Squad: Antonio Adan (13)

Antonio Adan

Antonio Adan was a Real Madrid academy and Spanish youth team mainstay. His meteoric progress during his two season with Real Madrid C were followed by another three with Real Madrid Castilla, during which he was named team captain. Adan traveled with the first team on its 2006/07 US tour, and despite playing for Castilla was officially considered Real Madrid's third keeper. His first team debut took place in a friendly against a combined Palestinian and Israeli team. After his three year stint with Castilla, Adan was officially named a member of the first team. In 2006 he won the Under-19 European Championship in Poland as the starting keeper and team captain.

  • Place of Birth: Madrid
  • Date of Birth: 05/13/1987
  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Weight: 92 kg
  • Height: 190 cm
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • La Liga (Spanish League): 2011/12
  • Copa del Rey (Spanish Cup): 2010/11
  • Spanish Super Cup: 2012
  • Under-19 European Championship (2006)

Note: Mourinho is the sports manager of Real Madrid

Real Madrid presented officially its new sports organization in which Jose Mourinho, as well as first team coach, takes over as sports manager in the style of English football. Florentino Perez already told how the would be new Real Madrid's staff organization at the press conference of Jorge Valdano's farewell, until then General Director of Real Madrid.

In the official statement from Real Madrid, is refered a General Director (Jose Angel Sanchez), a department of the Chairman's Office, under the responsibility of Manuel Redondo, and the appointment of Jose Mourinho as manager soccer sports: "The board of Real Madrid CF, gathered yesterday, approved the new organizational structure of the club, which includes as highlights, one General Directorate (Jose Angel Sanchez), a department of the Chairman's Office, under the responsibility of Manuel Redondo, and the appointment of Jose Mourinho as manager of football sports", said the club's official statement.

Squad: Iker Casillas (1)

Iker Casillas

Iker Casillas’ relationship with Real Madrid dates back to 1990, the same year he began working his way up through the ranks until finally earning a starting role with the First Team in the 1999/00 season.

Although Casillas was asked by Jupp Heynckes to travel with the First Team for a match against Rosenborg two seasons earlier, he continued playing for Real Madrid C until being promoted to Castilla the following season. His rapid ascent didn’t go unnoticed by the Spanish national team youth system, and in 1996 Iker won the Under-15 European Championship. Two years later he repeated as an Under-17 champion after saving a penalty kick, and in 1999 he returned from the Under-19 European Championship with another gold medal around his neck. The following year he was awarded the Bravo Trophy, which is presented to the best European footballer under the age of 21.

No one has challenged Casillas as the the starting keeper of the First Team since 1999/00, and he is one of the squad’s most experienced players and a team captain. The press hailed him as one of the “Heroes of Glasgow” after he stepped in for an injured Cesar in the second half of the 2002 Champions League Final against Bayer Leverkusen only to make three brilliant saves in the waning minutes of the match. A few days later he was called up by Spanish national team, and an untimely injury suffered by Cañizares days before the World Cup in Japan and Korea gave Iker the starting role between the posts. He has been the number one keeper for Real Madrid and Spain every since, leading his national team as its skipper to Euro 2008 and World Cup 2010 glory.

Agile, quick, intelligent, and nearly unbeatable, Casillas is arguably the best active goalkeeper in the world.

  • Place of Birth: Mostoles, Spain
  • Date of Birth: 05/20/1981
  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Weight: 85.5 kg
  • Height: 182.2 cm
  • Nationality: Spanish
Honours (Club / National team)
  • La Liga (Spanish League): 2000/01, 2002/03, 2006/07, 2007/08, 2011/12
  • Copa del Rey (Spanish Cup): 2010/11
  • Spanish Super Cup: 2001, 2003, 2008, 2012
  • UEFA Champions League: 1999/00, 2001/02
  • European Super Cup: 2002
  • InterContinental Cup: 2002
  • Under-15 European Championship: 1995
  • Under-17 European Championship: 1997
  • Under-19 European Championship: 1999
  • European Championship: 2008, 2012
  • Bronze Medal, Confederations Cup: 2009
  • World Cup: 2010
Honours (Individual)
  • Adidas Golden Glove: 2010
  • IFFHS best Goalkeeper of the Year: 2008, 2009
  • FIFA best Goalkeeper of the Year: 2009
  • UEFA best Goalkeeper in Europe: 2008, 2009
  • L'Equipe best Goalkeeper of the Year: 2009
  • Bravo Trophy: 2000


Audi Sport seats for the benches at the Bernabeu Stadium

On August 14, will be played the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium between Real Madrid and Barcelona. And the Real Madrid stadium will have a very special release. Thanks to the collaboration between Audi and Real Madrid, the benches of Real Madrid and visiting team, as well as the field delegate, will have seats similar to those of the sportiest models from Audi.

