League (Day 27): Mourinho reactions


Mourinho won in Santander
Jose Mourinho

"We have played well in some previous road matches. We came out strong tonight and we had some early chances. The opponent felt like it had very few possibilities because we played a fantastic match and were always ahead. I liked the fact that we stayed calm."

"Having two forwards allows us to have alternatives. We have players who are adapted to play both ways, and tonight we responded very well. Karim and Adebayor provided good solutions."

"We used this same system against Malaga. Di Maria played inside and Cristiano joined Higuain. I decided to use this system, but I could have used the other as well. We wanted to have a more compact midfield. I didn't think we needed to use two defending midfielders. But once Cristiano returns, the natural move is to have the team use its system."

"I do not expect Barcelona to slip up. I focus on my league, I play my games and I try to earn as many points as I can. We win if we play well and are better than our opponents. If the match is more level and decided by small details, we don't. I don't expect them to slip up, but I do hope we win at home."

"Pedro Leon stayed on the bench. I think playing for four minutes was of great value for Alex, just like it would have been for Casado. But for Pedro it woulnd't have been significant. I wanted to make Alex happy. He had a marvelous night."

"Granero is a player that has to be taken into account. He is intelligent, he learns and he is very useful to the team."

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