Real Madrid "Pichichis": Top ten

During the last months, the Spanish sports media are attentive to the possible record of goals scored in a season that Cristiano Ronaldo can set. The Portuguese player could not play the last game with his team and can not play this weekend, so his scoring average will drop.

Although he will not beat the record, his goals stats are outstanding and he will be in the history of Real Madrid as the top scorer of the season. But to win the Pichichi trophy will have to overcome Leo Messi. If he does, he will enter in the history of Spanish football.

So did the greatest scorers of Real Madrid. They beat all their rivals and helped the team to win league titles. These are the top ten Pichichis in the history of Real Madrid.

Top ten scorers per season of Real Madrid history winning Pichichi trophy
Top ten Real Madrid Pichichis

Pichichi Trophy is the award given annually by the Spanish sports daily "Marca" to the top scorer of the first division of Spanish football League. The award is named in honor of player Rafael Moreno Aranzadi (Athletic Bilbao), nicknamed footballing "Pichichi" who noted by his great scoring ability during the decades 1910 and 1920, before the creation of the Spanish League.

Despite its prestige, is not considered an official award, as the count of goals is based on the chronics that Marca journalists write every match and not on the arbitration proceedings. This has been controversial at times. Also, the statistics do not count for the Golden Boot trophy because this is granted by the European Sports Magazines, whose representative in Spain is the magazine "Don Balon".

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