Preview: Real Madrid vs Hércules

Real Madrid vs Hercules

In his quest to liberate the pressure of the players and to protect the club from all evil (noble intentions) Mourinho highlighted yesterday the dramatic today's game. On the one hand said that means losing a point; to say goodbye to the League. On the other insisted on the perversion of the schedule. He said that there are people who intend (the forces of evil) sentence the championship in the next day when Real Madrid will visit the "Calderon Stadium" just three days after playing in the Champions League.

You have to understand the apocalyptic tone: There are sports reasons that justify this. Included among them are the absences of Cristiano (off the list due to injury) and Carvalho (reserved for the match against Lyon on Wednesday). The absences of RealMadrid invite to think in a team like last week in El Sardinero. A team that played at high level and gave good impressions, but with some doubts. Xabi could have rest as in the first leg of last-16 Champions League. He could be relieved by Khedira or Lass. One of them will play with Granero in the midfield. Özil will remain in the starting lineup, in game creation. And a double front nine, Benzema and Adebayor (without dreadlocks). Combined version of a team that plays too fast and vertical with Cristiano.

Hercules looks to match in its worst moment. Team has only won one of its last six games, is in relegation positions and will be without Trezeguet (ten goals, left knee injury). Will also be out; Tote, Peña and Drenthe (dismissed by agreement). The good news is the return of Valdez (seven goals). The best guarantee of Hercules was its victory in the Nou Camp and the statements of his coach who has said they will compete; clarification after the surrender of Pellegrini (Malaga).

Although the white team do not say it, is a good time to cut the distance in the classification respect to Barcelona. The Catalan team plays tomorrow against Sevilla, a tough field. In addition there will be no occasion clear up within two weeks when Real Madrid plays against Sporting and Barcelona does against Villarreal. There lies the urgency and drama.


1) Jose Mourinho wants Cristiano Ronaldo will be "on fire" for the tie against Lyon and does not call Portuguese for this match. Neither force with Carvalho, confirming that his obsession is Europe.

2) Hercules arrives to visit Madrid at the worst moment of the season, after falling for the first time in relegation zone and with key players injured as Trezeguet and Tote. In addition, its last victory at Bernabeu Stadium was in 1985.

3) With 13 goals in their last three league games at the Bernabeu, Real Madrid has regained the punch from the start of the season. Against Hercules, will seek another victory to strengthen confidence before facing the challenge round of Champions.

Florentino Pérez supports to Jose Mourinho

Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez, had no hesitation in supporting star coach Jose Mourinho, in his criticism of the League competition schedule that the Portuguese has been reporting for several weeks.

Florentino Pérez supports to Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese does not understand the Spanish League schedule
Florentino Pérez and Jose Mourinho

"We defend to Real Madrid for what we believe is unfair, irregular and arbitrary. That's also love for a team and that is precisely what our coach Jose Mourinho is doing" said the president in the ceremony of badges to members who reach 25, 50 and 60 years o fassociation with the white club.

"Dominion is to recognize the merits and successes of the adversary, but also acknowledge what is unfair and denounce such illegal actions, either within or outside the institution" he added. The president's words were applauded by all those attending the event.

The president also recalled the "genetic code" of best club in the twentieth century: "We must seek victory, no matter how difficult". "The hallmarks of Real Madrid are the sacrifice, honesty and constant quest for victory. We must try to be the best team in thetwenty-first century, not only in sports but in growing infrastructure, image and projection. We work for it ".

In addition, Florentino Perez was proud to participate in the badges ceremony for veterans members, held this morning in Madrid: "This is a very emotional ceremony in which rewards loyalty". "Partners members are the great strength of Real Madrid", he concluded. The club delivered this morning 2,346 silver badge (for members who meet 25 years), 141 gold (50 years of membership) and 146 gold and diamond (60 years of membership).


Mourinho: "We want to remain perfect at the Bernabeu"

Jose Mourinho warned of the difficulties Hercules present during Friday's pre-match press conference, but the Madridista skipper also expressed the faith he has in his team.

