Özil returns magic to Real Madrid

"He is wonderful. Özil has a tremendous quality and all the Real Madrid enjoys his football". Who said this expression was Raúl in an interview published yesterday by Kicker magazine, where he surrenders to the talent of Germany midfielder and joins the legion of Real Madrid fans who begins to see Mesut Özil as the man who can revive the magic that was smothered in the absence of Zidane.

Özil finally crowned in "El Sardinero" Stadium continues inserting pearls in the necklace of genius: the electric movement to assist Adebayor in the 0-1, the unpredictable pass with the outside of the foot in the 0-2 and the anthological play without goal, with a double dribble in a meter, that Toño (Racing goalkeeper) saved with a leg.

Özil dribbles Toño two times in a meter
Özil in Santander

A catalog of dribbles and passes, full of Zidane's aroma, that Beckenbauer had already announced in the summer: "He throws killers passes which are suits for his fellows". and according to Özil himself, are products of his Turks genes. Added to this, he begins to play strong all the moments of a match, a lack that was felt but never worried him: "I am not a robot ...".

An integration process that is taking English as tool, but soon will be the Spansih. Özil is receiving intensive instruction (five hours a day, three days per week) that complemented in the first days with a curious method. He papered the walls of his house in "La Finca" with post-it filled with Spanish words, among which there was the fetish phrase in the locker room at the Bernabeu: "Unity is strength".

Since then, apart from his fellow Khedira, has made friends with Marcelo, Pepe, Higuain, Di Maria and Cristiano. With the first, he usually tends to go out to dinner (the food is one of his passions, but has hired a cook) and with the Portuguese star shares hobbies: playing Texas Hold'em poker and ping-pong.

His adaptation to Spanish culture is such that in his house (a villa of 650 sqm with swimming pool and football minicamp) there is a classic in Spanish folklore: a table football with the players painted with the colors of Real Madrid and Barcelona. He also has a room to accommodate shoes and sneakers, the only one of his confessed vices.

A house where he has hosted friends and family, including his brother Mutlu and his father, Mustafa, the first telephone conversation with Mesut after his performance in Santander. Özil always listens to him carefully: "He is my biggest critic and I value his opinions".

Where he will not find negative reviews is in Jorge Valdano's words: "Özil will shine the next decade in Real Madrid. He enjoys even the adversaries" As it was Zidane ...

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