Spanish Cup: Quarterfinals (2nd Leg)


Real Madrid in the semifinals of Spanish Cup against Sevilla and Atletico so overcome by the derby as in the past eleven years. Twenty matches that have already built a complex that could renew the philosophical question of red and white boy: Daddy, why we always lose against Real Madrid?

The intrigue was short, until 22 minutes, goal by Cristiano Ronaldo. It was a purely theoretical intrigue, also must be said. In practice, the Real Madrid seemed to control the situation but they did not need to play too much. There was no sign of the feared attack from Atletico nor hell-fire nor the flame of a lighter. Some confidence it is necessary for football, a little, at least. Nothing. The Atletico only opportunity reached by a blunder of Casillas who smashed a punt against the pressure of Reyes and rebound nearly ended in a goal.

Iker Casillas save

Mourinho made changes to the eleven. He insisted on the substitution of Benzema (summer must be sold by weight), sat down Kaka and sent Marcelo to midfield, with Arbeloa behind. It was not bad for the team but also it was much better. No matter, to be honest. Madrid has superiority over Atletico that has little to do with tactical moves. It is a technical and moral mastery, an issue to be dealt with the patient lying on the couch.

Quique, meanwhile, opted for Elias, Tiago and Fran Merida. Neither said any revitalizing effect. The new one is just another worker; the Portuguese are to achieve his best and Merida still needs cooking time. Their meeting in the middle did not secure the ball nor offset the substitution of Juanfran.

The goal of the match was caught on the first serious deployment of Madrid, when his body appeared on the balcony of the enemy area. After two attempts, and spinning the same play; a center of Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo appeared like the best nine of the world, maybe it is. It was an uncontested shot of which swell the net.

Shortly thereafter, Atletico admitted Reyes’ injury as a fatal omen, almost like a signfrom the gods: it would not be this time. Diego Costa was the relief of the injured player and completed a superb move for band that no one believed. The ball went around the goalkeeper Casillas without finding dog to bark

Real Madrid had no interest in anymore. It looked like they always kept something, a lot and no better than Cristiano to symbolize. After he scored a goal and several powerful runs attended Di Maria with the heel. If he had needed, would have more goals, runs, and heels.

In the second part, Fran Mérida was the one who was closest to the tie. He came with skill in the area but his shot was weak. That is obvious: no Kun, no fire. No hope.

Marcelo could be the victim of a penalty and an offside that would have ended in goal. But at this point the referee did not matter. There was not anything to discuss and maybe that's the worst thing you can say about Atletico: They did not discuss.


Stadium: Vicente Calderón
Attendance: 53,000
Goals: 0-1, m. 22: Cristiano Ronaldo

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