Mourinho: "We want to remain perfect at the Bernabeu"

Jose Mourinho warned of the difficulties Hercules present during Friday's pre-match press conference, but the Madridista skipper also expressed the faith he has in his team.

Mourinho talked about his team at press conference
Jose Mourinho

"Whoever's season is at stake isn't worried about drubbings, but rather about points. A team playing for points is a team that will leave it all on the pitch; it doesn't think about losing, but about doing good things."

"Hercules have done some big things this year and they played us well on their home turf, where we had to fight hard to win. It's not an easy match for us. Their players have a lot of personality and they will expect to earn a positive result." "We want to remain perfect at the Bernabeu. A solid match will boost our confidence before playing against Lyon."

"What matters most for a team is the way it thinks about how it should play, not about what system is being used. Real Madrid can lose without Cristiano one day and another play a great match. One day Di Maria is much more of a threat along the wing, while another he does a lot better from an inside position."

"We played well against Racing. It was a good match, but we have played well all season and have earned very good results. If you think that Cristiano is gping to start Wednesday's match on the bench because of what took place against Racing, you are mistaken. I am pretty sure he will play, but I do not like players who are not at 100%. If Cristiano had to play tomorrow he wouldn't because he is not fully fit, but I am sure he will play next Wednesday after training on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. "

"We all have the same opinion about Benzema. He has improved in many aspects, but overall we can say he is a different player for the better."

"Ozil is only getting better. He arrived when the preseason was almost over and he has adapted very well. It was a fantastic operation that turned out very cheap for Real Madrid."

"I am not stupid. We all know that the moment the lead increases the championship is lost. When one team plays the Champions League on a Tueday and La Liga on Sunday, and another play the Champions League on Wednesday and La Liga on Saturday, Real Madrid is not being given the same chances to compete. It's not fair for everyone."

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