Nuri Sahin is training during his holidays

Nuri Sahin has already begun to work thinking about next season. The Turkish midfielder knows he has to charge the batteries if he wants to start the course at the same rate as his peers and is following in his holidays a specific physical plan. The duties that Sahin has taken, have been designed by Jose Mourinho and Rui Faria, although the Turkish works hand in hand with a personal trainer to make strictly he follows all directions on the coaching staff at Real Madrid.

Sahin training with Real Madrid jersey
Sahin training with Real Madrid

Last season, Sahin never had the same pace of his peers because of an injury that suffered when he played for the Borussia Dortmund. The Turkish midfielder arrived at Real Madrid with a problem in the internal lateral ligament of his knee that stop him from doing the preseason to keep pace with his companions, which dogged him for the entire campaign.

Jose Mourinho tried by all means the player could reach the same physical level as his peers through a variety of customized plans, but Mourinho never saw Sahin ready to play on the team and that gave him ten opportunities. Throughout the season he only played 10 games: four in the Spanish league, four in Champions League and two in Spanish Cup.

The work Sahin is doing during holidays, is intended primarily to strengthen the quadriceps muscles, vital to prevent injuries in the knees. The Turkish has had three injuries to the ligaments in the last year and has a working protocol to prevent discomfort in this area. Sahin trains at the gym every day with his personal trainer and plays other sports that help him to improve his aerobic fitness.

Sahin is following the example of Karim Benzema, who last summer improved his physical performance with a personal trainer recommended by Zinedine Zidane. The results are obvious because the French has been one of the best players of Real Madrid this season.

Real Madrid green jersey for Champions League (2012-13)

Adidas will surprise (again) introducing this season the green color in the away kit jersey of Real Madrid for the Champions League tournament. The sports brand has usually used the blue or black colors, but last year already used the red to design the away equipments of Real Madrid for the alternate dress the team wore in Europe.

Real Madrid green away kit for Champions League 2012-2013
Real Madrid away kit for Champions League 2012-2013

For next season, it seemed that the major innovations were in the away jersey for the Spanish competitions (electric yellow). However, Adidas has wanted to change the image of Real Madrid in Europe and has avoided the black, blue and purple to opt for a striking color: green. Although, the numbers and stretches will back to white. Also the socks will be green. Another important thing is that this away kit for Champions League will also be used by the team in the Spanish League as third kit.

Adidas has already confirmed that the red, which was so successful last season and was shown especially in the Champions League, would no longer manufacture. The German sports brand, looking for another blow, thought that green would be an amazing color. A rumor that sounds increasingly harder and that seems confirmed with this leak, in which the Champions League symbol appears in a sleeve.

However, it is not the first time that Real Madrid is dressed in green. Real Madrid dressed in this color in 1965 in a friendly against River Plate in Caracas. The only precedent (as recorded in some press at the time) was during a summer tour. They had to order the shirts borrowed to play against River because the team did not travel with the away kit. It was a 1-1 (Agüero and Luis Cubilla).


Legends: Uli Stielike


Uli Stielike wearing Real Madrid jersey
Uli Stielike

Uli Stielike was born on November 15, 1954 in Ketsch (Baden-Württemberg). As a child, in 1960, begins to play on the team SpVgg of his hometown, where he remained until 1973 when Hennes Weisweiler signs him for Borussia Mönchengladbach. While Uli plays for the team, Borussia was proclaimed three times champion of the German Bundesliga (1975 - 1977), won a German Cup (1973) and UEFA Cup (1975).

The signing of Uli Stielike was the last great contribution that Santiago Bernabeu made to the greatness of Real Madrid. Not surprisingly, the commitment of the President to sign Uli Stielike was the main reason he signed for the white team. However, Santiago Bernabeu and Agustin Dominguez, who was then general secretary of the club, traveled to Germany with the intention of signing another standout German, Wimmer, with the idea of replacing Paul Breitner, at that time playing for Real Madrid. Stielike was a midfielder and defender, whose game was characterized by impeccable placement and for their dedication and fighting spirit.

In 1977 he signed for Real Madrid, where he met with players such as Jose Antonio Camacho, Pirri, Gregorio Benito, Santillana and Juanito, among others. His start in the team was not easy, quite the opposite. First, because the coach, Miljan Miljanic, was replaced at the beggining of the season. Second, because his great supporter, Santiago Bernabeu, was hospitalized due to severe illness that led him to the death. Third, because the player (some called him "crystal player") missed the first five matches due to injury. Still, Uli Stielike had an important role in achieving the league title. Since his debut, took control of midfield, as well as scored a good number of goals, 13 in the 27 games he played, becoming the second scorer of the team. Santillana was the team top scorer.