Mourinho talked about his team at press conference
Jose Mourinho

"Whoever's season is at stake isn't worried about drubbings, but rather about points. A team playing for points is a team that will leave it all on the pitch; it doesn't think about losing, but about doing good things."

"Hercules have done some big things this year and they played us well on their home turf, where we had to fight hard to win. It's not an easy match for us. Their players have a lot of personality and they will expect to earn a positive result." "We want to remain perfect at the Bernabeu. A solid match will boost our confidence before playing against Lyon."

"What matters most for a team is the way it thinks about how it should play, not about what system is being used. Real Madrid can lose without Cristiano one day and another play a great match. One day Di Maria is much more of a threat along the wing, while another he does a lot better from an inside position."

"We played well against Racing. It was a good match, but we have played well all season and have earned very good results. If you think that Cristiano is gping to start Wednesday's match on the bench because of what took place against Racing, you are mistaken. I am pretty sure he will play, but I do not like players who are not at 100%. If Cristiano had to play tomorrow he wouldn't because he is not fully fit, but I am sure he will play next Wednesday after training on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. "

"We all have the same opinion about Benzema. He has improved in many aspects, but overall we can say he is a different player for the better."

"Ozil is only getting better. He arrived when the preseason was almost over and he has adapted very well. It was a fantastic operation that turned out very cheap for Real Madrid."

"I am not stupid. We all know that the moment the lead increases the championship is lost. When one team plays the Champions League on a Tueday and La Liga on Sunday, and another play the Champions League on Wednesday and La Liga on Saturday, Real Madrid is not being given the same chances to compete. It's not fair for everyone."

Optimism at Chelsea: "Signing Kaka is possible"

Neither is the first, nor will the latest information to be published about the possible departure of Kaka from Real Madrid, but the truth is that in England every time there is more credence to his move to Chelsea. One possibility that wins credibility with news as published today in the British newspaper 'Daily Telegraph', which today provides an important new development on the subject: one source from Stamford Bridge club ensures that "there is a strong possibility that happen (the signing of Kaka)".

Chelsea is interested in Kaka

The new ceased to be a rumor for some time and has become a real possibility, especially after Real Madrid has decided to listen to offers for the player. The newspaper quoted the news today titled: "The Chelsea fantasy for Kaka can become reality" and explains that Roman Abramovich is ready to make a new economic effort to sign the Brazilian star, despite his shine has gone from joining Real Madrid.

In any case, despite the yearnings from Russian billionaire, the main obstacle Chelsea faces, and any other team interested in the Brazilian, is that still remaining four years on the contract with Real Madrid, where he signed for six seasons with 9 million euros net for every one of them (15 million with tax).

The information comes from England, adds that in the operation is only provided an economic transfer, because Chelsea coach, Carlo Ancelotti, has excluded that the Ivorian Didier Drogba was used as currency.

It appears that after the acquisition of Fernando Torres, Abramovich is ready to bring Kaka to the Premier League regardless of the continuation or not of Ancellotti, whose good relationship with the Brazilian from his time at Milan was presumed key to convince the player.

Granero: "We have to play "on fire" against Hercules"

Real Madrid midfielder Esteban Granero, thinks they will play "on fire" against Hercules to try to open the scoring in the first twenty and thirty minutes for their opponent will not be locked in defense, and remembers that the three points are vital so they must "keep up", especially knowing that FC Barcelona has "a tough match" against Sevilla.

Granero knows that Hercules will be a hard match
Esteban Granero

"We have to take the lead as we always do, try to go out "on fire" as the other day match against Racing. On defense the team is pretty good. If we take the initiative and do our game, we know that normally should win. The twenty, thirty first minutes will be crucial and if at that time we manage to score a goal or two, they will have to open and at the Bernabeu that is dangerous".

However, he warns that Hercules has "a pretty good offensive potential". "But we have to think about what we have to do. We have to keep up and know we can not fail. The team is conscious, so I think we're going to make a good game" he said.

