Note: Audi interested in the Real Madrid transfers

Audi wants to know the names of the players who will not follow in the team next season to ask them to give back their cars. The car brand is a sponsor of both Barcelona and Real Madrid. In recent days, the heads of Audi who work with two teams, have asked the white team the name of players who leave the workforce of Jose Mourinho.

They do not pretend to know the names of the news that are pursued in all the newsrooms of the media these days, with almost the same zeal that the names of the signings. The Audi people need to know the names so that those who are going to play in other teams can return the car that the German brand gives them during a season: 25 players and 3 managers (Total: 28 cars). As expected, Real Madrid could not give the names of players who will leave the team before 31 August. And neither can give, yet, the names of star signings.

Cristiano Ronaldo with an spectacular blue Audi RS5
Cristiano Ronaldo with a blue Audi RS5

David Beckham could miss the match against Real Madrid

The former Real Madrid player, David Beckham, currently playing in Los Angeles Galaxy, may be the big absence of the match between both teams the next day 16 in California, which will be the first test of the preseason for the Jose Mourinho's template. The Englishman suffers back problems that prevent him from being in good physical and will miss the game against the Seattle Sounders on Monday (Major League Soccer).

Beckham with the LA Galaxy jersey
Beckham could miss the match against Real Madrid

Beckham, last 'Galactic' of the Florentino Perez's first period, spends his last days as a professional footballer in the Major League Soccer, away from the high demands of the Premier League, Serie A and Spanish League competitions where he played during his best years in Europe. "I hate does not play games and I hate to miss practice. They are being really horrible few weeks", said the midfielder after yesterday training.

"This is a stress fracture in the spine. I have done a lot of rehabilitation the past two weeks and I hope to recover well", said Beckham who still hopes to participate with his peers in the match against Real Madrid.


'Sale Operation' stops the signing of Fabio Coentrao

Fabio Coentrao is uncomfortable and nervous. The left side thinks is time to close his transfer to Real Madrid and is living days of maximum tension. He does not want to leave escape the white trains and each passing day his concern increases about a situation that fails to resolve.

At this point of summer, the player expected to have resolved his future as Real Madrid player. But the thing is complicated, to the extent that he has had to return to work with Benfica. The problem is that neither the Portuguese club nor the Real Madrid have managed to reach an agreement with the white players who would be involved in the 'Coentrao Operation'.

Coentrao will wait for Real Madrid
Fabio Coentrao

In short, Real Madrid 'Sales Operation' has paralyzed Coentrao's signing. And there is another problem. Despite having agreed the amount to pay to Benfica, Real Madrid needs to raise cash by selling players to address the signing of the side. The white club wants to join money by selling the players it has in the showcase, before undertaking the purchase of Coentrao. Finally, there is the issue of 'space'. Real needs to open the door before they get a new tenant more for the white dress. Because with the Portuguese, would be 30 players who would be available to Mourinho. This is a too high figure considering the difficulties that white team is facing to accommodate the transferable players in other teams.

While Madrid does not solve the problem, 'Coentrao Opera Soap' will not end. The player must continue his life in Benfica and on Monday will travel to the Swiss town of Colovray, close to Nyon, where Benfica will make ​​the preseason stage for 13 days. Nevertheless, the agents of the player expect that the return to work of Real Madrid, July 11, will accelerate the sale of players at the offices of the Bernabeu Stadium and thus the signing of Coentrao will be close.

And there is something clear. The player would only leave Benfica to go to Real Madrid. Despite reports that speak of the intention of Chelsea to bet very hard to secure the services of the player, Coentrao is clear that his priority is the white team and he will wait whatever it takes to get on the Mourinho's project. White coach believes his compatriot is a priority for his second project at Real Madrid and next couple of weeks could prove decisive.

Note: Alvaro Morata renews for Real Madrid until 2015

The youth squad player, Alvaro Morata, has renewed today his contract with Real Madrid until 2015. The footballer spent this morning by the office of Santiago Bernabeu and has signed the extension of his contract in a meeting that lasted about half an hour.