The German player's first three seasons at Real Madrid were very successful. He won three consecutive Spanish league titles and a Cup (1980). But the European Cup, was an impossible trophy. The team played the final in Paris in 1981, against Liverpool, and was defeated 1-0 after extra time. With the eighties began a curse for the team that reached, of course, to Uli Stielike. In the 1980-81 season, they lost the league at the last second in favor of Real Sociedad.

Then, another disappointment in the following season, with title again for the Basque team, Real Sociedad, although this year Real Madrid won the Cup in Spain. The following season (1982-83), with Di Stefano as coach, team was runner-up in five competitions thay played. In 1985, after the arrival of Ramon Mendoza for the presidency of Real Madrid, and the addition of new players like Buyo, Maceda, Gordillo, Uli Stielike signed for Neuchatel. There he won league titles in 1987 and 1988. In this club he retired at the end of 1988.

With the German national team, Uli Stielike played a total of 42 games between 1975 and 1984, managing to win Euro 1980 and contesting the World Championship final in 1982 in Spain, losing the final 1-3 against Italy. He did not participate in the World Cup 1978 in Argentina, because the German federation did not summoned players who played out of the country. He was part of the squad managed by coach Jupp Derwall to play the Euro 1984 in France, that won the host country. He played the last game with the national team against Argentina in September 1984, in the first game of Franz Beckenbauer as coach.

Real Madrid refuses to play the Spanish Super Cup in Beijing

At the recent board of clubs held at the headquarters of the Spanish League Association (LFP) Real Madrid and Barcelona reached an agreement because they do not want to abide the contract that the Spanish Football Federation (FEF) has signed with the Beijing government. The contract has a clause: Five editions of the Spanish Super Cup will be played in China's capital, the first in August 2013.

Spanish SuperCup 2011: Real Madrid vs Barcelona
Spanish Super Cup 2011: Real Madrid vs Barcelona

This is an agreement, promoted by the two greats teams of the LFP, and will be supported by all the clubs. In this regard, and to formally unify the refusal in a document, Real Madrid and Barcelona agreed to hold a meeting these days at the headquarters of the LFP, where all the teams will sign the agreement to send it to the Spanish Federation chaired by Angel Maria Villar.

According to Real Madrid and Barcelona, Villar has acted unilaterally in negotiating this contract with China, ignoring the interests of every club in the LFP; sporting, social and merchandising. The Federation is responsible for organizing the Super Cup of Spain, in this there is no possible reply, but the clubs understand that the decision to play it in China should have been agreed.

As is known, the FEF signed the contract with Beijing, officially on June 1,despite the federal establishment denied all the informations about this. Jorge Perez, Spanish Federation's general secretary, signed the agreement in the Chinese capital, to hold five editions in seven years, in exchange for 35 million euros.

Real Madrid and Barcelona think that the contract violates the federation statutes and is harmful in every way; the schedule to travel to Beijing, the fans and of course the commercial deal with the brands that sponsor them. The LFP teams will join the complaint and the FEF will have to give up or there will be a serious conflict.


Kaka: Brazilian media talk about summer transfer

Ricardo Kaka, who still has three years of contract with Real Madrid, enjoys this summer 59 days of holiday and thinks seriously about leave Real Madrid to play in another European big team. That's what has been revealed by Joao Paulo de Jesus Lopes, vice president of Sao Paulo in a conversation with Luciano Borges, chief editor of Bandsports channel. The Morumbi club leader did not hide the interest of recruiting, nine years after his departure, the white playmaker, but he sees it, for now, an impossible dream: "In case of leaving Real Madrid, he prefers to go to a big team in Europe. Moreover, the player's salary is several million euros. It is beyond the reality of Brazilian football".

Kaka is on holidays at Disney World

Marco Aurelio Cunha, member of the Sao Paulo board (as consultant) has a different opinion. Kaka and Cunha were having lunch on May 24 in a meeting which was published by media. Cunha, who has announced his candidacy for president of the Sao Paulo in 2014, left his meeting with the player with the feeling that the economic issue would not be an obstacle to his return: "You cannot say it is impossible without consulting them. You cannot have an idea of ​​what could be necessary. It could be something like what was done with Luis Fabiano".