He also knows that FC Barcelona has "a tough match at Sevilla where is always expected a tough match, with dedicated fans and a very competitive team". "Barcelona has a great potential and has brought good results lately in Sevilla, but Sevilla had a week off and if it poses the game well, can cause difficulties to Barcelona".

On the other hand, on his next rival, Atletico Madrid, praised to Kun Aguero, Diego Forlan and Jose Antonio Reyes: "They are determinants players who are always very important in any game they play and certainly much of Atletico future, will depend on them".

On a personal level, he hopes to return to have the confidence of Jose Mourinho: "I work like everyone else. Everyone wants the good of the whole. This is a sport team and we compete against rivals not between us. And it shows, very good atmosphere in the template and that's because all rowing the same direction", he explains.

In this way, He is set in Karim Benzema: " Karim has greatly improved and is working very well". "He sure looks happy and will continue to be important until the end of season".


Interview: Raúl Albiol


Raúl Albiol interview
Raúl Albiol

"I am grateful to the coach for having given me the chance to play. I have been able to get back into a rhythm and prove that I am prepared for anything."

"Crunch time begins after the Hercules match, when we have games against Lyon and Atletico Madrid. I think the team is in good shape for the tie and for what is left of the season."

"It is important to show that we are capable of playing without one of the best players in the world, but its obvious that we are much better with a healthy Cristiano Ronaldo."

"We are all very happy with Mourinho. I think what really matters is that he got us all to row in the same direction. He has what players think is crucial, and that is to tell you how it is to your face and to push you. He always has us on the brink so that we are always focused and plugged into the team. You have to be prepared at all times."

"Against Milan, the coach told us to take a seat because he wasn’t going to make any more changes, and that is why I went to celebrate with my teammates when Pedro Leon scored. Then I got pulled from behind. It was Mourinho, who had come after me after seeing that I wasn’t on the bench. He saw me, pulled me and I got really scared. We love how he experiences football and the passion he has for this sport."

"Ozil was already a well-known player before he arrived, but perhaps no one expected him to adapt to such an important position so quickly. Mesut is a great person."

"I can’t wait for the Copa final because it is being played close to my home. I used to be ball boy at Mestalla and I remember seeing great Champions League matches there with teams like Arsenal and Leeds United. It is a very special stadium."

Real Madrid "Pichichis": Top ten

During the last months, the Spanish sports media are attentive to the possible record of goals scored in a season that Cristiano Ronaldo can set. The Portuguese player could not play the last game with his team and can not play this weekend, so his scoring average will drop.

Although he will not beat the record, his goals stats are outstanding and he will be in the history of Real Madrid as the top scorer of the season. But to win the Pichichi trophy will have to overcome Leo Messi. If he does, he will enter in the history of Spanish football.

So did the greatest scorers of Real Madrid. They beat all their rivals and helped the team to win league titles. These are the top ten Pichichis in the history of Real Madrid.

Top ten scorers per season of Real Madrid history winning Pichichi trophy
Top ten Real Madrid Pichichis

Pichichi Trophy is the award given annually by the Spanish sports daily "Marca" to the top scorer of the first division of Spanish football League. The award is named in honor of player Rafael Moreno Aranzadi (Athletic Bilbao), nicknamed footballing "Pichichi" who noted by his great scoring ability during the decades 1910 and 1920, before the creation of the Spanish League.

Despite its prestige, is not considered an official award, as the count of goals is based on the chronics that Marca journalists write every match and not on the arbitration proceedings. This has been controversial at times. Also, the statistics do not count for the Golden Boot trophy because this is granted by the European Sports Magazines, whose representative in Spain is the magazine "Don Balon".


Real Madrid Girlfriends: Lara Alvarez (4)

Despite her youth, Lara Alvarez has extensive experience in television news programs. BA in Journalism from the 'Universidad Rey Juan Carlos', was collaborator of the live program "Hoy por tí" in "Telemadrid TV" as editor and publisher. Furthermore, the journalist worked as a presenter and editor of the economic program "Ahorro y Finanzas", in "Teleasturias" (2009). Her career also includes works for "Sony TV".

