Higuain will be sidelined until May

The doctor Richard G. Fessler, a spine surgeon with more prestige in the world, operated yesterday Higuain. Doctor underwent him an endoscopic discectomy between vertebrae L-4 and L-5 that lasted an hour and ten minutes. According to Fessler, Higuain will return to pitch in May, but will not reach 100% after a year. According to Carlos Diez, chief of medical services of Real Madrid, Higuain "could be back in three months"

The player spent the night under observation and will be discharged today, but will not return to Spain to within seven days. Dr. Fessler wants to examine him in the coming days. Jorge Higuain, father of the player, calm down; "Everything went perfect" There was also the Argentina team doctor, Daniel Armando Martinez.

Fessler, the main doctor who was attending the NFL players to treat his back injury, said that conservative treatment before surgery was the correct one, contradicting Mourinho's words.

Doctor Fessler

Richard Fessler confirmed at a press conference that the striker's recovery will be "fast" and "complete"; "I have no doubt that between two and four weeks he can run without problems. Later in the period of 10 weeks after surgery may participate with other colleagues in all types of work" said Fessler in conference press briefing at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

Fessler, who explained that the lumbar disc hernia Higuain suffered was something that was normal among athletes, said he hoped the Real Madrid striker was playing in two months, although not at the level of competition; "If all goes well, in three months he could be playing competitively, although the margin of four also is possible" he said. In this sense, Fessler acknowledged that when Higuain plays after recovery will be "normal" to feel any discomfort, but his condition will be perfect, without any sequel.

According to Fessler, the total recovery, which have gone all kinds of discomfort, can take a period approaching a year, but this depends on the resilience that each athlete can have and especially their age. Fessler noted that the player's age, 23 years, will help with recovery; "Neither you (journalists) and I could recover so quickly" said the doctor.

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