on injured Nilmar, Senna and Marchena, so repeat the lineup that rallied from a 0-2 to Valencia on Thursday. A very similar pattern in the two teams. Ahead of the double pivot, also brings together four offensive players: Cani, Cazorla, Rossi and Ruben.

Kaka will take minutes in the second part again. Good news for Real Madrid, according to Mourinho said. Bad for Villarreal.
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