Currently, the Asturian journalist presents the weekends football program "Marca Gol" in "Marca TV", a program that collects information from the League (First and Second divisions).She also works with "LaSexta TV". The sports specialist will combine her work on the set with work as foot field reporter in broadcasting games.

Sergio Ramos girlfriend
Lara Alvarez

Interestingly, one of her most popular works was the role as Laura in the ad that launched MTV Spain in 2006 under the name "I Love Laura" where she was a member of the false music band "Happiness".

Although her relationship with Sergio Ramos has not been comfirmed by any of them, they have been photographed together on several occasions and there are rumors that the relationship began in late 2010.

Sergio Ramos and his girlfriend at a restaurant
Sergio Ramos and Lara Alvarez

The new Real Madrid jersey (2011-2012)

Real Madrid has already prepared the jersey will look next season. Adidas, the sportswear firm which wears the white club, has made some modifications with respect to the present jersey. The most significant is the wide blue band on one edge of the neck, which extends beyond the connection with the left side edge, a thin edge that is white. The white jersey keeps the same line that this season. It continues with the three blue stripes on the sleeve, a classic detail at Real Madrid and also distinguishes Adidas.

New Real Madrid home jersey for 2011-2012 season
Real Madrid home jersey (2011-2012)

The shirt for next season waives the flap on the neck. In one sleeve will bear the shield of the LFP (League Association) and the Champions logo will be on the other at European Cup matches. As usual, in the left side at the front, Real Madrid will wear its shield of and in the right the logo of the sports brand.

The shirt is already in Adidas' stores and several players from Real Madrid will wear it today at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. The club hopes that this new kit will be a hit among its followers. Adidas also is convinced it will be a success.

Update: 05/25/2011


Higuain advances his recovery

Higuain will not watch on television the Spanish Cup final against Barcelona on 20 April. Neither the "Classic", the league game at the Bernabeu to be held four days earlier. The Argentine striker has worked hard in the last two weeks and has evolved dramatically in the recovery of the herniated disc injury. In fact, it is expected to give him the discharge end of the month.

Dr. Fessler, who operated him in Chicago, diagnosed four months out, leaving him almost no options to help the team this season. But the starter of Argentina national team and Real Madrid (when he was injured on November 29 had 10 goals in 17 matches), has rebelled against his fate and the club doctors are stunned with his progress.

Higuaín training hard in Valdebebas Sports City
Higuain at Valdebebas

Higuain is working eight hours a day in Valdebebas (with double shifts, morning and afternoon), once he passed the early stages of rehabilitation. He began work on the pool and went into the machine of weightlessness with muscle strengthening exercises of the spine to achieve stabilization in the surgical field. A week ago, the club's media have already published some revealing pictures of the progression of Higuain; Running in short stretches, dodging cones in a zig-zag and touching the ball without feeling pain.

Higuain reflected his feelings in a Realmadrid TV interview : "The other day someone told me that these rehabilitations are made faster if you have a target. Dreaming when you return, how to score, how to celebrate, the illusion of people around you... That improves the player physically and emotionally".

Mourinho is delighted with Higuain's work. He knows he will dispose of him in the Spanish Cup final on 20 April and in the "Classic" League match on the 16th. And even at the quarterfinals of the Champions (6-13 April). But first, the Lyon should be eliminated.

Özil returns magic to Real Madrid

"He is wonderful. Özil has a tremendous quality and all the Real Madrid enjoys his football". Who said this expression was Raúl in an interview published yesterday by Kicker magazine, where he surrenders to the talent of Germany midfielder and joins the legion of Real Madrid fans who begins to see Mesut Özil as the man who can revive the magic that was smothered in the absence of Zidane.

Özil finally crowned in "El Sardinero" Stadium continues inserting pearls in the necklace of genius: the electric movement to assist Adebayor in the 0-1, the unpredictable pass with the outside of the foot in the 0-2 and the anthological play without goal, with a double dribble in a meter, that Toño (Racing goalkeeper) saved with a leg.