The player was accompanied by his agent, Juan Manuel Lopez and his father, Alfonso Morata. Indeed, the father declared when left the stadium that "We are very happy". "We signed a few years but we wish Alvaro stays here forever", he added.

The footballer, who during the recently completed season made his debut with the first team, has become one of the greatest strikers in the Real Madrid Castilla, where has played a total of 26 games in Spanish third division, in which he has managed to score 14 goals.

Alvaro Morata
Alvaro Morata


Villas-Boas interferes with the signings of Mourinho

Andre Villas-Boas gets in the way of Mourinho. The relationship of the new Chelsea manager with the Real Madrid coach is now cold, non-existent, although Villas-Boas was one of his aides between 2002 and 2009. Perhaps that explains why Andre seems determined to interfere with some of the signings that Mourinho has requested. Villas-Boas takes days working on his project and has already shown his targets to Abramovich, curiously the same of Real Madrid: Neymar, Aguero and Coentrao. And a priority: Ramos.

Chelsea's interest to sign Neymar is not new, but had withdrawn from the bidding ("Mourinho has his man" told a manager to The Sun). However, the arrival of Villas-Boas has reactivated the machinery. Meanwhile, Aguero's statements about his leaving of Atletico has warned the 'Blues'. Yesterday, there was a meeting with Reguera, one of player's agents, who was in Manchester. And finally, Coentrao. His move to Madrid was ready, but Abramovich, guided by his coach, offers 30 million euros and the white club does not reach 25. But the young Portuguese wants to go further and to fish in the Bernabeu Stadium, Sergio Ramos specifically, despite being aware that the right defender has been renewed until 2017.

Villas-Boas and Mourinho
Jose Mourinho and Andre Villas-Boas

The lives of Mourinho and Andre Villas-Boas are parallel paths (different styles) and initially shared the same teacher, Bobby Robson. But today, they have no relationship and Madrid coach admits no questions about his colleague when granting interviews.

Villas-Boas started on football with the history of the precocious child. His coaching instinct awoke with 16 years. He was a Porto fan and lived in the same build that Bobby Robson so the coach signed him as a scout in practice (94-95). That's when he met Jose Mourinho, who was 30 years and was technical assistant to the British coach.

They returned to coincide seven years later in Porto. In 2002, Villas-Boas joined the Mourinho's core of trust with Rui Faria and Silvino Louro. The word 'team' is etched for Mou. Villas-Boas was responsible for making reports of rivals from 2002 to 2009. Before starting the second year in the Inter, he told to Mourinho: "I ​​want to work in the field with you or I will go". And it was. Mourinho still wondering why he betrayed in that way.

Villas-Boas was introduced yesterday by the Chelsea and he gave a message to Mourinho: "Football is not a 'one man show', is something related to the group, I am the one group".

Note: Galatasaray dreams of signing Kaka

Galatasaray is one of the most active teams in European football market, a market with little movement so far. The club seeks to recover lost positions in Turkey first and later in Europe, and is attentive to the movements around the main figures that change of 'air'. Turkish team has 'touched' at various big names and tried to take from Atletico Forlan, Reyes and Ujfalusi, but only had luck with the Czech defense. Now the coach, Fatih Terim, has said he wants a powerful template because is impossible to fight for titles with a group too young. His dream, to restore prominence to Galatasaray, is Kaka, whose status is not still being fully defined at Real Madrid.

The Brazilian, who has failed to show his best since joining Real Madrid has sounded for several teams in Italy and England. Napoli has been one of the last interested although the operation was impossible because the squad in southern Italy wanted a loan in which the Real Madrid will have to take too much of the salary of the player. Real Madrid would only accept a financial offer high enough to recover the investment made two seasons ago to get Kaka.

Kaka with Real Madrid shirt


Note: Mourinho builds a Real Madrid for 10 years

The signing of Varane is the icing on the white 'Baby Boom'. Özil, Khedira, Sahin, Di Maria Canales, Callejon... The average age of the template is 24.6 years. It is the youngest team in the Champions League.

