Van Persie: Real Madrid's concern

Just after the first leg match, still hot and in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, a name was in all discussions between Real Madrid defenders: Robin van Persie. Most fans will remember Dutch player only by the two goals he missed in the second half. But where most people saw mistakes, Real Madrid players saw a devil.

Robbie Van Persie with Man U red shirt to face Real Madrid
Van Persie

"Van Persie is a pain. He hits you, does not stop running, moves to a wing, to the other... At Old Trafford he can eliminate us" said one of the Real Madrid defenders who suffered with him in the match of the first leg. Players of Real Madrid faced the tie against Manchester with a nearly perfect radiography of Ferguson's team. They had seen videos, Cristiano Ronaldo had revealed some of the secrets of Sir Alex ... It was almost impossible to know more than Manchester, but some aspects were overlooked.

Van Persie seemed only a player of exquisite technique, not a warrior. Some players, like Sergio Ramos and Xabi Alonso, had suffered with his play in the 2010 World Cup final, but in the current player, a lot has changed. Ferguson has given him a new and strong character. In fact, in his country was often criticized for his 'coool blood' during the matches. Now the opposite happens and, relatively speaking, is another potential Rooney.

Van Persie is definitely the best Manchester United striker. His records are above those of any other attacking player of the Red Devils, but his punch is far from Cristiano Ronaldo's. The Dutch striker has scored 23 goals this season in 35 official games for United. Of these, 19 scored in the Premier, 3 in the Champions League and 1 in the FA Cup.

The good news for Real Madrid is that Van Persie is proving more effective this season away from Old Trafford. He has scores only 9 of those 23 goals in the Theater of Dreams. In fact, he has not scored yet in in Champions League at Old Trafford. But on the other hand, and this is also known by the Real Madrid defenders, these data show that Van Persie is a player who is better on the counterattack. The counterattack, probably the Ferguson's choice to face Real Madrid today. Do you expect other thing?

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