Özil dribbles Toño two times in a meter
Özil in Santander

A catalog of dribbles and passes, full of Zidane's aroma, that Beckenbauer had already announced in the summer: "He throws killers passes which are suits for his fellows". and according to Özil himself, are products of his Turks genes. Added to this, he begins to play strong all the moments of a match, a lack that was felt but never worried him: "I am not a robot ...".

An integration process that is taking English as tool, but soon will be the Spansih. Özil is receiving intensive instruction (five hours a day, three days per week) that complemented in the first days with a curious method. He papered the walls of his house in "La Finca" with post-it filled with Spanish words, among which there was the fetish phrase in the locker room at the Bernabeu: "Unity is strength".

Since then, apart from his fellow Khedira, has made friends with Marcelo, Pepe, Higuain, Di Maria and Cristiano. With the first, he usually tends to go out to dinner (the food is one of his passions, but has hired a cook) and with the Portuguese star shares hobbies: playing Texas Hold'em poker and ping-pong.

His adaptation to Spanish culture is such that in his house (a villa of 650 sqm with swimming pool and football minicamp) there is a classic in Spanish folklore: a table football with the players painted with the colors of Real Madrid and Barcelona. He also has a room to accommodate shoes and sneakers, the only one of his confessed vices.

A house where he has hosted friends and family, including his brother Mutlu and his father, Mustafa, the first telephone conversation with Mesut after his performance in Santander. Özil always listens to him carefully: "He is my biggest critic and I value his opinions".

Where he will not find negative reviews is in Jorge Valdano's words: "Özil will shine the next decade in Real Madrid. He enjoys even the adversaries" As it was Zidane ...


Galliani: "Kaka is expensive, but if he reduces his salary ..."

Adriano Galliani, Milan's vice president, spoke of rumors circulating about a possible return of Kaka at Milan, and far to disprove anything, has only fed speculation.

Kaka will sign for Milan this summer

"Ricardo earns too much, because in Spain teams pay less tax. I am sorry ha has problems in Madrid, but to return with us the salary should be lowered enough", he said today in remarks to the Italian press. "We can only afford the salary of one Ibrahimovic" he added.

For several days rumors were heard about a possible exit from Real Madrid, due to his disappointing performance since joining the club. One of the destinations where he was placed is Milan, especially according to a declarations from his father who was asked about that possibility, leaving the door open for the possible departure of his son to San Siro.

But Milan has not only been related to the future of the Brazilian. There has been talk of Chelsea, which could exploit the 'generous moment' by Abramovich, and the City, which could benefit from 'Adebayor effect'.

League (Day 27): Mourinho reactions


Mourinho won in Santander
Jose Mourinho

"We have played well in some previous road matches. We came out strong tonight and we had some early chances. The opponent felt like it had very few possibilities because we played a fantastic match and were always ahead. I liked the fact that we stayed calm."

"Having two forwards allows us to have alternatives. We have players who are adapted to play both ways, and tonight we responded very well. Karim and Adebayor provided good solutions."

"We used this same system against Malaga. Di Maria played inside and Cristiano joined Higuain. I decided to use this system, but I could have used the other as well. We wanted to have a more compact midfield. I didn't think we needed to use two defending midfielders. But once Cristiano returns, the natural move is to have the team use its system."

"I do not expect Barcelona to slip up. I focus on my league, I play my games and I try to earn as many points as I can. We win if we play well and are better than our opponents. If the match is more level and decided by small details, we don't. I don't expect them to slip up, but I do hope we win at home."

"Pedro Leon stayed on the bench. I think playing for four minutes was of great value for Alex, just like it would have been for Casado. But for Pedro it woulnd't have been significant. I wanted to make Alex happy. He had a marvelous night."

"Granero is a player that has to be taken into account. He is intelligent, he learns and he is very useful to the team."

Spanish League: Day 27


No one was quite sure how Real Madrid would handle the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo. Jose Mourinho on Friday stated that it wouldn’t affect the team’s ambition, but what he forgot to mention is that the Whites would also play exquisite football during the first half of the match. Racing Santander withstood the onslaught every way they could, and after taking their foot off the gas in the second, Real did concede a goal, but it wasn’t enough to keep the Whites from celebrating 109 years of history in style.