Mourinho smiles, has a young team
Mourinho has built a young Real Madrid
Real Madrid boasts of having built a team that could face the next decade without a single signing more: "A Real Madrid for 10 years".That's what the Board of Real Madrid thinks, so it could be forget the football market until 2021 and would be competing at the highest level with many of the players that are on today's template.

The incorporation of Varane, 18 years old, ​​is the culmination of a 'Baby Boom' in Real Madrid led by Jose Mourinho. In just one year, the Portuguese coach has formed a template that will war for a long time. Players like Di Maria, Özil, Khedira, Sahin, Callejón, Varane... will lay the foundations of his Real Madrid. Except Altintop and Carvalho, the coach has not signed a single player with more than 23 years. Condition to be met safely the next two signings of white set: Neymar and Coentrao.

Real Madrid: Signings Summary

Jose Callejon: Back home for 5 million euros.
Returns to Real Madrid after winning experience in Espanyol, where has played 97 games in the Liga. The buyback has cost five million. Will play the next five seasons at the Bernabeu Stadium.

Nuri Sahin: Revelation of the Bundesliga
Sahin was the best player in the Bundesliga according to Kicker magazine. Borussia's masterminded, Bundesliga's champion. Real Madrid paid 10 million for the Turkish-German. Signed for six seasons.

Hamit Altintop: Free and also injured
Altintop joined Madrid from Bayern and will be linked to the white club four seasons. This Monday was back surgery. Will be sidelined three to four months.

Raphael Varane: Central defender for six years
Raphael Varane signed Monday for the Real Madrid under the baton of Zidane. Is 18 years old and has only played 23 games in Ligue 1 with Lens. Real Madrid paid 10 million and the player signed for six years.

Nuri Sahin: First Real Madrid signing of the year


Recycled water at Real Madrid Sports City

Real Madrid Sports City started using recycled water in its irrigation system today in an act attended by Real Madrid President Florentino Perez; club Vice President Fernando Fernandez Tapias; Madrid Mayor Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon; Deputy Mayor Manuel Cobo; 2nd Deputy Mayor and Government Delegate for the Environment Ana Botella; and Real Madrid Director of Institutional Relations Emilio Butragueño.

Florentino Perez in the inauguration ceremony

Ana Botella

"Real Madrid sets an example both for the city of Madrid and the entire country. When people talk about Real Madrid they also talk about the city. Water infrastructures are financially efficient and responsible with the environment. I wish to congratulate Florentino Perez for his vision of excellence in the management of Valdebebas."

Florentino Perez

"Many years ago, we learned from Santiago Bernabeu that our sports city was a crucial element in our philosophy. The present city was born from that idea and it is a great sports and educational centre for our children and youngsters. This place has the formidable virtue of teaching the values that made Madridismo great. We also believe it must set a great example in sustainability and respect for the environment."

"This club belongs to Madridistas who identify with these values. The identification of this club with its city is eternal. We wish to thank City Hall for understanding Real Madrid is part of the capital of Spain. It is now time to keep moving forward and continue growing. Today marks a renewed impulse towards the sustainability of our environment. This is only the beginning. What you see here is just a quarter of what has yet to be built. We want this to be the largest football city in the world. We want to build a theme park that breaks the mold for everyone, especially for our Club Members."

Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon

"This is but another exemplary example set by this great entity that carries the name of our city and that is forever related to it. Real Madrid is the city's best ambassador. We Madrileños are better known around the world thanks to the club. It has now added respect for the environment and sustainability to its fair-play and sportsmanship values. This is a formidable step in the use of this resource due to its symbolism and the example it sets for other Madrid institutions to follow. Once again, Real Madrid and this city go hand in hand in what they do."

Real Madrid's network of recycled water can hold water from all the facilities for an entire day, even during the warmest in the year. To put an end to the act, Florentino Perez, Alberto Ruiz Gallardon and Ana Botella turned on the irrigation system.

Mourinho designs a new Real Madrid

Jose Mourinho continues to revolutionize the Real Madrid. Portuguese coach has spent the last month, since the end of the competition, to transform the internal structure of the club. The department of research of players, the database, scouting and the youth teams are the first to improve.

