Interview: Cristiano Ronaldo (1)

Cristiano Ronaldo
After the draw at Almería seems this season will be even harder to overcome Barcelona. Is the entire second lap, but the Catalans have been winter champions breaking many records.
It is always difficult to impose yourself on a rival like this Barcelona. Only become easier if we win every game of the second round. But you have to think positive, because despite all we are in a good time in all three competitions. It is true that Barcelona right now is first, but not that far away. Clearly if we won every game in the end the league will be ours.

The game against Barcelona at the Bernabeu, will be decisive?
No, there is so more. But it will be a great game, no doubt. First we have to win every game until then, it will not be easy.

Talk about the meeting of the Camp Nou, 5-0. What did you think of that night's performance of Iturralde (referee)?
It's a game that is already forgotten, I do not like too much looking back. It was a bad day not just one or two of us, but eight or nine. In a team like ours cannot afford such a thing, but we must move forward and learn from those situations. Barca played very well and we must draw positive conclusions from the defeat. When we play against Barcelona at home we think it will be very different.

Did Valdés do him penalti?
The TVs do not lie. That changed the game, but that is past and you say there is no getting around it.

A person as ambitious as you, you will want to return to Camp Nou and make a great performance.
I am not a spiteful man to save this kinf of remembers. When we play against them will do no more. It will be a very important game, obviously, I do not know if decisive, but I have not marked it as a rematch.

Barça is one of the few teams that you have not scored in league with Atletico, Sporting and Levante.
Well, nothing happens. This year will mark the missing

With 23 goals in 19 Days, is able to maintain this incredible pace of 1.21 goals per game? They are figures of fifty years ago.
I do not know, it depends on many things. I would very much and I'm motivated. Whatever happens I will try to do my best and if I get an award as the top scorer...

How do you feel when you are defined as "a player from another era" and compare him with legends in the history of Real Madrid as Di Stefano and Puskas?
It is a tremendous honor to be compared with players who are authentic myths. It is too early, I have much to learn and improve, much to do in this club. But it is a privilege, it gives me extra motivation to keep working and wanting to be better every day.

You are about to turn 26 and obviously you care a lot. How many Ballon d’Or will you take? Mourinho said four or five ...
What I would like to win there are many Champions and many leagues, not many Ballon d’Or, is an adjunct to a collective work in a given time. If I won some more, or two or three, I feel very happy, but my priority is to win titles with Real Madrid.

This season you have score 32 goals in 29 games and already have half a Golden Boot in his pocket. Do you prefer the Ballon d’Or?
Again, I prefer a collective title, one Champions. But if I have must be an individual award, I would choose the Ballon d’Or.

Which player in the past has been an example for you?
It is impossible to say just one, are many. I always see the big players as a good example for children. I had a lot when I started and I was constantly fixed on them: RuiCosta, Figo, Zidane, Ronaldo ... Always wanted to be like them. Thank God I create my own space, my history, both in Manchester and in Portugal and here in Madrid and I hope to write a beautiful page in the history of this club.

The removal of the last year in the second round of the Champions League, was the worst disappointment you have been since playing in Madrid?
One of the biggest, no doubt, because I did not expect to fall against them. We were better but not demonstrated. We only managed a draw. But I am convinced that this year will be totally different. I'm happy to be back play against Lyon and I am confident we will.

What this Real Madrid has improved compared to that, to be so optimistic?
At all. I think we have advanced in almost all facets of the game. Now we are stronger.

Speaking of the Champions, what teams do you consider favorites to win it?
Manchester, Barca, us, and then a small group with Bayern, Milan and Inter.

What about Chelsea?
No. Maybe they will win, but my opinion is no. I am not the owner of the truth, but I think not. They have changed a lot.

The club is negotiating the possible signing of Ruud Van Nistelrooy loan until June. What do you think?
We need a striker for six months, yes. There has been talk of big players like Ruud. I'm glad; the more players come with the mentality to help the team the better for us.

Imagine for a moment that you are Florentino Perez. You can sign a forward for the end of season and have no money limit. Who would you choose among Llorente, Kun Aguero and Torres?
It would be very difficult; it depends on the money, the contract he had. Llorente is a great player and Mourinho likes him because he has the features team wants. Kun is a very fast player who can throw to anyone, Torres is also very good ...I do not know.

What if you are forced to choose?
Is difficult. Kun is very good and I like Llorente. It's very complicated!

On Sunday Perez Lasa did not indicate a clear penalty in minute 92 with 1-1. How does the level of Spanish referees?
It's good but I think the game is stopped too. In general I like, but to note many faults does not favor the show.

Mourinho has spoken highly of Mateu Lahoz and not so well for Perez Lasa. Is there a double standard when referees come to whistle at Real Madrid and Barcelona?
I'll be honest: Lahoz is the best referees in Spanish. I like him, I remember some good referees in the Premier because he does not stop for the game all the time. It is true that Atleti goal was offside, but it is not scandalous. Such situations are fast, Kun is very fast and it was not easy. We are all very easy to point fingers and say whether or not watching the game on TV, but for them it is more complicated. Mateu Lahoz is intermediate between the English and Spanish referee.

You did not answer the question. Is the standard arbitration different with Real Madrid and Barca?
I do not get into it. When a referee is on the field is not thinking of harming anyone. I do not think so, the professionals are professionals. Although from time to time if you notice that some teams have a little more advantage than others, or see the most benefits. But when we go to the field cannot think of the referee.

Last week in the Cup you made a very ugly action against Ujfalusi. Do you think you went wrong? Some people screamed to the sky.
I wanted to get the ball but I hit him. How many do I get kicked during a game? Seven, eight? It is not fair, right? Sometimes I get angry, it is normal, but do you accuse me of kicking when I get a lot in every game?

Do you feel unfairly treated then when you give a kick?
Yes, rivals are pressing the referee, and do not know why. I often wonder why that happens, because I do not understand. My friends tell me: "Cristiano, they love you out of the field, they ask for pictures and autographs, but then in the field trying to kill you!" I do not understand.

It must be very difficult to keep calm at all times.
Yes, sometimes it is very, very difficult. But you have to be mentally prepared. The top players should be top level also mental.

Is your behavior and your actions a response to that?
No, my behavior is a response to myself, to Real Madrid, the coach ... Because I want to give the best. Sometimes it gives you an added motivation to see that people are so mad at you. But that is not good, because the image that remains is people are always whistling for me.

Do people want provoke you?
Yes, I feel that often.

But recently you have changed a lot in those situations. He looks more serene.
You must change. If you see you're wrong and you have a problem, you find an answer.That's good for me.

Have you been recommended making an effort to moderate these gestures?
No, I do not need anything like that. I just see what happens.

What position on the field is the best comfortable for you; 9, 7 or 11?
Pure center forward is not the position I like. I do not think that I will play there too with Mourinho. But nothing happens if I have to play through the middle I try to do good but it is not my favorite.

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