Galliani: "Kaka is expensive, but if he reduces his salary ..."

Adriano Galliani, Milan's vice president, spoke of rumors circulating about a possible return of Kaka at Milan, and far to disprove anything, has only fed speculation.

Kaka will sign for Milan this summer

"Ricardo earns too much, because in Spain teams pay less tax. I am sorry ha has problems in Madrid, but to return with us the salary should be lowered enough", he said today in remarks to the Italian press. "We can only afford the salary of one Ibrahimovic" he added.

For several days rumors were heard about a possible exit from Real Madrid, due to his disappointing performance since joining the club. One of the destinations where he was placed is Milan, especially according to a declarations from his father who was asked about that possibility, leaving the door open for the possible departure of his son to San Siro.

But Milan has not only been related to the future of the Brazilian. There has been talk of Chelsea, which could exploit the 'generous moment' by Abramovich, and the City, which could benefit from 'Adebayor effect'.

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