About Mourinho's future in Real Madrid

There is uncertainty about the future of Mourinho. Moreover, in Real Madrid are convinced that there will be a decision after the last minute of the last game, in which the voice and vote will be the coach himself, used to manage his fate unilaterally although his contract with the club extends to 2016. But now, after the big week lived from the Camp Nou to Old Trafford, the wind blows in favor of continuity, or at least it is said in the club and the coach's environment, not known whether out of conviction or strategy.

Jose Mourinho talking to Cristiano Ronaldo at Old Trafford
Jose Mourinho leading the team at Old Trafford

Real Madrid released yesterday (not official) that Mourinho will lead the team next year, domestic consumption message to the locker room and the fans. And it is no coincidence this message circulates after the press conference of the Portuguese coach at the Manchester United Stadium in which Mourinho praised the opponent even above their play.


Spanish Cup Final: May 17 at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

It's official: Spanish Cup Final will be played at the Bernabeu Stadium. It will be Friday, May 17, at 9:30 pm. This was the proposal that the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) confirmed today to the two finalist teams, Real Madrid and Atletico. Both have agreed at the meeting that began at 1:00 pm today. It is the best for their respective fans. In the side of Reral Madrid have attended the meeting Manuel Redondo (Director of the Office of the President) and Emilio Butragueño (Director of International Relations). For Atletico, Clemente Villaverde (Manager) and Fernando Fariza (Social Area Director). And by the RFEF, Jorge Perez (Secretary General) and Miguel Angel Lopez (Matches Coordinator).

Agreement between Atletico and Real Madrid
Emilio Butragueño, Jorge Perez and Clemente Villaverde

Atletico and Real Madrid have had to compromise on their initial ideas. Real Madrid representatives who still retain in their memory the defeat against Deportivo in the Spanish Cup Final (the day the club turned 100 years old), wanted the match to play in the Camp Nou or Mestalla, because they understand that "the Finals must be played on neutral field." Atletico claimed the game to be played in their stadium, at the Vicente Calderon by an unwritten agreement already referred by Enrique Cerezo (Atletico's President): "Last Cup Final between Atletico and Real Madrid was played in 'Chamartin' so now we must play at the 'Manzanares'."

Suker: "Luka Modric can lead Real Madrid"

Croatia is a small country with a population of no more than 4.5 million people, and lives football as the Brazilians. A match of Real Madrid has become a unique event for which fans modify their schedules to not miss the moment Luka Modric plays for the white team. Modric, their idol.

Luka Modric at Old Trafford with Real Madrid green jersey
Luka Modric

Since the Zadar's genius joined six months ago to Real Madrid, the followers of the white team are multiplied in this country. There is a great expectation to see him succeed. You can imagine what that has meant his performance in Manchester and how they celebrated his goal against the Red Devils.

Luka Modric feels wrapped and that fervor serves him to build confidence. There are two people living near him and have helped him with wise advice and words of support, in his infancy in the Real Madrid. We talked about Davor Suker, president of the Croatian Football Federation, and Igor Stimac, coach of the national team. Both are closely following each of his matches.


Di Stefano: "Spanish media want to get rid of Mourinho"

Alfredo Di Stefano, President of Honour of Real Madrid, said yesterday that the Spanish media "want to get rid of the club's coach, the Portuguese Jose Mourinho". "The press wants to throw Mourinho, but the leaders and fans support him," said Di Stefano from Madrid to a radio sports program of the Argentine state news agency, Telam.

Alfredo Di Stefano
Alfredo Di Stefano

"What happens is that the press bothers Mourinho, maybe because he's not nice," said the Argentine former Real Madrid striker, who said he sees "very well" to the current Real Madrid coach. "And when I say this is because I want the team's coach to remain next season," he commented.

"We must remember he is the owner of his future, and when his contract ends, he will make the decision as he pleases. Now we still do not know if he wants to stay," Alfredo Di Stefano said. "Now everyone says that Real Madrid is in a great moment. But I say that the team is in good shape from a couple of months. And Real Madrid defeated Manchester United at Old Trafford because it has good players," he said.

About Barcelona, Di Stefano said "It suffers no slump. They're a great team and it means nothing to lose a couple of matches," he stated. "But as I talk about Real Madrid and Barcelona, I do not like to make comparisons between (Lionel) Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo," he warned when was asked about it.