Sevilla striker left the Spanish championship by 7.6 million euros, which Sao Paulo will play in four years. In addition, the player reached an agreement with Andalusian organization by which he did not request part of the salary of the last season he played for Sevilla. Kaka, meanwhile, is considering his options with Mickey at Disney World.

The return to Brazi is a door that Ricardo Kaka, on vacation with his family in the U.S.A. (Disney Cup) remains opened: "I will return someday" he says. According to Luciano Borges, Kaka believes that: "England and even continue in Spain are two interesting optionsto him, but does not rule out giving up part of his wages and return to his country. The reason is the World Cup Brazil 2014: "He wants to return to the Brazil national team. He is in perfect physical condition and just needs games and minutes".

Mourinho: "Real Madrid's next target is Champions League"

"I want to win the Champions League with three different teams. Now that Real Madrid has won the Spanish league, the target for next season is to get the Champions League" the Portuguese coach told to the press during a promotional visit for two days in Jakarta.

Jose Mourinho in Jakarta
Jose Mourinho

"I have served two years and I have four ahead. I will work hard in order to return Real Madrid to victory in the European top competition. Real is an extraordinary project". Jose Mourinho said that his target in the white team is keep getting success after winning a league and a Spanish cup in his first two seasons.

The coach admitted that he still has to meet several challenges in his career as coach and he hopes to lead the Portuguese national team someday and achieve some success for his country, despite showing discouraged about it: "I do not think I can lead a team that only plays one game every two months and an official tournament every two years. I need to have the pressure of facing two or three games every week" said the coach.

Mourinho also praised the progress of Asia on footabll and highlighted that some elite football players are playing in Europe, especially from Japan, for some of the big European teams: "Twelve years ago only Hidetoshi Nakata arrived in Europe. Now there are many more. For example, Manchester United just signed to Shinji Kagawa" remarked the Portuguese.

However, the coach of Real Madrid predicted that still needed, in the best cases, between 6 and 10 years for Asian football to match European. The Portuguese traveled to Indonesia invited by the business tycoon Peter Lim, a visit that has unleashed the passion of the fans and media in the Asian islands.

Finally, Mourinho at the forum Meet&Greet, promised that Real Madrid will play a match in Indonesia on a new Real Madrid Asian tour: "I would like to bring my team to Indonesia".


Cristiano Ronaldo: Alfredo Di Stefano Trophy 2011-2012

Cristiano Ronaldo is the new Di Stefano Trophy winner. The Portuguese player was excited about the news that he was the trophy winner, which credited him as player of the year in Spain: "This is the first time I win an award like this since I arrived at Real Madrid, thanks to votes a jury". The Portuguese star wanted to mention to his companions: "I want to share with them all, because we have all had a great season. I am very, very happy to receive this award. It is an honor to win for the first time in my career" he said.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Alfredo Di Stefano
Cristiano Ronaldo and Alfredo Di Stefano

Alfredo Di Stefano was the responsible of talking to Cristiano to inform him he was the winner. After a chat, the player rejoined the training camp of Portugal national team because he has a decisive match against Denmark at Euro: "We will win, yes or yes" he said.

Alfredo Di Stefano highlighted the duel that Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi have kept this season for the World football scepter. So they have also been both undisputed protagonists in voting for the Di Stefano Trophy. Nine candidates received final votes, but the result leaves no doubt: Cristiano (35 votes), Messi (30) and Iniesta (4) were the best players of the 2011-2012 Spanish season.

Di Stefano defines the two star players: "Messi arrives at the rival area and tac, goal. Cristiano Ronaldo bases his success on powerful shots. Each one in their style are two monsters, but we can not forget that football is a team sport and we do not have to evaluate just the personal performance. Still, the two players are amazing" he said.

Alfredo Di Stefano Trophy is an award given annually by the Spanish sports daily Marca. The prize is awarded at the end of the season to the player has been chosen as the best player in the Spanish league. The first edition was held in 2007/08 season. The award is named in honor of the Spanish-Argentinian player Alfredo Di Stefano.

To choose the winner, internet users can vote at the end of each day, for the best players of the matches. Through these votes is selected the top 50 players list which is reviewed by a jury chosen by the sports daily Marca and presided by the Alfredo Di Stefano, honorary president of Real Madrid. And after a vote, the jury elects the best player in the championship.

