Kaká: "Benzema's success depends on him"

Kaka is very clear and, with the naturalness with which face any issue of debate, has said that the one who holds the key to success in Real Madrid is himself Benzema: "It depends on him. In practice we see that he is a great player, technically amazing, no doubt a very good footballer and very technical, but there are times in matches which he is a bit out of the game and leaves us feeling that he could do a little more, which is what expected of him".

Kaka talked about Benzema

What could have sounded like an intended message or could generate some controversy, at the mouth of the Brazilian sounds like the quiet reflection of a teammate that is trying to help. These words and other 'pearls' as "Barcelona is not invincible as was demonstrated by the Betis" or "I appear in the key months in which football will decide if we win something or not in a season where we cannot lose" or "after a long injury, you need people to help you and Mourinho is doing with me from day one and now I'm getting minutes slowly" or "I'm very self-critical and I know I'm not at my best level yet, but I hope to be as soon as possible"... were said during the presentation of his new boots because Adidas wanted to celebrate the return of Brazilian star with its new 'adiPure'.

Asked about the controversy created over the immediate future of Mourinho, Kaka does not mince words: "Coach told us 'I am your coach and we will give everything to win, then we'll see what happens at the end of the season'. And one thing is the contract and other how campaigns are gone. But if we did not win a title, does not mean he cannot follow as coach.”

And he did not avoid talking about the need for a '9' for the Real Madrid template: "I'm a player and I do my job. If we need a '9' or not is something that the coach and the club will discuss. If Van Nistelrooy came, OK. He helped a lot and I learned a lot from him as long as he was here".

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