Florentino Pérez supports to Jose Mourinho

Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez, had no hesitation in supporting star coach Jose Mourinho, in his criticism of the League competition schedule that the Portuguese has been reporting for several weeks.

Florentino Pérez supports to Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese does not understand the Spanish League schedule
Florentino Pérez and Jose Mourinho

"We defend to Real Madrid for what we believe is unfair, irregular and arbitrary. That's also love for a team and that is precisely what our coach Jose Mourinho is doing" said the president in the ceremony of badges to members who reach 25, 50 and 60 years o fassociation with the white club.

"Dominion is to recognize the merits and successes of the adversary, but also acknowledge what is unfair and denounce such illegal actions, either within or outside the institution" he added. The president's words were applauded by all those attending the event.

The president also recalled the "genetic code" of best club in the twentieth century: "We must seek victory, no matter how difficult". "The hallmarks of Real Madrid are the sacrifice, honesty and constant quest for victory. We must try to be the best team in thetwenty-first century, not only in sports but in growing infrastructure, image and projection. We work for it ".

In addition, Florentino Perez was proud to participate in the badges ceremony for veterans members, held this morning in Madrid: "This is a very emotional ceremony in which rewards loyalty". "Partners members are the great strength of Real Madrid", he concluded. The club delivered this morning 2,346 silver badge (for members who meet 25 years), 141 gold (50 years of membership) and 146 gold and diamond (60 years of membership).

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