League (Day 19): Mourinho reactions


Mourinho angry with the referee
Jose Mourinho evaluated in this way the match in Almería: "We lost two points, but by analyzing the first round the numbers are good. I also say we want to win the championship, not to do good numbers. Let's see what happens in the second round. I hope neither Real Madrid nor Barcelona don't have Perez Lasa again".

The Portuguese insisted the referee: "I do not complain about the referee. I prefer to speak well of them rather than bad. When I can speak well of a referee, as I did in the Cup, I do it with pleasure. When I cannot speak well, I try to speak no bad. I know this referee from 96 and is exactly the same".

"Under normal conditions, the league is very long if the referees’ criteria are equal for all. If the referees whistle with the same feeling to all teams, the league is wide open because we are in the middle of the championship" he said.

Mourinho then went into business Benzema: "He has played every game since Higuain is injured and against Almeria I decided to play with Kaka, who is ready and working well. He needs time to regain his best form, but to have been six months out I think he has done well".

Real Madrid coach did not think team notice the physical effort: "No, fatigue has not weighed. It is obviously not easy to play as many games and players are not machines, but our opponents also played Cup this week, although a match of a different intensity. Maybe we did not win because the opponent defended well and because we played at a rate too low for the first time, easy to control. I'm nobody to talk to the approach of rival. They have made a great effort and I congratulate them for the match they have done".

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