New Audi seats at the Bernabeu Stadium
New seats of the benches. Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

These new seats have been manufactured with the same technology by which are made the baquets for the special cars of the German brand (RS5, RS6, S3, TT, TT RS and RS3) are black and printed in white, the Audi's logo, with its famous four rings, and the shield of Real Madrid, the first one in the headrest and the second on the backrest.

Will be a total of 47 individual seats; 22 for Real Madrid's staff divided into two rows, 22 for the visitors and 3 seats for the delegate field. The seats are made of a material that resists perfectly to the weather, and are powered by electric current to have heating in the whole seat. In addition, backrests are adjustable and collapsible, and the width of the seat, along with the position of the armrest, can offer greater comfort for players.

Audi and Real Madrid kept the sponsorship agreement since 2003 and players from the white club drive daily the Germanic brand models. In month of October will take place the delivery of new car models for players who are part of the Real's template for the season 2011/2012.

Raphael Varane impressed in his debut as a starter

Mourinho calls him 'Child Varane'. For his age, 18, could be one of Real Madrid Castilla players, but the recommendation of Zidane brought him to Madrid. Raphael Varane played his first game as a starter in the white team, exhibiting speed and safety. His mentor, Zizou, lost no detail of his steps from the second row bench.

Varane played a sensational game against Chivas Guadalajara
Rapahel Varane during the match against Chivas

The Frenchman played 45 minutes in the first half, under the protective mantle of Carvalho on the left. Unlike the game against the Galaxy, in which he was to the left of Arbeloa, Varane occupied the right central defender position. If the Portuguese central has the virtue of measuring opponents and anticipate them in the plays, the same can be noted with Rafa, but with an height of 1.93 m.

Arbeloa, who played right wing, attacked from the start of the game on many occasions, like Marcelo. The tandem Carvalho-Varane was perfect on the coverage. He left the game recovering four balls and without any fault. The noble art of boxing is to hit without being hit; the art of defending is defend without faults. Varane got it against a tough and feisty Mexican team.

In the air game, he cleared a high risk move in 18' and impressed with his speed to cut the last three Mexican attacks of the first half. In the 39' made a sensational coverage from right to left, in the 40' solved the doubts of Carvalho pulling down and in the 42' came again on the floor to avoid the danger. Earlier in the 36', almost scored with a header on a free kick.

And the 'Child' added more positives after the game when Mourinho revealed he offers himself to play in the midfield if the team requires. He played the last two matches in Lens in that position. This child looks like a man.


Cristiano: "We must continue working"

Cristiano Ronaldo is an ultracompetitive animal, is something we already knew long ago. However, the Portuguese striker is determined to remind it us whenever he can. The game against Chivas demonstrated again that this is an exceptional player. If for most players, this game was a friendly, for CR7 was a Champions League match.

After the game against Chivas, Cristiano was satisfied with the three goals scored in the victory in the friendly, though, rather than its success, the Portuguese star of Real Madrid preferred to highlight the work of his new teammates.

Cristiano Ronaldo

"We are very well, starting the season to get in shape. Three goals in ten minutes? Yeah, it's okay... But we must continue working to get well at the beginning of the season. The game was a good test and I'm happy because we won", he said.

Finally, despite his great performance, the Portuguese player wanted to highlight the contribution of the new additions: "All new players are surprising me. They are doing very well", concluded.

Friendly Match (2): Chivas Guadalajara 0 - 3 Real Madrid

Cristiano scored a hat-trick against Chivas in San Diego
Cristiano Ronaldo was the star of the match

Real Madrid's game is based on 'Cristiano Law', which is to play the friendly games as official competition matches. Portuguese was angry, fought, was warned and enraged until score his first goal on 72 minutes. Even in the celebration seemed upset because the team had not scored before against Chivas Guadalajara.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored his first strike finishing off a good cross from Benzema down the right (72'), he then hit the crossbar after receiving a long pass from Callejon (73'), he scored the second goal from a penalty awarded from an Arellano tackle on Pepe (75'), and the third by finishing off an assists from Ozil (81'). And, as if in competition, Cristiano played the entire game, with Coentrao and Granero.