Mourinho with Florentino Perez and the Real Madrid jersey on the hands
Mourinho's first day as Real Madrid coach

Mourinho was hired by ten million euros a year to win the Champions League and the League. But also to change the dynamics of the club. To return to the coach the leadership that should never have lost. And the coach has decided to do no matter who falls.

Mourinho's statements after finishing the season "If Real Madrid is sleeping like an elephant, is not strong" are consistent with the speech he held throughout the year, never showed hesitate to report, for example, the shortcomings in the organizational structure of Madrid, a club that hosts more than 300 people on the payroll, 2000 people working on game days and more than 350 players from all sports templates.

Mourinho went on vacation last Wednesday. Since the season ended, a month ago, has worked tirelessly 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday to Friday, halfway between his office in Valdebebas Sports City and Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, side by side with Jose Angel Sanchez, his perfect partner, deciding the ups and downs, but above all, honing what he calls "the basic organization of a football club".

Raphael Varane: New Real Madrid player

Yesterday, Raphael Varane became officially in the fourth signing of Real Madrid for the 2011-12 season. The French central defender landed at 2:50 pm in Terminal 4 at Barajas Airport, with great expectations and around twenty media that were waiting him at the exit. He was met by Javier Garcia Coll, director of athlete services of Real Madrid, who accompanied the player throughout the day.

Varane then addressed the Clinic 'Sanitas-La Moraleja' to pass the medical check. When was asked how he felt to become new Real player, he said in a terse: "I am very happy. It is a great joy. I am very happy". After passing medical tests without problems, in the afternoon, Varane moved to the Bernabeu Stadium to stamp the signature on his contract with Real Madrid until 2017.

Varane with the 2011-2012 Real Madrid home jersey
Raphael Varane wearing the Real Madrid shirt

In the Stadium awaited Florentino Perez, who greeted him in French. As usual in recent times, the Madrid president was also the person who accompanied the player to know the club's museum and trophy room. Mourinho also not forgot that yesterday was the first day of Varane as Real player. Despite being on holiday with his family, wanted to welcome the former Lens player sending him a message to the mobile phone.

Six hours after landing in the capital of Spain, Real Madrid made ​​official the signing on the website: "Real Madrid C.F. and RC Lens have reached an agreement regarding the transfer of Raphael Varane to the former club, where he will remain for the next six seasons".

After a day filled with commitments and emotions, and at night, new Real Madrid signing returned to France to continue his vacation. It was 9 pm.

Note: Coentrao returns to Benfica

Fabio Coentrao appeared on time this Monday in the first practice of the season at Benfica, but he counts the hours until he becomes new player of Real Madrid. It had been speculated that he was not presented with the 'Eagles', but the Portuguese was professional and went to train, knowing that his days at Benfica coming to an end.

Coentrao used the training to say "Hello" after the holidays and "Goodbye" because of his impending sign for Real Madrid. The player admitted his companions that he goes to leave the team and that the agreement will be announced in the coming days. Apparently everything is perfectly in line with Madrid, Benfica and the player, but the white club have asked to wait until next July 1 and the signing takes part of the budget for next season. It is just a financial issue that has caused that Coentrao is taking time to say goodbye to those who have been his teammates for the past three years.

Coentrao: Benfica training


Real Madrid: A central defender each year since 2003

Since Fernando Hierro left Real Madrid, the input of central defenders has been one of the busiest in the white club. From 2003 to summer 2011, ten players playing in this position have landed at the Bernabeu Stadium. Some of them, with stories that feed a legend of a curse. A wall that will also measure the value of Raphael Varane.

Albiol, Garay, Carvalho and Varane

On June 24, 2003, Jorge Valdano announced non-renewal of contracts with Vicente del Bosque and Fernando Hierro. Only 24 hours had passed since the conquest of the 29th League of the white team. The player of Velez-Malaga added to the Real Madrid's honours three European Cups, two Intercontinental and four National Championships, among other minutiae.

After the leaving of Hierro, team's defensive mainstay for nearly a decade, began the crawling looking for a substitute. An operation in which Real Madrid has invested tens of millions of euros; Pepe costed 30 and Sergio Ramos 27, who came to Madrid to play in the central position and has finished playing at the right side.

