Preview: Almeria vs Real Madrid

Kaka could be started against a rising Almería

Kaka could be starter against Almeria

Before the usual comment on the statements of Mourinho (the match always starts on him), should be wondering if the Real Madrid one day acknowledge fatigue, because the effort of the Cup, was preceded by fatigue against Villarreal and often so intense battles tend to make marks, physical or psychological, if not both types. Currently, only Di Maria ends matches tired and his exhaustion is because the guy does not run, run away.

The issue is highlighted because it warns that Real Madrid tombs enemies with a combination of talent and physical strength, which is a natural reflection of the characteristics of Cristiano Ronaldo. It is no coincidence, therefore, whether in the last half hour when the team sets its absolute supremacy.

Almeria is a good place to continue to measure the physical (and psychological) capacity of Real Madrid. For some reason, it may have to do with the running track that surrounds the field, the matches of this stage are to run a lot and play them well enough.

The visitor's advantage is that their host is physically in similar circumstances. Its victory on Wednesday against Deportivo (1-0 Cup) demanded the most and next Wednesday in Riazor, will again be required. Among the historical event (the first time Almeria plays quarter-cup) and the temptation to scratch at Real Madrid, Oltra does not know the best choice for team. He will recover in the league Diego Alves and Crusat.

At Real Madrid, Mourinho showed journalists the path. He said that Kaka could be a starter if not reset Özil (did not train yesterday), masked the absence of Lass of the list (looks bad) and threw a cable Morata, while with another choked Benzema ("lacks the mentality of the player who wants to score") And although this is not mentioned, he does not rule out also a rotation in the midfield to give input to Granero.

Springtime temperatures are expected (20°C) and a front of Almería willing to participate in the casting of nines that opened the Madrid (Uche). Will be a nice match.

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