But yesterday also highlighted Varane who dominated the Mexican front. Varane put the light in a first part in which the Madrid left some shadows. The French central defender demonstrated the qualities for which he was signed by Zidane, involved in three actions in which the defender was perfect thanks to his speed. Varane can walk alone in this project, but for now, under the guidance of Carvalho, protecting him on the left. He left a good feeling on a night in which the team lacked scoring. Even he came close to scoring a headed goal on 35 minutes. Chivas, with more pace than Real Madrid (begins its league on Saturday), failed in first half against a the defense formed by Arbeloa, Varane, Carvlaho and Marcelo, with Adam as goalkeeper.

Mourinho repeated five players who were starters against the Galaxy. Carvalho, Marcelo, Granero Coentrao and Kaka. Coentrao made the starting lineup due to Xabi Alonso's last minute drop. The Portuguese player was active as central midfielder making steals and creating ball movement. Kaka shone in Los Angeles, but against Chivas was a shadow of what he was in the first game. Özil and Brazilian do not fit well. The German started on the right and took the role less creative. The team inadvertently played to the left with Cristiano on that side. Marcelo, Coentrao, Kaka, Özil... Mourinho saw the problem and changed it after the break with a substitution: Callejon by Kaka. Until then, the chances of danger were created by Benzema (pass from Arbeloa) in 10' and an strategy play, in 38', failed with a Cristiano's shot to the side of the goal.

With new players on the pitch, the game's pace slowed down in the second half but Real still reached Chivas' goal often. Luis Michel (Chivas goalkeeper) was forced to save a shot from outside the box by Callejon, and later a chance by Benzema, who had been served an excellent pass by Ozil. The French striker tried again six minutes later, but the goalie saved the day with his fists once again. Real did not score until Cristiano Ronaldo appeared. Another season, same script. The Portuguese star imposed his law and was the man of the match.


Stadium: Qualcomm Stadium
Attendance: 38,211
Goals: 0-1 (72'): Cristiano. 0-2 (75'): Cristiano (penalty). 0-3 (81'): Cristiano.


Real Madrid and Neymar have a 'shielded' preliminary contract

The positions are clear: Real Madrid wants Neymar, the player wants to leave (but perhaps better in January, he thinks) and Santos is willing to sell, but not yet. The striker will cost 45 million euros if the transfer takes place this summer, or less if he continues with Santos until January. The young star was yesterday at his home in the city of Sao Paulo and has been cited by Santos to train with his teammates on Friday.

Neymar signing a Real Madrid shirt

Chelsea met with the agent of the player (W. Ribeiro) several times this summer and even before (he was with Abramovich in London in February), but the English club has ruled out his move because they understand that there is an agreement between Madrid and the player. According to sources from Chelsea, this supposed pre-contract is "unbreakable" because it has very high clauses in case any of the parties do not fulfill the promise of playing at the Santiago Bernabeu. Something like the famous clause Figo. From the white club denies that there is a pre-contract or such a penalty clause.

Neymar's agent ensures that the operation will end at the time in which the white club pays the buyout clause, rejecting interference from other teams, like Barcelona, ​​which has made a last attempt to sign the player. "There is nothing more to say. Only remains that the Real Madrid pays. If it does, Santos has nothing to do. Only receive part of the transfer it deserves. And Neymar say when going to come because it's true he would like to be in the Club World Cup" says Wagner Ribeiro. Santos owns 60% of the pass and Sonda-Dis, an investor group, the remaining 40%.

Meanwhile, negotiations continue. Mourinho already has in his head the process of adaptation of the young star. There are doubts about the integration of Neymar, only 19, and has been evaluated the possible tension of sharing a dressing room with international top players.

But Mourinho knows, in the words of some of the heavyweights of the squad, that his incorporation is being considered by players as an added value to the talent that already has the template. "There will be one of those players who could make a difference. They never left over" said one of the veterans.