Luka Modric starts to justify the Real Madrid's signing

Luka Modric began to justify his move to Real Madrid at Old Trafford. Since coming to Madrid, at the express wish of Mourinho, he was always looked very closely for much of Real Madrid fans due to the 30 million euros (with 5 variables) that cost. Until Tuesday Modric had played 21 league games, 6 in Champions League, 7 in the Spanish Cup cpmpetition and 1 in Super Cup (1958 minutes) and although he has showed some quality details, he had not finished explode in Real Madrid. He seemed upset playing as central midfield or playmaker. "I'm not happy with the performance I am giving", said a month ago. But then came the vital match at Old Trafford.

Modric celebrates his goal against Manchester United with the Real Madrid green jersey
Luka Modric

He came to the field replacing Arbeloa in the 58th minute (Mourinho made the change after Nani's sent-off) and revolutionized the game by playing a few meters ahead of Xabi Alonso. Modric brought hierarchy, precision passing and creativity. In 32 minutes he left his rivals in 80% of dribbling, did not lose a ball, and 94% of his passes were good (35 of 37). No other player had such a high percentage in this last section. Second in this category was Khedira (57 of 69, 82%).


Manchester United 1 - 2 Real Madrid (Champions League, Last-16, 2nd Leg)

Real Madrid’s history is riddled with epic tales and memorable stories that are passed down through the generations. Old Trafford, the Theatre of Dreams, has featured in some of them. Today we witnessed another show en route to the Champions League quarter-finals. The first half was very even and ended goalless. Everything came in a pulsating second. Ramos’ own goal in 48th minute made the Whites’ task even more difficult, but Nani’s sending off in the 56th minute spurred on the visitors, who in two second minutes, sealed their qualification for the quarter-finals. Modric started the comeback with a moment of genius in the 66th minute. The way in which the ball hit the inside of the post and snuck into the goal past De Gea made the curled shot from the edge of the box even more beautiful. Without time to absorb what had happened, Ronaldo decided the tie and brought a dream week to an end with a finish at the far post following a nice team move.

Real Madrid team with green jersey celebrate the victory at Old Trafford
Real Madrid celebrate the victory at Old Trafford

The Champions League does not give second chances in the knockout stages. Real Madrid and Manchester United were aware that the eyes of the world were on Old Trafford and that any errors could lead them to pay dearly in a tie that was wide open following the 1-1 scoreline in the first leg. Perhaps that is why both teams made their intentions clear to the other from the beginning of the match. With the same eleven players who performed so well for Real Madrid at the Camp Nou, the Whites had possession of the ball and the English team chose to sit back and to try to surprise on the counter.


Van Persie: Real Madrid's concern

Just after the first leg match, still hot and in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, a name was in all discussions between Real Madrid defenders: Robin van Persie. Most fans will remember Dutch player only by the two goals he missed in the second half. But where most people saw mistakes, Real Madrid players saw a devil.

Robbie Van Persie with Man U red shirt to face Real Madrid
Van Persie

"Van Persie is a pain. He hits you, does not stop running, moves to a wing, to the other... At Old Trafford he can eliminate us" said one of the Real Madrid defenders who suffered with him in the match of the first leg. Players of Real Madrid faced the tie against Manchester with a nearly perfect radiography of Ferguson's team. They had seen videos, Cristiano Ronaldo had revealed some of the secrets of Sir Alex ... It was almost impossible to know more than Manchester, but some aspects were overlooked.

Mourinho: “The world will stop to watch this match”

Jose Mourinho appeared before the media in the Old Trafford press room and the coach analyzed the match of the white team against Manchester United: “It will be complicated because we are both having a good streak. Manchester United has practically won the Premier League in March and is in the English Cup quarterfinals. They have not lost any games in a while, and we have lost only one of the past 12. The world will stop tomorrow for 90 minutes to watch this game. More than a playoff, it feels like a final. It’s a positive thing when you come to a match with confident players.”

Mourinho at press coference before Manchester United match
Jose Mourinho

The Portuguese coach also spoke about the opponent he expects to face: “I think they are going to be very defensive when Real Madrid has the ball and pretty offensive when they have the ball. For us it’s the same, even though we are behind in the playoffs. We have to defend a lot and well when Manchester United has the ball because they are strong on offensive plays. When we have the ball we will try to make dangerous attacks.”


Mourinho's team never fails in European away matches

One of the keys to pass the knockout round of the Champions League is to score at Old Trafford. After the 1-1 from the first leg, Real Madrid must score at least one goal to beat Mnchester United, which, moreover, it is not unreasonable considering the numbers of the Mourinho's Real Madrid in Europe. Two and a half seasons later, the white team does not know what it is not scoring in an away Champions League match.