Raul Gonzalez Blanco, the Real Madrid idol, was voted as the best player of the Spanish football league in the first edition. Until yesterday, Lionel Messi was the winner of this award, a trophy he has won 3 times.

Maicon and Real Madrid: Neverending story

Maicon is, at present, the player that has more options to strengthen the right back of Real Madrid. His role at Inter Milan has changed and the new philosophy of cuts and rejuvenation that will implement Massimo Moratti, president of the Italian club, approaches him to the team coaching by Mourinho.

Maicon and Mourinho at Inter Milan
Maicon and Mourinho

Inter has opened the doors to the Brazilian player although his contract ends in 2014, believing that his cycle in this team has come to end and the aim is to remove one of the highest salaries of the squad. Who has been one of the best right-backs in recent years has played an irregular season last year, alternating good games with others worse. He also went through an injury.

The new Inter coach, Andrea Stramaccion, has given approval to the sale operation. He agrees with the philosophy of Moratti. It is time to stop the economic waste and find young players. Maicon, who is 30 and earns 4 million euros net, is for sale.

Real Madrid could sign Maicon for less than half of what white team offered two years ago when Mourinho asked Florentino Perez for his hiring. The selling price Inter Milan has established to sale the Brazilian player is 10 million euros, a figure well below the 25 million that white club offered two summers ago.

The stage is favorable for Real Madrid, which has already initiated the first contact to assess whether it is worthwhile to undertake the operation from a sporting and economic perspective. On the first point, Mourinho has no doubt that Maicon still has football and can play at least two more seasons at a high level. He is a unique player and profitable, according to the Portuguese. Maicon turns 31 on July 26, but his case is similar to Carvalho. Mourinho thinks he can get a good performance.

To try again to sign Maicon is to come back to the first objective Mourinho set himself when arrived at Real Madrid. It was his first request to Florentino Perez. The Portuguese had already spoken with the Brazilian to follow him in his new adventure, but after talks with his agent, Antonio Caliendo, the operation fell apart due to the high economic pretensions of the defender.

The player asked a 5 million euros salary and Inter was also a problem to Real Madrid. But Mourinho was disappointed with Maicon. Time seems to have healed this wound. Today, there are again the ideal conditions for this transfer can be realized. But Real Madrid is not going to go crazy. Some say that the first offer Real Madrid is going to send Inter Milan, is not over 5 million euros. We'll see.


Mourinho played a match against his son

Mourinho spent yesterday's afternoon playing a practice game with his son. Actually, he played the game against his son because the match faced the Canillas youth team and some parents. The appointment was in the ​​San Roque field. The Portuguese coach arrived at 6:55 pm with his son, Zuca, who plays for the neighborhood team and was one more within the parent group. Mourinho did not hesitate to spend much of the game playing tricks on opponents and made clear that he is in a good shape.

Mourinho played a match against his son at Canillas
Mourinho during the match he played against his son

The match between parents and children was organized to celebrate the end to the season of the Canillas youth squad. Many of its members change their category and the practice game served as a farewell for children. Yesterday, the important was not the result.

Mourinho showed again the privacy he likes to keep his family and, through his bodyguards, requested not to take photos of the practice game. Finally, after a few minutes of conversation with the press, two security members, with the authorization of the coach, allowed the press taking photos, but only for a couple of minutes.

The children team wore red clothing in honor of the Spanish national team, while the parents played in white shirts. How could it be otherwise, many of them with kits of Real Madrid. Not so Mourinho, who wore one of UCLA, where Madrid has made its pre-season the last two years and where will repeat this summer. After the meeting, all the players enjoyed a snack in the same field.

Today, Mourinho will leave Madrid to travel to Singapore, where he will participate in several charity actions. There he will also meet with several members of the government of the country and will visit the tycoon Peter Lim, one of the world's richest men and majority shareholder of McLaren. Real Madrid coach will use the trip to visit Malaysia and Indonesia. In these countries he will also have meetings with local authorities. Throughout this tour of Asian lands will be joined by his agent, Jorge Mendes.

Angel Di Maria: Real Madrid player until 2018

Angel Di Maria has extended his contract with Real Madrid. After lengthy negotiations that began last year, the Argentinian has signed his new contract with Real Madrid, until 2018, two years more than he had signed. The end becomes the player with the longest contract at the squad. Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Coentrao, Sahin and Varane have contract until 2017. In addition, his salary is improved by just over one million euros, over 3 million euros net per season.