The Portuguese coach has estimated that Neymar will need at least a month of recovery after the Copa America and could not train at the same pace of the rest of the team until October. Having achieved his physical integration, the job will be to create associations with his peers and decide the best position among the four in which he can play. So maybe we would not see the best Neymar until November, so the coaching staff would accept his arrival in January if it makes the player happy... but signing another striker with a minimum cost. Do we talk about Adebayor?

Real Madrid promotes Spain

Real Madrid made ​​yesterday a little break in its busy schedule of preseason to promote the Spanish capital in an event organized in the SLS Hotel, Los Angeles (California), with the cuisine of chef Jose Andres and the presence of various celebrities.

To the event, organized by the Tourist Office of Spain in Los Angeles, went white whole expedition, including coach Jose Mourinho, the director of football, Zinedine Zidane, and institutional relations director, Emilio Butragueño. "I hope the movie of the year ends well, as it should be", said Butragueño on the red carpet. "We must fight for every title because we have the best template in our history, very well balanced", he added.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka and some Real Madrid players during the event
Real Madrid players at the event

Among the 250 guests were the actresses Paz Vega, Elsa Pataky, Eva Longoria, and the NBA players Danny Granger and Paul George (Indiana Pacers). The template of Real Madrid made ​​an appearance around 8:30 pm local time, after completing the training session and after the joint press conference of the French players, Raphael Varane and Karim Benzema.

Paz Vega commented: "Real Madrid is like a temple. It is very important. The whole world knows the team and talks about it. People in other countries associate Spain with the team. I think football is a beautiful sport. My four year old son Orson has a Real Madrid kit with the number '9' shirt". And about Mourinho: "The team proved in its first game to want to win and showcased many ideas. Mourinho seems to me to be very serious and to know a lot about football. I like him and I believe people should have faith in him and give him time to do a good job".

In the same way, Elsa Pataky talked about Real Madrid: "Real Madrid is a brand known accross the world. Everybody knows what this team means and an increasingly number of people know who the players are. I was born in Madrid and I feel proud of my team. Jose Mourinho will help make this a very successful season".

Elsa Pataky
Elsa Pataky

Spanish League 2010/11 award nominees

The Technical Committee of the Premios de la Liga de Futbol Profesional (Professional Football League Awards) has announced the nominees for the best player awards of last season's La Liga BBVA. Real Madrid's Casillas (Best Goalkeeper) Marcelo (Best Defenders), Xabi Alonso (Best Central Midfielder), Ozil (Best Attacking Midfielder) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Best Forward) have made the shortlist in their respective positions.

The winners will be announced once all coaches in the First Division of the Spanish league cast their votes. Footballers will vote for the Best Player and Best Coach awards. Fans will be in charge of choosing the recipient of the BBVA Fair Play award through Aficiones Unidas (United Fanbases).



Neymar-Kun: This week will be decisive

Within a week, Kun and Neymar have gone from heaven to hell. After scoring two goals against Costa Rica and Ecuador respectively, Argentine and Brazilian ended up witnessing the elimination of your selections from the bench. Both were replaced before the penalty kicks after completing poor matches. Culmination of a Copa America with more shadows than light in which Kun began on the bench and Neymar was identified as one of the men in the tournament. Hours after the elimination of Argentina and Brazil, is discussed the future of both. But Florentino has already moved tab... for the Brazilian.

Kun Aguero or Neymar: Real Madrid decides
Kun Aguero and Neymar

Neymar, 19, is the jewel of the market. His agents have added three more sponsors during the Copa America and has eight. On Sunday, after losing against Paraguay, the player said on Twitter: "Because this, is called football". Despite criticism of the press in his country, Romario have defended his performances: "Whatever the score, Neymar and Ganso remain the best in Brazil". The young star will not go on vacation because Santos is immersed in the Brasileirao Championship.

The discussion about the player, has been fueled by the struggle between Madrid and Barcelona to sign the player. Sandro Rosell's attempt to block the signing of Neymar by whites has led him to offer 50 million euros to Santos, five more of the buyout clause if the Sao Paulo club transfers him to Barcelona in 2012. To give priority in the transfer of the striker, Santos will request Real Madrid the transfer of a player, other than payment of the clause of 45 million euros. Gago could be the candidate.