Real Madrid scores in every away match in Europe with Mourinho
Real Madrid players celebrate a goal against Ajax

Mourinho's Real Madrid keeps an average of nearly two goals per game away from home in the 15 games played in the top European competition. 27 goals for the white team that will attempt to expand its numbers at the stadium of Manchester United, a field that Mourinho has not visited as Real Madrid coach until date. Managing white team, he has previously visited English ground, beating Tottenham (0-1) and a draw (1-1) against Manchester City.

With this data in its favor, Real Madrid will seek a positive result at Old Trafford and reach the quarter-finals round. The first European away match of Real Madrid with Mourinho on the bench, was against a French team (Auxerre) in September 2010. Di Maria's goal gave the victory to whites by 0-1. Since then, 15 consecutive games scoring away from home.

Anyway, keep up the scoring momentum in away matches will be vital to defeat Red Devils. Real Madrid has scored against Milan, Barcelona and Bayern Munich in their own stadium. A major list of European teams. Why not against Manchester United?

Cristiano Ronaldo: The nightmare at the 'Theatre of Dreams'

Cristiano Ronaldo played his last game at Old Trafford with United on May 16, 2009 against Arsenal. Tomorrow, 1,388 days later, he will return to the 'Theatre of Dreams' for the first time and maybe as a nightmare. And with the question about how he will be welcomed, but smells ovation. Six years as a Red Devil created too many ties of affection between the player and the fans, who was able to forgive him even after his first failed attempt to sign for Real Madrid in 2008. After being knocked out with Portugal (against Germany) at the Euro 2008, he dropped the bomb: "The chances of going to Real Madrid are a lot. I hope the parties reach an agreement."

Cristiano Ronaldo hands up after scoring against Manchester United
Cristiano Ronaldo after scoring against Manchester United

Ferguson persuaded him to stay another year. After a surgery (ankle) he returned to Old Trafford in September, in a Champions League match against Villarreal (came in to the field in the 66'). The Theatre of Dreams shook with the cheers. "I was nervous about it, but everything went well. I'm grateful," said Cristiano Ronaldo, who months later won the Golden Ball and months before had won the Champions League with Manchester United in Moscow.

Mourinho travels to Old Trafford with all the squad

Jose Mourinho has called up 24 players for next Tuesday's game against Manchester United in the knockout stages of the Champions League. The Portuguese coach traveled to England with all the first Real Madrid team excepting Nacho, who played yesterday Sunday with Real Madrid Castilla. The white expedition traveled to Manchester after concentrating at 8:45 pm in the Real Madrid Sports City (Valdebebas).

Real Madrid players training with blue jersey
Yesterday, Real Madrid training

Real Madrid will not give any clues to Manchester United for the second leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League. The white team will train this Monday, March 4, at 4:00 pm (GMT) in the Etihad Stadium and Mourinho wanted to call up the whole squad for this important match.


Manchester United vs Real Madrid: White euphoria

FC Barcelona had lost only three games in all season. Against Real Madrid in the Super Cup, Real Sociedad in the Spanish League and against AC Milan in the Champions League. Now the Real Madrid has defeated them two times in five days. One, on Tuesday, was to reach the final of the Spanish Cup. Yesterday's match may have less importance, because of the gap points the Catalans have in the league table. But should be viewed in perspective, Mourinho fielded seven replacement players. Playing against Messi's Barcelona without Cristiano Ronaldo was to make concessions. Old Trafford prevailed.

Real Madrid players celebrate a Varane's goal with the fans
Real Madrid players celebrate a goal with the fans

This brace against Barcelona will have a major impact on the morale and confidence for the decisive match at Old Trafford. White players have been loaded of reasons and are able to continue this winning momentum. They are cautious when talk about Ferguson's team but there is obviously euphoria in the squad. The euphoria is not bad if you know how to manage. It is necessary to believe in the high challenges. And Manchester United is the highest challenge so far.

Cristiano Ronaldo: A cannon to conquer Old Trafford

Another great performance by Cristiano Ronaldo against the eternal Real Madrid's rival. Although he could not score after coming on the field in the 57th minute (alongside with Khedira) replacing Benzema, Real Madrid was slowly improving to gain full control of the match.

Cristiano Ronaldo replacing Benzema to play against Barcelona
Cristiano Ronaldo replacing Benzema

Cristiano Ronaldo did not start the match against FC Barcelona at the Bernabeu. There was more at stake than pride, and for this reason the Portuguese striker was not including in the starting lineup of Jose Mourinho. After the great match last Tuesday at the Camp Nou, CR7 remained on the bench and showed how much appreciates the importance of group goals.

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