Angel Di Maria and Jose Mourinho
Angel Di Maria and Jose Mourinho

The left midfielder arrived from Benfica for 25 million euros in the summer of 2010, two years ago. In the transfer, the player accepted a low salary (2 million per season) for the high transfer Real Madrid had to pay, with the promise that the contract would be revised (the salary) if he performed well and the team got the targets.

The Argentinian fulfilled his promise in the first season and started to demand what was promised. "I am anxious to renew" he warned last summer while he was summoned with Argentina national team. But negotiations with the player and his representatives, including Jorge Mendes, has been extended nearly a year. However, after several meetings, the agreement has been reached recently but Real Madrid have not talked about it to the media.

Di Maria has not experienced his best season, far from it. Two muscular injuries, especially the last, in the right leg, due to which he could not play with the team for a long period of almost three months. However, Mourinho's confidence in the Argentinian is complete and considers him a key player. Therefore, Real Madrid has decided the renewal of Di Maria in order to reassure the player, thus avoiding that the matter be a problem and can affect the performance of the midfielder.

By extending the contract of Di Maria, Real Madrid continues with its policy to ensure the future of its stars. Today, only Lass and Granero's contracts finish next season. The rest of the players are bound and tightly bound. So, while white team seeks to strengthen the team with new additions, does not forget the most important players in the current squad. For Mourinho is also a priority to keep the current group.


Florentino Perez: New economic policy at Real Madrid

"We will do in one year what should be done in three". That was the phrase Florentino Perez said the day he announced his candidacy for the presidency of Real Madrid in 2009. Said and done. The white president has reduced net spending on player signings by nearly 50 percent in each of the three years of his term.

Florentino Perez Real Madrid President
Florentino Perez

In the first season, signings net spending was 175 million euros, with an expenditure of 267.5 and revenues of 92.5 per transfer. The amazing cost was increased due to the purchase of three of the best players in the world: Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka and Benzema.

In addition to the galactic trident, also came Xabi Alonso, Albiol, Arbeloa, Granero, Garay and Negredo (that summer was sold to Sevilla). Even to sign the coach, Pellegrini, Real Madrid had to pay 4 million euros. A huge disbursement, but necessary because the team needed an urgent facelift. Even an effort was made to reinforce the Real Madrid Castilla and 1.5 million euros were paid to sign Joselu, this year's top scorer at youth team.

However, the spectacular effort in the signings was alleviated somewhat by sales. Sales of Robben, Sneijder and Huntelaar left in the coffers of the club 58 million euros. By Negredo, Real Madrid earned three times what he cost. The remaining revenues were thanks to sales of Javi Garcia and Saviola (Benfica), Parejo and Miguel Torres (Getafe) and Heinze (Marseille). In total, 92.5 million in the sale operations.

In 2010-2011 season, Florentino reduced the transfers spending by 53.7 percent, remaining at 81 million euros. Along with Mourinho came Di Maria, Özil, Carvalho, Khedira, Pedro Leon and Canales. Seven new faces with a 94 million cost. That year two players were sold; Van der Vaart and Soldado. Total incomings: 13 million euros.

In the season just ended, the net expense was reduced to 42 million euros, which translates into a 51.8 percent less than in the previous season. In the second year of Mourinho leading the white team, Real Madrid made ​​five signings: Sahin, Altintop, Coentrao, Callejon and Varane. The cost was 55 million. The earnings due to the sales were 13 million euros.

Coentrao: "In Portugal, all give me confidence"

The Portuguese left back Fabio Coentrao lives a paradigmatic situation. Since representing his club, Real Madrid, has received harsh criticism from fans and media, which become praise when represents his country: "Here, all give me confidence", he said after the match against Germany in the Euro 2012.

Fabio Coentrao playing with Portugal jersey at Euro 2012
Fabio Coentrao

"I am fine. When you play with confidence, things are totally different. In my case, here in the national team, all people give me confidence" were the statements that the lefty defender said to the Portuguese media accompanying the Portuguese national team at Euro.

Considered one of the best in the Potugal's defeat against Germany, on Saturday, Coentrao was able to control the German end, Thomas Mueller, and also joined the attack with the freshness that characterized his time at Benfica (2010-2012) and in the 2010 World Cup. In his speech does not refer explicitly to the situation experienced this season at Real Madrid, but insists how important it is to enjoy support: "With this trust (talking about his team-mates and the fans) I demonstrate everything what I know, which is playing football", he commented.