Besides, next week or at the end of this, a representation of 'GUIA', business group that financially supports Santos, will travel to Spain to meet with Florentino to accelerate the transfer of Neymar. Meeting in which the father of the player could participate because Florentino wants to talk with him. In addition, Real expects that in those days Neymar makes the public statement with the phrase most expected: "I want to play for Real Madrid".

Kun's case has cooled a lot. The player aand his agent have been who have done all the moves with their statements. Aguero was who, before the Copa America, opened the can of worms, warning about his intention to leave Atletico. But Real Madrid has stayed away, fulfilling the nonaggression pact that exists between the presidents of both teams. Currently, a player's agent negotiates with the City, a team that expressed interest in coach Mancini's mouth. Agüero wants to play for a team with sporting aspirations, leaving the Atletico's coffers with 45 million euros, what will be used to sign another striker: Falcao, Osvaldo or Rossi.

Varane: "I can evolve further in Real Madrid"

Varane is training hard with Real Madrid at Los Angeles
Raphael Varane

Why did you choose Real Madrid instead of other clubs?Is the team where I can evolve more. In addition, the coach can make me grow as a player and a man.

What were your childhood idols and what do you know Real Madrid?
Real Madrid is a great club. I am proud to be on this team. A great club. I come from Lens, where I played 23 games at Ligue 1, and for me the strongest image when I was a boy, was the World Cup 98 in France. I think Blanc and Thuram were the first football memories that prompted me to be a footballer.

Do you feel integrated?
I talk to everyone on the team. Having a different language makes it more difficult, but I understand it all. I get along very well with Sahin and Karim.

At Real Madrid there is much competition ...
In all clubs there is competition. In a team like Madrid, one must know to train and work hard. I came to work long term. I do not care competition and I will work hard to play.

Who was the first contact to take him to Real Madrid?
The first contact was with the president of Lens, who told me that there was interest from Madrid. Then I talked to Jose Mourinho and Zidane about the project, which I found very interesting.

How about comparisons with Fernando Hierro?
I guess it is obvious to be compared to Hierro. I know his career. I hope to have a career as good as his.


Real Madrid: Leader in social networks

Real Madrid has an official profile on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channel. With these new digital tools the white club sets daily direct connection to 19 million Real Madrid fans spread across the planet. Thus, the Real Madrid club has managed to be the most popular sports team around the social networks world, according to data from FameCount.com.

Real Madrid and Social Networks

The approximately 17 million supporters on Facebook, the two million on Twitter and the 37 and a half million views on their YouTube channel, have awarded to Real Madrid a popularity of 53.76%, which places it as the team with more influence on all these social networks and the club's fastest growing Facebook worldwide. In addition, two million followers in Twitter makes it the most followed team in Europe on the network of 140 characters.

Real Madrid's players are not far behind and have shown to be experts in social networks. The clearest case is that of Cristiano Ronaldo, who has become the most popular athlete in the world thanks to his 31 million friends on Facebook, more than three million followers on Twitter and four and a half million views on his YouTube channel. Ricardo Kaka is in second place with about ten million supporters on Facebook and five million on Twitter.

Real Madrid's social media have become one of the channels of information for white fans around the world thanks to the publications are transmitted in five languages ​​(Spanish, English, French, Arabic and Japanese). In addition, on Facebook, the game 'Real Madrid Fantasy Manager' (with an average of 140,000 monthly players) allows to train or even preside the club. The YouTube channel also makes a difference, because Real Madrid is the only club that offers exclusive content for free and does it in three languages ​​(English, Spanish and Arabic).

Mourinho gives two weeks off to Higuain and Di Maria

The elimination of Argentina in the Copa America 2011, will bring two new reinforcements for Mourinho's Real Madrid after the U.S.A tour. Higuain and Di Maria. Mourinho does not take in account Gago (in the press conference after the match against LA Galaxy, he did not talk about the player and is injured for three weeks) and Garay was transferred to Benfica. Portuguese already gave vacation to these players on May 18 and they enjoyed 21 days before the Copa America. Higuain will stay at least a week in Buenos Aires, while Di Maria traveled to Rosario to stay with his family. In principle, both will have two weeks off and will be back on August 1.

