Mourinho: "If Ruud is coming, I'd be happy"

Jose Mourinho attended the press conference after the Real Madrid training in Valdebebas. A press conference in which the possible signing of a striker took the media attention.

"It would be good to have another attacker. I continue on the same line that long it would be great to have another attacker, because there are not many and we have many games to play. Now that the club has opened the possibility of signing a player, I'm very happy. The club is working to see if it’s possible. The market is open until 31, but until then, if we eliminate Atletico, we would have five more games. A striker would be great. We speak of many names. All of them would be a help to us. If is Ruud, I would be very happy. I met him in England and know the person, so he would be delighted" said Mou. 

Mourinho Press Conference

Mourinho refused to deepen the state of negotiations with the Dutch striker: "He will be playing with Hamburg within two hours. He's player of Hamburg, and I have not had contact with the club to say whether far or near. I cannot speak of a player who has another shirt. "

What he wanted to make clear is that despite his insistence to sign another striker, personally he’s satisfied with the performance of Karim Benzema: "At the time of change against Atletico, stadium was honking at me, not him. We were 1-1, I switched to a forward and I'm sure people whistled to me because they wanted to continue playing with only 9 they have. I'm happy with Benzema. He works more than ever and is making. He lacks goals because he lacks the mentality of wanting to make. For example, the other day, how many meters Cristiano runs to make his goal? Benzema lacks the obsession to goals. But I am very happy with Karim. If we get another striker is not to be the 'anti-Karim ', but to have alternatives".

"We work a little at the mental level with Karim because we played a lot. Play, retrieve, play back ... The important thing is that he knows I am with him more and more, because I see his desire to work for the team. He plays well, makes smart moves... If we get another striker, it will be a stimulus for him, not a problem. He will score".

The Portuguese said: "I'm counting on Lass”, despite leaving the French out of the squad "because we have Xabi, Gago, Khedira and Granero, and I'd rather have an offensive man in the field as Pedro Leon or Canales" and revealed that Mesut Özil suffers physical problems that threaten his presence in the starter team. "If he can play, he will play. If he is called is because he has possibilities. But, if he has not trained, then he has a problem. There are 24 hours and he has a problem that sets him apart from the eleven, but we just wait" Asked about his possible replacement, no doubt, "Kaka".

The coach was extended to talk about Álvaro Morata, again off the list: "Morata will be playing for Real Madrid and will make history at the club, a history of ten years, as Canales. Obviously, Morata will not be sold by Real Madrid. We hope and belief that he will become a first team player. But the problem of Castilla’s players is the press, the environment. Only a few, reach the first team at 17, Raul, Maradona, Zidane... Here, if they do not play at 18, journalists say they want to go. Morata have to make goals for Castilla. He has only made four. He has a future ahead, but people have to leave him alone. Fans have to wait. Next year he will be a better striker".

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