The footballer, saddened by the loss against Germany, extracts something positive in this bad moments: "There was a very good attitude on our part in this match. Now we have to take this attitude for Wednesday's game to beat Denmark" he said.

Real Madrid improves Di Maria's contract

Di Maria and Real Madrid have reached an agreement to improve the contract of the Argentinian player. The left midfielder arrived from Benfica for 25 million euros in the summer of 2010. The signing was criticized for its high price, but it was a request from Mourinho. In the transfer, the player accepted a low salary (2 million per season) for the high transfer Real Madrid had to pay, something that happened to Pepe. After two seasons at a high level, the club has agreed to raise his earnings over 3 million euros net.

Angel Di Maria with Real Madrid jersey
Angel Di Maria

Di Maria had already demanded an increase on June 17, 2011 in Radio La Red: "I am anxiously waiting for my renewal with Real Madrid. They had promised me that if things went well, I would renew with better conditions". The club did not respond to his claims and postponed the negotiations.

Since then, his agent, Jorge Mendes, has worked with Real Madrid to satisfy the economic ambitions of footballer. Another key to improving Angel Di Maria's contract was Mourinho. As already happen with the renewal of Pepe, the coach considers him essential as left end and wants him to be comfortable and happy.

Di Maria (known as 'Noodle') has played two good seasons with Real Madrid. In the first managed 9 goals and 20 assists. In the second missed 20 games due to injury, but scored ​​7 goals and gave 14 assists. He has been an important player for Real Madrid. With him the white team has won a Spanish Cup in the 2010-2011 season and the League this year.


Mourinho: "Xavi has to play football"

Jose Mourinho replied to Xavi for his statements that the FC Barcelona midfielder made ​​to Spanish media, in which the player said: "Mourinho is not going to stay in football history. Barcelona has always been exemplary and we cannot say the same about Real Madrid". According to the Portuguese newspaper Record, Real Madrid coach thinks Xavi has not been fair with him nor with Real Madrid and advised the midfielder that: "Xavi has to do what he can do, to play football". The article in the Portuguese newspaper also noted that in the opinion of the Real Madrid coach, Xavi does not need to be nice and populist to become what he already is, an idol of Barça.

Mourinho and Xavi Hernandez
Mourinho and Xavi Hernandez

Mourinho's spokesman, Eladio Parames also answered the second captain of Barcelona via Twitter: "Mr. Xavi: check your memory and not forget who supported you and helped you, when you were unknown in the world of football and you took the first steps in Barcelona". Minutes earlier, Parames had ironized to respond to the statement made by the Spanish international about Mourinho and the football history: "Mr. Xavi: to stay in football history you have to win the championship in five European countries. Mourinho won only in four ... ".

The Portuguese coach will attend the Euro 2012 to see the evolution of some interesting players for the summer market and to support his international players: "I believe it is my duty to stand by my players at such an important moment for them. I wish them all the luck in the world in a great tournament I value especially both for its sporting-competitive and socio-cultural significance". Yesterday he was seeing the match between Germany and Portugal which ended with a victory for the Özil and Khedira's national team by 1-0.

Benzema: "Higuain has no intention of signing for PSG"

Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema is convinced that Gonzalo Higuain will continue to share the dressing room with him next season at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

Karim Benzema playing for France
Karim Benzema

International media has been talking in recent weeks about the future of Higuain. Have you been told if he will sign for PSG?
He is with the Argentinian national team and I hope he stays. Gonzalo has no intention of signing for PSG nor for any other team. Now he has finished the season, has to rest because is a very important player for us.

Tomorrow at Euro you debut against England. What are your expectations?
We face the Euro 2012 in the best possible shape. These are times of change for us. The team is fine. The goal is to reach the final and win it, that would be a dream, but first we must pass the group stage.

Much is expected of you ...
I have no pressure. Everyone waits for me, but I am part of a great team. I have confidence in myself, more than in 2008 when I arrived and was surrounded by great team players who had achieved great things.

Do you look like the star of France?
I am just a football player, the other things are what the media talks about when there is no football.

Is the game against England going to be decisive?
The target is to move to the quarterfinals. We do not put any more pressure to finish in the first position of the group. It would be a mistake. England is a good team, but I fear no one in particular. I like Gerrard. I love his approach to the game. Against England we will have to take the spaces, move the ball quickly and not fall into their game, which will be a lot of contact and struggle.

How is the environment within the French national team?
We get along very well. We will spend a month living together, so we must enjoy it.
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