The Portuguese coach took yesterday morning for a walk in Beverly Hills. He was shopping at the mall Roberts Plaza for an hour, accompanied solely by a bodyguard of club. Within an hour, leaving one of the stores, he found seven paparazzi, so he had to return to the hotel. All players of Real Madrid were left resting in his hotel, but four homegrown players were also shopping: Nacho, Joselu, Mejia and Jesus.

Curious image of Mourinho at Los Angeles
Peculiar image. Mourinho at Los Angeles


Mourinho: "We have a very good squad"

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho addressed the media after his side's 4-1 victory over LA Galaxy.

"I'm happy. It was a complicated match and we played with a lot of intensity. Winning isn't the most important thing. What matters is that the team gets into shape and I liked its attitude today. We have a very good squad and we used two different lineups today. We have still to use quality men like Di Maria, Higuain and Sahin. We work better each day and we're ready to compete".

"I don't like to talk about individual players. The team played well and gave a balanced performance in both halves of the match. This game was important for Coentrao because it helped in his adaptation. He gave a very good performance and proved his potential. Callejon did well and Varane played a serious game too. It's important for him to show he's fit and that he can row in the same direction as the rest".

"A great team cannot choose which championship it would rather win. We won the Copa del Rey last season, but we know the Champions League and La Liga are important and we will try to win them also. Small details make all the difference between winning and losing titles. Usually the more prepared you are the greater the possibilities. I hope those small details are on our side. We can only promise we will continue to work hard".

"I will try to make academy players play a role in the future of this team because they will be important and useful to us. I believe they could help us considerably".

"Zidane is one of us. He knows perfectly well what a work group is like and he has the capacity to help all of us. I feel comfortable with him and it is important to have him on our side now that we can have so many people on the bench".


Friendly Match (1): LA Galaxy 1 - 4 Real Madrid

The start to Real Madrid's 2011/12 preseason was the same as the end of the previous campaign: triumphant. The Whites defeated LA Galaxy 4-1 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in a match in which Jose Mourinho used two different lineups in each half. The Madridistas set a high pace to the match from the start and crushed their opponent with goals from Callejon, Joselu, Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema. Kaka and Coentrao also shone.

Template of Real Madrid celebrates a goal at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
Real Madrid celebrates a goal

Callejon, Coentrao and youth teamer Joselu were the new faces on Mourinhos' starting lineup. Real Madrid concentrated hard from the start and gave no quarter to an opponent that is well into its own league season. The Whites pressurised in attack and looked to score from the start. Marcelo had a chance on the 3-minute mark. Six minutes later, Granero served an excellent pass down the right wing to Callejon, who lost a one-on-one with goalkeeper Saunders.

Kaka was the team's main playmaker alongside Granero. The Brazilian was quick and overtook markers with ease. Donovan was forced to bring him down and provoke a penalty, and in the 24th minute he nearly scored from a volley, but the ball was cleared by Saunders. Kaka was clearly the best man on the pitch and he played a key role in the team's first goal. Coentrao stole the ball and passed it to the Brazilian, who then saw Callejon running down the right wing and served him a cross. The former academy player saw himself facing Sauders on his own again, but defeated him this time around.

The Whites were clearly superior to their hosts. Marcelo nearly scored from a shot with his right foot a few minutes later although Saunders again saved the day with a spectacular save. The Brazilian defender later gave the ball to Joselu inside the box. The youth teamer's ensuing shot was lucky to be deflected by Beckham's left leg and the ball landed inside the goal.

Mourinho replaced nine men after half-time, leaving only Callejon and Coentrao on the pitch. New signing Varane came on, as well as Castilla's Nacho. The substitutions did not lower the pace of the game and Real Madrid scored a third goal through Cristiano Ronaldo, who defeated Perk with a spectacular shot with his left foot after a series of amazing dribbles and step-overs. The fourth goal arrived five minutes later when Nacho saw Coentrao running down the left wing and served him the ball, and then the Portuguese defender crossed it for Benzema to finish off the effort.

LA Galaxy never gave up, as befits a side that tops the Western Conference table and hasn't lost any of its last 12 games. They always looked for a goal and their efforts were rewarded when Christman took advantage of a clearance by Adan.


Stadium: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
Attendance: 56,211
Goals: 0-1 (30'): Callejon. 0-2 (39'): Joselu. 0-3 (52): Cristiano Ronaldo. 0-4 (57'): Benzema. 1-4 (66'): Cristman.

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