Interview: Raúl Albiol


Raúl Albiol interview
Raúl Albiol

"I am grateful to the coach for having given me the chance to play. I have been able to get back into a rhythm and prove that I am prepared for anything."

"Crunch time begins after the Hercules match, when we have games against Lyon and Atletico Madrid. I think the team is in good shape for the tie and for what is left of the season."

"It is important to show that we are capable of playing without one of the best players in the world, but its obvious that we are much better with a healthy Cristiano Ronaldo."

"We are all very happy with Mourinho. I think what really matters is that he got us all to row in the same direction. He has what players think is crucial, and that is to tell you how it is to your face and to push you. He always has us on the brink so that we are always focused and plugged into the team. You have to be prepared at all times."

"Against Milan, the coach told us to take a seat because he wasn’t going to make any more changes, and that is why I went to celebrate with my teammates when Pedro Leon scored. Then I got pulled from behind. It was Mourinho, who had come after me after seeing that I wasn’t on the bench. He saw me, pulled me and I got really scared. We love how he experiences football and the passion he has for this sport."

"Ozil was already a well-known player before he arrived, but perhaps no one expected him to adapt to such an important position so quickly. Mesut is a great person."

"I can’t wait for the Copa final because it is being played close to my home. I used to be ball boy at Mestalla and I remember seeing great Champions League matches there with teams like Arsenal and Leeds United. It is a very special stadium."

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