At least Ramos (who joined the club in 2005) and Pepe (2007) continue at the club, both pending for renewal, what can not be said of other expensive projects. With little glory left the team; Walter Samuel, Fabio Cannavaro and Christoph Metzelder. Although the worst case was undoubtedly that of Jonathan Woodgate. Signed in 2004 by 25 million euros, just got to play, haunted by all sorts of muscular aches.

Varane is the fourth central defender of the second mandate of Florentino Perez. In 2009 came to Madrid Garay and Albiol, and last year did Carvalho. Eight million costed the veteran Portuguese defender, two fewer than Varane, commitment to the future for a defense, despite everything, more and more solid. Time will tell if the Zidane's 'Blanc' ends up having an impact comparable to that of Fernando Hierro, a player whose absence is still felt in the Bernabeu.

Raphael Varane in Madrid

Raphael Varane, the last signing of Real Madrid, is now in the capital of Spain. The French central defender landed at 2:50 pm in Terminal 4 at Barajas Airport, with great expectations and various media that were waiting him at the exit.

The Lens player arrived from Brussels with his father, and did not made ​​statements to the media, except for a "Yes, yes" when was asked if he was happy to be on the verge of becoming a new player of Real Madrid. Varane then addressed the Clinic 'Sanitas La Moraleja', to pass medical examination and this afternoon will go to the Santiago Bernbeu Stadium where will affix the signature on his contract to join Real Madrid until 2016.

Varane has passed the medical examination in Madrid
Raphael Varane at the clinic


Raphael Varane will sign for Real Madrid tomorrow

Raphael Varane will be in Madrid tomorrow. The 18 years old central defender will land in the capital of Spain for two reasons: He will pass medical examination in the clinic 'Sanitas La Moraleja' and then will move to the Bernabeu Stadium where, in the presence of general director Jose Angel Sanchez, will sign his contract which will link him with Real Madrid until 2016. In addition, if weather allows, will try to see some houses to live next season.

Raphael Varane

The player, who was in preseason with Lens, now will enjoy a few days on vacation until July 11, when Real Madrid players are summoned in Valdebebas. He will keep working, recommended by doctors, not to lose the fitness gained during those days.

The agreement with Varane was closed on June 21. Real will have to pay to Lens between nine and ten million euros plus variables by purpose. The player will receive a salary of one million euros in his first year. Then he will get an annual increase of 200,000 euros.

With Varane in the capital of Spain, Zinedine Zidane will meet the target that he set when arriving at Real Madrid. Because Zidane has played an important role in this signing. In fact, Zizou brought the player two weeks ago to visit the city, see the facilities and has convinced him that his sporting future is white.

Update: 06/28/11

Neymar: "White is my favourite colour"

A pool, a jacuzzi, a collection of miniature cars, trophies, hundreds of t-shirts, dozens of caps ... These are some of the things that Neymar keeps at his home in Santos (Brazil). The Brazilian opened the door to the journalist Ana Paula Oliveira for the Brazilian channel R7, and showed himself homey and friendly, along with his father.

Neymar playing with a ball at home
Neymar's home

Footballer, wanted by Real Madrid, likes to relax at home playing pool or video games, and not stop joking during the interview. The laugh comes when talking about the messy bed in his bedroom. "It's been a hurricane here" he says.

His family calls him at home Juninho, because he has the same name that his father. Indeed, his father lives with him and is his adviser. Thus father says in the program: "Neymar is still too young to go play outside Brazil. For example, he has the driving license not long ago. The ball is the most jealous woman. If you do not care, it will go. So Neymar should think the ball as his girlfriend for life".

The caps and sporting cars are Neymar's weaknesses. When opting for a car brand, he does not doubt: "I love Porsche and Ferrari. And in white, which is my favorite colour".

Neymar recognizes at the report that, sooner or later, he would like to make the jump to Europe, but his father thinks it is too early. However, he does not think about a particular club: "I would like to play in Spain, Italy... I like Real Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea, AC Milan, Inter, Barcelona..."
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