Marcelo misses an clear opoortunity against Racing

Real Madrid took El Sardinero by storm. The Whites put together one play after the next and kept Racing on their heals throughout the entire first half. By the time the 15th minute ticked off the clock, Real had taken five shots on goal with one striking the crossbar. With memories of Riazor taking shape, Ozil made sure to quell Madridista nerves, and on 22’ he magically combined with Benzema and Adebayor, who punched in the first goal of the night.

Racing were against the ropes and Real smelled blood. Four minutes later, Ozil found Benzema with a brilliant deep pass and the Frenchman placed it perfectly into the back of the net. In a show of precision football and teamwork, the first half came to a close with the Whites in the driver’s seat.

The hosts advanced positions and pressured after the restart. With the ball frequenting their feet more often, Racing moved in on Casillas. Alonso tackled Giovani in the box on 51’, but Pinillos telegraphed the spot kick straight into Iker’s hands. Real Madrid took their foot off the gas, making it more difficult to create scoring chances. Racing continued to move forward and on 70’ cut the lead to one with a goal by Kennedy. Five minutes later, however, the Whites put the nail in the coffin when Di Maria connected with Benzema from distance and the striker fired home to make it 1-3.

With business taken care of, Canales stepped in for his first action in El Sardinero since leaving Racing. Di Maria then provoked a penalty in the Whites’ favor, but Adebayor was unable to strike gold. Of note, Castillas’ Alex Fernandez stepped in for an unforgettable final five minutes in what was his first team debut.


Stadium: El Sardinero
Attendance: 18,444
Goals: 0-1, min 23. Adebayor. 0-2, min 26. Benzema. 1-2, min 71. Kennedy. 1-3, min 76. Benzema.


Preview: Racing vs Real Madrid

Racing Santander vs Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo and seven others in the Real Madrid will miss the match; also Adrian and five more in Racing de Santander. There will be no "jamón serrano" in the VIP box, by imperative of Alí Syed, "the undefeated", and public to fill the Sardinero Stadium; Marcelino (Racing coach) effect is not enough to overcome the 60 euros for the cheapest ticket. What you will not miss is the match.

In one month, Real Madrid lost five points in Pamplona and A Coruña, evidence that costs climb the "north face" of the League. And in three days has lost six players, evidence that no template is sufficient. Today team comes out to play 10 points behind Barcelona and 8 injured players: Cristiano and his possible release, Kaka who is felled possibly run out, the multipurpose Arbeloa, Garay, Higuain and three midfielders to defend, Khedira, Lass and Gago. Among all, 36 goals and 15 assists. And Real Madrid does not win nearly half of the matches played without Cristiano.

The plague forced Mourinho to improvise, possibly with Pepe as midfielder with Xabi and Granero; or Sergio Canales in the playmaker, behind Benzema. It is also not ruled out to play with a higher gear with Granero in the midfield and Benzema with Adebayor in the same eleven. Pedro Leon is out of the match, minutes, and confidence. So long in the bench sets him out of the season.

About Cristiano: "He is an important player and we will miss him, but his absence will not affect our ambition. I am convinced that we will accomplish our goal in Santander. We have good players who are focused on the task at hand”, declared Mourinho during Saturday’s press conference.

Racing is in a better mood. In the VIP area, Ali Syed uses only his hands to celebrate triumphs. Undefeated in six games. And in the field, Marcelino offers the best average of his career: two points and 1.75 goals per game. He already won once Capello's Real Madrid, 0-3 with Recreativo de Huelva which signed six players in the last two days of August. Marcelino is a good coach and will pretend the absences of Cisma, Arana, Henrique and Adrian, despite the last two had been starters all the matches with him.

Giovani, only signing of the winter market, rises from lever to starter. He has already played more in the League than the rest of the season in the Premier and will try to straighten a waning career since he left Barcelona. Today he will be next to Rosenberg who has failed 19 times in the hand to hand against the goalkeeper in this season, Kennedy and the eternal Munitis. Marcelino's message sounds brave.

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